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of St. John the Baptist


These records were transcribed from the original pages
as found on the LDS reels of Newfoundland Records.
(LDS- Reel #2169240)

PAGE 95                  
1 Phillip French 1st Jan Patrick French Caroline Browne Cooks Town 3rd Jan W Forristall William Saunders Mary Browne Married Lillian Coughlin at St Theresa Church, Halifax, N S on June 13, 1909 br Rev L E Lander
2 Edward McArdell 1st Jan James McArdell Louise Browne Fresh Water 3rd Jan W Forristall Bartholomew Hagerty Mary Anne Egan  
3 William Thomas McGrath 1st Jan William McGrath Margaret Curran Carters hill 3rd Jan W Forristall Thomas McGrath Catherine Dooley  
4 Kathleen Furlong 2nd Jan Lawrence O B Furlong Helen Carty Cochrane st 5th Jan M J Clarke Joseph Carty Blanche Sawyer  
5 Frederick William Conway 1st January Thomas Conway Ellen Slattery Hayward Av 8th Jan W Forristall John Donovan Ellen Hickey Twin
6 Margaret Anne Conway 1st January Thomas Conway Ellen Slattery Hayward Av 8th Jan W Forristall John Ebbs Kate Ebbs Twin
7 James William Rusk 6th January William Rusk Harriett Buckely Bath street 8th Jan W Forristall Patrick Rusk Ellen Rusk  
8 Patrick Dormody 5th January John Dormody Ellen Handrahan Tank lane 8th Jan W Forristall James Handrahan Ellen Maddigan Surname might be Dermody; mother's maiden surname might be Hardigan
9 David Joseph Moore 6th January Thomas Moore Ellen Culleton Lime Kiln hill 8th Jan W Forristall Edward Purcell Ellen Dunphy  
10 Gertrude Barnes 6th January Thomas Barnes Marry Linnegar   7th Jan W Forristall Thomas Keating Mary Murphy  
11 Bridget Kenna 8th January John Kenna Margaret Power Gower st 13th Jan W Forristall John Connell Annie English  
12 Edward Michael Ryan 7th January John Ryan Margaret Cullen Gower st 13th Jan W Forristall William Ryan Ellen Campbell  
13 William George Ryan 6th January John Ryan Elizabeth Flowers Gower st 13th Jan W Forristall John Bennett Mary Riley  
14 Cecelia Bridget Hanlon 27th Dec 1889 Robert Hanlon Annie Meany Kagles hill 13th Jan W Forristall Robert Walsh Anne Kavanagh  
15 Edith Agnes Angel 7th January Stephen Angel Mary Colbert Theatre hill 13th Jan W Forristall William Fleming Mary Murray  
16 Anastatia White 9th January Martin White Ellen Rogers Barnes road 13th Jan W Forristall James Kelly Ellen Arkens Married Thomas Woods, October 20, 1910 in ????
PAGE 96                  
17 Mary Esther Batuck? 12th January Thomas Batuck? Ellen Dwyer St John's 13th January D O'Brien William McKey Ellen Skiffington  
18 John William Carter 13th January Edward Carter Mary Williams New Gower st 12th January D O'Brien George O'Riley Mary Ellen O'Riley  
19 Bridget Agnes Cole 12th January Andrew Cole Ellen O'Neill Holloway St 15th January W Forristall John O'Neill Margaret Grace  
20 Alice Josephine Kearney 14th January Richard Kearney Alice Wallace Livingston st 15th January W Forristall Patrick Wallace Mary Wallace  
21 Mary Joseph Power 13th January Michael Power Bridget McGrath Tank lane 15th January W Forristall John McGrath Margaret Power  
22 Alexander Smart 13th January John Smart Bridget Rouk? Barnes Road 17th January William S Lalon William Rusk Mary Kelly  
23 Johanna Joseph Rogers 6th January Stephen Rogers Kate Connell Fagles Hill 17th January William S Lalon John Connell Johanna Joseph Connell  
24 Jerome Angus O'Dwyer 13th January Richard O'Dwyer Ellen Casey Water street 15th January Right Rev Dr Power Justice Jf Little Mrs Cleary  
25 Bridget Dempsy 15th January John Dempsy Ellen Hartery? St John's 20th January W Forristall Patrick Fidelle Lizzie Fidelle  
26 James Bruin 17th January James Bruin Mary Earls St John's 20th January W Forristall Thomas Hipditch Johanna Earls  
27 Stephen Thomas Stamp 18th January Joseph Stamp Anne Whelan N. St, St John's 22nd January W Forristall George Wills Lizzie Whelan  
28 William Trelligan 20th January William Trelligan Anne Egan New Gower st 22nd January W Forristall Maurice Emsley Anne Marten  
29 William Joseph Griffen 19th January John Griffen Mary Miller Barnes Lane 22nd January W Forristall John Bolend Catherine Breen  
30 James Joseph Bolen 9th January John Bolen Anne Stokes Gower st 24th January W Forristall Peter Raftis Elizabeth Sloan  
31 Mary Joseph Lannigan 25th January John Lannigan Mary Hynes Dicks Square 27th January W Forristall John Hynes Jane Jynes  
32 James Patrick Kydney 26th January Jeremiah Kydney Mary Anne Graham Adelaide st 27th January W Forristall John Graham Mary Ellen Connell  
PAGE 97                  
33 Mary Elizabeth Morgan 24th January Patrick Morgan Jane Waters Kirk's lane 27th January W Forristall Patrick Sweeney Ellen Raftis  
34 Patrick Moses Hennebery 26th January William Hennebery Elizabeth Haley? White Hills 27th January W Forristall William Cotton Mary Irving  
35 James Joseph Crawford 27th January James Crawford Mary Ann Cole James st 29th January W Forristall Patrick Greene Mary Ellen Greene Father Protestant
36 Richard Joseph Scott 25th January William Scott Kate Samon Cochrane st 31st January W Forristall Thomas Byrne Mary Forward  
37 Richard Vincent Power 21st January Richard Power Catherine Skaines North st 3rd February W Forristall William Skaines Catherine Ashman  
38 William Fitzgerald 2nd February Michael Fitzgerald Jane Redmond Carters hill 3rd February W Forristall William Power Jane Chidley  
39 Thomas Patrick Halley 28th January William Halley Annie Hawe New Gower st 31st January John Scott John Sheehan Mary Trelligan  
40 William Joseph Quirke 3rd February Thomas Quirke Anastatia Sage Boggans Lane 5th February W Forristall Michael Malone Mary Anne Hagerty  
41 Ellen Frances Ring 3rd February William Ring Nora Wiseman Nunnary hill 5th February W Forristall William Wiseman Mary Anne Cleatney  
42 James Joseph Thompson 2nd February James Thompson Dora Stephenson Courting lane, Cagles hill 5th February W Forristall James Fagen Mary Walsh  
43 Thomas Patrick Morrisey 1st February William Morrisey Elizabeth Ryan Flavins lane 7th February W Forristall Christopher Chidley Maggie Byrne  
44 Mary Catherine Murphy 2nd February Joseph Murphy Eliza Downes Cooks Town 7th February W Forristall Michael Walsh Margaret Carew  
