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BURIALS, 1816 - 1820




Jany 3rd - Interred SUSANNAH, wife of John PECKHAM, of this Harbour, aged 44 years

Jany 10th - Interred an infant son of Jas & Sarah BRINE (HENRY), aged 19 months

Jany 21st - Interred MARY KEALS SENR, of this Harbr, aged 76 years

Jany 25th - Interred an infant son of Jasper Junr & Mary HISCOCK (JOSEPH), aged 15 months

Feby 16th - Interred ELIZH HIMBER? of English Harbour, aged 63 years. 

The same day - Feby 16th - an infant son (a day old) of Chs & Mary Penney of Eh Harbr

Feby 17th - An infant son (one day old) of Robt & Margt White of this Harbour

Feby 28th - Interred WM POTTLE SENR, of Engh Harbour, aged 77 years

March 2nd - Interred ANN, wife of John ETHERIDGE, Salm Cove, aged 19 years

March 6th - Interred JOHN BLAKE, native of Ringwood, County of Hants in Gt Britain, 
Servt to Mr G Garland, aged 57 years

March 23?rd - Interred JNO BARNS (Planter) at Trouty, aged 50 years

March 27th - Interred SUSANA - widow of the Late Capn Jos BURRAGE, aged 37 years

May 9th - Interred EDWARD WHITE, a youngster belonging to Mr G Garland, 
who arrived here the 3rd inst on the Nelson, aged 19 years

May 17th - Interred JAMES GAVIER, a youngster belong' to Mr G Garland, 
who arrived the 3rd inst in Nelson, aged 17 years

May 21st - Interred JAS BAKER, youngster, arrived 3rd inst in the Nelson, aged 22 years

May 23rd - Interred CHA BIRCH, youngster, arrived 3rd inst in the Nelson, aged 16 years

July 10th - Interred a daur of John & Rachael FACY (MARY) aged 27 months 
who was unfortunately drowned near Vallis' wharf

July 22nd - Interred WM WALDRON, Servt with  ???? Hart, now dead, 
who was accidentally drowned

Aug 8th - Interred WM HOGARTH of British Harbr, aged 34 years

Octr 22nd - Interred THOS CLIFFORD of this Harbr, aged 51 years

Novr 2nd - Interred a son(STEPHEN) of the late Thomas & Patience VERGE 
of Irelands Eye, aged 4 years & 3 months

Decr 10th - Interred EDWD RACE of this Harbr, S Side, aged 41 years


Jany 4th - Interred MATTHIAS PHILLIPS, Servt with Mr Lockyer

Jany 11th - Interred in infant son (CHARLES) of Jas & Mary BARTLETT

Jany 17th - Interred an infant daur (SARAH) of Matw & Mary EVELY, 2 days old

Feby 18th - Interred WM SHEPPARD of this Harbr, aged 52 years

March 8th - Interred HANH, daur of the late John & Mary WALTERS of this Harbr, aged 24 years

April 1st - Interred MARGARET ROGERS?, widow of the late Jas Rogers? of this Harbor, aged 55 years

July 13th - Interred THOS YOUNG of this Harbr, Planter, aged 76 years

July 15th - Interred an inf son (WILLIAM) of James & Patience DWYER of this Harbr

July 27th - Interred SAML MILLER, Servt of Wm JANES? (Planter) aged 85? Years

Augst 2nd - Interred an infant son of Elizth Austin (illegitimate)

Augst 17th - Interred a daur SARAH of  ??? & Elinor IVAMY of E Harbr, aged 2 years

Augst 26th - Interred an infant son (RICHARD) of Josh & Eliz^h PINHORN  ?????

Septr 16th - Interred DINAH, wife of Jno WAREHAM, aged 76 years

Septr 28th - An infant daur of Ann Moroney

This ends noticia 1817

Decr 24th - Interred BENJAMIN HIGDEN of English Harbor, Planter, aged 85 years

Decr 28th - Interred HENRY WADE?, a youngster, aged 26 years


March 1 - Interred SARAH WELLS, widow of the late Thos Wells of English Harbor, Age 72 years

May 3rd - Interred JAMES BAKER of Heart Ease, aged ___

June 6th - Interred CATHERINE, wife Wm SWEETLAND of Eng Harbr, aged 52 years

July 22nd - Interred ELIZABETH JONES of this Harbour, whose mental facilities 
have been deranged many years past, aged 56 years

Augst 4th - Interred MARY, wife of Saml MORRIS of Cuckold Cove, aged 58 years

Augst 15th - Interred an infant son of Ann McDONALD named JOHN, aged 4 years

Augst 19th - Interred ??? HITCHOCK of this Harbr, aged 74 years

Octr 11th - Interred ANN, wife of  Saml CHIDA? of this Harbe, aged 58 years

Octr 15th - Interred an infant daur (EMILY) of John & Ann TAFT of this Harbr

Octr 21st - Interred an infant son (GEO COOK) to Tobs & Ann GEORGE of this Harbr

Novr 4th - Interred an infant daugt (?????) to Geo & Sarah BARNES, English ???

