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of St. John the Baptist


These records were transcribed from the original pages
as found on the LDS reels of Newfoundland Records.
(LDS- Reel #2169240)

Page 22                  
1 Elizabeth Mary Dorsey 30th January Michael Dorsey Mary A Caine St John's 3rd January W Forristall Patrick Quinn Sara Murphy  
2 John Connell 1st January Patrick Connell Catherine Doran   3rd January W Forristall Patrick Doran Ellen Connell  
3 Michael Mulcahy 1st January Tho^s Mulcahy Ellen Brien   3rd January W Forristall Michael Murphy Mary Picko  
4 Clara Maud Burchill 2nd January Francis Burchill Julia Brennan   3rd January W Forristall Andrew Fordor Maggie Dunn Pater Prot
5 Malcom Collins 1st January Martin Collins Mary Nasary   3rd January W Forristall Michael Duggan Sara McJack?  
6 Hanna Frazer 1st January Alexander Frazer Catherine Power   10th January W Forristall William Boland Mary Baless?  
7 Anne Mary Summers 1st January Patrick Summers Mary Chery?   10th January J Scott John Broggan Catherine Quirke  
8 Jane McKay 1st January William McKay Mary Hoyle   10th January John Scott Maurice Greene Teresa Kelly Pater Prot
PAGE 23                  
9 Martin Joseph Raftus 10th January Mich^l Raftus Jane Furlong St John's 13th January W Forristall John Larken Bridget ????  
10 Randal Joseph Green 11th January Maurice Green Joanna? Jackamn St John's 13th January W Forristall Tho^s Green Ellen Power  
11 Rich^d James Rutledge 11th January Peter Rutledge Marg^t Martin   14th January W Forristall Joseph Maher Emily Burke  
12 Theresa Joseph Costello 18th January Richard Costello Johanna Hunt Darling st 20th January P J Delany James Hunt Alice Burphett?  
13 John Benedict St John 17th January John St John Maggie Hackett Military row 19th January P J Delany William Kenedy Mary Ellen Hackett  
14 Mary Agnes Keels 18th January Michael Keels Ellen Gledney   24th January P J Delany Patrick Murphy Mary Anne Hayes  
15 Mary Joseph Greene 14th January William Greene Bridget Farming?   24th January P J Delany Agustine King Jane Serwan?  
16 Matthew Nicholas Power 18th January John Power Anne English Hayward Ave 26th January W S Lalon Robert Taylor Elizabeth English not paid
17 Mary Ann Walshe 21st January James Walshe Elizabeth Woodfine Lime Kiln Hill 26th January W S Lalon Peter Woodfine Alice Woodfine  
18 Catherine Cole 26th January James Cole Elizabeth Doyle   28th January W Forristall Patrick Brown Sarah Finnlon  
19 Rosa Mary Wilson 26th January James Wilson Elizabeth Martin   28th January W Forristall George Evans Angela Martin  
20 James Joseph Clancy 26th January James Clancy Elizabeth Cantwell   28th January W Forristall Nicholas Brace Ellen Fleming  
21 Tho^s Joseph Condon 26th January Tho^s Condon Ellen Brown   31st January W Forristall Mich^l Baldwin Anastatia Baldwin  
22 Alice Badcock 30th January James Badcock Marg^t Snow   31st January W Forristall Peter Galliran Mary Barnes 
23 Annie English 29th January Edward English Annie Whelan   22nd January P J Delany Henry Dryer Ellen Lonergan (Mulcahy) 
24 Mary Joseph Dohony 29th January Thomas Dohony Elizabeth Shaland?   22nd January W Forristall Patrick Cleary Mary A Dohony 
PAGE 24                
25 William Dyer 2nd Feb Michael Dyer Marg^t Fox Logy Bay 2nd Feb W Forristall Daniel Dyer Alice Cody 
26 Mary Margaret Keily 3rd Feb William Kelly Margaret Paine St John's 4th Feb W Forristall John Keefe Catherine Boggan 
27 Thomas Myler 28th Jan Thomas Myler Bridget Condon St John's 7th Feb W Forristall Laurance Daly Catherine Cullen 
28 James Buckley 31st Jan Richard Buckly Teresa Waddleton   7th Feb W Forristall Daniel Flynn Emma Morrison 
29 Philip Barry 2nd Feb Martin Barry Elizabeth Picko   9th Feb W Forristall Richard Squires Mary E Kenedy 
30 Margaret Woodfinn 4th Feb Joseph Woodfinn Catherine Oliver   9th Feb W Forristall Francis Woodfinn Margaret Woodfinn 
31 Mary Frances Dobbin 5th Feb Richard Dobbin Mary Ann Downy   9th Feb W Forristall Patrick Condon Alice Condon 
32 Edward Fowler 11th Feb Edward Fowler Anne Badcock   9th Feb W Forristall James Delahanty Alice O'Donnell 
33 Thomas Joseph McDonald 7th Feb Peter McDonald Catherine Lawlor   9th Feb W Forristall Michael Lawlor Maria McDonald 
34 William Andrew ??? Gilbert Barry 7th Feb David Barry Norah Higgins South West St 9th Feb P J Delandy John Barry Mary Ellen O'Brien 
35 Edmond Charles Paten 9th Feb Charles Paten Elizabeth Kelly   14th Feb W Forristall Richard Kelly Elizabeth Walsh 
36 Rosanna Callahan 10th Feb Nicholas Callahan Marg^t Dwyer   14th Feb W Forristall John Dillan Elizabeth Keefe 
37 Thomas Malone 10th Feb James Malone Sarah Decker   16th Feb W Forristall Thomas Malone Ellen Kavanagh 
38 Mary Margaret Bryan 10th Feb Richard Bryan Mary McDonald   16th Feb W Forristall John Bolan Teresa Kenedy 
39 Teresa Frances Maher 11th Feb William Maher Johanna Donnell   16th Feb W Forristall Edward Scott Mary Polacker 
40 William Mackey 12th Feb Thomas Mackey Honora Neil   16th Feb W Forristall Andrew Walsh Emily Johnston 
PAGE 25                  
41 John Luby 16-Feb Andrew Luby & Frances Chidly   18-Feb W Forrestall Christopher Chidly & Elizabeth Beard  
42 Michael Halren 14-Feb Jeremey Halren & Frances Cleary   18-Feb W R Fitzgerald Michael Stapleton & Mary E McCourt  
43 James Joseph Ryan 14-Feb Michael Ryan & Bridget Hope   21-Feb W Forrestall John Bennett & Bridget Ryan  
44 Catherine Mary Corish 14-Feb Andrew Corish & Catherine Flynn   21-Feb W Forrestall Michael Grace & Bridget Crowdell  
45 Michael McIntire 14-Feb Hector McIntire & Juliett Fennell   21-Feb W Forrestall William Gladny & Alice Fennell  
46 Alice Tobin 14-Feb Lawrence Tobin & Mary A Chidley   21-Feb W Forrestall Michael Norris & Honora Walsh  
47 James Foley 14-Feb Patrick Foley & Mary A Ryan   21-Feb W Forrestall John Saunders & Margaret Neil  
48 Isabelle Mary Conway 14-Feb Thos Conway & Ellen Slattery   21-Feb W Forrestall John Donnelly & Mary Donnelly  
49 Esther Ellen Riely 15-Feb James Rielly & Mary Prior Duckworth St. 24-Feb P J Delauey John English & Barbara Merchant  
50 Charles Stanislaus Fox Loughman 20-Feb Michael Loughman & Bessie Kursterion Water St. 26-Feb P J Delaney Rev P J Delaney & Minnie Donnelly  