45 Henry John Sedan aged 23 years   Native of London, England 7th February John Scott Henry Garrett Catherine Davis Convert
46 Margaret Bridget Earls 6th February George Earls Ellen Hayes Nunnary hill 10th February W Forristall Edward Earls Lizzie King  
47 Isabelle Devanna   Michael Devanna Mary Gambury Theatre hill 10th February W Forristall Sarah Devanna John Hinsey  
48 Mary Collett 11th February George Collett Susanna Snow   11th February W Forristall John Lee Mary Moore  
PAGE 98                  
49 Thomas Joseph Hallegan 12th February Nicholas Hallegan Alice Power St John's, Water st, W       
50 Patrick Malone 7th February James Malone Sarah Dracker Logy Bay       
51 John Cunningham 11th February John Cunningham Margaret Curran Hoyles Town       
52 Agnes Mary Buckely 11th February Cornelius Buckely Mary Anne Butler St Patricks Hill       
53 Margaret Shaughrue 10th February Daniel Shaughrue Kate Cummins Convent lane       
54 Christiana Hiscock Born Topsail, aged 21 years   St John's       
55 Gertrude Power 12th February John Power Bridget Doyle Haywood Ave, M Town        
56 Bridget Mary Sullivan 14th February Dennis Sullivan Mary Tobin Corel? Lane       
57 Clara Maud Goff 3 weeks old Patrick Goff Bridget Brien Gower st W       
58 Edward Francis Roach 20th February John Roach Lucy Coady Gower st       
59 Bridget Joseph Neville 21st February Michael Neville Alice Keefe Fleming st       
60 Edward Daniel Morrisey 21st February Charles Morrisey Mary Hawe Theatre hill       
61 Andrew Saumerey Debuerdian 23rd February Augustian Debuerdian Mary Anne Reid Fresh Water       
62 Gertruce Malone 24th February Michael Malone Bridget Griffen Queens road       
63 John Thomas Dunne 26th February Timothy Dunne Mary Humphreys Kings road       
64 Elizabeth Squires 26th February William Squires Elizabeth Bomrick Eastern hill       
PAGE 99                  
65 John Patrick Kenna 1st March James Kenna Mary Christopher Torbay road 3rd March W Forristall Patrick Byrne Elizabeth Leary  
66 Edward Patrick Leo Crowdell 2nd March James Crowdell Julia Larken Flower hill 5th March W Forristall John Larken Bridget Joseph Crowdell  
67 Phillip Patrick Bulger 2nd March Martin Bulger Mary Brennan King's Bridge 5th March W Forristall Peter Doyle Johanna Bendon  
68 John Thomas Donnelly 2nd March William Donnelly Mary Picco Carters hill 5th March W Forristall Peter Archbold Lizzie Picco  
69 Mary Theresa Colbert 1st March William Colbert Johanna Hyde Gower st 7th March W Forristall Thomas Aylward Johanna English  
70 Cyrel Bernard Furlong 6th March James Furlong Fanny Higgins N Street 10th March W Forristall Richard Doyle Jane Higgins  
71 Mary Gertrude White 5th March Richard White Anastatia Bates Militar road 10th March W Forristall James Walsh Bryde Morris  
72 John Joseph Fitzgerald 1st March Maurice Fitzgerald Elizabeth Barron Barnes road 10th March W Forristall Francis Mallard Margaret Shapter  
73 Ellen Anne Squires 6th March Patrick Squires Bridget Burton Quidi Vidi 10th March W Forristall Dennis Hall Ellen Squires Married in the Church on Oct 30/09 to Patrick Dunne of Torbay
74 John Patrick Joseph Skaines 8th March James Skaines Mary Cahill Forest road 12th March William S Lalon Peter Summers Mary Cahill  
75 John Buckely 9th March Thomas Buckely Margaret Dunphy James St 12th March William S Lalon James Wall Mary Anne Buckely Baptized ??? ??? ???
76 Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald 11th March Edward Fitzgerald Agnes Murphy Victoria St 12th March William S Lalon Michael Aylward Veronica Nugent  
77 Richard Patrick Walsh 11th March Walter Walsh Margaret Carroll Bulleys lane 14th March W Forristall Andrew Fardey Annie Walsh  
78 Johanna Howard 10th March Patrick Howard Johanna Byrne Duckworth st 14th March W Forristall James Byrne Elizabeth Croake  
79 James John Andrews 11th March Robert Andrews   14th March W Forristall Augustian Briton Mary Kenley Father Protestant; Sub Con?; Priv Bap
80 Mary Josephine Ryan 15th March John Ryan Bridget Gaul Prescott st 18th March Wm Ahern Michael Carew Annie Aylward Married in the Church on July 18, 1911 to Joseph Haymen?
PAGE 100                  
81 Patrick Joseph Grace 16th March John Grace Caroline McCarthy Hoyles Town 19th March Wm Ahern Richard Callahan Cristianna Keefe  
82 Patrick Joseph Rice 15th March Arthur Rice Elizabeth Quirke Fresh Water rd 19th March Wm Ahern Michael Murphy Mary Devaroux  
83 Patrick Cleary 15th March Stephen Cleary Mary Anne (Ellen) Leary Longs lane 19th March Wm Ahern Michael Leary Alice Maney Pri Bap
84 Samuel Joseph Cahill 8th March Samuel Cahill Elizabeth Keefe Forest road 19th March Wm Ahern Nicholas Fleming Mary Reddy Pri Bap
85 Gertrude Mary Spurrell 16th March Moses Spurrell Maggie Lonergan St John's 24th March W Forristall James Smart Mary Kennedy  
86 Thomas Joseph Murphy 17th March Nicholas Murphy Ellen Coady St John's 24th March W Forristall Patrick Shea Hannah Kavanagh  
87 James Patrick Adams 22nd March John Adams Anne Lubey St John's 24th March W Forristall James Halleran Anne Evoy  
88 Patrick Hynes 22nd March Michael Hynes Catherine Kelly St John's 24th March W Forristall Patrick Fitzgerald Elizabeth Hynes  
89 Jane Patrick Brennan 21st March Michael Brennan Ellen Fahey St John's 24th March W Forristall Francis Fahey Bridget Otterson  
90 Mary Ellen McDonald 22nd March Richard McDonald Elizabeth Rogers St John's 24th March W Forristall Michael Peirson Cecelia Thorborne  
91 John Michael Marten 19th March James Marten Mary Anne Brace St John's 24th March W Forristall Robert Manning Honora Manning  
92 Joseph Johnston 23rd March Thomas Johnston Lizzie Marten St John's 26th March W Forristall James Murphy Angella Marten  
93 John Thomas Quinlan 25th March James Quinlan Kate Colford Holdsworth st 28th March W Forristall William Jackman Mary Colford  
94 Patrick Murphy 14th March Thomas Murphy Mary Saunders Lime Kiln hill 28th March W Forristall William Ryall Mary Furlong not paid
95 Michael Joseph Corcoran 20th March Michael Corcoran Mary Pomeroy Lions Square? 28th March W Forristall William T Hanlon Catherine Pittman  
96 George Norris 25th March Michael Norris Elizabeth Mason King's Bridge 28th March W Forristall Samuel Norris Anastatia Mason  
PAGE 101                  
