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1757 - 1785

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Because of the volume, I have not used the word 'sic' whenever the word 'interred' was mis-spelled Information within { }comes from a second but incomplete set of records that was hand-written around the same time as the set that was previously transcribed
Transcriber's notes are held within [   ]
Linda Morris

PAGE 1 (1757)    
May 12th 1757 Interred GEORGE GILLET Son of Richard & Mary Gillet  
June 19 1757 Interred JOHN MORELY Son of George Morely  
The same day THOMAS FOYL Serv't to Mr Thomas Lambert  
Aug'st 3rd 1757 PETER POWER Serv't to Mr Lester  
Aug'st 6th [?] 1757 Interred RICHARD FOREIGNER Son of John Foreigner  
Aug'st 14th 1757 Interred MARY HOLLYGHUAN [?] Daug'h of Richard Hollyghuan [?] [surname difficult to read]
Aug'st 31st 1757 Interred Mr FRANCIS SQUIBB  
Sep'tr 24th 1757 Interred JOHN SMITH Late Serv't to Cap'tn Brushet [?] or Brushnet [?] [The captain's surname is difficult to read but it looks as though part of the long stroke of the "h" has faded]
Sep'tr 25th 1757 Interred ELIZABETH TIGHT  
Oct'r 24th 1757 Interred [name left blank] a Serv't to James Walter  
Nov'r 23rd 1757 Interred Mr JOHN WATERMAN  
Nov'r 27th 1757 Interred Mr NICOLAS MAY  
Nov'r 28th 1757 Interred BENJAMIN SULY Son of John Suly. Drowned  
PAGE 2 (1758)    
Date Details Notes
Feb'ry 24th 1758 Interred MARY WALTER Daughter of William & Sarah Walter  
Feb'ry 27th 1758 Interred GRACE WATERMAN Daughter of John & Hannah Watterman [sic]  
April 25th 1758 Interred Mr JOHN BAILY SENIOR  
June 25th 1758 Interred JOHN WELCH Serv't to Mr Richard Waterman Junior  
June 30th 1758 Interred JOHN MELOUN [?] Serv't to Cap'tn Webb. Drowned. [surname difficult to read]
July 25th 1758 Interred BENJAMIN REDDEL [or REDDET ?] Serv't to Cap'tn Lemon [?] [surname difficult to read]
Sep'tr 10th 1758 Interred THOMAS HIDES a boy of Cap'tn Webb. Drowned.  
Nov'r 19th 1758 Interred WILLIAM GUY Son of William & Flower Guy  
Feb'ry 11th 1759 Interred JOHN RHINE a Serv't of Mary Ethridge's [someone has later written Ryan and Woolridge respectively beneath the surnames]
March 3rd 1759 Interred SAMUEL MORRISON Serv't to Mr Jolliff. He died on the ice.  
June 4th 1759 Interred ANN KEEP Apprentice to Mr William Walton [?] or Walter [?]  
PAGE 3 ( 1759)    
Date Details Notes
July 16th 1759 Interred JOHN LEARY Serv't to Mr Lester  
Aug'st 6th 1759 Interred ELIZABETH PINHORN Second wife of Benjamin Pinhorn  
Aug'st 12th 1759 Interred EDWARD ALNERLY or ALNERTY [?] [surname difficult to read]
Nov'r 11th 1759 Interred PATRICK HOLLYGUHAN Son of Richard & Mary Hollyguhans [sic]  
Nov'r 13th 1759 Interred THOMAS MELOUN Son of Andrew & Molley Meloun  
Decem'br 13th 1759 Interred MARY MORELY Wife of William Morely  
Feb'ry 9th 1760 Interred JOSEPH GUMM Son of Jos. [?] & Hannah Gumm  
Feb'ry 19th 1760 Interred Cap'tn SAMSON MIFFLIN [?] Agent to Mr Joseph White Merch't in Pool [sic] [surname difficult to read]
March 9th 1760 Interred BARNET BESSTONE son of Mr Barne[t ?] & Martha Besstone  
March 10th 1760 Interred WILLIAM & MARY GUMM Son & daughter of Joseph & Hannah Gumm  
May 29th 1760 Interred JAMES HEPFORD Son of James & Elizabeth Hepford  
PAGE 4 (1760)    
Date Details Notes
Aug'st 14th 1760 Interred HENRY MEMORY Serv't to Cap'tn John Leman [?]  