51 Elizabeth Ann Ashman 22-Feb Thomas Ashman & Catherine Cochlan   28-Feb W Forrestall Richard Shehan Mary A Evoy?  
52 William Larken 22-Feb James Larkin & Catherine Mahony   28-Feb W Forristall Michael Mahony & Sarah Hickey  
53 Sarah Josephine Doran 24-Feb John Doran & Catherine Kavanagh   28-Feb W Forristall Edward Doran & Sarah Ga???  
54 John Joseph Kenely 25-Feb Patrick Kenely & Mary Kirby   28-Feb W Forrestall Michael Whelan & Johanna O'Brien  
55 John James Carew 22-Feb James Carew & Johanna Hartwell Carter's Hill 28-Feb W Forrestall George Rowe & Johanna Carson  
56 Hugh Patrick McGrath 22-Feb Dennis McGrath & Mary Ann Frissell   28-Feb W Forrestall Thomas Inverness & Mary A Hagerty  
PAGE 26                  
57 Mary Joseph Corcoran Feb-03 William Corcoran & Catherine Gorse   ? Mar W Forrestall William Gosse & Mary Chating  
58 Edward Duberty 22-Feb Thomas Duberty & Mary Connors   4-Mar W Forrestall ???? Ho???? & Mary A Walsh  
59 Charlotte Walsh 4-Feb Patrick Walsh & Ellen Murphy   7-Mar W Forrestall Robert Whitten & Henrietta Walsh  
60 Sara?h Joseph Beard 4-Feb William Beard & Bridged Kenedy   7-Mar W Forrestall Martin Hanlon & Ellen Murphy  
61 John L Fently 4-Feb John Fently & Bridget Long   7-Mar W Forrestall James Long & Mary Carew  
62 Elizabeth Evoy 4-Feb Martin Evoy & Hanna Ivony(sic)   9-Mar W Forrestall John Breen & Elizabeth Undry  
63 Anastatia Dempsy 4-Feb James Dempsy & Ellen (Walsh) Simms   9-Mar W Forrestall Joseph Tobin & Alice Dacie?  
64 Patrick Foran 4-Feb Michl Foran & Jane Fitzpatrick   9-Mar W Forrestall Edward Foran & Maria Foran  
65 Charles Sage 4-Feb Richd Sage & Winifred Fewar   9-Mar W Forrestall Charles Sage & Mary Louis  
66 Bryan Patk Brown 4-Feb Bryan Brown & Susanna Bennett   11-Mar W Forrestall John Flynn & Elizabeth Power  
67 William Pk Burton 4-Feb John Burton & Ellen Gallegan   14-Mar W Forrestall Larriter Crystopher & Mary J Costello  
68 Caroline Osmond 5-Feb William Osmond & Alice Redmond   18-Mar W Forrestall Daniel Baird & Catherine Baird  
69 Michl Patrk Fitzgerald 16-Feb Michl Fitzgerald & Mary J Redmond   18-Mar W Forrestall Andrew Duffy & Ellen Hart  
70 Mary Bridget Judge 16-Feb John Judge & Mary Dwyer   18-Mar W Forrestall James Walsh & Bridget Byrne  
71 Margaret Bishop 17-Feb Thomas Bishop & Clara Mooney   18-Mar W Forrestall James Mavis & Eliza Mavis  
72 Patrick Lanneir 17-Feb Patrick Lanneir & Johanna Dempsy   18-Mar W Forrestall Garrite Dempsy & Mary J Dempsy  
PAGE 27                  
73 Ellen Dyer 15-Mar Richard Dyer & Mary Kavanagh   23-Mar W Forrestall Walter Dyer & Ellen Dyer  
74 Robert Jos Summers 22-Mar James Summers & Mary Walsh   25-Mar W Forrestall Denis Summers & Minnie Davin???  
75 John Jos Cain 22-Mar John Cain & Susanna Churchill   25-Mar W Forrestall James Dwyer & Mary Caroll  
76 Ellen Mary Foley 21-Mar James Foley & Margaret Lawler   25-Mar W Forrestall James Malone & Catherine Malone  
77 Mary Hanna Martin 21-Mar James Martin & Julia Roache   25-Mar W Forrestall Edward Howley & Emily Howley  
78 Mary Hicky 21-Mar James Hicky & Catherine Clare   25-Mar W Forrestall William Sullivan & Mary A Furmeus  
79 Mary Margaret Bragg 21-Mar Stephen Bragg & Matilda Martin   25-Mar W Forrestall John Malland & Margaret Keffington  
80 Margaret Power 21-Mar Patrick Power & Mary J Anderson   25-Mar W Forrestall Richard Burke & Mary A Walsh  
81 Newton John Smith 15-Mar James Smith & Minnie Waters LeMarchant Rd 27-Mar P J Delauey Mrs Rose Cleary & Rev P J Delany  
82 Michael Power 15-Mar Michael Power & Catherine McCarty   28-Mar W Forrestall Robert Pedigres & Mary Fennessy  
83 Mary Margt Gage 15-Mar John Gage & Sara Martin   28-Mar W Forrestall Mary Graso & Michl Dalton  
84 Wm Joseph Power 15-Mar Wm Power & Margaret Madden   28-Mar W Forrestall Robert Suaney & Margaret Curren  
85 Cornilius J Murphy 24-Mar Cornelius Murphy & Maria Gaville   28-Mar W Forrestall Patrick Doyle & Ellen Dunn  
86 Patrick Joseph O'Neil 26-Mar William O'Neil & Rachel Chafe   28-Mar W Forrestall James O'Neil & Mary E O'Neil  
87 Josephy Keough 26-Mar William Keough & Margaret Galway   28-Mar W Forrestall Thomas Maher & Rosanna Bennigan  
88 Ellen May Dunne 26-Mar James Dunne & Catherine Carvelle   30-Mar W Forrestall Patrick Myerek & E??? Myler  
PAGE 28                  
89 Mary Jo Martin 27-Mar William Martin & Elizth Connors   4-Apr W Forrestall Charles Connors & Margt Connors  
90 Ellen Maud Renough 22-Mar Herbert Renoul & Catherine Oldridge   4-Apr W Forrestall Edward Bulgen & Lucy Nash  
91 Frances J Martin 2-Apr William Martin & Margt White   4-Apr W Forrestall Robert Maher & Ellen Keough  
92 Margaret Brien 2-Apr William Brien & Hanna Grace   4-Apr W Forrestall Thomas Brien & Mary Ann Kennedy  
93 Michael An^y Cahill 4-Apr James Chaill & Mary Squires   6-Apr W Forrestall Jeremy Roache & Elizabeth Stapleton  
94 John Savage (Power) 4-Apr William Power & Annie Savage   6-Apr W Forrestall Thos Leary & Bridget Savage  
95 Haniel E Morris 4-Apr George Morris & Mary Myaeu?   6-Apr W Forrestall Valentine English & Catherine Connors  
96 James Jos Power 4-Apr William Power & Sara Culleston   6-Apr W Forrestall Henry Wells & Mary Power Married in the Church on Jan 25th to Margaret Houghtrue???
97 Mary Walsh ? Apr Thomas Walsh & Catherine Kelly   6-Apr W Forrestall James Walsh & Mary Riffen  
98 James Myren 8-Apr Thomas Myren & Mary Danning   6-Apr W Forrestall James Mysen & Catherine Connery  
99 Michael Dalton 8-Apr William Dalton & Margaret Walsh   6-Apr W Forrestall William Neil & Alice Neville  
100 Mary Mart Hickey 8-Apr Patrick Hickey & Johanna King   13-Apr W Forrestall Patrick Sullivan & Elizth Sullivan  
101 Peter John Cooper 8-Apr Peter Cooper & Margaret Costello   13-Apr W Forrestall James Fagan & Mary Sage  
102 Harriet Waddelton 8-Apr George Waddleton & Mary Moores   13-Apr W Forrestall Edward Earle & Catherine Piercy  
103 Andrew Earle 8-Apr ??????? ???????   13-Apr W Forrestall ?????? Parents Names not recorded
104 Frances Lake 8-Apr John Lake & Bridget Pal???   15-Apr W Forrestall Philip Palfry & Bridget Jos Quinn?  
No # Mary Esther Halley 6-Apr Michael Hally & Mary Flynn Cathedral ?? 15-Apr W Forrestall John Ryan & Mary ????  