97 Mary Patrick Dalton 26th March John Dalton Annie Sherron Barnes road 25th March D J O'Brien Minnie Dudley Edward Foran  
98 James Joseph Finney 22nd March James Finney Jane Nessor Barters Hill 31st March W Forristall William Neill Mary Power  
99 Thomas Joseph Kane 29th March John Kane Susan Churchill   31st March W Forristall Michael Tobin Margaret Phelan  
100 Patrick Joseph Kavanagh 25th March Peter Kavanagh Cuddiheys lane 31st March W Forristall Peter Breene Minnie O'Neill  
101 Patrick Joseph Barron 28th March Peter Barron Johanna Reddy King's road 31st March W Forristall Christopher Chizlett Annie Lake  
102 James Joseph Fitzhenry 30th March James Fitzhenry Susanna Browne James st W 31st March W Forristall John Fitzhenry Ellen Pippey  
103 Catherine Pike aged 20 years     30th March Wm Ahern Walter Kelly Mary Stapleton Convert
104 Michael Joseph Murray 1st April Patrick Murray Margaret Marten   2nd April W Forristall James Phelan Mary Noseberry  
105 Richard Joseph Cantwell 1st April Thomas Cantwell Mary Ann Earls   2nd April W Forristall Thomas Earle Johanna Holden  
106 John Hackett St John 4th April John St John Margaret Hackett Military rd 6th April John Scott Thomas Greene Johanna Fennell  
107 Mary Patrick McDonald 3rd April John McDonnell Maria Keerinan Cove road 7th W Forristall Patrick McDonnell Mary McDonnell Surname - McDonald Fathers name - McDonnell
108 Thomas Dunne 2nd April Thomas Dunne Elizabeth Reddy Kirk's lane 7th W Forristall Patrick Earls Bridget Murray  
109 Charles Albert Webb 6th April George Webb Annie Moore Hoyles Town 9th April W Forristall Peter Summers Katie Kavanagh  
110 Ellen Esther Coady 6th April William Coady Johanna Coombs Kings ??? 9th April W Forristall William P??ge Katie Scott  
111 Rosemary O'Riley 7th April Edward O'Riley Julia Hoskins Kings road 9th April W Forristall Richard O'Riley Anastatie Lynch  
112 William Greene 7th April Thomas Greene Katie Haskett Gower st E 9th April D J O'Brien John Connors Mary Ellen Hackett  
Page 102                  
113 Esther Farrell 10th April Patrick Farrell Theresa Olliver St John's 13th April D J O'Brien Fr O'Brien Jane Saunders  
114 Mary Anne Hayes 12th April Patrick Hayes Margaret King North St 14th April H S Lalon John T Maher Johanna Wiseman  
115 Rebecca Dyer 22nd March Richard Dyer Mary Kavanagh Logy Bay 14th April H S Lalon James Dyer Margaret F Stokes  
116 Thomas Henry Myrens 12th April Thomas Myrens Mary Anne Canning Lime Kiln Hill 14th April H S Lalon George Morris Mary Anne Morris  
117 Patrick Michael Clancy 10th April William Clancy Ellen Purcell Nunnary Hill 14th April H S Lalon Michael Whelan Ellen Murphy  
118 Richard Francis Bushey*2 6th April Richard Bushey Mary Ann McGinn Hoyles Town 14th April H S Lalon Thomas M^l Sullivan Minnie Corcoran  
119 Cecelia O'Neill 18th April James O'Neill Agnes Skinner Darling St 15th April J Scott John Kelly Cecelia O'Neill  
120 Bridget Frances Gillohatel 17th March Alexander Gillohatel Annie Stamp Hawe's lane 16th April John Scott Patrick Leary Roseanna Stamp  
121 William John Coughlan 16th April John Coughlan Margaret Mosler Long Pond road 17th April D J O'Brien Anthony Coughlan Catherine Coughlan  
122 Matthew Francis Luby 16th April Andrew Luby Fanny Daley Nunnary Hill 18th April W Forristall James Cooper Mary Ellen Stamp  
123 Catherine Mary Moore 13th April Edward Moore Annie Burton George's Town 18th April W Forristall John Spearns Elizabeth Codney  
124 Laurie Mary Stamp 13th April James Stamp Margaret Grey Lime Kiln Hill 18th April W Forristall Richard Stamp Mary Anne Stamp  
125 Annie Peircey aged 20 years   Brigus st 19th April W Forristall   Convert
126 Laura Fidelis Sinnott 19th April Edward Sinnott Elizabeth Tobin   20th April D J O'Brien Thomas Walsh Agnes Mary Tobin  
127 Bridget Anne Murphy 18th April Daniel Murphy Bridget Kennedy Lime Kiln Hill 25th April W Forristall Cornelius O'Neill Sarah Brien  
128 Catherine Mary Summers 20th April Patrick Summers Martha Ryan Water St 24th April John Scott James Walsh Margaret Summers  
PAGE 103                  
129 Mary Ellen Cummins 24th April Maurice Cummins Margaret Rose Pilots hill 28th April W Forristall Charles Nurse Margaret Cleatney  
130 Mary Jessie Longmead 24th April Edward Longmead Annie Walsh Lime Kiln hill 28th April W Forristall James Walsh Margaret Long 
131 Harmal Mary Rolls 25th April George Rolls Johanna Parrell Longs hill 30th April W Forristall James Downey Mary Morrisey 
132 Michael John Murray 28th April John Murray Caroline Coombs Hicks lane 30th April W Forristall Patrick Vinacomb Katie Doyle 
133 Johanna Lawler 27th April Richard Lawler Johanna Malone Cove road 30th April W Forristall Richard Kenny Mary Lawlor 
134 Elizabeth Mary Walsh 29th April Michael Walsh Alice Fitzgerald Cove road 2nd May W Forristall Edward Walsh Mary Anne Walsh 
135 Margaret Barry 3rd May Martin Barry Elizabeth Picco Cove road 3rd May W Forristall Thomas Sullivan Sarah Lewis 
136 Patrick Fleming 3rd May Richard Fleming Mary Marten Cove road 3rd May W Forristall Richard Chasty Maggie Chasty 
137 Mary Moore 29th April John Moore Elizabeth Hearn Longs Hill 5th May W Forristall William Corcoran Mary Ann Ennis 
138 Mary Rosaline Dobbin 4th May James Dobbin Maggie Leary Gower st 5th May W Forristall Thomas Smyth Isabella Armstrong 
139 Patrick Leo Coady 1st May Francis Coady Fanny Monahan S W st 5th May W Forristall Patrick Denief Ellen Denief 
140 Mary Anne Evans 3rd May Thomas Evans Bridget Toole Georges Town 7th May W Forristall John Daley Bridget Daley 
141 James John Leary 5th May Francis Leary Caroline French Barters Hill 7th May W Forristall Peter French Ellen Dormody 
142 Joseph Greene 3rd May Michael Greene Minnie Gleason Queens road 8th May J Scott Rev J Scott Caroline Kenny 
143 Margaret Mary Delaney 4th May Patrick Delaney Ellen Walsh Victoria st 11th May D J O'Brien Joseph Francis Lottie Joy 
144 Catherine Frances Squires 7th May John Squires Mary Jane Carey Lime Kiln hill 12th May W Forristall John Leahy Ellen Murray 
PAGE 104                  
145 George Benedict Wall *1 8 May Henry Wall Ellen Dwyer St Johns 12 May W Forristall Patrick Power Anne Fleming  
NOTE: The name on the original page was written as WALL. The name VAUGHN has been written in above the name WALL in both places.
