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by WILLIAM BULLOCK - 1836 - 1839

265 Oct 15, 1836 MORRISY, John   Widower This Parish Robert Hiscock
    HISCOCK, Elizabeth   Spinster This Parish Thomas Baston
266 Oct 24, 1836 PARSONS, Mark   Bachelor This Parish James ???
    TOOP, Elizabeth   Spinster This Parish Jonathan Ivamy
267 Oct 27, 1836 COOK, Joseph   Bachelor This Parish Thomas Randall
    RANDALL, Charity   Spinster This Parish Isaac Butler
268 November MILLER, James   Bachelor   Joseph Miller
  1, 1836 MAYBY, Mary   Spinster   Jonathan Miller
269 November PENNY, Charles   Bachelor   John Barnes
  2, 1836 BARNES, Mary   Spinster   John Penny
            Robt. Penny
270 November CHURCHILL, Joseph   Bachelor   George Churchill
  2, 1836 MOORES, Mary   Spinster   Danial Eagan
271 November BARN, William   Bachelor   John Penny
  5, 1836 COOK, Susan   Spinster   Joseph Barton
272 November CARBERRY, John   Bachelor   Charles Hodges
  6, 1836 POLLETT, Elizabeth   Spinster   Thomas Farnham
273 November SHORT, Samuel   Bachelor   John McGrath ?
  8, 1836 CHURCHILL, Mary   Spinster   George Churchill
274 November LANGHER, Thomas   Bachelor   Miles Swadridge
  8, 1836 BUGDEN, Mary   Spinster   John Langher
275 November SWADRIDGE, Miles   Bachelor Poole Jno Crocker  Jr.
  10, 1836 BUGDEN, Rose   Spinster   Thos Grish (?)
276 November THORNE, Thomas   Bachelor   Rich Cooke
  11, 1836 Evely, Sarah Ann   Spinster   William Walters
277 November MANUEL, John   Bachelor Catalina Robt. Manuel
  12, 1836 COOK, Elizabeth   Spinster   Thomas Manuel
278 November ROCKWOOD, Adam   Bachelor   Richard Cook
  15, 1836 BOWERING, Susan   Widow   Joseph Penny
279 November PENNY, John   Bachelor   John Long
  24, 1836 LONG, Johanna   Spinster   James Sweetland
280 December TAVENOR, Joseph   Bachelor   Thos Crocker
  7, 1836 WISEMAN, Mary   Spinster   Chas Didham
281 December BARNS, John   Bachelor   Henry Goldworthy
  14, 1836 GOLDWORTHY, Rachel   Spinster   Joseph Bastone
282 January SIMMS, Joseph   Bachelor   Septumis Brown
  8, 1837 LETT, Elizabeth   Spinster   John Brown
283 April FARRELL, John   Bachelor Placentia Winifred Drover
  15, 1837 LANGHER, Elizabeth   Spinster   Mary Read 
284 September TAVENER, Jacob   Bachelor   William Tibb
  29, 1837 COOK, Amy   Spinster  