PAGE 29                  
105 Anne Mary Dyer 12-Apr David Dyer & Anastatia Kavanagh   15-Apr W Forrestall Richard Dyer & Catherine Kavanagh  
106 Michl Joseph Baker 12-Apr William Baker & Mary R Barnes   15-Apr W Forrestall William Ormond & Catherine Clemons  
107 Mary Ellen Ryan 12-Apr David Ryan & Anastatia Morison   15-Apr W Forrestall Patrick Dwyer & Lucy Dautney  
No # William Mary Oneill   James O'Neill & Anne Barnes Tank lane 14-Apr W Forrestall Tom Aylward & Anastatia Aylward  
108 Alexander? Doyle 16-Apr John Doyle & Mary Doyle   20-Apr W S Lalon William Dyer & Clara Dyer  
109 Annie Maria Carew 16-Apr John Carew & Mary Hope Kennedy Quidi Vidi 20-Apr W S Lalon William Baird & Mary Joseph Baird Ille
110 James Brien 16-Apr James Brien & Mary Burton   22-Apr W Forrestall James Costello & Catherine Burton  
111 William Francis Burgess 18-Apr Thomas Burgess Johanna Byren   25-Apr W S Lalon John Cluny & Margaret Clause?  
112 Jane Hipditch 22-Apr Richard Hipditch & Eliza Furlong   25-Apr W S Lalon John Avite? & Julia Maher Married by S P Riche to Joseph ???? On May 10, 1906 Tho Sharp ???
113 Eliza Carroll 21-Apr Richard Carroll & Eliza Carrol   25-Apr W S Lalon Michael Walsh & Mary Ellen Sopp?  
114 Elizabeth Foster 17-Apr Willaim Foster & Ellen Martin?   25-Apr W S Lalon William Arlman & Margaret Curtain  
115 Catherine Fitzgerald 17-Apr Bridget Murphy & Michael Fitzgerald   27-Apr W S Lalon Michael Bennett & Ellen Caragan  
116 Mary Ellen Buckly 24-Apr Thomas Buckly & Margt Dunphy   29-Apr W Forrestall Cornelius Buckly & Ellen Spurrell  
117 Annie Mary Spearns 21-Apr Thomas Spears & Maria Waddleton   2-May W S Lalon Bernard Spears & Catherine Ryan  
No # Margaret Mary Long   ???? Long & Mary Luscomb   May 3rd   E?? Maher & Bridget Long  
118 Mary Catherine Brennan 23-May Michael Brennan & Ellen Fahy   4-May W S Lalon Edward McKay & Johanna Fahey  
119 Mary Ellen Martin ? May John Martin & Mary Ann Ryan   4-May W S Lalon James Cormac & Elizabeth Ryan Married in this Church to John Reddy on Aug 11, 1919
120 James Bibby ? May Patrick Bibby & Catherine Taylor   6-May W Forrestall James Ryan & Ellen Joyce  
  Anastatia Rusk ? May William Rusk & Harriet ???   ? May W Forrestall Michael Purcell & An???? P????  
Page 30                  
121 Mikl Thomas Dea 1-May Ambrose Dea & Anastatia Hays St John's 6-May W Forrestall William Hand & Mary Stamp  
122 Catherine Murphy 4-May Jeremiah Murphy & Mary Gallerson   9-May W Forrestall Michael Gallivan & Catherine Gallivan  
123 James Joseph Quirke 4-May Thomas Quirke & Anastatia Sage   9-May W Forrestall James Culleton & Mary A Culleton  
124 John Joseph Bulger 4-May Joseph Bulger & Elizabeth Quigley   9-May W Forrestall William Courtenay & Mary A Grace  
125 Anne Mary Buckly 6-May Cornelius Buckly & Mary A Butler   11-May W Forrestall James Costello & Eliza Butler  
126 Sarah Ann Adams 6-May William Adams & Bridget Ryan   11-May W Forrestall John Phelan & Sarah Walsh Twin
127 Mary Joseph Adams 6-May William Adams & Bridget Ryan   11-May W Forrestall Maurice Green & Annie French Twin
128 Mary Elizabeth Burke 6-May Patrick Burke & Ellen Barry   11-May W Forrestall Mich Dunn & Catherine Shaugh???  
129 Mary Anne Sheppard 6-May Edward Sheppard & Mary A Morrissy   11-May W Forrestall Joseph Gathrell & Catherine Tobin  
130 John Dunn 6-May William Dunn & Catherine Gormon   11-May W Forrestall John Kenedy & Catherine Gladny  
131 Elizabeth A Kelly 6-May John Kelly & Ellen Whitten   11-May W Forrestall John Brien & Catherine Brien  
132 Margaret Mary Wickens 6-May Martin Wickins & Catherine Brine   16-May W Forrestall Jeremiah Coleman & Jane Coleman  
133 Richard Coleman 6-May William Coleman & Charlotte Coleman   16-May W Forrestall James Hickey & Mary Ann Boyers  
134 Lucy Mary Walsh 6-May Francis Walsh & Caroline Curtis   16-May W Forrestall Patk J Keefe & Ellen Grace  
135 Mary Brien 6-May ???? Brien & Honora Baffin   16-May W Forrestall John Kavanagh & Mary Kavanagh  
        Hanora Belf???          
136 Blance Beatrice Kavanagh 6-May John Kavanagh & Fanny Heath   16-May W Forrestall    
Page 31                  
137 Mary Monica Summers 6-May Michael Summers & Kate Daly St. John's 9-May John Scott Patrick Summers & Annie Dooley  
138 Annie Mary Summers 6-May Patrick summers & Martha Rune   6-Jan John Scott James Higgins & Ellen Quirk  
139 Joseph William Kearne 5-May John Kearne & Jane Rune   12-May John Scott James Walsh & Catherine Walsh Twins
140 John Michael Kearne 5-May John Kearne & Jane Rune   12-May John Scott Patrick Berrigan & Margaret Flemming Twins
141 Bridget Fitzgerald 5-May Michael Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Simms   16-May W Forrestall Michael Hubbard & Sarah LeDrew  
142 Mary Maher 5-May John Maher & Anne Connors   16-May W Forrestall Charles Drattone & Mary Ellen Drattone  
143 Mary Ann Crimp 5-May William Crump & Martha Baird   16-May W Forrestall James Cleary & Elizabeth Burke  
144 Michael Joseph Knight 5-May William Knight & Ann Minute   16-May W Forrestall Joseph Rose & Bridget Knight  
145 Hannora Mary Rhodes 5-May Gerard Rhodes & Mary Ann Prosper   16-May W Forrestall John LeMoores & Margaret Chapter  
146 Thomas Hayes 13-May John Hayes & Catherine Course   16-May W Forrestall Daniel Berl & Bridget Hayes  
147 Mary Joha Mullens 13-May Joseph Mullens & Mary Hughs   16-May W Forrestall Daniel Dyer & Bridget Leary  
148 Mary Ann Fogarty 13-May John Fogarth & Bridget Lonergan   18-May W Forrestall Michael Dalton & Ellen Foley  
149 Alexander Burke 13-May Richard Burke & Ellen Farrell   18-May W Forrestall John Doyle & Mary Ellen Power  
150 John Joseph Coffey 17-May Michael Coffey & Ann Scanlon   20-May W Forrestall John Walsh & Anna Quirk  
151 James Joseph Sears 17-May Robert Sears & Mary A Cleary   20-May W Forrestall George Kenedy & Mary Walsh  
152 Alexander McGently 17-May Alexander McGently & Anna M Stamp   25-May W Forrestall John Boland & Mary G Stamp  
Page 32                  
153 Mary Frances Kelly 23-May James Kelly & Elizabeth Rally   25-May W Forrestall Michael Moore & Catherine Carnell  
154 Michael Brien 23-May Patrick Brien & Margaret Walsh   27-May W Forrestall William Woods & Anastatia Mullally  
155 Mary Eliza Cahill 23-May Samuel Cahill & Eliza Keefe   27-May W Forrestall George Flynn & Mary E Bavis  
156 Denis Tobin 24-May James Tobin & Catherine Dooly   26-May Michael K Fitzgerald Michael Tobin & Bridget Dooly  