146 Gertrude Mary Dooley 8 May John Dooley Margaret Mackey Gower at E 12 May W Forristall William Mackey Mary Vinacombe  
147 Mary Anne Picco 13 May Michael Picco Margaret Murphy Kings Road 14 May W Forristall James Murphy Johanna Clancy  
148 Charles Leo Meehan 13 May Charles Meehan Mary E Kelly   15 May J Scott Patrick Kelly Mary Ellen Kelly  
149 Angela Mary Jane Hogan 13 May Patrick Hogan Bridget Scott Water Street 15 May J Scott Michael Galway Annie Larrisey  
150 Frederick Joseph Dobbin 10 May Richard Dobbin Mary Anne Downey Bearns Road 16 May W Forristall James French Mary Ellen Comesford  
151 James Patrick Duffy 12 May Patrick Duffy Annie Coady Cooks Town 16 May W Forristall John Baird Annie O Neill  
152 Mary Carroll 16 May John Carroll Margaret Shelly St Johns 17 May W Forristall Isaiac Barrington Sarah Barrington  
153 Louis Edward Emerson 12 May George Emerson Katie Maher   18 May D J O'Brien D.J. O'Brien Eva Bourtone?  
154 Mary Isabelle Leary 12 May Phillip Leary Kate Dunne James Street 19 May W Forristall John Cooper Annie Delaney  
155 Mary May Brien 15 May William Brien Mary Joseph Pendergast Quidi Vidi 19 May W Forristall Thomas Mallard Mary Carew  
156 Lillian Mary Ryan 16 May Michael Ryan Bridget Hope Monks Town 21 May W Forristall Patrick Nyrens? Louisa Walsh  
157 Monica Mary Long 19 May Edward Long Mary Luscombe Cooks Town 21 May W Forristall John Monahan Alice Burfett  
158 Charles Mary Leo Murphy 16 May Thomas Joseph Murphy Josephine ???man British ??? 20 May W S Lalor John Joseph Murphy Alice Maud Ashman  
159 Richard Leary 22 May Peter Leary Catherine Brennan Torbay Road 25 May W Forristall Michael Ryan Maggie Brennan  
160 Robert John Southerby 20 May John Southerby Cecily Murphy Prescot Street 25 May W Forristall William Mc Carthy Elizabeth Brennan  
PAGE 105                  
161 Catherine Mary Miller 19 May Joseph Miller Annie Ebbs St Johns 23 May W Forristall Maurice Aylward Mary Anne Walsh  
162 Mary Jane Holland 19 May 23 years of age Carters Hill 23 May W Forristall   convert
163 Mary Elizabeth Constantine 22 May Peter Constantine Hannah Dunphy Carters Hill 26 May W Forristall Willaim McGrath Katie Dunphy  
164 Mary Ryan 25 May Martin Ryan Ellen Hannon Freshwater 26 May W Forristall William Ryan Catherine Ryan  
165 Mary Agnes Louisa Crotty 22 May Phillip Crotty Sarah Kenny Duke York St 26 May W Forristall Joseph Kenny Annie Linnegar  
166 Ellen Mary Callahan 25 May Jeremiah Callahan Mary Galway Georges Street 28 May W Forristall William Sage Katie Galway  
167 Mary Ellen Dooley 25 May Francis Dooley Mary Peircey SW Street 28 May W Forristall Sylvester O Brien Mary Ellen O Brien  
168 Mary Anne O'Leary 25 May Francis O'Leary Catherine Lambert SW Street 2 June W Forristall Patrick Reidy Agnes O Leary  
169 James Francis Lannon 25 May Patrick Lannon Johanna Dempsey Castors ?Hill 2 June W Forristall Patrick Jake? Elizabeth Payne Leary has a line through it above mothers name; Not birth??
170 James Anthony Halleran 28 May James Halleran Margaret Whelan Keyes Town 2 June W Forristall Patrick Brophy Katie Whelan  
171 Anne Mary Cahill 29 May Peter Cahill Mary Ann Cullen Kings Road 4 June W Forristall Jihn McGrath Anne Mary Gusshue  
172 Catherine Joseph Walsh 26 May James Walsh Hannah Keely Took Lane 4 June W Forristall Patrick Sears Catherine Keely married in the church on May 16,1909? to Patrick Whelan (Phelan) of the parish
173 Teresa McGrath 6 June John McGrath Mary Ryan G?? St 7 June J Scott John Vinacomb Ellen Ryan  
174 Ellen Nora Fogarty 11 June John Fogarty Bridget Lannergan Mane Street 18 June W Forristall Michael Spearls? Mary Spearls  
175 Julia Mary Kelly 10 June William Kelly Mary Ann Murphy Carters Hill 18 June W Forristall William Murphy Mary Grace  
176 Robert George Adams 16 June Abram Adams Ellen Laffin South Cove 18 June W Forristall Walter Kenny Bridget Kenny  
PAGE 106                  
177 William James Dunne 16 June James Dunne Catherine Carroll Monks Town Rd 20 June W Forristall Edward Shea Maggie Walsh  
178 Fredrick Michael Conway 18 June John Conway Mary Ann Power Graves Rd 20 June W Forristall James Coonan Hannah Tracey  
179 Mary Ellen White 17 June Thomas White Johanna Sullivan Lion Square 20 June W Forristall Edward Wilcox Bridget Maney  
180 Michael Walsh 18 June Thomas Walsh Nora Carew Forest Rd 23 June W Forristall Martin Burke Anne English  
181 Gertrude Mary Cristophor 16 June Patrick Cristophor Catherine Toucher Kings St 23 June W Forristall John Grills Sarah Pendergast  
182 Annie Olliver 24 June Thomas Olliver Johanna Chafe Bunaloudy? St 23 June W Forristall James Chafe Maggie Olliver  
183 Catherine Rebecca Toucher 20 June Thomas Toucher Ellen Dyer James St 23 June W Forristall Robert Toucher Ellen Earle  
184 Mary Elizabeth Hurley (twins) 21 June Robert Hurley Catherine Hipditch Old Chapel Rd 23 June W Forristall Thomas Hipditch Mary Murphy twins
185 Bridget Catherine Hurley (twins) 21 June Robert Hurley Catherine Hipditch Old Chapel Rd 23 June W Forristall Patrick Philan Mary Maddigan twins
186 Mary Ann Rache? 18 June Patrick Racke? Mary Sage Cuddihy Cuddihys Point 23 June W Forristall John Power Bridget Tobin  
187 Bertha Louisa Peterson 20 June Fredrick Peterson Mary Anne Blanche   23 June W Forristall Thomas Lewis Katie Brien  
188 Ellen Maud Rolls 22 June Thomas Rolls Anastatia Walsh Delahuntys Lane 27 June W Forristall John Leahy Mary Costello  
189 Michael John Hickey 24 June Michael Hickey Anastatia Walsh Coral Lane 27 June W Forristall Matthew Hickey Mary Ellen Dralon  
190 Catherine Joseph Hennesy 24 June John Hennesy Margaret Grace Circular Road 27 June W Forristall Francis Allison Margaret Hennoy?  
191 Jane Mary Weekham 11 month old Richard Weekham Bridget English Flower Hill Road 28 June John Scott William Aspell Agnes Collins Father Protestant
192 Elizabeth Whelan 19 year old Martin Whelan Mary White ~ 28 June John Scott Margaret Power Father Catholic convert
PAGE 107                  
193 Annie Clara Armstrong 23 June John Armstrong June Kennedy Duckworth St 30 June W Forristall Phillip Malone Alice Richardson  
194 John Thomas Murray 28 June Peter Murray Mary Ellen Brien Freshwater 30 June W Forristall John Murray Bridget Murray  
195 Bridget Mary Murray 28 June Anthony Murray Annie Whelan Kaldsworth St 2 July W Forristall Maurice Elmsly Maggie Dempsy  
196 Thomas Leo Clancy 30 June Thomas Clancy Mary Anne Doyle Georges Town 2 July W Forristall Emil Johnston Mary Anne Whelan  
197 Bernard Paul Marten 26 June James Marten Johanna Browne Cooks Town Rd 2 July W Forristall John Furlong Catherine Dyer  
198 George Richard Seviour 3 months old Garrett Seviour Martha Bragg Catherine St 4 July W Forristall John Cahill Mary Taylor Marten has a line through it at mothers surname. not Po?
