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of St. John the Baptist


These records were transcribed from the original pages
as found on the LDS reels of Newfoundland Records.
(LDS- Reel #2169240)

PAGE 1  
98 John Joseph Sullivan March 29th Dennis Sullivan Mary Tobin St John's April 2nd W Forristall James Sullivan Mary Flynn not paid
99 Catherine Mary Gertrude Kinsella March 31st John W Kinsella Ellen Harley Corner of Gower St & Theatre hill April 2nd W Forristall John Wm Kinsella Mary Anne Aylward  
100 Julia Ellard April 1st Patrick Ellard Mary Anne Kennebery King's Bridge April 2nd W Forristall James Walsh Johanna Cole and Mary F Leary  
101 Rosetta Mary Francis April 2nd Alonzo B Francis Mary Joseph McGrath Prescott St April 4th F O'Brien John McGrath Elizabeth McGrath  
102 Annie Joseph Fitzhenry March 31st Michael Fitzhenry Anne Kane Balley St April 5th W Forristall Patrick Flynn Mary Rossiter Married in St John's church, ???? Mass to Francis B Gray on February 14, 1909
103 William Patrick Whiteway April 2nd William Whiteway Sarah Nesser Lime Kiln hill April 5th W Forristall Patrick Hennesy Theresa Parrell  
104 Mary Frances Cross April 1st James Cross Elizabeth Walsh Cook's Town April 5th W Forristall William Hopkins Mary Elizabeth Larken  
105 Edward Lee Paul April 2nd Lee Paul Mary Keefe Koyles Town April 5th W Forristall Michael Keefe Anne Gusshue  
106 Mary Ellen McGuire April 6th Thomas McGuire Mary Ellen Leary New Gower St April 6th W Forristall William Aspell Esther Shea Sub Com? Pri Bap
107 John Rickets April 2nd James Rickets Bridget Barry Monks Town April 7th W Forristall Patrick Barry Mary Anne Myrick  
108 William Francis Collins April 6th Lawrence Collins Bridget Marten Victoria St April 9th W Forristall Richard Trelligan Ellie Dey  
109 Henry Francis Carey April 6th Michael Carey Mary Shine Lazy Bay April 9th W Forristall Joseph Connors Louisa Walsh  
110 Margaret Flynn April 5th Nicholas Flynn Martha Finn Lazy Bay April 9th W Forristall William Lambert Mary Dyer  
111 Alice Frances Dunne April 11th John Dunne Mary Anne Carroll Prescott St April 12th W Forristall Hanry Morrisey Mary Ann Hudson  
112 Mary Ida Kelly April 6th Patrick Kelley Mary Anne White King's road April 12th W Forristall Robert Ward Nora Healy Married to a man named Harvey
113 John Jerome Connelly April 9th Michael Connelly Agnes Ryan Duckworth st April ?? John Short Michael Kelly Margaret Flemming Married in St John's to Mary March Achan? On June 24th, 1909 GR
114 Ellen Ring April 9th William Ring Cathering McGrath Allens Square April 14th W Forristall Richard Callahan Anne White  
115 Alice Mary Power April 11th Patrick Power Margaret Dunne Duke of York st April 14th W Forristall Richard Cleary Mary Jane O'Riley  
116 James Francis Bolend April 12th Michael Boland Elizabeth Ann Donnelly Duckworth st west April 14th W Forristall Michael Scott Elizabeth Kenny  
117 Bridget Pendergast April 12th Michael Pendergast Elizabeth Croake Balley St April 14th W Forristall John Croake Catherine Pendergast  
118 John Francis Cahill April 11th Peter Cahill Mary Anne Cullen Marsh April 14th W Forristall Michael Connors Susanna Cullen  
119 Fredrick Whitten April 14th John Whitten Kate Ward Bulley St April 16th W Forristall Patrick Kelly Mary Anne Walsh  
120 Mary Ellen Dalton April 13th John Dalton Annie Sharon Barren road April 16th W Forristall Thomas Dalton Anne Hayes  
121 James Leo Delaney April 8th Patrick Delaney Catherine Power Duckworth St West April 16th W Forristall James Cawfield Maggie Donnelly  
122 Margaret Dunne April 14th Michael Dunne Mary Anne Towns James street west April 19th W Forristall Francis Nangle Catherine Murphy  
123 Patrick Ian Murphy April 16th Michael Murphy Elizabeth Mulrooney ???? Town street April 19th W Forristall John Critch Mary Critch  
124 Michael Thos Fitzgerald April 15th Michael Fitzgerald Mary Jane Quisley Brownies mill road April 19th W Forristall Patrick Keough Bridget Fitzpatrick  
125 Francis Robert Shea April 10th Henry Shea Annie Stratford Duckworth St April 19th W Forristall Rev I Bennett Mary Emerson  
126 James John Hickey April 18th Laurance Hickey Ellen Sulivan Barters mill April ?? W Forristall Richard Williams Bridget Hickey  
127 Theresa Anne Hunt April 17th John Hunt Elizabeth Carroll Tank lane April ?? W Forristall James Fitzpatrick Agnes Fitzpatrick  
128 John Griffen April 22nd James Griffen Elizabeth Janes Quidi vidi road April 22nd P J Delany John Scott Edward Janes Mary Harvey  
129 John Joseph Wheeler April 23rd William Wheeler Anne Kane Police man Prescott st April 25th John Scott Michael Savage Mary Murphy Pater Prot
130 Annie Courteney 2 weeks old John Courteney Jane Hookey Policeman, St John's, Sugar town April 26th W Forristall John Kavanagh Elizabeth Maney  
131 William Joseph Weeks April 25th George Weeks Martha King Barters hill April 26th W Forristall Jeremiah King Margaret Getheral  
132 Stephen Angel 20th week old Stephen Angel Mary Colbert Theatre hill April 26th W Forristall Michael Linnegar Mary Anne Getheral  
133 Richard Keats aged 21 years     April 26th W Forristall Edward Byrne Mary Burne  
134 Ester Mary Walsh April 25th Walter Walsh Margt Connell St John's April 30th W Forristall George Dyer Ellen Dyer  
135 John Bulgar April 25th Martin Bulgar Mary Geeman   April 30th W Forristall John Brenner Mary A Doyle  
136 Mary Joseph Antony April 29th Joseph Antony Fanny Pitman   April 30th W Forristall John Pitman Kate Martin  
137 William Binkley April 28th William Binkley Catherine Raftus   May 3rd W Forristall Micahel Raftus Catherine Wall Hoils town
138 Joseph I Courtney April 29th Edward Courtney Cathrine Carbery   May 3rd W Forristall Dennis Ryan Ellen Mahoney West street
139 William Mary O'Neill April 19th James O'Neill Anne Noonan   May 3rd W Forristall Timothy Aylward Annastatie Aylward Tank lane
140 James White April 26th James White Esther Maloney   May 3rd W Forristall William Finn Catherine Pearsey West street
141 Ellen Mary Downey April 26th Danniel Downey Theresa Howard   May 4th W Forristall Anthoney Pheney Ellen Condon Tank lane
142 Mary Ester Halley May 1st Michael Halley Mary Glenn   May 5th P J Delaney John Ryan Nora Coady Cathedral Street
143 Annastatia Rusk April 29th William Rusk Harriet Buckley   May 5th P J Delaney Michael Pursell Ann Pursell Darling Street
144 William Morrisey May 3rd Peter Morrisey Bridget Smart   May 5th P J Delaney Laurence Morrisey Bridget Smart North Street
145 Margaret Mary Long May 3rd Edward Long Mary Luncombe   May 5th P J Delaney Edward Maher Bridget Lee Long's Lane
146 Ana Isabella Saunders April 14th Alexander Saunders Bridget Nowlan Hoyle's Town April 22nd P J Delancy William Lanon Ellen Mary Tiveton Pater Protest.