157 William Brown ????? ????????? & ?????????   26-May W Forrestall Wm Maher & Sarah Maher Converted
158 Richard Comerford 24-May Richard Comerfore & Johanna Farly   30-May W Forrestall James Burton & Ellen Kavanagh  
159 Mary jos Griffen 24-May James Griffen & Elizabeth Janes   30-May W Forrestall Robert Cole & Bridget Kelly  
160 James M Walsh 24-May Edward Walsh & Anne Kelly   30-May W Forrestall Edward Purcell & Mary E Walsh  
161 Mary Angela Shorts 24-May Henry F Shorts & Mary Kavanagh   30-May W Forrestall John Grace & Susanne Kavanagh  
162 Nicholas Walsh 24-May Nicholas Walsh & Johanna Sullivan   1-Jun W Forrestall William Sullivan & Fanny Grady  
163 John Joseph Barron 24-May Peter Barron & Johanna Riday   3-Jun W Forrestall Richard Stamp & Mary Power  
164 Susanna Smith ? Jun William Smith & Elizabeth Bambrick   3-Jun W Forrestall Thomas Rossiter? & Alice Power  
165 James Patrick Mealy ? Jun Patrick Mealy & Frances Cotter   4-Jun W Forrestall Robert Hanlon & Mary Cotter  
166 Susannah J Butt ? Jun George Butt & Elizabeth Dunn   6-Jun W Forrestall Wm Carew & Mary A Hynes  
167 Frances Balford ? Jun Francis Balford & Mary Lamort   6-Jun W Forrestall Thomas Browne & Catherine Lampert  
168 Mary Agnes Crow ? June Joseph Crow & Honora Reily   8-Jun W Forrestall John Lewis & Agnes Connally  
Page 33                  
169 James Keough June 5 Peter Keough Mary Hartery St Johns June 8 W Forristall John Sullivan Ellen Abbott  
170 John Arthur Murray June 6 Henry Murray Anne Nevileo?   June 8 W Forristall Coleman Sarage? Anastasia Flyson  
171 Catherine Barrington June 6 John Barrington Anne Cummins   June 10 W Forristall John Eliott Saragh? Eliott  
172 James H Johnson June 6 Thomas Johnson Elizabeth Martin   June 10 W Forristall Charles Marten Catherine Marten  
173 Clara Mary Evens June 6 George Evens Ellen Martin   June 13 W Forristall John Evens Hanna Martin  
174 James Joseph Kersey June 6 James Kersey Anne Head   June 13 W Forristall John Whiteway Mary E Head  
175 John Francis Forward June 6 George Forward Ellen Power   June 15 W Forristall Alexander Forward Eliza Whelan 
176 Charles Fred (Bag?) Regan? June 8 John Ryan Jannito Lacey?   June 15 W Forristall Philip Cashin Mary A? McCarthy 
177 William Jm? Keely June 8 John Keely Ellen McGrath   June 17 W Forristall William Dunphy Johanna Brennan 
178 Mary Anne Fordeu? June 8 Denis Fordeu? Catherin O Mara?   June 17 W Forristall William Dalton Mary O Mara 
179 William Jos? Grace June 8 Thomas Grace Margt Maher?   June 20 W Forristall William Grace Selia O Neil 
180 Robert Ml? Carey June 17 Michl Carey Jane (Pyspo) Picco   June 20 W Forristall Charles (Cooms) Coombes Cagolin? Conner? 
181 Martin Jos? McDonald June 17 Martin McDonald Elizabeth Rositer?   June 20 W Forristall Patrick McDonald Bridget Rositer 
182 Mary Ann Pender? June 18 Michl? Geuder? Elizabeth Cooke   June 22 W Forristall James Kenedy Mary A Kenedy 
183 John Dobbin June 20 James Dobbin Margaret Leary   June 22 W Forristall Patrick Dobbin Margaret Sullivan 
184 James Shea June 20 William Shea Elizabeth Haney   June 22 W Forristall William Cashen Mary Anne Cashen 
Page 34                  
185 Susanna Russell June 20 Edward Russell Susana? Leary?   June 24 W Forristall James Furlong Annie Walsh 
186 Agatha Roache June 20 James Roach Mary Fury?   June 24 W Forristall Thomas Leary Agnes O'Toole 
187 Tho? Joseph Furlong June 20 John Furlong Mary A Di isle (Could be Devine)   June 24 W Forristall Theo? Cullen Agnes Kent? 
188 (Francis JS) Francis Joseph Furlong June 19 John Furlong Mary A De isle (Could be Devine)   June 24 W Forristall Patrick Condon Eliza Cain?  
189 John Richd Hickey June 19 Richard Hicky Cahtrin? Hayes   June 24 W Forristall Martin Ha??? Elizabeth Murphy  
190 (Elizabeth R??) Anne Elizabeth Richardson June 19 Edward Richardson Alice Murray   June 27 W Forristall William Richardson Margaret Seviers?  
191 Mary Elea? Harne? June 20 John Horne Bridget Connelly   June 27 John Scott Thomas Murray Mary Baird Father Prot Bap ???? con
192 Patrick Joseph Hogan June 20 Patrick Hogan Bridget Scott   June 19 John Scott John Coady Ellen Buckley  
193 Bella Mary Mara June 23 Robert L Mare Isabella Shea   June 27 W Forristall Gerald Mose? Mary Tobin Bro H. Jaskson
194 Mary Ann Angel June 23 Jame Angel Mary A Redmond   June 29 W Forristall John Fitzgerald Sara Squires  
195 Anne McGrath June 23 William McGrath Margaret Curran   June 29 W Forristall Andrew Curran Bridget Fitzhenry  
196 Sara A? Hartery June 23 Thomas Hartery Elizabeth Matrin   July 1 W Forristall Patrick King Elizabeth Cambell  
197 Susanna? Crotty June 23 Daniel Crotty Mary Walsh   July 4 W Forristall William Power Ellen Cuddehy  
198 Ellen Mary Power June 23 John Power Alice Wilcox   July 4 W Forristall Michael Whelan Mary J Woods  
199 Agnes Ma? Mulosney? June 23 John Mulasney? Ellen King   July 4 W Forristall Michael Breen? Bridget Daly  
200 John Tho? Graham June 28 Thomas Graham Jane Wall??   July 4 W Forristall James Walsh Mary Norris  
Page 35                  
201 Anastatia Kersey July 1 Thomas Kersey Ellen Neer?   July 6 W Forristall Thomas Malone Rebecca Thorpe  
202 Chrystopher Skiffington July 3 Richard Skiffington Lana Warren   July 6 W Forristall William Fiho Margaret Green?  
203 Peter Francis Hart July 3 Michael Hart Anastatia Martin   July 6 W Forristall Patrick Hart Ellen Doyle  
204 William Jop? Parnell July 3 Patrick Parrell Teresa Oliver   July 8 W Forristall James Cunningham Hanna Cunningham  
205 Timothy Jop? Canning July 3 Mauris Canning Margaret Rose   July 8 W Forristall Augustus Daerin? Mary Ryan  
206 Joseph Walsh July 3 Laurence Walsh Margaret Williams   July 8 W Forristall John Steaklan? Catherine Lonihan?  
207 Mary Ann Knox July 3 Bartholo Knox Anne Wall   July 8 W Forristall Patrick Knox Cathrerine? Gatheoral?  
208 William Jop? Booth July 3 Alexander Booth Mary A Kenny?   July 8 W Forristall Thomas Kenny? Catheran Kenny  
209 Herbert Albert Furlong July 2 James P Furlong Mary Ellen Stephenson   July 9? P J Delaney P J Delaney Margaret Furlong  
210 Mary Josephine Martin July 7 John Martin Honora Kenedy   July 11 W Forristall James Quirke Mary Fitzgerald  
211 Gertrude Mary Wadden July 7 Patrick Wadden Margaret Flood   July 11 W Forristall Thomas Creig Mary Crieg  
212 Elizabeth Ann Rogers July 6 William Rogers Johanna Dunphy   July 11 W Forristall William Carew Sargh? Dunphy Married in ??? Conn On June 15 1909 to Alan Dem???