199 Harold Joseph Neary Nary 30 June Nicholas Nary (Neary) Mary Call (Caul) Gower St 4 July W Forristall Robert Allison Mary Allison  
200 Rose Kane 1 July Patrick Kane Bridget Crotty Prase?to St 4 July W Forristall Nicholas Murphy Anne Murphy not Po ?
201 Catherine Lake 29 June John Lake Bridget Murphy Gower St 4 July W Forristall Michael Murphy Mary Murphy  
202 Thomas Joseph Picco 2 July John Picco Mary Cage Carters Hill 7 July W Forristall Thomas Picco Caroline Sullivan  
203 James Michael Bolen 5 July John Bolen Margaret Ryan Haywards Ave 7 July W Forristall James Flynn Margaret O Neill  
204 John Dunne 1 July Michael Dunne Mary Anne Downs Livingstone St 7 July W Forristall James Nangle? Katie Wall  
205 Nicholas Joseph Scurvey? 8 July Patrick Scurvey? Eliza Aspell James St 9 July W Forristall John Tobin Ellie Cooper  
206 Thomas Stanislaud Grace 11 July Thomas Grace Mary Maher Highs? Town 11 July W Forristall Patrick Barnes Annn Mary Carew  
207 Mary Catherine Eddicotte 13 July Thomas Eddicotte Mary Anne Minnotte? ~ 11 July W Forristall Joseph Bennett Isabelle Murphy  
208 Henry Joseph Goss 13 July Samuel Goss Maria Walsh Carters Hill 11 July W Forristall Joseph Goss Agnes Evans  
PAGE 108                  
209 Catherine Anne Dohoney 11 July Thomas Dohoney Elizabeth Thallow James St 16 July W Forristall Phillip Moore Mary Chidley  
210 Elizabeth Agatha Furlong 12 July Jeremiah Furlong Annie Crotty Hill of Chips 16 July W Forristall Thomas Croake Bridget Dooling  
211 Bridget Mary O Neill 17 July Andrew O Neill Catherine Ryan Barters Hill 18 July W Forristall Thomas Croake Bridget Dooling  
212 Charles Squires 20 July Alfred Squires Maria Squires Castors Hill 21 July W S Lalor Michael Goodland Katie Kelly  
213 Alexander Frazer 19 July Alexander Frazer Catherine Tobin Theatre Hill 21 July W S Lalor James Bolen Katie Molloy married July 19,1925 to Victoria Squires in St Capa???,Brooklyn,NY
214 Catherine Hudson 18 July James Hudson Catherine Teeme? Military Rd 21 July W S Lalor John Murphy Mary Matthews  
215 Frances Coleman 14 July Edward Coleman Lizzie Coady Cooks Town Rd 21 July W S Lalor Michael Keough Mary Ryan  
216 John Vincent Sullivan 19 July John Sullivan Marcella Brien North St 23 July W Forristall Thomas Brien Elizabeth Sullivan  
217 David Hickey 16 July David Hickey Mary Jane Squires Young St 23 July W Forristall Joseph Moore Ellen Earles  
218 Kathaleen Madeline Howley 21 July James Howley Elizabeth Firth Cove Road 22 July D J O'Brien Robert Kent Mary O Mara  
219 Margaret Mary Williams 21 July Richard Williams Mary Sullivan Lion Square 25 July W Forristall Patrick Simms Elizabeth Redmond  
220 Bridget Norris 24 July Samuel Norris Ellen Croft North Street 25 July W Forristall James Kennedy Mary Chafe  
221 Elizabeth Wilson 21 July Daniel Wilson Margaret Newton Allans Square 28 July W Forristall John Lewis Anastatia Hisscock  
222 Florence Mary Whitten 27 July Henry Whitten Ellen Walsh Kings Bridge 28 July W Forristall John Cotter Mary Anne Walsh  
223 William Joseph Baird 24 July James Baird Anastatia O'Brien Holdsworth St 28 July W Forristall William Baird Katie Colford  
224 Richard Cleary 26 July Richard Cleary Ellen Sullivan James St 30 July W Forristall James Fitzgerald Sarah Ward  
PAGE 109                  
225 Catherine Anne Mulcahey 26 July Thomas Mulcahey Catherine Forristall St Johns 30 July W Forristall John Browne Margaret Dunne  
226 Bertha (Barew) Carey 29 July John (Barew) Carey Margaret Mary Squires Carters Hill 1 August W Forristall William Squires Annie Jackman married Waldo S Thompsonon Nov 12,1922 at St Johns Church Banbridge,Mass.with A???Rev NA??? Flint? officiated.
227 Mary Ellen Rose 29 July William Rose Mary Quigley Cove Road 1 August W Forristall William Walsh Mary Ellen Kennedy married ??
228 Bridget Mary Olliver 28 July Peter Olliver Johanna Morey Bunalundy Rd 1 August W Forristall Edward Olliver Mary Anne Kennedy  
229 Richard Joseph Byrne 27 July James Byrne Catherine Brien ??? Street 4 August W Forristall John Kavanagh Johanna Sheehan  
230 Catherine Anne Fowels 26 July Peter Fowels? Ellen Rouali Cooks Town Rd 4 August W Forristall Michael Ryan Mary Anne Nyrens?  
231 Jeremiah Dunn 1 August Jeremiah Dunn Margaret King Darling St 5 August W S Lalor Bernard Hanley Theresa Dunn baptized priv L??? sapp?