Aug'st 18th 1760 Interred DAVID SPURDEL Son of John & Mary Spurdel  
Nov'r 16th [?] 1760 Interred ROBERT THOMAS Serv't to Cap'tn Whitewood  
Nov'r 17th 1760 Interred JOHN VIERGE SENIOR  
Note on original page: This was the last whom the Rev'd Mr Benjamin Lindsay interred. Now succeeds those who were interred during the 4 years, vide note on inside of cover of this book, vacancy of this Mission
Nov'r 23rd 1760 Interred ANN ETHRAGE Daughter of John & Mary Ethrage  
Decem'br 16th [?] 1760 Interred ANN TIBBS Daughter of Robert & Ann Tibbs  
Decem'br 22nd 1760 Interred MATTHEW SHELLY Serv't to Mr Thomas Warren [May actually be January or February 22, 1761 in the other document but the paper has deteriorated to the point where most of the record is impossible to read]
April 30th 1761 Interred Mr THOMAS SPRAGG {SPRAG}  
May 22nd 1761 Interred JOHN LOCKYER Son of Richard & Mary Lockyer  
PAGE 5 (1761)    
Date Details Notes
May 25th 1761 Interred Mr BARNET BESSTONE SENIOR {BESTON}  
Sep'tr 14th 1761 Interred JOSEPH GREEN Son of John & Agnes Green  
Sep'tr 25th 1761 {14th} Interred REUBEN GREEN Son of John & Agnes Green  
Sep'tr 28th [?] 1761 Interred ELIZABETH JONES Daughter of Stephen & Catharine Jones {Joans}  
Oct'r 1st 1761 Interred Cap'tn WILLIAM POPE {POAP}  
Oct'r 4th [?] 1761 Interred ELIZABETH POWEL Daughter of Richard and Mary Powel  
Oct'r 20th 1761 Interred ELIZABETH TAVERNER Daughter of Jacob & Mary Taverner  
And the same day Interred JOHN JEANS {JOANES or JEANES} Serv't to Mr Joseph White [ink has blotted]
Oct'r 28th 1761 Interred HENRY RIX {HENERY REX} Serv't to Mr Thomas Lambert  
Nov'r 12th 1761 Interred HONORA {HONOUR} HARRIS Daughter of Thomas and Catharine {Kathrin} Harris  
Nov'r 14th 1761 Interred JOHN MURPHY & MILES MACDONALD Both were burnt to death  
Nov'r 26th 1761 Interred ANN HARRIS Daughter of Thos & Catharine {Kathrine} Harris  
Decem'br 30th 1761 Interred JAMES TAVERNER Son of Benjamin and Ann Taverner  
PAGE 6 (1762)    
Date Details Notes
Jan'ry 18th 1762 Interred GRACE TILLER Daughter of Thomas & Catharine Tiller [surname difficult to read]
Jan'ry 29th 1762 Interred HUMPHRAY {UMPEREY} WHITE Serv't to Mr Joseph White  
Feb'ry 4th 1762 Interred JOSEPH TILLER Son of Thomas & Catharine {Kathrine} Tiller [surname difficult to read]
Feb'ry 17th 1762 Interred THOMAS PENDERGRASS [?] Serv't to Messre Devonshire & Reeves {A man of Devonshire and Reess named JOHN LUNDY belonging to Capt. Webb THOS. PENDEGRASS} [names are very difficult to read but there was a merchant company that went by the name of Devonshire, Reeves & Webb at that time - their agent was Capt. Thomas Webb; there may actually have been 2 funerals?]