213 Margaret Grace July 6 Patrick Gross Honora Keys   July 11 W Forristall John O Brien Mary O Brien  
214 William Jph? Dalton July 6 John Dalton Annie Shirgain?   July 11 W Forristall Anthony Coughlan Bridget Henessy  
215 Catherin Ann Walsh July 6 Patrick Walsh Louiza Foote   July 13 W Forristall John Connors Hanna Roland  
216 James Patrick Carrole July 6 John Carroll Margaret Shelly   July 13 W Forristall Thomas ?? ooker? Mary Ann Carroll  
Page 36               
217 Elizabeth Maud? Cains July 13 Patrick Cain Bridget Crotty St John's July 15 William Forristall William Collins Mary Murphy 
218 Patrick Joseph Carter July 13 James Carter Mary Ryan   July 15 W Forristall John Ryan Chriystohel? Pe?ston?  
219 Mary Catherin Goode July 13 Richd Woods Mary A McGrath   July 15 W Forristall Michael Connors Christiana Keeffe 
220 James Joseph Willson July 14 William Wilson Mary Fitzgerald   July 15 W Forristall Thomas Baker Hanna Burke 
221 George Augustine Broklehurst July 14 Charles Broklehurst Mary A Dunn   July 15 W Forristall William Lannen Mary Murray 
222 WIlliam Joseph Henessy July 14 Robert Hennessy Catherine Madigan   July 15 W Forristall Denis Mulrony Margaret Hennessy 
223 Joseph (Maxwell) Cornwall Gaden July 13 Garland Gaden Mary Cormack   July 18 P J Delaney William Donelly Ellen Hearn? 
224 Alice Margt Redmond July 13 John Redmond Annie Duff   July 18 W Forristall Edward Duff Margaret Duff 
225 Catherine Jos? Murray July 13 Patrick Murray Margaret Martins   July 18 W Forristall John Cahill Mary Ellen Stamp 
226 Edward Jos? Wells July 13 John Wells Elizabeth Wilkinson   July 10? W Forristall Edward McGrath Harriet Mc Grath 
227 Margt Mary Kenna July 13 John Kenna Margaret Power   July 20? W Forristall James English Margaret Whelan 
228 James Malone July 13 Philip Malone Elizabeth McCarthy   July 20? W Forristall Thomas Carrigan Bridget Devereux 
229 Edith Mary Squires July 13 Richad Squires Ellen Molland   July 20? W Forristall John Mallard? Ellen Burton 
230 Anne Isabel Fennell? July 13 Richard Fennell Johanne Ryan   July 22 W Forristall John Hackett Catherine Venicombe  
231 Honora Mary Sennott July 13 William Sennott Bridget Mooney   July 22 W Forristall John Kelly Bridget Walsh  
232 James Jos? Hartery July 13 John Hartery Alice McDonald   July 25 W Forristall Maurice Green Catherin Mitchell  
Page 37                 
233 John James Dwyer July 24 James Dwyer Margaret Moriarty St John's July 25 W Forristall Thomas (Jane) Colli Catherine Colli Married in the Church E?M?G? ????of St. John on Nov 27 1908 ???
234 Richd Patk Brien July 24 Patrick Brien Mary J Fennell   July 25 W Forristall Edward James Mary Clare  
235 James Fran? Qunlan? July 24 James Quinlan Catherine Colford   July 27 W Forristall Daniel Quinlan Margaret Kelly  
236 Catherine Hannosm July 24 Philip Hannan? Elizabeth Philips   July 27 W Forristall William Skeans Mary Skeans  
237 John Ryan July 24 John Ryan Elizabeth Flowers   July 27 W Forristall Redmond Cantwell Anne Cooms  
238 Mary Anna O'Brien July 27 Michael O'Brien Johanne Heffernan?   July 29 W Forristall James Doyle Cecliia Heffernan  
239 An? Fanning? July 27 Edward Jannicy Julia Kaig?   August 1 P J Delaney John King Tussie? English  
240 Catherin My? McCafferty August 1 Patrick McCaferty Mary Ellen Morrissy   August 3 W Forristall Charles Slattery Bridget Morrissy  
241 William A? Grace August 1 Mauri? Grace Mary Kelly   August 3 W Forristall John Dermody Mary A Murphy  
242 James Ml? Snow August 1 Thomas Snow Margaret Eagan   August 3 W Forristall Patrick Kinsella Mary A McKay  
243 John a? Kamp? White August 1 William White Julia Pico   August 3 W Forristall Thomas Armstrong Ellen Wall  
244 Frederick Bourslem? August 1     August 3 W Forristall   Convert
245 Anastalia? Leary August 1 Peter Leary Catheri? Bainmaid?   August 5 W Forristall James ?Colo? Anastatia Ebbs  
246 Mary Eliza? Kensella August 1 John Kensella? Ellen Henly   August 8 W Forristall James Stafford Julia Henly  
247 Charles Jo? Buts August 5 Moses Butt Agnes A Holloran?   August 8 W Forristall William Kenny Catherin Malone  
248 Isabella Collins August 5 Ignatius Collins Catherine Cook   August 10 W Forristall James Murray Horora ???nlite?  
Page 38                 
249 Margaret Jn? Ryan August 8 John Ryan Margaret Cullen St Johns August 10 W Forristall Edward Cahill Mary J Power  
250 Mary Bridget Little August 8 John LIttle Ellen Malone   August 18 W Forristall Thomas Cudihy Catherine Mulloy  
251 Mary Catherine Harris August 8 John Harris Mary Kavanagh   August 18 W Forristall William Carew Elizabeth Matrin  
252 Mary Ellen Bulgen August 8 Patrick Bulgen Mary A Walsh   August 18 W Forristall Lauren Walsh Bridget Corrigan  
253 Mary Ann Ryan August 8 Edward Ryan Mary J A Riely   August 18 W Forristall Michael Walsh Ann Ryan Married in the Parish on July 5 190? to William B???y
254 John Victor? Lawlor August 8 John Lawlor Mary Fowler   August 18 W Forristall Richard Mahon Ellen Galegy? ?Galgay? C? G? G?
255 Isabella Frances Mary DuBerdein (DuBordieu) August 16 ??? Augustine DuBerdien (DuBardieu) Anastatia Reed (Read)   August 19 P J Delaney Jerimiah Callaghan (Callahan) Mary Anne Grace  
256 Mary Katherine Conrey? August 16 Peter Cooney Mary White   August 19 P J Delaney James Williams Anne Ha?lon  
257 Mary Gertrude Sullivan August 16 John Sullican Marcella Brien   August 19 P J Delaney William Brien Mary Brien  
258 William John Moore August 16 William Moore Elizabeth Tiller   August 19 P J Delaney John Brophy Mary Larkin  
259 William Lewis August 16 William Lewis Bridget H?h?an Pretest??t d??d August 19 2nd P J Delaney P J Delaney Ruth Firth Age 5 years
260 Eswan? Mach?len August 16 Thomas Macklar? Mary A Cloke (Croke)   August 22 W Forristall John Mackles? Elizabeth Croke?  