147 Elizabeth Catherine Cowan May 2nd or April 29th Robert Cowan Margaret Roache Bragitt st May 3rd W Forristall Patrick Connally Margaret Morrisey Pater Prot.
148 David Augustus McGrail May 1st Daniel McGrail Elizabeth Aylward Water st May 5th W Forristall John Buckingham Mary Alyward  
149 William Patrick Meehan May 4th Charles Meehan Mary Ellen Kelly Cathedral hill May 6th John Scott Thomas Edens Annie O'Flaherty  
150 Alice Coughlan May 4th John William Coughlan Margaret Moder Allen Dale May 6th P J Delancy David Connell Alice Coughlan  
151 Patrick Roberts May 4th Thomas Roberts Mary Skaines Duckworth St May 10th John Scott Edward Earls Anne Barrington  
152 Mary Elizabeth Gamburg May 5ath John Gamburg Kate Donnelly Longs hill May 10th John Scott Moses O'Neill Anastatia Kenny  
153 William Joseph Hanlon 2nd May James Hanlon Anne Sullivan Nunnary hill May 10th John Scott Daniel Hanlon Mary Stamp  
154 Mary Anne Goodland May 7th Henry Goodland Catherine Ryan Darling st May 10th John Scott Lawrence Dalye Mary Ellen Goodland  
155 Elizabeth Mary Mitchell May 7th Bryan Mitchell Mary O'Grady Prescott st May 10th John Scott Thomas O'Grady Carrie Mitchell  
156 John Gerald Johnston May 9th Thomas Johnston Elizabeth Marten Gower St May 12th John Scott Thomas Redmond Julia Marten  
157 Maria Carnell aged 27 years   George's st May 12th W Forristall   Convert
158 William Joseph Duff Aril 29th John Duff Maria Carnell Princess st May 14th P J Delancy Peter McDonald Kate McFarline  
159 Leonard Evelin Lodge May 13th Leonard Lodge Bridget Jackman St John's May 14th W Forristall Thomas Waters Alice Jackman  
160 Mary Anne Chafe May 13th Philip Chafe Jane Widman Lime Kiln hill May 17th W Forristall Thomas Snow Johanna Chafe  
161 Mary Margaret Mason May 13th Thomas Mason Emily Thomas Adelaide st May 17th W Forristall James Rogers Mary Joseph Thompson  
162 William Rogers aged 22 years   St John's May 17th W Forristall   Convert
163 Mary Bridget Kennedy May 13th John Kennedy Alice Crane Barters hill May 19th W Forristall George Kennedy Kate Forristall  
164 Jane White aged 21 years   Tank lane May 19th W Forristall   Convert
165 Maud Mary Day May 19th John Day Catherine Keefe King's road May 24th W Forristall Ambrose Day Anastatia Day  
166 Mary Ellen Knight May 21st James Knight Johanna Neill Hoyle's Town May 24th W Forristall Patrick Devanney Mary Mulrooney  
167 Bridget Anne Cullen May 9th John Cullen Johanna Kelly Gower st E May 24th W Forristall George Shea Maggie Leary  
168 Elizabeth Mary Richardson May 11th James Richardson Theresa Matthews Lake back car road May 24th W Forristall Charles Coombs Mary Armstrong  
169 Mary Elizabeth Kent May 24th William Kent Hannah Fagen New Gower St May 26th W Forristall Thomas Fagen Anne Kennedy  
170 Patrick Joseph Stamp May 23rd Thomas Stamp Kate Roche Fresh Water Rd May 26th W Forristall Michael Riley Elizabeth Riley  
171 Bridget Mary Kavanagh May 24th John Kavanagh Rosanna Hynes March May 25th P J Delancy Francis McNamara Mary Kavanagh  
172 Bella Mary O'Keefe May 23rd William O'Keefe Mary Kennedy Tavern rd May 28th W Forristall John O'Neill Maggie Joy  
173 John Joseph Murphy May 27th John Murphy Johanna Keefe Wm St, MonksTown May 31st W Forristall James Quirke Theresa Mitchell  
174 Phillip Michael Browne May 26th Thomas Browne Catherine Quigley Cooks Town May 31st W Forristall Martin O'Brien Sarah McIver  
175 Joseph Collins May 25th James Collins Susanna Kearney New May 31st W Forristall Arthur Collins Theresa Kearney  
176 Hugh Augustian Walsh May 26th Edward Walsh Rosanna Kennedy Allen's Square May 31st W Forristall John Kennedy Bridget O'Neill  
177 Alexander Gustafson aged 32 years   Thunder June 8th W Forristall   Convert
178 Margaret Twins) Dunne June 1st Thomas Dunne Mary Anne McDonald Cove rd June 1st W Forristall William Thomas Mary McGinness  
179 Anne Twins) Dunne June 1st Thomas Dunne Mary Anne McDonald Cove rd June 1st W Forristall William Aspell Catherine McDonald Twins - Mother died at this birth
180 Margaret Waddleton June 1st Samuel Waddleton Annie Smart Gower St June 4th John Scott Peter Morrisey Maggie Smart  
181 Mary Ellen Leary June 4th Peter Leary Catherine Brennan Torbay road June 7th W Forristall James Brennan Bridget Brennan  
182 Stephen McGrath June 3rd James McGrath Amelia Nosary Cooks Town June 7th W Forristall Phillip Bulger Elizabeth Payne  