Aug'st 15th 1762 Interred JOHN BAIRNS [?] {BAIRENS} SENIOR [surname difficult to read]
Sep'tr 18th 1762 Interred ELIZABETH HARDING Daughter of John & Elizabeth Harding {Harden}  
Oct'r 19th 1762 Interred ARTHUR TAVENER {CAVENER} [someone has later written "Taverner"]
Oct'r 22nd 1762 Interred JOHN STUDDLY [?] {MOORLY} [surname difficult to read]
Oct'r 25th 1762 Interred WILLIAM MOULEN  
Oct'r 26th 1762 Interred WILLIAM BAIRNS Son of John & Mary Bairns Senior {Barins}  
Oct'r 29th 1762 Interred DAVID LANGER Son of David & Jean Langer  
Oct'r 30th 1762 Interred ANDREW TAVERNER {TAVENER} SENIOR  
Nov'r 2nd 1762 Interred ELIZABETH HEPFORD Daughter of James & Elizabeth Hepford {Hefferd}  
PAGE 7 (1762 - 1763)    
Date Details Notes
Nov'r 4th 1762 Interred ANDREW SWEET Son of John & Mary Sweet  
The same day Interred JAMES KENE {KEAN}  
Nov'r 7th 1762 Interred ELIZABETH PINHORN 3rd wife of Benjamin Pinhorn [other record does not indicate that this was Benjamin Pinhorn's third wife - was there only one Benjamin Pinhorn living in the area at this time?]
Nov'r 12th 1762 Interred JOAN or JEAN MORELY Wife of George Morely {Morly}  
Nov'r 23rd 1762 Interred RICHARD GILLET SENIOR  
Nov'r 30th 1762 Interred ROBERT COAL {COOLE}  
Decem'br 2nd 1762 Interred JOHN WELCH  
Decem'br 14th 1762 Interred A Serv't to Cap'tn Nedler [?]  
Decem'br 24th 1762 Interred MOLLEY [?] MELOUN Wife of Andrew Meloun  
Decem'br 27th 1762 Interred Mr THOMAS SMALL SENIOR & JOHN ALL[?] [remainder of the second surname is missing but May be "Allen"]
Jan'ry 9th 1763 Interred WILLIAM COOT Serv't to Mr Sweet Senior  
Jan'ry 25th 1763 Interred JAMES FFLEMING [?] [surname difficult to read]
Feb'ry 29th 1763 Interred Mr STEPHEN JONES  
March 6th 1763 Interred THOMAS COLDWEATHER Son of James & Ann Coldweather  
March 22nd 1763 Interred RICHARD HOLLYGUHAN & THOS. HICKEY  
April 4th 1763 Interred THOMAS [?] MARTIN LAWLESS Serv't to John Power  
PAGE 8 (1763)    
Date Details Notes
April 10th 1763 Interred Mr JAMES BALLIE  
April 13th 1763 Interred THOMAS MAY Serv't to Cap'tn Thomas Webb  
April 27th 1763 Interred RICHARD BAILY Son of John & Elizabeth Baily Senior  
April 28th 1763 Interred JEAN YOUNG Wife of Joseph Young  
May 10th 1763 Interred WILLIAM YOUNG Son of Joseph & Jean Young  
May 27th 1763 Interred JOHN BLACKMAN Son of John and Eleanor Blackman  
June 8th 1763 Interred [name left blank] Daughter of Michael & Margaret KING [?] [surname difficult to read]
June 14th 1763 Interred CATHARINE NEWAL Daughter of Jonah & Hannah Newal  
August 5th 1763 Interred STEPHEN PICH [?] Serv't to Cap'tn John Leman  
Aug'st 23rd 1763 Interred PATRICK ROACH  
Aug'st 29th 1763 Interred A boy belonging to Cap'tn Gratrick [?] [surname difficult to read]