232 Margaret Anne Bloyd 2 August John Bloyd Mary Grisshey Manan? St 6 August W Forristall George Bloyd Fanny Dyaren?  
233 Daniel Gordon Carroll 2 August James Carroll Ellen French Longs Lane 6 August W Forristall William Fanning Anna Carew  
234 Thomas (twin) Greene 3 August James Greene Theresa Keefe Darling St 7 August W Forristall Edward Jackman Anne Greene  
235 Bridget Mary (twin) Greene 3 August James Greene Theresa Keefe Darling St 7 August W Forristall John Kenny Bridget Poole  
236 Thomas Francis Ebbs 4 August John Ebbs Agnes Phelan Georges Town 8 August W Forristall Charles Conway Mary Donnelly  
237 Cecelia Piersey 4 August aged 24 years   12 August W Forristall   convert
238 Thomas Joseph Ryall 18 August John Ryall Mary Dare Carters Hill 13 August John Scott John Gear Ellen Thistle  
239 Alice Maud Lambert 18 August Luke Lambert Catherine Whelan St John's 13 August John Scott Mark Lambert Catherine Coady  
240 James Mary Knose 14 August Bartholomew Knose Anne Wall Carters Hill 16 August W Forristall Edward Long Johanna Wiseman  
PAGE 110                  
241 William Augustion Cole 14 August William Cole Alice Quirk Boggans? Lane 15 August W Forristall James Quirke Mary Ann Culloton  
242 Peter Hanlon 13 August James Hanlon Annie Sullivan Kicks Lane 15 August W Forristall John Neill Mary Anne Picco  
243 James Mallard 18 August Patrick Mallard Mary Anne Kennington? Kings Rd 18 August W Forristall Michael Malone Elizabeth Healy  
244 Mary Michael Myler 15 August John Myler Monica Burke New James St 18 August W Forristall Joseph Burke Louisa Power  
245 Mary Margaret Corcoran 14 August Patrick Corcoran Mary Driscoll Longs Hill 18 August W Forristall Thomas Fahey Margaret Coonan  
246 William Joseph Hartery 14 August Thomas Hartery Elizabeth Marten Monks Town 20 August W Forristall John Stamp Mary Fitzpatrick  
247 James Matthew Goodland 18 August Michael Goodland Kate Mackey Goodview St 22 August W Forristall Henry Goodland Maggie Whelan  
248 Margaret Ellen Emberly ?home-4 month old,North Harbor? Placentia Bay Joseph Emberly Margaret Connors St Johns 22 August W Forristall Francis Cooper Minnie Hogan  
249 Rebecca Mary Dyer 14 August Patrick Dyer Ellen Stapleton Logy Bay 24 August W Forristall Stephen Dyer Bridget Dyer  
250 Thomas Joseph Marten 21 August John Joseph Marten Margaret Kennedy King's Road 25 August D J O'Brien William O'Neill Bridget Malone Seal Cove
251 John Thomas Cunningham 22 August Edward Cunningham Catherine Burton North St 25 August W Forristall Patrick Cunningham Katie Ryan  
252 John Thomas Lane 22 August William Lane Mary Anne Cleary Longs Hill 25 August W Forristall Thomas Murray Nora Ryan  
253 Edward Buckely 22 August Richard Buckely Theresa Waddleton Barnes Road 25 August W Forristall James Rickett Mary Cahill  
254 James Joseph Sweeney 17 August Anthony Sweeney Fanny Cahill Highs Town 25 August W Forristall John Kavanagh Jane Antle  
255 Mary Anne Thomas 22 August Richard Thomas Fanny Doyle Cove Road 25 August D J O'Brien Patrick Feehan Annie Doyle  
256 Rosemary Ellen Brophy 26 August Edward Brophy Annie Walsh Highs Town 27 August W Forristall John Walsh Bridget Gordon  
PAGE 111                  
257 John Breene 23 August John Breen Ellen Dunne Logy Bay Rd 27 August W Forristall Charles Brocklehurst Mary Anne Brocklehurst  
258 Mary O'Flaherty 25 August James O'Flaherty Elizabeth Kavanagh Military Road 28 August W S Lalor Edward O'Flaherty May Furlong  
259 Johanna Carroll 28 August Richard Carroll Margaret Quigley Prescouth? St 29 August W Forristall Edward Duff Ellen Mary Duff  
260 Bridget King 27 August James King Annie Power Courl? Lane 29 August W Forristall William Dyer Louisa Power  
261 Mary McGrath 29 August Thomas J McGrath Fannie White Water St 31 August W S Lalor Phillip Ryan Janice Ryan  
262 Mary Rose Murray 30 August John Murray Mary Anne Butler Masier? St 1 September W Forristall Richard Marshall Mary Anne Power  
263 Mary Elizabeth Madden 29 August George Madden Maggie Blyde Carters Hill 1 September W Forristall William McGrath Ellen Clifford  
264 Francis Edward Healy 30 August Francis Healy Ellen Dermody Factory Lane 3 September D J O'Brien John Brophy Ellen Howlett  
265 George Ernest Dodd 30 August Thomas Dodd Mary Joseph Vinacomb Buncloudy St 3 September D J O'Brien James Vinnacan Mary Joseph Ryan  
266 David Joseph Foley 2 Sept Michael Foley Jane White Cuddihy's Lane 5 September W Forristall Patrick W?rick Margaret Dempsy  
267 Annie Margaret Whelan 3 Sept John Whelan Rosanna Reardon Duckworth St 5 September W Forristall Thomas Myrens Mary Anne Stamp  
268 Mary Joseph Shortall 5 Sept Michael Shortall Annie Power Barnes Road 8 September W Forristall Thomas O Regan Annie O Regan  
269 Elizabeth Mary Morrisey 8 Sept Peter Morrisey Mary Smart North St 10 Sept W Forristall Michael Smart Lizzie Burfitt  
270 Catherine Mary Riley 8 Sept John Riley Anne Piercey Haywards Ave 10 Sept W Forristall William Hopkins Mary Hopkins  
271 Gerald Byrne 12 Sept James Byrne Annie Vicars Kings Road 15 Sept W Forristall William Vicars Katie Vicars  
272 Johanna Frances Stuard 16 Sept Thomas Stuard Mary Walsh ~ 16 Sept D J O'Brien Thomas Corbett Annie Kayes  
PAGE 112                  
273 John Mary Keough 6 Sept George Keough Bridget O'Brian Water St 10 Sept J Scott Michael Toner? Lizzie Healy  
274 Elizabeth Duggan 14 Sept James Duggan Bridget Hooper Bell Street 17 Sept W Forristall Earnest Hottville Mary McGrath married in the church Arp 30,1908
275 Maria Bernard Bennett 13 Sept Henry Bennett Annie Dearin Le Marchant Rd 17 Sept W Forristall Alexander Burke Minnie Corbett 
276 John Joseph Keefe 14 Sept Peter Keefe Mary Maher   17 Sept W Forristall James Keefe Sarah Burke 
277 Francis Clifford Marten 15 Sept John Marten Mary Anne Ryan   17 Sept W Forristall Michael Tobin Lizzie Johnston 
278 James Joseph Hunt 15 Sept James Hunt Hannah Constantine Carters Hill 22 Sept W Forristall William Young Hannah Constantine 
279 Joseph John Cheeks 21 Sept George Cheeks Martha King Barters Hill 22 Sept W Forristall George Williams Elizabeth Brothers 
280 James Joseph Reelis Reels 17 Sept Harry Reelis (Reels) Ellen White Flanis? Lane 22 Sept W Forristall Joseph Chidley Sarah Chidley 