183 Robert Joseph Dunne June 1st William Dunne Mary Jane Judge King's road June 7th W Forristall Fredrick Joseph Watson Mary Joseph Watson  
184 Clara Joseph Dooley June 3rd William Dooley Charlotte Best Carters hill June 7th W Forristall Samuel Birch Mary Joseph Murphy  
185 John Thomas Connelly June 3rd Thomas Connelly Alice Phelan New Gower st June 7th W Forristall John Connelly Alice Phelan  
186 Margaret Kavanagh June 1st Edward Kavanagh Fanny Farrell   June 7th W Forristall Thomas Gardner Mary Sullivan  
187 John William Wiseman June 9th William Wiseman Mary Anne Fewes College lane June 11th W Forristall John Maher Johanna Wiseman  
188 Michael Joseph Donnelly June 5th Michael Donnelly Mary Murray King's road June 11th W Forristall Andrew Samuelson Mary Anne Malone  
189 Alfred John Olsen June 1st Alfred Olsen Elizabeth Harteny New Gower st June 11th W Forristall Matthew Costello Catherine Redmond  
190 Thomas Estarrow of Yokohama, Japan   St John's June 15th W Forristall   Convert
191 David John Campbell June 12th David Campbell Ellen Dunfy Gowed St E June 13th M?? Dooley William Dunfy Margaret Power Father Protestant
192 Michael Thomas Kearney June 10th John J Kearney Mary Ethel Keefe Duckworth St E June 13th W Forristall Michael Condon Bridget Keefe  
193 William James Clooney June 10th Martin Clooney Bridget Forristall White Hills June 14th W Forristall James Kieley Mary Margaret Skivington  
PAGE 7                  
194 Elizabeth Isabelle Cantwell June 7 Redmond Cantwell Maria Flowers Monks Town June 14 W. Forristall Edward Moore Bridget Ryan  
195 Michael Anthony Renouf May 24 Anthony Renouf Mary Breene Hayward Ave June 18 W. Forristall John Chafe Jessis Cahill  
196 James Power June 16 Mogue Power Annie Ryan Cochrane St June 16 O J Delaney Dennis Ryan Mary Power  
197 Mary May Howard June 17 Patrick Howard Johanna Byrne Duckworth St June 21 W. Forristall Thomas Ellis Mary Joseph Byrne  
198 Michael John Lane June 20 Daniel Lane Margaret Duff Lime Kiln Hill June 21 W. Forristall Edward Duff Catherine Flynn Married in the church on Mar 13 1909 to Ethel Mary Noseworthy (????) (????)
199 Michael John Burke June 18 Michael Burke Lizze Dey Bully St June 21 W. Forristall Henry Renouf Mary Rowe  
200 Mary Anne Butler Age 24 years   North St June 18 John Scott Mrs Sage Convert +8
201 Daniel Joseph McNeill June 20 Joseph McNeill Margaret Whelan James St June 20 W. Forristall Michael Wall Mary Anne McCarthy  
202 John Francis King Week Old John King Margaret Keissey Belvedere Run June 20 W. Forristall James Cole Catherine Hartnett?  
203 Catherine Mary Cuddihey June 23 Richard Cuddihey Mary Houlihan Nunnery Hill June 25 W. Forristall Charles Byrne Mary Byrne  
204 Mary Anne Smith June 24 Patrick Smith Maggie Crane Barters Hill June 25 W. Forristall Patrick Dunphy Anne Brien  
205 Agness Aloysuis Murray June 22 Martin Murray Sarah Fowler Cooks Town June 25 W. Forristall Joseph Collins Elizabeth Hope  
206 Andrew Edward Norcutt June 20 Michael Norcutt Mary Lawlor Kisks Lane June 28 W. Forristall Edward Lawlor Kate Lawlor  
207 (Edward) Andrew Joseph (Corcoran) Cochrane June 22 William Corcoran Mary Anne McCarthy Dick's Square June 28 W. Forristall James Doyle Mammie Hynes  
208 William John Chastey June 21 John Chastey Sarah Seviour? Lime Kiln Hill June 28 W. Forristall George Martin Bridget Whelan  
209 Agnes Hilda Clarke June 18 Ambrose Clarke Margaret Power Thorton Hill June 20 Wm Ahern Hugh Doherty Eliza Doherty  
PAGE 8                  
210 Edward John Hickey June 22 David Hickey Ellen Ebbs St. John's Kings Road June 30 W Forristall William Kearney Margaret Lash  
211 Catherine Joseph Power June 24 John Power Charlotte Hand Kings Road June 30 W Forristall Patrick Russell Mary Ellen Hand  
212 Mary Ellen Breek? June 27 John Breek? Anne Halleren? Lion Square June 30 W Forristall John Keefe Mary King  
213 Julia Cleatney June 27 Daniel Cleatney Ellen Smith Pilots Hill June 30 W Forristall James Dwyer Julia Picco  
214 James Peter Roach June 30 Patrick Roach Bridget Fitzgerald S. W. Street July 2 W Forristall William Puig?(King) Ellen Hand  
215 Mary Anne Hayes June 29 (James) John Hayes Jane Gotterue? Noyles Hill July 5 W Forristall John Morrice Mary Anne Cahill  
216 James Francis Squires July 4 William Squires Elizabeth Bambrick Carters Hill July 5 W Forristall Richard Aspell Maria Squires Privately? Baptize?