261 Mary Joseph Gags? August 18 Edward Gogs Mary Ellen Murphy   August 22 W Forristall Patrick Bulgan Anastatia Kelly  
262 Georges? Jn? Wolf? August 18 John Wolf Mary Fennell   August 22 W Forristall Hector McInltre? Julia McIntire?  
263 Mary Fani? Canning August 18 James Canning Mary J Fo?vers   August 22 W Forristall Thomas Carroll Marg ?utly?  
264 James Robert Manning?? August 18 James Manning Elizabeth Lamb   ?? T Scott John Freeman Elizabeth Vinicombe  
Page 39                 
265 Ellen Mary Myles August 19 William Myles Mary Ellen Fleming   August 20 J Scott Adam Myles Elizabeth Flemming  
266 Thomas Bride August 23 William Bride Mary Power   August 24 J Scott James Brophy Kattie Ryan  
267 Mary Ellen Kelly August 23 Michael Kelly Mary Ellen Merkan   August 24 J Scott James Tobin Minnie Hackett  
268 Hanna Miller   August 23 WIlliam Mifler? Bridget Jackman   August 24 W Forristall   Convert 29 yr
269 James Joseph Cocklan August 23 William Cocklan Ellen Morrisey   August 24 W Forristall James Murray Teresa Louis  
270 Andrew ?anc??? Juffy? August 23 Andrew Duffy Catherine Crowdell   August 24 W Forristall Thomas Keough Elizabeth P??ks  
271 William R Howlett August 23 Stephen Howlett Mary Fitzgerald   August 26? W Forristall John Sparrow Alice Collins  
272 John Francis Walsh August 23 Michl? Walsh Alice Fitzgerald   August 26? W Forristall George Walsh Mary A Walsh  
273 Elle?? Walsh August 23 Daniel Walsh Margt Wilson   August 26? W Forristall John Cooper Martha Murray  
274 Michael H Alyward August 23 Thomas Aylward Margt Howlett   August 26? W Forristall Mathew Whelan Charlotte Lynch  
275 Mary Dodd August 23 Mathew Dodd Johanna Neville (Nolan)   August 26? W Forristall Patrick Morrissy Mary Fitzgerald  
276 Daniel Bernard Greene August 21? Michael Greene Minnie Gleason Lake View August 25 P J Delaney Thomas Greene Katie Strafford  
277 James Pudester August 21? Stephen Pudester Margaret Stamp   August 29? W Forristall Thomas Pudester Johanna Earls  
278 Mary Joseph Dyer August 21? Patrick Dyer Ellen Stapleton   August 29? W Forristall John Dyer Rebecca Carrgan?  
279 Mary Frances Adam August 21? Robert Adams Johanna Connors   August 29? W Forristall Michael Duggan Margaret Duggan  
280 Thomas Joseph Earls August 21? John Earls Elizabeth Manning   August 29? W Forristall Andrew Squires Mary ELlen Kenedy  
Page 40                  
281 Frances Leo Sullivan August 28 John Sullivan Anne Donohue St. Johns   W. Scott Thomas Smith Ann ? Sopp  
282 Michael Carrigan August 29 Michael Carrigan Margaret Ivans Logy Bay   W Forristall Coleman Carrigan Catherine Carrigan  
283 James Wm Brennan? August 27 Mathew Brennan Sara Jane Evens St Johns   W Forristall Michael Brennan Bridget Cuddehy  
284 Ell?? O'Donnell August 27 William O Donnel Winifred Whelan   14 W Forristall Francis Lynch Bridget Chrystepher?  
285 Charles William Rawlins (Twins) August 26 Edward Rawlins Mary Ellen Murphy FreshWater ?? August 28 P J Delaney P J Delaney Isobel Murphy Twin Married to Mary Furlong July 29, 1924 at Taunlon Mass by Rev M J O'Reilley
286 Ellen Gertrude Rawlins (Twins) August 26 Edward Rawlins Mary Ellen Murphy FreshWater ?? August 28 P J Delaney Charles Laughnan Ellen Rawlins Twin
287 Bridget Gusshue August 18 or 28 Francis Grusshue? Anne Cahil Gower St September 1 P J Delaney John Machlen? Mary Hennessey  
288 Mary Catherine Ring? Either August 18 or 28 William Reu?? Catherine Mc Grath   September 5 W Forristall John Keoney Mary Ann Rowe  
289 Elizabeth Joseph Gowes? Either August 18 or 28 Jesse John Gowen Elizabeth Wiseman   September 5 W Forristall Henry Thorn? Ellen Wiseman  
290 Jasper Joseph Percy (Piercy) Either August 18 or 28 Joseph Picerey? Bridget Lannan?   September 5 W Forristall Edward Jackman Catherin Ryan  
291 Charles Tho Davis Either August 18 or 28 James Davis Mary Mulloy   September 5 W Forristall Andrew Samuelson Ellen Day  
292 Ellen Agnes English August 31 William English Ellen Maddren   September 5 H S Lalon Albert Lush Mamie English  
293 Clara Mary Rodgers September 2 Edward Rodgers Elizabeth Walsh   September 7 P J Delaney Edward Butler Mary Anne Walsh  
294 Francis Joseph Fox September 5 James P Fox Isabel ?? LeGalla?? St Johns September 7? M J Clarke Johanna Fox M J Clarke  
295 Mary Crauford (Cranford) September 5 William Crauford Mary R Prowse   September 4 W Forristall John Jho? Mahen Margaret Kenny ??marriage with Guy Irving ??? Hanson Co???? at ? & ? 4 Aug 05 ---- Aug 19 190? B??? NY
296 Mathew Jo?? Furlong September 5 Peter Furlong Margt Fox   September 4 W Forristall George Dyer Mary Halloran  
Page 41                 
297 Frances Mg? Murphy September 6 Laurence Murphy Frances Sears St John   W Forristall James Drielan? Mary Dreilan?  
298 Mary Amilia Reeden September 6 William Reede Jenetle Coffey   6 W Forristall Thomas N Mulloy Catherin Mulloy  
299 Mary Frances Murphy September 9 John Murphy Frances Mercer   12 W Forristall Patrick Murphy Mary Dormey  
300 A? Moses Jn? Kavanagh September 9 Simon? Kavanagh Marg? A Bulger   14 W Forristall John Rourke Ellen Bulger  
301 William H Edicott September 9 Thomas Edicott Mary A Minuite?   14 W Forristall William Edicott Elizabeth Macky  
302 Christopher (Christine) Mahen? September 16 James Vahen? Mary Squires   19 W Forristall Garrett Squires Elizabeth Chrystopher  
303 E Maude Power September 16 Peter Power Frances Walsh   19 W Forristall James Power Mary Walsh  
304 Nicholas Cra?? September 16 John Crane Alice Murphy   19 W Forristall James Power Louisa Power  
305 Bridget Young September 16 William Young Catherin Burke   17 W Forristall Partick Condon Mary Condon  
306 Lucy Anne Goff September 16 James Goff Bridget Noel   21 W Forristall Charles McCarthy ?altist? Colford  
307 John Jos Walsh September 22 Walter Walsh Margaret Carroll   26 W Forristall WIlliam Ryan Ann Crowdile  
308 Elizabeth Jn? Brennan September 22 John Brennan Maria Dwyer   26 W Forristall James Kenedy? Louisa Kenney  
309 Joseph Caens? September 22     27 W Forristall   Convert 22 yr
310 Alfred Jno? Cahill September 26 John Cahill Mary Ellen Whalan   28 W Forristall William Linegar? Agnes Lyrnges?  
311 John Tho McArdle September 26 James McArdle Louisa Bonrneu?   28 W Forristall Pate Murray Hanna McArdle 
312 James Coleman September 26 Joseph Coleman Ester Doyle   30 W Forristall Andrew Neil Elizabeth Fidell? 
Page 42               
313 James Hanlan September ? James Hanlon Anastatia Sullivan St John   W Forristall Denis Sullivan Mary Sullivan 
314 John ??? Jackman October ? John Jackman Mary J Power     W Forristall Michael Whelan Ellen Forward 
315 Elizabeth ?? Poole October ? Charles Poole Bridget Keeffe   4 W Forristall Thomas Connors Mary Ellen Rolow? 
316 Wm John Crimp October ? Robert Crimp Winiford Sullivan   5 W Forristall William Sullivan Elizabeth Biard 
317 Anastatia Murphy October ? Edward Murphy Catheri? Keeffe   5 W Forristall Patrick Dunn Anastatia Murphy 
318 James Jn? Martin October ? James Martin Johanna Boown?   5 W Forristall Patrick Doherty Laragh Farrell 
319 Aillen Mary O Mara September 28 John O'Mara May Murphy Gower Street October 2 P J Delaney Joseph Little (????) Mary Carey 
320 Herbert Francis Sa???ters September 24 Alexander Saunders Bridget Nowlan Protestant October 4 P J Delaney John Dooley Mary Lavoirs? 