281 James Thomas Ionous? 19 Sept Archibald Ionous? Mary Bolger Water St 22 Sept W Forristall William Bolger Anastatia Hogan 
282 Gertrude Mary McCaffrey 20 Sept Patrick McCaffrey Ellen Mary Morrisey Duckworth St 22 Sept W Forristall Patrick Torpy Ellen Torpy 
283 Patrick Joseph Hanrihan 20 Sept James Hanrihan Agnes Keerinan Duckworth St 22 Sept W Forristall John J Bolen Anne Lambert 
284 Madoline Mary Manning 20 Sept James Manning Elizabeth Lamb Cochrane St 23 Sept W Ahern Thomas Skinner Mary Phelan 
285 Thomas Francis Delaney 21 Sept Patrick Delaney Catherine Power Duckworth St 24 Sept W S Lalor Thomas Mullowney Catherine Moore 
286 Charles Francis Quigley 20 Sept Edward John Quigley Marie McCarthy Freshwater ST 24 Sept W S Lalor John McCarthy Anastatia Tobin 
287 Maud Mary Marten 22 Sept William Marten Ellen Hearby? Kings Rd 24 Sept W S Lalor William Kean Mary Redmond 
288 John Henry Power 26 Sept John Power Charlotte Hand North St 28 Sept W S Lalor William Aspell Margaret Bloyd 
289 James Patrick Duffy 22 Sept Andrew Duffy Catherine Crowdell Carters Hill 26 Sept W S Lalor John Crowdell Mary Anne O Neill  
290 Mary Ellen Wilcox 28 Sept Edward Wilcox Margaret White Victoria St 28 Sept W Forristall Thomas J Power Margaret Power  
291 Mary Grace Walsh 26 Sept William Walsh Agnes C Kelly Cuddihays Lane 29 Sept W Forristall Thomas Kelly Mary Langmead  
292 John Trebble 24 Sept James Tribble Ellen Keough   1 Oct W Forristall John T Lynch Margaret Bloyd  
293 Isabella Mary Carroll 30 Sept Richard Carroll Eliza Walsh Cochrane St 3 Oct W Forristall Phillip Moore Bryde Vinacombe  
294 Mary Frances Kennedy 1 Oct John Kennedy Frances Dunphy   3 Oct W Forristall John Sennott Frances Stamp  
295 Bridgit Ann Phelan 2 Oct Pierce Phelan Bridgit Murphy Duckwort St? 5 Oct W S Lalor James Galway Agnes Courtenay  
296 Bridget Mary Pittman 4 Oct Robert Pittman Mary Anne King James St 8 Oct W Forristall John Feehan Sarah Pittman  
297 Augustus King 28 Sept William King Mary Rogers Nunnary Hill 8 Oct W Forristall James Bruin Johanna Earls  
298 Augustian Francis Burton 4 October John Burton Elizabeth Tracy Kings Road 8 Oct W Forristall John Vicars Mary Vicars  
299 Elizabeth Margaret Walsh 5 Oct James Walsh Margaret Murray Courtney? Lane 8 Oct W Forristall Michael Reddy Bridget Peircey married in the church to James Patrick Nayle? on Nov 17,1909
300 Richard Joseph Brien 8 Oct Michael Brien Johanna Hefferen Forest Road 10 Oct W Forristall William Brien Alice Richardson  
301 William Patrick Evens 11 Oct John T Evens Agnes Stephenson Baywards Ave 13 Oct W Forristall Jams Marten Elizabeth Keefe  
302 Elizabeth Anne Neilson 8 October Peter Neilson Mary Anne Baker Hayward? Ave 13 Oct W Forristall William Baker Mary Anne Bolen  
303 Mary Alice King 17 August John King Elizabeth Milley Kicks Lane 13 Oct W Forristall Francis Greene Lizzie King after mothers name is written Prot
304 John Thomas Lawlor 13 October William Lawlor Selina Katch James Street 13 Oct W Forristall Richard Hatch Ellie Power  
PAGE 114                  
305 Agnes Margaret Cahill 13 October John Cahill Mary Ellen Phelan Darling St 18 Oct W Forristall Charles Lewis Anne Linnegan  
306 Helena Mary Evens 11 October William Evens Mary Anne Walsh Gower St 18 Oct W Forristall Charles Mc Guire Sarah Jones  
307 Sarah Anastatia Walsh 10 October William Walsh Catherine Lawlor Cove Road 18 Oct W Forristall Patrick Browne Anne Foley  
308 William Joseph Kelly 12 October James Kelly Kate Dooley Hawes Lane 19 Oct W Forristall Thomas Ledwin Margaret O'Toole not p ?
309 Rose Clare Morey 14 October Henry Morey Anne Neville Fort Townsend? 19 Oct W Forristall George Olliphant Ellen Power  
310 Joseph Ivany 16 October George Ivany Mary Anne Vicars Bunalody? St 19 Oct W Forristall Henry Morey Esther McGrath  
311 James Joseph Rogers 17 October William Rogers Johanna Dunphy Cuddihey's Lane 20 Oct W Forristall Patrick Doherty Mary Fewer  
312 Robert Herbert Kennedy 16 October Robert Kennedy Catherine Maddigan Cathedral Hill 20 Oct W Forristall Francis Maddigan Mary Hartery  
313 William David Quinn 20 October Patrick Quinn Margaret Ellis New Gower St 21 Oct P O'Brien William Ellis Margaret Power  
314 Clara Vinacombe 19 October William Vinacombe Mary Mitchell North St 22 Oct W S Lalor William Carroll Mary Vinacombe  
315 Stanislaus Joseph Kearney 24 October John Kearney Mary Francis Callahan Military Road 26 Oct J Scott James Callahan Catherine Coleman  
316 Mary Olive Nurde 22 October Thomas J Nurde Catherine J Purcell Theatre Hill 26 Oct W Ahern Stephen Purcell Bridget Nurse married gillingham?
317 Henry Vincent Fewer 24 October John Fewer Marion Skinner Barters Hill 27 Oct W S Lalor Richard Costagan Bridget Costagan  
318 Anastatia Tobin 25 October Lawerence Tobin Mary Anne Chizlett Nunnery Hill 27 Oct W S Lalor William Kelly Mary Artman  
319 Alexander Jack   45 yrs of age native of Scotland 22 Oct J Scott   brother in law is the Rev Vincent Reardon convert
320 Raphena Mary Joseph Percy   27 yrs of age   22 Oct J Scott   convert
PAGE 115                  
321 Margaret Anne Kavanagh 27 October Edward Kavanagh Mary Anne Campbell Cuddihey's Lane 29 October John Scott Joseph Kavanagh Elizabeth Campbell  
322 George Henry Walsh 25 October Michael Walsh Johanna Ring King's Road 29 October John Scott William Lane Theresa Hanby  
323 Josephene Smyth 31 October Thomas Smyth Margaret Sullivan Gower St E 2 November John Scott Thomas Smyth Johanna Smyth  
324 Mary Gertrude Barter 6 November Richard Barter Elizabeth Coady Cathedral Hill 7 November W S Lalor Francis Flynn Lizzie Howlett  
325 Patrick Joseph Dyer 1 November Michael Dyer Mary Joseph Fox Logy Bay 7 November W S Lalor John Rourke Ellen Fox  
326 Thomas John Chidley 6 November Thomas Chidley Mary Power Carters Hill 10 November W S Lalor Charles Redmond Johanna Keefe  
327 Catherine Finnegan or Vinacomb 6 November John Vinacomb Mary Murray Kickhams Lane 10 November W S Lalor Bartholomew Bruin Mary McGrath  
328 Frederick Skinner 9 November John Skinner Mary Jane Ashman Victoria St 12 November W S Lalor Robert Wiley Eliza Power  
329 Annie Frances Power 9 November James Power Mary Taylor Barnes Road 12 November W S Lalor Patrick Yatesman Sarah Rorke ????