217 Mary Florence Steele June 30 Angus Steel Margaret Travers S. W. Street July 5 W Forristall John Lawlor Hannah Kelly  
218 Mary Anne Hickey July 2 William Hickey Mary Anne Barrington Flavins Lane July 5 W Forristall John Hickey Bridget Moore  
219 Mary Ellen Ryan June 30 John Ryan Margaret Cullen Cochrane St July 5 W Forristall Patrick Dawson Mary Anne Barter  
220 Ellen Mary Butt May 14 Francis Butt Rachael Bartlet +protestant Carters Hill July 9 W Forristall John Brien Kate Getharal Mother Protestant
221 Johanna Theresa Hafey July 6 William Hafey Anne King Fresh Water July 9 W Forristall George Mercer Mary Power  
222 Margaret King July 8 Moses King Catherine Howlett Darling St July 12 W Forristall John Kelly Bridget Keefe  
223 Michael Collins July 9 Johnathan Collins Ellen Cleary Barters Hill July 12 W Forristall Michael Dunphy Mary Anne Curtis  
224 Lydia Ben May July 7 Richard Ben May Maggie Congdlan? Prescott St July 12 W Forristall Maurice Edward Conghlan Ellen Corcaran  
225 Mathius? Moore July 8 John Moore Eliza Summers Kicks Lane July 14 W Forristall Michael Dooley Celilia Summers  
PAGE 9                  
226 James Joseph Williams July 12 Richard Williams Mary Sullivan St. John's ???? Square July 14 W Forristall Jeremiah Sullivan Ellen Davis  
227 William George Lilly Croft 2 weeks old Thomas Lilly Croft Christianna Coleman Carey's Lane July 14 W Forristall William Noseworthy Ellen Noseworthy  
228 Elizabeth Mary Devaroux? July 8 Patrick Devareax Lizzie Waddleton Loggy Bay July 14 W Forristall James Devaraux Mary Anne Crute  
229 Elizabeth Anne Conley July 11 James Conley Elizabeth OBrien Flavins Lane July 14 W Forristall Patrick Brien Helena Lynch  
230 Anne Frances Nelder July 11 John Nedler Bridget (Kenney) Hennessey Barters Hill July 14 W Forristall Frank Bambrick Ellen Tobin  
231 Ralfe Burnham July ?nd Frederick Burnham Elizabeth Daley Becks Lane July 7 P J Delaney Henry Duggan Catherine Duggan  
232 John Joseph Keating July 14 Thomas Keating Catherine Murphy Cor. Water Street & Prescott July 16 W Forristall Joh Fox Alice Cove  
233 Margaret Joseph Dalton July 18 James Dalton Margaret Cashen Monks Town Road July 19 W Forristall Michael Parrell Ellen Fleming  
234 Susan Mary Keefe July 17 James Keefe Priscilla Walsh Carters Hill July 19 W Forristall Joseph Walsh Mary Keefe  
235 Edith May McDonnell July 16 Peter McDonnell Mary Gorman Cove Road July 19 W Forristall Robert Steacklum Mary Gorman  
236 Ellen Bell July 19 James Bell Ellen Cristopher S. E. S. July 19 W Forristall Patrick Cunningham Catherine Ryan  
237 Mary Isabella Corcoran July 19 Lawrence Corcoran Julia Hogan Barters Hill July 21 W Forristall Thomas Fahey Alice Healy  
238 Mary May Donnelly July 16 John Donnelly Mary Ebbs George's Town July 21 W Forristall John Donovan Margaret McDonnell  
239 Alice Frances Duff July 19 James Duff Mary Hartwell Cooks Town July 21 W Forristall Thomas Flynn Mary Anne Burton  
240 James Francis O Regan July 18 Richard O'Regan Anne McCarthy Theatre Hill July 21 W Forristall John McCarthy Mary Fitzgerald  
241 Theresa McGuinn July 20 James McGinn Ellen Reddy Prescott St July 21 W Forristall Patrick Huett Mary Huett  
PAGE 10                  
242 William Henry Crawford July 16 William Crawford Mary Anne Cole St John's James St W. July 21 W Forristall Thomas Greene Bridget Riley  
243 Daniel Grant Aged 62 Years   St. John's July 22 W Forristall ~~~~~~ Convert +
244 Mary Anne Fitzgerald July 21 Edward Fitzgerald Agnes Murphy cor. Gower & Victor???? July 23 W Forristall Angels Anthony Mary Anne Anthony  
245 Elizabeth Joseph Fleming July 21 Richard Flemming Mary Marten Cuddihey's Lane July 26 W Forristall John Morris Frances Dunphy  
246 Mary Maud Ryan July 18 Michael Ryan Catherine Cantwell Cemetery Road July 26 W Forristall Edward McKey Maggie Grace  
247 Elizabeth Helena Debousdien? (DuBourdieu) July 24 Augustus Dubourdien Mary Anne Reid Fresh Water Short? Ten? July 26 W Forristall John Marshall Bridget Crowdell  
248 Richard Aloysius Stapleton July 17 Thomas Stapleton Anne Flowers Georges Town July 26 W Forristall William Keefe Minnise Power  
249 Priscilla Theresa Garland July 27 Frederick Garland Mary Jane Bascum? Marsh July 28 W Forristall James Waltkins Mary Ellen Lewis  
250 WIlliam Francis Goss July 25 James Goss Sarah Reddix Gower St. July 28 W Forristall John Lizes Harriett Reddie  
251 Patrick John Walsh July 25 John Walsh Johanna Keerinan? Lime Kiln Hill July 28 W Forristall John McGrath Julia Carey Not Paid
252 Johanna Boland July 27 William Boland Hanna Frazer Gower St. East July 30 W Forristall Bartholemew Bruin Mary Byrne  
253 Mary Joseph Smart July 27 James Smart Anne Grace Fleming St Monkstown July 30 W Forristall Lawrence MIller Margaret McGrath  
254 William John Goss July 28 Edward Goss Mary Ellen Murphy New Town? Road July 30 W Forristall Patrick Wallace Mary Joseph Power  
255 John Joseph Dunne July 28 Robert Dunne Bridget O Toole King's Road July 30 W Forristall William Toucher? Catherine Dunne  
257 Sarah Carey July 29 David Carey Carrie Eddicotte Georges Town August 2 W Forristall Henry Eddicotte Catherine Collins Not Paid
257 Alice Marten July 30 James Marten Mary Anne Bruce Torbay Road August 2 W Forristall Michael Gorman Mary Sullivan  
  John Joseph St John July 27 Francis St John Catherine Murphy Water St August 2 P J Delaney Thomas Howley Bridget Murphy  
PAGE 11                  
258 Johanna Vinacombe July 30 Patrick Vinacombe Mary Burke St. John's Kicks Lane August 2 W Forristall William Murray Ellen Dodd  
259 Hanna Maud Aylward July 29 William Aylward Ellen Kinsella Water Street August 2 W Forristall Willian Aspell Ellen Kinsella  
260 William James Cahill August 3 John Cahill Mary Ellen Whelan Play Lower Hill August 4 W Forristall Richard Kegan Hanora? Picco  