321 Ellen Gertrude Cullen October ? John Cullen Marcella Power   October 6 W Forristall William Cashen Margaret Morrissey 
322 Stephen Jo? Rogers October ? James Rogers An?? Delahunty   October 10 W Forristall James Chapter Margaret Chapter 
323 Mary Agnes Tilley October ? James Tilley Susanna Cahill   October 10 W Forristall Michael Lacey Bridget Tilley 
324 Ed Mathew Lampert October ? John Lampert Mary J Kenedy   October 12 W Forristall Thomas Stafford Mary Ann M Duff 
325 ??? Mary Carew October ? Martin Carew Amelia Malony   October 12 W Forristall Patrick Smith Chrytohle? Fitzgibbi? 
326 Francis McCarthy October 10 WIlliam McCarthy Elizabeth Squires   October 14 W Forristall John Mallard Mary J Hall 
327 Margaret J? Martin October 11 John Martin Cathern Kelly   October 14 W Forristall Patrick Power Mary Dawe 
328 Michl Josh? Lane October 11 William Lane Mary A Carew   ? W Forristall James Norris Ann Walsh 
Page 43               
329 Patrick Jos? Chrystopher October 15 Patrick Chrystopher Catherin Foucher? St Johns   W Forristall Charles Grills Bridget Moore 
330 Catherine Teresa Kenney October 17 John Kerney Mary Ellen Keeffe   October W Forristall W L Walsh Margaret Walsh 
331 Margaret Teresa Leary October 14 Patrick Leary Alice Wheolarin?   October 19 P J Delaney William Buckley Alice Gaul 
332 Joanna Teresa *1Miron October 16 *1Patrick Miron Charlotte Tlope? CookTown October 19 P J Delaney Henry Kelly Sarah Miron 
333 Francis Constantine Barter October 16 Joseph Barter Alice Parfer (Sander?)   October 19 P J Delaney Charles Brocklehurst Emeline Barter 
334 Anne Gertrude Farrell October 17 Maurice Farrell Mary Leonard   October 21 P J Delaney James Galway Alice O'Deatly? 
335 Bridget Anne Browne October 20 Patrick Browne Margaret Mohan   October 21 P J Delaney William Foley Mary Anne Mahon 
336 William Costelloe October 16 John Costelloe Mary Lamb   October 21 P J Delaney WIlliam Costelloe Catherine Ledwell 
337 Jarves Byrne October 21 Jarves Byrne Catherine Brien   October 24 P J Delaney Thimothy? Hayse Elizabeth Patrick  
338 John Stephenson October 20 Squire? Stephenson Ellen Davis   October 24 P J Delaney Michael Malonne Ellen Davis  
339 Richard Joseph Grace October 20 Richard Grace Mary McGuire   October 21 P J Delaney Daniel Flinn? Anne Quirk  
340 Edward Bearns October 22 John Bearns Mary Anne Duggan   October 26 P J Delaney John Dugann Annie Walshe  
341 William Joseph Dalton October 23 Michael Dalton Bridget Combes   October 26 P J Delaney Joseph Leary Mary Combes  
342 William Ernie (Convert) October 10 ??age 16??   October 26 D J O'Brien Andrew Jotla?  
343 William Joseph Rodgers October 21 Stephan Rodgers Mary Anne Br???   October 28 P J Delaney John Rodgers Hanah Berines?  
344 Clara Mary Mallard October 27 Thomas Marrlard Ellen Squires   October 28 P J Delaney William Mallorn? Ellen Christophe?? Married in the church April 10 1??8
Page 44                 
345 Michael Crotty October 26 William Crotty Eileen Moore   October 28 P J Delaney Baret Bruin? Hanna Kent Suj? Con?
346 Mary Aileen Canning October 23 Francis Canning Joanne Donnally   October 29 P J Delaney Catherine Jackman Maruice Grieve  
347 William Martin Smart October 30 John Smart Bridget Rusk   October 31 P J Delaney Patrick Rusk Margaret Smart  
348 Pracilla Pike October 30     October 31 W Forristall   Convert 22 yrs
349 Margaret Downy October 30 Daniel Downey Teresa Hartwell   October 31 J Scott Charles Bently Mary A Duggan  
350 Mary Quin November 3 Patrick Quin? Margaret Ellis   November ? W Forristall John Sheehan Marg Ellis  
351 Hannah Mary Walsh November 1 Michael Walsh Catherine Roach   November 7 P J Delaney Patrick Walsh Mary Anne Myrick  
352 John Thomas Murphy November 4 Charles Murphy Sarah McGuire   November 7 P J Delaney William Murphy Johanna Hofey?  
353 James Joseph Oliver November 1 Peter Oliver Johanna Morey   November 7 P J Delaney Richard Forristole Elizabeth Morey Married in the Church on April 4 1909 to A??? Hanlon EAR
354 Elizabeth Kavanich? November 1 Peter Kavanah? Mary Anne ?   November 7 P J Delaney Samuel Bambrick Cecilia Paterson  
355 William Patrick Duggan November 1 Thomas Dugga? Elizabeth Walsh   November 7 P J Delaney John Cummins Elizabeth Knox  
356 Thomas Francis Norris November 1 James Norris Mary Anne Browne   November 6 P J Delaney John Callerian? Maria Staunton  
357 Mary O'Dwyer November 5 Richard O Dwyer Ellen Casey   November 6 ?bishop? George Charlton Ellen Shea Married in the parish on July 17th/11 to Harold ????
358 Ellen Mary Fitzgerald November 9 Edward Fitzgerald Agnes Murphy   November 11 P J Delaney Patrick Kelly Anne Barron  
359 Mary Monica Kerney November 7 John Kearney Mary Fionne Calloni??   November 11 P J Delaney Michael Kearney M??? Larshrie?  
360 Jane Hickey November 11 ??na Hickey Ellen Sullivan   November 14 H S Lalon George Jackman Emma Neil  
Page 45                 
361 Thomas Lynch November 10 Thomas Lynch Mary Anne Reirdan   November 14 H S Lalon John Power Bridget Rierdon  
362 James Stanislaus Lawlor November 13 Michael Lawlor Mary Ellen Goss 205 New Gower St November 17 W Ahern John Boggan Mary Goss  
363 Dennis Clance November 14 William Clance Ellen Purcell   November 21 P J Delaney Michael Parrell Alice Knox  
364 James Skanes November 16 William Skanes Ellen Grace   November 21 P J Delaney Roger O'Neil Elizabeth Grace  
365 Edward Joseph Power November 10 Michael Power Bridget McGrath   November 21 P J Delaney Edward Fitzgerald Mary Costigan  
366 Mary Ellen Shoughroe? November 10 Michael Shaughroe Bridget Rays   November 21 P J Delaney James Keys Hannora Ryan  
367 Elizabeth Trilligan November 19 William Trilligan Anne Eagan?   November 21 P J Delaney Edward Martin Elizabeth Trilligan  
368 Edward Ernest Day November 20 John Day Catherine Keefe   November 23 P J Delaney John Eagan Mary Anne Foaley  
369 William Welsh November 22 Thomas Walsh Honnora Carew   November 23 P J Delaney Thomas Walsh Catherine Walsh Married in St Joscph church ???? On Nov 20 by ????
370 James Burke November 19 James Burke Mary Quigley   November 23 P J Delaney James Lambert Bridget Coady  
371 Arthur Joseph Rice November 23 John Rice Annie Keefe   November 25 P J Delaney William Vinicombe Catherine Boggan  
372 Margaret Catherine Kenna November 22 James Kenna Mary Christopher   November 25 P J Delaney James Walsh Annie Leary Suj? Con?
373 William Bruin November 22 Bartholemew Brien Mary Jane Jackman   November 25 P J Delaney Robert Martin Margaret Martin  
374 Alice? Cleary November 23 John Cleary Mary Brien?   November 28 H S Lalon Nicholas Cleary Mary Anne Sears  
375 Augustine Joseph Meeharn November 21 C???? Meehan Mary E Kelly   November 21 J Scott John Flaherty Lacy Mechan?  
376 Ellen White November 24 James White Esther Maloney West Street November 26 J Scott William Dinn? Catherine Peircey  
no # Ellen Mary Downey November 24 Daniel Downey Teresa Kowan? (Cooks Town) Lime Square November 26 J Scott Anthony Heany Ellois E??????  