Novr 9th - Interred an infant son to Thos & Patience Cook, Trinity

Novr 19th - Interred one son of Wm and ____ IVAMY, English Harbor, named WILLIAM,  aged 14 yrs

Novr 19th - Interred one son of John and ____ IVAMY of English Harbor, named JOHN, aged 12 years

Novr 22nd - Interred WM PINKEN? of this Harbor, aged 60 years

Decr 16th - Interred ELIZABETH, daugt of Jno & Sarah HART of this Harbr, aged 8 years

Here Ends the Notitia

Decr 27th - Interred SWEET BARNES of English Harbour, aged 32 years


Jany 5th - Interred an infant dautr of Robt & Ruth Clark of this Harbour, aged 5 months

Jany 17th - Interred WILLIAM NURSE, Servant with Mr Wilson of this Harbour, aged 63 years

Jany 22nd - Interred MR WILLIAM GILLINGHAM of this Harbour, Planter, aged 82 years

May 4th - Interred a daught of Chs & Grace Cook of Ship Cove

June 10th - Interred SARAH, wife of William RYAN of this Harbr, aged 36 years

June 23rd - Interred CHARLES STEEL, Servant with Mr George Garland Esqr of this Harbour, 
aged 52 years

July 5th - Interred an infant named JOSEPH of James & Patience DWYER of this Harbour

July 18th - Interred a daughter of John & Sarah Wells of ?????, aged 11 years

August 11th - Interred MARY, wife of William WELLS of E Harbr aged 39 years

Septr 25th*1 - Interred a daughter of Robert & Vine Clark Jun'r of Cuckolds Cove, aged 6 years

October 31st - Interred WILLIAM COOK? with Mr Wilson of this Harbr, aged 34 years

Novr ?0th - Interred the REV JOHN CLINCH Missionary of this Harbour, aged 71 years. R I P.  ?????

Typewritten page as follows:

Entry in Trinity Anglican Parish Church Register reads:
Novr 10th  Interred the Revd John Clinch (Missionary) of this Harbour - Aged 71 years.

Inscription on tombstone in cemetery reads:
"…..The Revd John Clinch, who died the 22nd of November 1819, aged 72 years."

Inscription on mural tablet in cemetery chapel reads:
"As a tribute of filial duty and affection
This tablet is erected to the memory of
The Revd John Clinch
Who, during 36 years, faithfully discharged
The duties of this Mission
He died the 22nd of November, 1819, aged 72 years

The Trinity Enterprise issue of Sept. 27th, 1913, "Truthful Mac" in his column 
'Past and Present' quotes an entry in a diary which reads:
"November 23, 1819, Mr. Clinch departed this life about 11 o'clock
 last night - peace to his manes".

Slade & Kelson's diary reads:
"Tuesday 23rd Nov. 1819, Wind north east, Mr. Clinch departed this 
life last evening almost suddenly."

Entry in Slade & Kelson's diary reads:
"Friday 26th November 1819, Wind north  heavy weather.  
Mr Clinch was buried this day."

There does not appear to be any way to account for the obviously 
incorrect date, Nov. 10th, 1819" in the church register.  
s/ W White, Trinity, Aug 16, 1967.

Hand written note on back of page:

Rev John Clinch came to Trinity as a medical doctor in 1783. 
Later ordained by Bishop of London March 2nd 1787.

He was a close friend of Dr Edward Janner, the discoverer of smallpox vaccine.  
He sent Rev John Clinch samples of vaccine who used it at Trinity, Newfoundland, 
thus introducing the Janner vaccine to North America. s/W. White

Decr 13th - Interred HENRY WALDONS of ???????????? Aged 31 years

Decr 14th - Interred EDWARD, son of John & Jane BAILEY of this Harbour, aged 26 years

Decr 21st - Interred LUKE H??? (a sailor belonging to the Brig George, Captain Gaspard 
who was accidentally drowned, aged 23 years

Decr 26th - Interred ROBERT CLARK SENR of Cuckold Cove of this Harbour, aged 103 years


January 4th - Interred RICHARD CLAPENT, (Seaman belong' to the Ship 
Lady Ann, George Landar, Master)  who died from intoxication, aged 50 years

Feby 23rd - Interred SAMUEL DEDHAM SENR, servant with George Garland Esqr, aged 56 years

Feby 27th - Interred HONOR POTTLE SENR of English Harbour, aged 69 years

March 12th - Interred SARAH QUINN of this Harbour, aged 83 years

March 19th - Interred JOHN STACY? SENR of Salmon Cove, aged 87 years

June ? - Interred ROBT BROWN, Servt to A Graham of this Harbour, aged 33years

June ? - Interred ????? SEVIER of Riders Harbour, aged 34 years

June 20th - Interred MARY NEWELL, dautr of Thomas and Christian Newell 
of this Harbor, aged ___ years

No Date - Interred HARRIET WALTERS, dautr of William & Hannah Walters 
of Salmon Cove, aged 15 years

No Date - Interred a daughter of Wm & Margt Taverner? of this Harbr

No Date - Interred ISAAC KALFORD, Servant to Mr Helar? of this Harbr

No Date - Interred a daughter of Wm & Sarah Ivamy of English Harbour, aged 18 years



* See the following errata

CLARK *1 Although the original document clearly shows "Interred a daughter of Robert and Vine Clark's Jun'r of Cuckhold's Cove aged 6 years", this seems to be in error. The "Jun'r" after the "Clark's" would seem to denote that the child belonged to Robert Jr whose wife, Eleanor, did give birth to a daughter Mary on 19th of June, 1813, and according to family records, this child died at the age of 6 in 1819. Further, family records show that in 1813 when this child would have been born, Robert Sr, who was Vine's husband was 97 years of age and the youngest child belonging to this couple seems to have been Richard, born in 1785. Thus it seems highly likely that the entry should read: Interred a daughter of Robert Jun'r and Eleanor Clark of Cuckhold's Cove aged 6 years. Faith Capnerhurst

Transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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