261 Alice Joseph Walsh July 12 Patrick Walsh Margaret Doyle Lime Kiln Hill August 6 W Forristall William John Power Frances Joseph Gatheral Not paid for
262 Anastatia Conway August 4 Dennis Conway Anastatia Slattery ? St Monkstown August 9 W Forristall John Conway Ellen Conway  
263 Bridget Mary Fitzgerald August 2 Thomas Fitzgerald Catherine Summers New Gower St. August 9 W Forristall Patrick Summers Margaret Summers  
264 Patrick Joseph Kavanagh August 5 John Kavanagh Margaret White Hawes Lane August 9 W Forristall Edward Kavanagh Mary Anne Murphy  
265 John Joseph Wheeler August 10 William Wheeler Margaret Morrisey St. John's August 10 W Forristall James Greene Honora Maloney  
266 Johanna Carey August 10 Michael Carey Jane Picco King's Bridge August 11 W Forristall James Bremman Mary Anne Picco  
267 Hanna Joseph Power August 11 William Power Mary Davis Gower St August 13 W Forristall Samuel Baird Annie Powers  
268 James Mary Walsh August 6 Michael Walsh Kate Roach Garrison Hill August 13 W Forristall Michael Myrask? Johanna Sullivan  
269 William Archibald Power August 14 William Power Anne Downey Cooks Town August 16 W Forristall John Kane Kate Condon  
270 Catherine Mary Baris August 11 James Bavis Jane King James St August 16 W Forristall James Kavanagh Catherine Tobin  
271 Marks Joseph Whelan August 13 Samuel Whelan Elizabeth Redmond Barrens Lane August 16 W Forristall Marten Whelan Elizabeth Baldwin  
272 Edward Conley Conley August 10 Edward Conley Elizabeth Skaines Poys? Lane August 16 W Forristall James Byrne Margaret Savage  
273 Mary Trelligan August 15 William Trelligan Anne Egan New Gower St. August 16 W Forristall Francis Trelligan Mary Trelligan  
PAGE 12                  
274 James Joseph Kennedy August 14 James Kenney Mary Puddister St. John's Bully St August 16 W Forristall Patrick Earle Bridget Kelly  
275 Bridget Mary Judge August 15 Francis Judge Mary Quigley Cooks Town Rd August 16 W Forristall Thomas Browne Elizth Quigley  
276 Thomas Joseph Walsh August 16 Richard Walsh Mary Cantwell King's Road August 18 W Forristall Michael Malone Annie Cantwell  
277 Alice Mary Cassidy August 16 Patrick Cassidy Maggie(Elizabeth) Ryan Water St August 18 W Forristall John Kinsella? Bridget Devine  
278 James Kelly August 18 James Kelly Jane Pendergast Barrens Road August 18 W Forristall Maurice Greene Addie Hopkins  
279 Mary Ellen Miller August 17 WIlliam Miller Bridget Jackman James Street Monks Town August 23 W Forristall James Miller Elizabeth Roach Married in this church on Jan 30 ?? to Thomas Frances Kearney? ??
280 Alexander Francis Foley August 20 James Foley Ellen Kane Covel Lane August 23 W Forristall Patrick O Neill Annie Foley  
281 Mary Joseph Kearney August 24 Richard Kearney Alice Wallace Livingston Street August 25 W Forristall Thomas Wallace Margaret Wallace  
282 Mary Nora O Neill August 22 Patrick O Neill Mary Ellen Foley Bully's Street August 25 W Forristall James O Neill Rachael O Neill  
283 Catherine Mary Kelly August 26 Thomas Kelly (? Official ?) Mary Powers North St. August 27 W Forristall Patrick Walsh Mary Anne Coady  
284 George Matthew Rideout August 12 Thomas Rideout Johanna Brodrick James Street August 30 W Forristall Thomas Sullivan Johanna Sullivan  
285 John Joseph Knox August 24 Patrick Knox Margaret Jos Stephenson Carters Hill August 30 W Forristall James Kane Margaret Snow  
286 Bartholomew Mainzard? August 23 Bartholomew Mainyard? Mary Patten Tank Lane August 30 W Forristall John Mocler? Bryde? Cuddihey  
287 Maurice Murray August 26 Michael Murray Maggie Hicks Tank Lane August 30 W Forristall John Joseph Carew Agnes Kieley  
288 Earnest Joseph Reddy August 28 John Reddy Mary Anne Grey Belvedere Road September 1 W Forristall Michael Reddy Maggie Stapleton Married in St Parricks. ??? On Sept 16 1909 w may rearda by ?? MacDon??
289 James Benedict Moore August 29 John Moore Mary Howlett Lime Kiln Hill September 1 W Forristall William Whiteway Margaret Heffernan?  
PAGE 13                  
290 Rose Mary Barter August 29 James Barter Hannah Dooley St John's Queen's Road September 1 Michael A Fitzgerald John Summers (no Name given) Dalton  
291 Mary Anne Maddigan Septermber 2 Richard Maddigan Ellen Brien South W. Street Septmeber 6 W Forrisall John Kavanagh Julia Brien  
292 Francis Lynch September 1 Francis Lynch Johanna Donohoe do Septmeber 6 W Forrisall John Flynn Mary Chafe  
293 Sarah Anne Rice September 6 Arthur Rice Elizabeth Quirke Fresh Water Road Septmeber 6 W Forrisall Arthur O Neill Sarah Quirke  
294 Mary Margaret Haley September 6 James Haley Mary Anne White Gower St September 8 W Forrisall Brien White Mary Anne Picco  
295 John Patrick Deere Septermber 5 John Deere Theresa Smokem Covel Lane September 8 W Forrisall Charles McCarthy Anne Townsend  
296 Patrick Joseph Fleming September 7 Thomas Fleming Johanna Doherty Lime Kiln Hill September 8 W Forrisall Thomas Burton Mary Doherty  
297 William Thomas Connors September 4 John Connors Elizabeth Anne Parrell Georges St September 8 W Forrisall Francis Nugent Mary Parrell Married Mary A Leaone? October 4 1906 at St. Angele's? Church Mattapen? Mass Rev . ? J Ryan Officiated.
298 Walter John Grace Septmeber 7 William Grace Sarah Marten Duckworth St September 10 W Forrisall Patrick Maher Mary Driscoll  
299 Bridget Mary Moore September 8 Thomas Moore Sarah Culleton Lime Kiln Hill September 10 W Forrisall James Kane Catherine Wills  
300 Robert John Carter     St John's September 10 W Forrisall   Convert 22 years age
301 James Moore September 8 David King Elizabeth Wall Old Garrison September 10 W Forrisall John Cotter Annie Power  
302 Francis Rose September 8 William Rose Mary Quigley ? September 13 W Forrisall William Foley Anne Quigley Married in the Church on Mar 28 / 1910 to ? ? Par???t ???