Page 46                 
  Mary St John 20th November 1887 Francis F St John & Catherine Murphy   8th? December 1887 Rev Fs? St John Rev M? F Howley & Johanna Howley This data supplied by Baptism
376 Francie Joseph O'Leary November 20 Francis O'Leary Margaret Ann Lambert   November 30 William S Lalon Patrick Myrick Agnes Keefe  
377 (Ita?) Mary French November 28 Patrick French Caroline Brown   November 30 William S Lalon William Kearney Mary Saunders  
378 William Joseph Neil November 29 Andrew Neil Catherine Ryan   December 2 William S Lalon Richard Power Mary Ellen Shea  
379 Rea Mary Power November 28 Jermiah Power Ester Cahil   December 5 William S Lalon John Jackman Theresa Jackman  
380 Maud Morgan November 28 Wm. Morgan   December 5 William S Lalon Joseph Dalton Catherine Stephen ??k Protestant
381 Kinnett? Walshe November 30 Edward Walshe Winifred Kennedy   December 7 William S Lalon Edward O'Rielly Mary Walshe  
382 John Francis Quirk November 30 James Quirk Mary Dalton   December 7 William S Lalon John Carew Mary Fitzpatrick  
383 Julia Margaret Carroll December 3 James Carroll Ellen Snow   December 7 William S Lalon Michael Sexton Mary Carroll  
384 Gertrude Mary Pedigrew December 4 William Pedigras? Mary Anne Gallishew?   December 7 William S Lalon John Vinicombe Mary ????? Married in this church on June 2, 1923 go James Kelly
385 Jane Dooley December 7 Richard Dooley Mary Dornidy   December 9 William S Lalon Daniel Sim? Mary Ann Crotty Married in the Church on Oct 27/11 to Bartholemew Gar??
386 John Joseph Wheeler December 9 William Wheeler Mary Anne Kane   December 12 P J Delaney John ?????? Elizabeth Kane  
387 Jane Joseph White December 9 Martin White Ellen Rodgers   December 12 P J Delaney Martin Connors Mary White  
388 John Thomas Kavanagh December 10 John Kavanagh Margaret Ellen White   December 14 William S Lalon Thomas Ludewell Mary Kidney?  
389 David George Bennett December 12 Harry Bennett Teresa Davis   December 14 William S Lalon John Kain? Maria Bennett 
390 Ellson Francis Cleary December 11 Stephen Cleary Mary Ann Leary   December 14 William S Lalon James Stapleton Mary Ann Stapleton 
391 Ellson Joseph Rowls December 9 George Rawls Johanna C?????   December 14 William S Lalon Da?is Anthony Mary Ann Brophy 
Page 46                  
  Mary St. John 30th November Francis F St John Catherine Murphy   8th December Rev'd Fr. St John Rev N B Howley Johanna Howley  
376 Francis Joseph O'Leary November Francis O'Leary Margaret Ann Lambert   30th November William S Lalon Patrick Myrick Agnes Keefe  
377 ??a Mary French 28th November Patrice French Caroline Brown   30th November William S Lalon William Kearney Mary Saunders  
378 William Joseph Neil? 24th November Andrew Neil Catherine Ryan   2nd December William S Lalon Richard Powers Mary Ellen Shea  
379 Rose Mary Powers 28th November Jeremiah Powers Ester Cahil   5th December William S Lalon John Jackman Thursia Jackman  
380 Maud Morgan 28th November Wm Morgan   5th December William S Lalon Joseph Dalton Catherine Stephens  
381 Kenneth Walshe 30th November Edward Walshe Winifred Kennedy   7th December William S Lalon Edward O'Reilly Mary Walshe  
382 John Francis Quink 30th November James Quink Mary Dalton   7th December William S Lalon John Carew Mary Fitzpatrick  
383 Julia Margaret Carroll 3rd December James Carroll Ellen Snow   7th December William S Lalon Michael Sexton Mary Carrol  
384 Gertrude Mary Pedigrew 4th December William Pedigrew Mary Ann Galliher (sic)   7th December William S Lalon John Vina???la Mary Finn Married in this Church on June 27, 1923 to James Kelly
385 Jane Dooley 7th December Richard Dooley Mary Dormidy   9th December William S Lalon Daniel Sims Mary Ann Crotty? Married in the Church on Apl 27/11 to Bartholomew Garn SPR
386 John Joseph Wheeler 9th December William Wheeler Mary Anne Lane   12th December P J Delaney John ???? Elizabeth Kane  
387 Jane Joseph White 9th December Martin White Ellen Rodgers   12th December P J Delaney Martin Conners Mary White  
388 John Thomas Kavanagh 10th December John Kavanagh Margaret Ellen White   14th December William S Lalon Thomas Lederell Mary Kinsey  
389 David George Bennett 12th December Henry Bennett Jane Dunn   14th December William S Lalon John Kain ???? Bennett  
390 Ellen Frances Cleary 11th December Stephen Cleary Mary Ann Leary   14th December William S Lalon James Stapleton Mary Ann Stapleton  
391 Ellen Joseph Rowls 9th December George Rowls Johanna Carroll   14th December William S Lalon Dennis Anthony Mary Ann Brophy  
Page 47                  
392 Margaret Cain December 9th David Cain & Elizabeth Wall   14th December William S Lalon Thomas Wall & June Martin  
393 David Francis Eagan December 15th John Eagan & Catherine Kinghorn   16th December William S Lalon John Stafford & Clara Fanchon  
394 Mary Ellen Murray December 18th James Murray & Sarah Boswick   16th December William S Lalon Michael Doyle & Mary Murray  
395 Lewis Joseph Heaney December 19th James Heaney & Constance O'Neill   21st December John Scott William Kenny & Margaret Maher  
396 Beatrice Ellard December 10th Peter Ellard & Mary Nennenbury   16th December John Scott John Cunningham & Mary Kelly  
397 Catherine June Connelly December 15th James Connelly & Margaret G Healey   16th December John Scott James Walsh & Mary Corbett  
398 John Stephen Coady December 18th William Coady & Johannah Coombs   16th December John Scott Philip Malone & Ellen Cooney 
399 Lawrence Pedegrew December 16th Edward Pedigrew & Harriet Tobin   16th December John Scott James McCormack & Agnes Kieley 
400 Donald Hugh McGillivary December 19th Duncan McGillivary & Bridget Kielly   21st December John Scott William McKay & Mary Anne McKay 
401 Martin Joseph Morrissey December 19th Patrick Morrissey & June Finlay   21st December John Scott Anne Moore & John Malone 
402 Catherine Ann Morrissey December 19th William Morrissey & Bridget Power   21st December John Scott Michael Ryan & Catherine Posner 
403 Thomas Balentine Keough December 17th Andrew Keough & Jane Whitney   21st December John Scott Edward Earles & Mary Stehan 
404 William Cunningham December 17th Thomas Cunningham & Elizabeth Reddy   21st December John Scott Thomas Efford & Elizabeth Farrahan 
405 Isabelle Mry English December 21st Patrick English & Agnes Corlisse?   23rd December W Forristall John Brennan & Johanna Brennan 
406 Ethel Mary Fox December 20th John Fox & Mary Dominick   2? December P J Delaney Mary Vinnicombe & James Fox 
407 Mary Fitzgerald December 23rd Maurice Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Barry   2? December W Forristall Patrick Barry & Ann Rogers 
PAGE 48                 
408 Mary Ann Fleming December 27th Richd Fleming & Mary Martin   28th December W Forristall James Doherty & Johanna Fleming 
409 James Saunders December 27th Daniel Saunders & Margaret Brase   30th December W Forristall James Croft & Bridget Reddy 

Pages 22 - 24 Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (August 2003)

Pages 25 - 32 Transcribed by Gerry Oliver (August 2003)

Pages 33 - 46 Transcribed by Jeri Keough (August 2003)

Pages 46 - 48 Transcribed by Veronica Mira (August 2003)

MIRON*1 Joanna Teresa Miron and Patrick Miron should both be spelled as MYRON.
Ray Clancy

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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