330 John Peter Duff 9 November John Duff Kate Brien Monday Pond Rd 14 November W S Lalor John Crowdell Margaret Duff married Rebecca Jane Wilson(nee Tucker)Nov 7,1970 Basilica
331 William Patrick Power 14 November William Power Sarah Culleton North St 17 November W S Lalor James Fewer Elizabeth Hand  
332 Alphonsus Rolls 9 November Alphonsus Rolls Mary Anne Parsons Hoyles Town 17 November W S Lalor Patrick McCrudden Agnes Walsh  
333 Clifford Forristall 14 November Richard Forristall Evangilone McDonald   19 November W S Lalor William Fanning Ellen Breene  
334 Margaret McDonnell 14 November Peter McDonnell Catherine Lawlor Cove Road 19 November John Scott Thomas Connors Kate Jordan  
335 Catherine Julia Kenealy 17 November Patrick Kenealy Mary Kirby So W?? ST 21 November W S Lalor James Kirby Catherine Stapleton  
336 Lucy Anne Evens 18 November John Evens Elizabeth Manning King's Road 21 November W S Lalor John Curtan Ellen Davis  
PAGE 116                  
337 Agnes Josephine Morris 17 November Thomas Morris Anastatia Breene Steward Ave 21 November W S Lalor William Ryall Catherine Tobin  
338 James Patrick Morris 20 November George Morris Mary Anne Nyrens Lime Kiln Hill 21 November W S Lalor John Burke Honora O Brien  
339 John Thomas Gorman 6 November John Gorman Claudia Sullivan Hoyles Town 24 November W S Lalor James Collins Mary Larkin Bap Privatium C?? supp
340 John Francis Wall 24 November Michael Wall Johanna McArdle New Gower St 26 November W S Lalor William Doyle Mary Egan  
341 Martin Joseph Myler 22 November Thomas Myler Bridget Condon Bell Street 26 November W S Lalor William Aspell Frances Brien y sllegattimato??
342 Agnes Joseph Patterson 22 November Patrick Patterson Ellen Cullen Duckworth St 26 November W S Lalor Edward Curran Mary Kiely  
343 Gertrude Mary Catherine Mitchel 24 November Brien Mitchel Mary O Grady Water St 26 November J Scott Thomas Fitzgibbons Mary Fitzgibbons  
344 Jeremiah James Horan 24 November Patrick Horan Elizabeth McGrath F.W.P.?? 26 November William Ahern Richard Clancy Bridget McGrath  
345 John Joseph Lannigan 27 Nov John Lannigan Mary Hynes   28 November W S Lalor William Aspell Bridget Hynes  
346 Mary Hilda Nurse 29 Nov Charles Nurse Nora Hafey Pilots Hill 1 December John Scott James Dunphy Johanna Nurse  
347 Fredrick Charles Prowse 25 Nov John Prowse Catherine Carcio? Carews Lane 3 December John Scott Michael Keefe Bridget Curtan  
348 Henry Francis (twins) Gallishaw 8 Dec John Gallishaw Anastatia Kenny Monks Town 7 December John Scott Henry Simms Susan Ashman  
349 John Abraham (twins) Gallishaw 8 Dec John Gallishaw Anastatia Kenny Monks Town 7 December John Scott William Peddigrue Annie Peddigrue  
350 Frances Margaret Norris 5 Dec James Jos Norris Mary Anne Browne Kingsward Ave 7 December D O Brien Joseph Benning Catherine Ellard  
351 Mary Charlotte Keefe 1 Dec Michael Keefe Mary Lahey North St 8 December D O Brien John Burke Mary Anne Bloyd  
352 James Joseph King 5 Dec William King Mary Mollowney South Side 9 December D O Brien John Molloy Mary Molloy  
PAGE 117                  
353 Lizzie Hayes 30 Nov John Hayes Jane Getheral Noyles Hill 10 Dec D J O'Brien John Hayes Jane Cahill  
354 Thomas Joseph Hayes 29 Nov Michael Cahill Agnes Walsh Kings Bridge 10 Dec D J O'Brien Edward Dey Sarah Foley  
355 Jessie Mary Haines 8 December Joseph Haines Bridget Kennedy Kicks Lane 10 Dec D J O'Brien James Slattery Mary Spearns not paid?
356 Anna Josephine Power 8 December Patrick Power Margaret Dunne Gower St 10 Dec D J O'Brien Thomas Rourke Mary Toucher  
356 Phillip Joseph Wall 9 December Edward Wall Mary Anne Crowley New Gower St 12 Dec W S Lalor Alfred Dearen Annie Kelly  
357 Michael James Goss 10 December John Goss Sarah Martin Fleming St 12 Dec W S Lalor David Goss Lizzie Goss  
358 John William Thorn 8 December Henry Thorn Anastatia Hunt Forest Road 15 Dec W S Lalor William Corcoran Mary Morris  
359 Mary Isabella Murphy 10 December Patrick Murphy Lizzie Cottor James Street Monks Town 15 Dec W S Lalor Thomas Murphy Maggie Cottor  
360 Andrew Devarouse 9 December James Devarouse Johanna Flannigan Logy Bay 15 Dec W S Lalor Andtrew Devaroux Anastatia Flannigan  
361 Herbert Joseph Power 12 December Peter Power Fanny Walsh Cooks Town 15 Dec W S Lalor Dennis River Alice Halleren  
362 Elizabeth Mary Malone 8 December Phillip Malone Elizabeth McCarthy Torbay Road 15 Dec W S Lalor Thomas Malone Alice Devaroux  
363 John Joseph Malone 1 December Thomas Malone Ellen English Linnegans Lane Theatre Hill 15 Dec W S Lalor Michael Fleming Annie Carew  
364 Arthur Joseph Hickey 9 December Michael Hickey Mary Duff Gower St 15 Dec W S Lalor Thomas Claney Bridget Duff  
365 Lawrence Kearsey 7 December Thomas Kearsey Ellen Nearen 20 Mile Pond 16 Dec John Scott Lawrence Nearn MAry Moriarty  
366 Mary Lilian Redmond 10 December Patrick Redmond Mary Jane Mallard King's Road 17 Dec William Ahern Thomas Carew Annie Kenna  
367 Marie Guzzle ? aged 25   St Johns 17 Dec W Forristall David Hickey Mary Jane Hickey convert
PAGE 118                  
368 Agnes Mary Ryall 14 Dec Patrick Ryall Ellen Murphy Carters Hill 1 Dec John Scott James Wiseman Johanna Wiseman  
369 Catherine Bennett 14 Dec John Bennett Bridget Ryan North Town Rd 22 Dec W Forristall John Ryan Eliza Whelan  
370 Constantine Joseph O Neill 17 Dec Constantine O Neill Mary Anne White Wais ? Street 22 Dec W Forristall Thomas Stamp Catherine Shallow  
371 Mary Margaret Chizlett 25 Dec Christopher Chizlett Mary Ellen Stamp Nunnery Hill 26 Dec W Forristall Jeremiah Lubey Bridget Frances Stamp  
372 Eva Mary Harris 24 Dec William Harris Selina Hunt Monks Town Rd 28 Dec W S Lalor John Davis Lucy Davis  
373 Stephen O'Grady 22 Dec Patrick O'Grady Elizabeth O'Grady Hoyles Town 29 Dec John Scott John Bolen(Boland) Mary Anne Foley name above mothers surname
374 Elizabeth Anne Hodder 23 Dec James Hodder Mary Anne Eary Flavins Lane 29 Dec John Scott John Crowe Alice Crowe  
375 Mary Mande Keating 29 Dec Thomas Keating Kate Murphy Water St 31 Dec W S Lalor Charles Kickham Maude Parker  

Pages 95 - 103 Transcribed by Mary Rawolinson (August 2003)
Pages 104 - 118 Transcribed by Sheila Dormody (August 2003)

Page Last Modified: Saturday April 02, 2016 (Don Tate)
WALL, George Benedict*1 The name "Wall" is in the entry, but that is an error. There is no "Wall" in our name, probably a mistake made back in 1890. The name should be Vaughan, not Wall. Maureen Byrne -
BUSHEY, Richard Francis*2 Our family records show that the name should have been recorded as BUSH. Also His parents were Richard BUSH and Mary Ann McGINN Jackie Lowe -
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