303 Richard J??? Malone September 10 Martin Malone Mary Mahoney ? Septmeber 15 W Forrisall John Morrissey Mary Lonigain  
304 Robert Edward Howley September 13 James Howley Elizabeth Firth St John's Septmeber 15 D J O'Brien John O Mara? Blanch Sawyer  
305 Mary Sonja Bird? September 15 Jho? Bird Jane Lucy   Septmerber 17 W Forrisall Henry Gaunt? Mary Garrete?  
PAGE 14                  
306 Elizabeth Sullivan September 15 Jerimiah Sullivan Catherine Kerney   September 17 W Forristall James Dunn Mary Cluny  
307 Bella Mary Coady September 16 Michael Coady Margt Hally   September 17 W Forristall Lauren Sullivan Mary Neil  
308 John Ml Sevier September 16 Thomas Sevier Margt Murray   September 20 W Forristall John Fenecaen? Martha Bragg  
309 Jho? Michael Shaughru? September 16 Michl Shaghro? Bridget Keys   September 20 W Forristall Whm Shauphno Sarah Keys  
310 John Joseph Marshall September 23     September 20 P Delaney Aged 28 Years Convert
311 Peter Quon September 23 Peter Quan Catherine Costello   September 27 W Forristall Edward Power Mary J Murray  
312 Sylvester Fitzgerald Septmeber 24 Jho? Fitzgerald Elizabeth Edicott   September 27 W Forristall Tho Edicott Elizabeth Edicott  
313 Margt Mary Fenton Septmeber 22 Charles Fenton Mary Fenton   September 27 W Forristall Charles Moyers Margt Moyers  
314 Charles H Wm? Casston Septmeber 23 William Corston Catherine Spearns?   September 27 W Forristall Alfred Spearns Elizabeth Spearno  
315 John Matthew Wadden September 29 John Wadden Mary Kerly?   September 30 W S Lalon? Joseph Wadden Elizabet Wadden  
316 Michl Joseph Hanlon September 29 Joseph Hanly Annie Winter   October 1 W Forristall Laurence Winter Mary Fahy  
317 Elizabeth Mary Freeman September 27 John Freeman Anastatia Flanigan   October 1 W Forristall Coleman Savage Annie Flanigan  
318 Mary Jane? Cooke September 27 Jho? Cooke Mary Fennell   October 1 W Forristall Thos Miller Mary Nowlan  
319 Sara? Joseph Quigley Septmeber 30 Ed Quigley Elizth Beard   October 1 W Forristall Willian Brien Mary R Walsh  
320 Bridget Ryan October 1 Jno? Ryan Ellen Walsh   October 1 W Forristall Martin Miller Hanna Ryan  
321 W? Francis Davis October 3 John Davis Mary A Preston   October 1 W Forristall John Peston Lucy Connolly  
PAGE 15                  
322 John Robert Thobias October 3 Richd Thomas Fanny Doyle   October 4 W. Forristall John Doyle Mary Doyle  
323 Edward Rogers October 3     October 5 W. Forristall Initials ??? Convert
324 Mary Ellen Kavanagh October 5 Cornelius Kavanagh Ellen Davis   October 8 W. Forristall John Power Susanna Griffen  
325 Edw. George Foley October 6 MichL Fowley Jane White   October 8 W. Forristall James Stapleton Kate Marten  
326 Albert Edw. Vaughan October 6 Henry Vaughan Ellen Dwyer   October 8 W. Forristall William Morris Mary Coonan  
327 Patrick Joseph Maloney October 5 Edward Maloney Ellen Mooney   October 8 W. Forristall Mary Sinnott William Russell  
328 Bridget O Neil October 7 James O Neil Ellen Hennessy   October 8 W. Forristall Patrick Maher Mary Maher  
329 Thomas Francis Carter October 6 0r 8 Edward Cashen Mary Williams   October 8 W. Forristall James Harve Annie Harve  
330 Mathew Dunne October 9 Mathew Dunn Francis Crawley   October 11 W. Forristall John Haley Sarah Crowley  
331 Mary Frances Earls October 7 Richd Ears Ellen Dyer   October 13 W. Forristall WIlliam Dyer Ellen Doyle  
332 Margt Marten October 8 George Marten Ellen Whelan   October 13 W. Forristall James Goodland Mary Kavanagh  
333 Mary Ellen Hammer October 12 James Hammer Mary Kerivan   October 13 W. Forristall Patrick Hennessy Ellen Madden  
334 Michl Joseph O Neil October 7 Constantine O' Neil Mary A White   October 13 W. Forristall William Sears? Margt White  
334 Elizabella Gladney October 13 James Gladny Cathrern Kirby   October 15 W. Forristall Joseph Gladny Margt Donnelly  
335 Wm James McDonnell   John McDonnell Ester? Byoni (Byrne)   [Twin October 15 W. Forristall [Ester Byrone] John Louis Mary Aveil  
336 Ester Joseph McDonnell   John McDonnell Ester McDonnell   Children October 15] W. Forristall John Kelly Mary Byrne  
PAGE 16  
337 John Joseph Rack October 12th Patrick Rack Mary Sage   October 15th W Forristall Martin Neal Johanna Sage  
338 William Boggan October 13th Richard Boggan Winifred Salney   October 19th W Forristall Charles Allen Agnes Fleming  
339 Edward ? John Jackson October 14th Henry Jackson Emma C Shea   October 7th W Forristall R L Maredios W F Bella Mares  
340 Richard Joseph Roust October 15th Wm Roust Mary Barron   October 18th W Forristall Andrew Roust Elizabeth Kelly  
341 Johanna Mary Traplau October 15th George Traplau Johanna McDonald   October 18th W Forristall John Martin Anne Leary  
342 Elena Myler October 15th Thomas Myler Ellen Carroll   October 18th W Forristall James Myler Catherine Dunn  
343 Agens M Anne Cooper October 15th James Cooper Catherine Power   October 18th W Forristall W. Hussell Anastatia Pozene  
344 John Simonds October 15th William Simonds Catherine Dooley   October 18th W Forristall Andrew Squires Catherine Kelly  
345 William Griffin October 12th Maurice Griffin Louisa Mullard   October 20th John Scott John Geary Catherine Mallard  
346 Ellen Ryan October 17th Michael Ryan Mary Leaman   October 20th John Scott John McGuire Eliza Tansey  
347 Bridget Teresa Doran October 13th Patrick Doran Ellen Knox   October 20th John Scott Samuel Morris Mary Whelan 
348 Edward Neary October 13th Nicholad Neary Mary Call   October 20th John Scott John Hennesy Anna Prendergast 
349 William Joseph Mearles October 19th Richard Mearles Catherine Malone   October 22nd John Scott Thomas Lamb Annie Morrisey 
350 James Ebney 4 months old Joseph Ebney Bridget Ebney   October 22nd John Scott Nicholas Grace Bridget Quincey 
351 Alice Mary Cooper October 18th John Cooper Eliza Chidley   October 22nd John Scott John Chidley Ellen Sullivan 
352 Mary Margaret Duggan October 28th James Duggan Bridget Hooper   October 22nd John Scott William Sullivan Bridget Gotheral
PAGE 17  
353 Alice Teresa Bradshaw October 15th Henry Bradshaw Katie Hutton Military road October 22nd P J Delany John Hearn Bridie Morris 
354 Francis Joseph Donnelly October 19th William Donnelly Bridget Jordan Gower street October 22nd P J Delany William Joseph Boyle Minnie Douterey 
355 Edward Michael Paterson October 19th Patrick Paterson Ellen Cullen Gower street October 25th P J Delany William Ryan Maggie Neulan 
356 John Thomas Ryan October 23rd John Ryan Anne Ruffe Long's hill October 25th P J Delany John Boffran Kate Milloy 