William Walters

285 October RANDALL, William   Widower   John Randall
  8, 1837 FOWLOW, Amy   Spinster   Ann Hogath
286 October RANDALL, Isaac   Bachelor   William Randall
  10, 1837 HOGARTH, Anne   Spinster   William Hogath
287 October RYALE, Thomas   Bachelor   Hannah Ryale
  17, 1837 BUCKLEY, Margaret   Spinster St. John's John Ryale
288 October MILLER, John   Bachelor   George Bailey
  24, 1837 BAILEY, Susanna   Spinster   Amy Miller
289 October JESTICAN, Thomas   Bachelor   William Bugden
  28, 1837 BUGDEN, Elizabeth   Spinster   William Jestican
290 October SMITH, Emanuel   No Entry   Sarah Smith
  31, 1837 NOSEWORTHY, Mary Ann   No Entry Conception Bay Catherine Dwyer
291 November FRAMTON, William   Bachelor   Rob't Grant
  2, 1837 YOUNGS, Caroline   Spinster   William Laite
            Robt. Frampton
292 November GOVER, Thomas   Bachelor   John Gover
  6, 1837 BREDDY, Mary   Spinster   Giles Smith
293 November WISEMAN, John   Bachelor   John Way
  15, 1837 PIERCY, Jane   Widow   Thomas Wiseman
294 November WELSHMAN, William   Bachelor   Henry Bartlet
  19, 1837 SMITH, Catherine   Spinster   James Collis
295 November MORRIS, James Roger   Bachelor   William Morris
  21, 1837 FROUD, Eliza   Spinster Perlican Samuel Morris
296 November PEARCY, Joseph   Bachelor   George White
  25, 1837 WALTERS, Sarah   Spinster   Robert P. Newhook
297 November WILLS, Robert   Bachelor Devon??? Wm. Brock
  28, 1837 GROVES, Eliza   Spinster   Charles Granger
298 November HISCOCK, Robert   Widower   William Hiscock
  30, 1837 DWYER, Mary   Spinster   Danniel Eagan
299 Decmeber BARNS, John   Bachelor   William Pearcy
  2, 1837 LOWE (?) , Anne   Spinster   Thomas Lucas (?)
300 December MOORES, William   Bachelor   Martin Miller
  24, 1837 SHORT, Margaret   Spinster Old Perlican John Guy
301 December AINSWORTH, John   Bachelor   William Rogers
  30, 1837 GREEN, Sarah   Spinster Silly Cove Chas Ainsworth
302 April JENKINS, Thomas   Bachelor County of Dorset Charles Granger
  22, 1838 DAMPIER, Anne   Spinster   Richard Hepditch
303 May STONE, Henry   Bachelor   Richard Bailey
  14, 1838 SPURREL, Mary   Spinster   William Spurrel
304 May FRAMPTON, John   Bachelor   James Lavender (??)
  26, 1838 WOODMAN, Pricilla   Spinster   John Brown
305 September TOBIN, John   Widower   Thomas Goldworthy
  15, 1838 FIFIELD, Hannah   Spinster   Thomas Barber
            Jno Goldworthy
306 October KING, John   Bachelor   William King
  16, 1838 BAILEY, Patiene   Spinster   Honor Bailey
307 October TOOPE, James   Bachelor   Amy Miller
  23, 1838 MILLER, Sarah   Spinster   Jacob Miller
308 October BURNS, Bernard   Bachelor   John Penny
  31, 1838 PENNY, Honor   Spinster   James Pottle
309 October WELLS, James   Bachelor   Joseph Wells
  31, 1838 PENNY, Ann   Spinster   George Penny
            John Wells
310 November MILLER, Jonathan   Bachelor   William King
  6, 1838 KING, Maria   Spinster   Joseph Brennock
311 November HUNT, Edmund   Bachelor   Joseph Brine
  10, 1838 ETSELL, Jessie   Spinster   William Christian
312 November CROCKER, David   Bachelor   Anthony Crocker
  17, 1838 STONE, Mary   Spinster   Stephen Crocker
313 December BEALE, Benjamin   Widower   William Rogers
  1, 1838 BARRETT, Olive   Spinster   George Ferris
314 December HOUSE (?), William   Bachelor   Joseph Pearcy
  4, 1838 PEARCY, Ann   Spinster   George Oakley
315 January WARREN, William   Bachelor   William Hiogarth (??)
  2, 1839 RYAN, Ann   Spinster   John Quinlan
316 May OAKE, Thomas   Bachelor Dorset Richard Penny
  5, 1839 PENNY, Rebeca   Spinster   Roberta Dove
317 May WALTERS, William   Bachelor   William Curtis
  14, 1839 TIBBS, Mary       James Tibbs
318 May DAY, Joseph   Bachelor   Thomas Randall
  26, 1839 RANDALL, Mary   Widow   Elizabeth Ploughman
319 October CHAPPEL, Robert   Widower Poole James Holloway
  5, 1839 CROCKER, Elizabeth   Widow   Ellen Chappel
            John Phippard
320 October MILLER, Martin   Bachelor   Rich Brown
  16, 1839 MAYBY, Eliza   Spinster   John Mayby
321 October HOBBS, Samuel   Widower   George Penny
  24, 1839 HART, Anne   Widow   John  ???
            Mark Hart

This page transcribed by Val McLean (February, 2002)
This file compared and updated from the Pre-1891 information
forms provided by the Churches - April 2012 - Linda Morris

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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