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Baptisms and Marriages of Newfoundlanders
Performed at St.Patricks Church,
Waterford, Ireland
Period of 1752-1770.


Information taken from Latter Day Saints microfilm no. 2169237


This is the complete document.


Originally recorded in Latin except for one entry on a marriage, which was recorded in English.


17.10.1752 Baptized: Simon legitimate son of Samuel Nash and Susanna Roberts, of Newfoundland. Godparents James White and Anna White


17.10.1752 Baptized. Adam legitimate son of Isaac Norcott and Madalene Durney of Newfoundland. Godparents Joseph Collins and Joan Power.


17.10.1752 Baptized Margaret, legitimate daughter of Moses? Jackson and Marie Dalton of Newfoundland. Godparents Joan McGrath and Elizabeth Haugherin.


21.10.1752. Baptized. Thomas legitimate son of Robert Simms and Joan Carthy, of Newfoundland. Godparents Phillip Meara and Cecilia Fitzgerald.


18.11.1753. Baptized. Margaret before Heodomadar? Seven years in Newfoundland legitimate daughter of Thadoi? Bolan and Marie Dwyer. Godparents Timothy Quirk and Catherine Murphy.


06.01.1754. Fr. John St. Leger baptized. Dorothy, now seven years old, daughter of Matthew  Kennaghty and Ann Stephens, of  Newfoundland. Godparents Richard Kearny and Marie Neale


18.11.1755.  Fr. John St. Leger baptized Hanora now ten years old, of Matthew Ryan and Ellen Hern of Newfoundland. Godparents Lucas Mahoney and Marie McGrath.


30.11.1756. Fr. John St. Leger baptized Dermot legitimate son of Peter Lalor and Marie Rierdan, of Newfoundland Godparents Daniel Lalor and Catherine Lalor.


03.12.1756 Fr. John St. Leger baptized: Joanna legitimate daughter of James Kane and Marie Sullivan of Newfoundland Godparents Lawrence Merry and Elizabeth Phelan


03.12.1756 Fr. John St.Leger baptized: William legitimate son of John Drinkwater and Bridget Phelan of Newfoundland. Godparents James Lee and Honora Knox.


07.12.1760 Fr. John St. Leger baptized. Honora legitimate daughter of Robert Welsh and Joan Connelly, of Newfoundland twenty two years old Godparents were Patrick Moony and Margarite Welsh


07.12.1760 Fr. John St. Leger baptized: Robert, Mary and Joanna legitimate children of James Crowly and Honora Welsh.Godparents of the above mentioned, were Robert & Joanne Pattin and Madeline Dollard. Mario & Joan Neile & Anna Pattin. Joan & Thomas Hayes & Margarite Neile.


03.11.1762 Robin Holly and Jane Broders, marryed about three years ago in Newfoundland according to the custom of the place, renewed and ratified their consent here this day in presence of William Broders and Catherine Broders, Waterford. Nov 29, 1762.

-John St. Leger.


1? 1762 Fr. John St. Leger  baptized Mary, Anastasia, James & Anna, legitimate children of James Roche & Joan Dunphy of Newfoundland. Godparents Bryan Roche & Christopher Wyse also know as Tonnery, Henry Roche & Anastasia Langton also known as Tonnery in the abstance of whom, stood in Bryan Roche & Anna Fanning, Joanne Wyse & Helen Power also known as Meany  & finally Joanne Tonnery & Marie Merry


?.12.1765. Fr. John St. Leger baptized. Mary, Brigittam & Elizabeth, legitimate daughters of John Hiffernan & Honora Jean. Godparents Joanne Power, Marie Morrisy, David Brown & Helen Canna & Joanne Cooke & Helen Conners


?.12.1765 Fr. John St. Leger baptized. Honora, legitimate daughter of Henry Jean & Maria Sullivan of Newfoundland Godparents: Daniel Conners and Helen Morris.


?12.1768. Fr. John St. Leger baptized: James and Thomas legitimate sons of William Bryen and Marie Ryan of Newfoundland. First Godparents Robert Eustace and Catherine Veale. Second godparents were Patrick Lundrigan and Margaret Eustace.


?12.1769. Fr. John St. Leger baptized: Joanna, Mary & Catherine, legitimate daughters of Piercy Stapleton & Margaret Shea of Newfoundland. Godparents Lawrence Stapleton & Joan Fitzgerald, Martin Fling & Margaret Forrestal, and Thomas Kennedy & Margaret Stapleton.


?.3.1770 Fr. John St. Leger baptized: John and Sarah of Newfoundland, of William Penny & Margaret Burk. Godparents of first child, James Cahill & Joan Collier. Second child, Silvester Fanning & Elizabeth Bryen.


Note: Translated into English with the help of Fr. Murphy. Some words may not be accurately translated.





Transcribed by Gordon Stoodley (December 2003)

Page Revised: December 2003 (Don Tate)

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