357 James Ryan October 20th John Ryan Bridget Saul Prescott street October 25th P J Delany Michael Powers Margaret Aylward 
358 Patrick Francis Clooney October 25th James Clooney Mary Anne Power Young street October 27th P J Delany John Sullivan Mary Sullivan 
359 Susannah Wiston October 24th William Wiston Susannah Snow Tank Lane October 27th P J Delany William Snow Mary Anne Hayes 
360 Michael Joseph McDonald October 21st John McDonald Maria Kerwin Cove road October 27th P J Delany James McDonald Honora Manning 
361 Carmine Vincent Fitzpatrick October 21st John Fitzpatrick Margaret Gonners Duckworth St October 27th John Scott James Parker Annie Flaherty 
362 James Patrick Janes October 29th John Janes Sisley Batteran Tank Lane October 29th P J Delany Patrick Batteran Teresa Walsh 
363 William Francis Hearne November 1st Timothy Hearne Ellen Doutney Victoria St November 3rd John Scott Vincent Gose Anastasia English 
364 Mary Mgt Bridget Nugent November 1st Martin Nugent Bridget Maher Belvedere November 3rd John Scott Patrick Maher Margaret Nugent 
365 Mary Ellen Clanes? November 1st William Clunee? Bridget Clare Courting lane November 3rd John Scott George Colford Minnie Hickey 
366 Bertha Joseph Adams October 21st Abraham Adams Ellen Tuffen Williams lane November 3rd John Scott Ellen Kenny Frederic Kenny 
367 Mary Josephine Chafe October 29th Saml Chafe Ellen Kingsly Water St November 3rd John Scott John Walsh Catherine Courtland? 
368 James Anthony Harrigan October 31st Edward Harrigan Harriet Tobin Tank lane November 8th John Scott Joseph Casey Ellen Casey 
PAGE 18  
369 Mary Ellen Hunt October 31st James Hunt Honora Constantine Tank lane November 5th John Scott James Main???? Honora Elizabeth Constantine 
370 James Carrigan November 3rd Coleman Carrigan Catherine Devereau Logy Bay November 5th John Scott Thomas Carnsan? Bridget Devereus(sic) 
371 Bridget Scott November 3rd William Scott Catherine Salmon Cochrane St November 5th John Scott Denis (sic) Scott Mary Leary 
372 James Quigley November 5th Michael Quigley Anne Cahill Cochrane St November 5th John Scott Richard Barnes? Margaret Quigley 
373 Mary Joseph Walsh November 2nd Edward Walsh Bridget Colton William St November 5th John Scott James Collins Bridget Collins  
374 William Joseph Power November 2nd Edward Power Margaret Murphy Tank lane November 5th John Scott Patrick Brown Margaret Whelan  
375 Michael John Farrell November 1st John Farrell Bridget Dunphy Theatre Hill November 8th P J Delany Thomas Baird Cathering Wall Married in St ??? Church, ??? on June 30th, 190? to Catherine K???
376 Edmund James Higgins November 5th James Higgins Margaret Ryan Military road November 8th P J Delany Sergeant Sullivan ?? Catherine Ruffe  
377 Frances Catherine Maher November 3rd John Maher Mary Anne Furlong Duckworth street November 8th P J Delany John Richardson Mary Carly Sub. Cons.
378 John Leo McGloudy November 3rd John McGloudy Eliza Thorp Fleming street November 8th P J Delany John Martin Hannah Barnes?  
379 Bridget Mary Connolly November 6th Jeremiah Connelly Catherine Walsh Kings road November 8th P J Delany James O'Neil Minnie O'Neil  
380 Anne Hanlon November 4th Robert Hanlon Anne Mundy Neoples? Hill November 8th P J Delany Patrick Meaney Johanna Sharphine?  
381 Mary Hart November 4th John Hart Mary Dougherty Theatre Hill November 8th P J Delany Joseph Dougherty Ellen Dougherty  
382 ??ge Francis Dwyer November 5th Patrick Dwyer Susy Walsh Kil??? November 7th W S Luton John Walsh Margaret Connors? Private bap - ???
383 Ellen Agnes Healy November 6th Michael Healy Frances Mearns Cook town road November 10th John Scott Joseph Collins Ellen Joseph Murphy  
384 Gillian Joseph Sullivan November 7th James Sullivan Catherine Walsh Barters hill November 10th John Scott Michael McQuinley Eliza Kane  
PAGE 19  
385 John Doyle Sept 15th Allan Doyle Alice Myles Carters hill 12th November John Scott Alexander Nyler Rose Doyle  
386 Mary Joseph Tilley November 10th Joseph Tilley Anastasia Cahill Longs hill 12th November John Scott William Corcoran Sarah White  
387 Anders? Matthew Skeans November 11th John Skeans Mary Ryan Twenty mile pond 12th November John Scott Thomas Chafe Johannah Merrill  
388 John Solomon Keats November 10th Richard Keats Ellen Maher Colforce guard? 12th November John Scott James Molloy Elizabeth Sullivan  
389 Joseph Clarke November 9th John Clarke Bridget Clifford Henry st 12th November John Scott Francis Clifford Agnes Pedigrew  
390 Maggie Ellen Power November 8th Richard Power Catherine Skean March hill 12th November John Scott George Smith Ellen Thorne  
391 Honora Carew November 6th John Carew Elizabeth Constantine New Gower St 12th November John Scott William Constantine Theresa Burke  
392 Mary Ellen Duffit November 9th John Duffit Maggie Ryan Langstone st 12th November John Scott James Foley Annie Riordan  
393 Mary Muriel Stephens November 15th Thomas Stephens Johannah Snow Gower St 12th November John Scott John Neill Mary Critch  
394 Ellen Golivay November 12th Anthony Golivay Ellen Bayou Georges town 15th November John Scott Edward Brien Annie Quirke  
395 Mary Elizabeth Bloyd November 12th John Bloyd Mary Grisby Kings road 15th November John Scott Matthew Whelan Margaret Bloyd  
396 John William Kinecombe November 11th William Kinecombe Mary Murray Rennies mill road 15th November John Scott Robert Finicombe Margaret Sevier  
397 Henry Whitten November 3rd Joseph Whitten Harriett Mills Tank lane 18th November John Scott Peter Whitten Mary Whitten  
398 Mary Agnes Cleary November 18th John Cleary Jane Bollard Flower hill 18th November John Scott Liberius Browne Bridget Browne not paid
399 Thomas Francis Furlong November 11th Laurence Furlong Catherine Tobin Old Cove road 18th November John Scott Irving Tea Eliza Shea  
400 Gertrude Harris November 15th William Harris Selina Hunt James St E 18th November W S Lalon Japeth Moore Emma Carroll  
PAGE 20  
401 Margaret Mary Beer 17th November John Beer Catherine Wickham Longs Hill 19th September (November) P J Delaney John Cramp Catherine Condon  
402 Mary Anne Ivamy 17th November Joseph Ivamy Bridget Clance Nunnary hill 22nd November John Scott Maurice Greene Bridget Ivemy 2 years?, father Protestant
403 Joseph Dearin       22nd November John Scott   Convert, 22 years
404 William Joseph Brophy 24th November William Brophy Bridget Dunne(Dobber) South St 26th November John Scott John Lewis Johannah Corbon?  
405 Ellen Josephine Finn 23rd November Peter Finn Anne Kearsy South St 26th November John Scott Laurence Finn Mary Neary  
406 Anne Joseph Stewart 25th November Thomas Stewart Mary Walsh Star of the Sea lane 26th November John Scott Samuel Jan Ann Walsh twins
407 Sarah Margaret Stewart 25th November Thomas Stewart Mary Walsh Star of the Sea lane 26th November John Scott James Kelly Sarah Tibarne twins
408 Ellen Mary Colford 23rd November Richard Colford Ann Curley Water street 29th November P J Delaney John Holland Mary O'Ryan  
409 Robert James McGrath 26th November Patrick McGrath Catherine Dooley Carter's Hill 29th November P J Delaney John Pierce Mary Lahy Sub Con
410 Ellen Mary Flinn 29th November John Flinn Mary Moore ????? Yard 1st December P J Delaney James Collins Mary O'Neil  
411 Catherine Mary Anne English 28th November William English Ellen Fitzgerald Bully Street 1st December P J Delaney John Wilcox Minnie English  
412 Ronald John Black 30th November Allan Black Ellen Wilcox Hoylestown 3rd December W S Lalon Joseph Kavanagh Mary Ellen Daneiff?  
413 Mary Jane Bran 1st December Thomas Bran Mary Magrath Old Chapel Lane 3rd December W S Lalon Patrick Long Jane Pridim  
414 Honora Mary Hobury 1st December Michael Hobury Mary Ann Fitzgerald Batram st 3rd December W S Lalon John Costello Frances Costello  
415 Elizabeth Squires 1st December John Squires Mary Sarah Carew Lime Kiln Hill 3rd December W S Lalon John Carew Margaret Kennedy  
416 William Francis Bramfield 1st December Thomas Bramfield Briget Magrath West St 3rd December W S Lalon John Doyle Catherine Doyle  
PAGE 21  
417 Thomas Andrew Sears 1st December James Sears Anastatia Buckley Daniel's Lane? 6th December W S Lalon William Sevier Mary Kidney  
418 Catherine Mary Whitten 6th December Henry Whitten Ellen Walsh St John's 8th December W Forristall James Walsh Martha Power  
419 Mary Ellen Murry 6th December Antony Murry Anne Whelan St John's 6th December W Forristall William Culleton Ellen Murry  
420 James Kelly 2nd December Moses Kelly Bridget Goodland St John's 6th December W Forristall John Sullivan Mary Cooke  
421 James Oliver 9th December Francis Oliver Jane Fahy Cookstown Road 10th December W S Lalon Thomas Brown Margaret Judge Private baptism, ???
422 Thomas Andrew Thistle 10th December John Thistle Dora Tobin Crescent st 8th December P J Delaney Thomas Thistle Fanny Tobin  
423 Catherine Gertrude Deranney? 3rd December Michael Deranney? Mary Gundery? Duckworth st 13th December John Scott Anthony Murray Mary Fahy  
424 Charles Marshall 8th December Ambrose Marshall Mary Farrell Lime Kiln hill 13th December John Scott John Penny Margaret Burkett  
425 Isabella Mary Rossiter 13th December Thomas Rossiter Mary Ryan Courting st 13th December John Scott Patrick Walsh Catherine Burns  
426 Frances Tribble (Trebble) 10th December James Trebble Ellen Keough King's Road 15th December W S Lalon James Kelley Frances Keough Father Protestant
427 Richard Thomas Prendergast 14th December Thomas Prendergast Catherine Eagan Tank Lane 17th December W S Lalon Richard Cook Susanna Walsh  
428 Catherine Frances Murphy 15th December Lawrence Murphy Susanna Maher James St 17th December W S Lalon James Snow Mary Maher  
429 Edward Joseph Quigley 12th December William Quigley Flavins Lane 20th December P J Delaney Thomas English Mary English ????
430 Anastatia Tobin 12th December John Tobin Bridget Shea   19th December D J O'Brien Mrs M Tobin William Bridge  
431 Michael Thomas Walsh 22nd December Michael Walsh Johanna Ring King's Road 28th December W S Lalon Peter Walsh Mary Anne Long  
432 John Arch^d Thorpe 21st December John Thorpe Catherine White   28th December W Forristall Patrick Dawson Minnie Sutton  
PAGE 22  
433 John James Grady 17th December Patrick Grady Elizabeth Brown St John's 27th December W Forristall Mich^l Eagan Catherine Brophy  
434 Michael J Wallace 27th December Patrick Wallace Catherine Ryan   29th December W Forristall James Ryan Mary Mulloy  
435 Elizabeth Dodd 27th December Thomas Dodd Mary Anne Combs   29th December W Forristall Michael Fitzgerald Ellen Daye  
436 Ellen Joseph Morris 27th December Thomas Morris Anne Breen   30th December W Forristall Arthur Neil Mary E Morris  
437 John Henry Cahill 29th December Daniel Cahill Sarah Quigley   30th December W Forristall John Savin Mary Condon  
438 Alice Johnson 29th December William Johnson Alice Jackman   30th December W Forristall Elizabaeth ??onson Thomas Pope  
439 Vincent Manuel ??? Dalgado 25th December Andrew Dalgado Annie Bearns   30th December Michael K Fitzgerald Ildifouse? Dier Ellen Carbery  

Pages 1-6 and 16 to 20 Transcribed by by Mary Rawlinson (August 2003)

Pages 7 through 15 Transcribed by Jeri Keough (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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