Jan'ry 13th 1764 Interred PHILIP GRIFFEN and CORNELIUS MACKLEMAN  
Feb'ry 15th [?] 1764 Interred JAMES STONE Serv't to Mr William Sweet  
PAGE 9 (1764)    
Date Details Notes
March 12th 1764 Interred A Serv't to Mr Lester  
March 19th 1764 Interred A Serv't to Mr Lester  
March 24th [?] 1764 Interred JOHN MURRAY  
May 9th 1764 Interred THOMAS WATERMAN son of Thomas and Mary Waterman  
May 20th 1764 Interred THOMAS TAYLOR  
May 27th 1764 Interred HANNAH POTTLE Daughter of Martin & Hannah Pottle  
June 25th 1764 Interred JOSEPH GUMM Serv't to Mr's Peckham & Harts  
July 2nd 1764 Interred [name left blank] LAWRENCE [?] [surname difficult to read]
July 28th 1764 Interred JOHN HARRIS Serv't to Mr Lester  
July 29th 1764 Interred HUGH GROUTEN [?] Serv't to Mr Jos. White [surname difficult to read]
Aug'st 1st 1764 Interred Mr WILLIAM CHAMBLIN [or CHAMBLEN or CHAMBLER?] [surname difficult to read]
Aug'st 15th 1764 Interred SUSANNAH STONE Daughter of Robert & Mary Stone  
PAGE 10 (1764)    
Date Details Notes
Sep'tr 4th 1764 Interred Mr THOMAS WARREN Church Warden  
Sep'tr 7th 1764 Interred THOMAS NORMAN Serv't to Mr William Sweet  
Sep'tr 12th 1764 Interred JOHN GREEN Clerk of the Church  
Here begins a register of those who were interred by Jas. Balfour A.M. present Missionary to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospels
Oct'r 3rd 1764 Interred AUGHLER [?] LEARY Serv't to Mr Lester [name difficult to read]
Oct'r 6th 1764 Interred MOSES EMRAY drowned (9)  
Decem'br 5th 1764 Interred THOMAS WILLIAMS Clerk to Mr Lester  
Decem'br 20th 1764 Interred ANTHONY SAFFON [?] Serv't to Mr Lester [surname difficult to read]
Decem'br 24th 1764 Interred THOMAS LINES [or LINEY ?] Apprentice to Mr Joseph Hiscock  
Decem'br 28th 1764 Interred ROBERT JONES Son of Mrs Jones Widow of Mr Stephen Jones  
PAGE 11 (1765)    
Date Details Notes
Feb'ry 10th 1765 Interred WILLIAM BRENT Serv't to Mr John Bugden  
Feb'ry 13th 1765 Interred ELIZABETH HANCOCK Daughter of Thomas & Ann Hancock {Thomas Hencock had a daugh[ter] buried named Ann Elizabeth}  
Feb'ry 16th 1765 Interred a Serv't of Mr Lesters {A man of Mr Lesters named THOMAS [?]}  
March 5th 1765 Interred PATRICK DAY Serv't to Mr Lester  
April 4th 1765 Interred ELIZABETH WHITTEN Daughter of John & Hannah Whitten  
April 17th 1765 Interred JOHN ETHRAGE Husband of Mary Ethrage Aged 51 {55} [The second number in the other record is faded but the bottom is shaped like the '5' ]
May 7th 1765 Interred SARAH WATERMAN Wife of Mr Richard Waterman {Watterman} Junior Aged 20  
May 19th 1765 Interred EDWARD {EDMAND} COLDWEATHER {GOALDWEATHER} Husband of Ann Coldweather Aged 62 years  
May 23rd 1765 Interred JOHN EMRAY Serv't to Mr Richard Waterman {Watterman}  
May 25th 1765 Interred a Serv't to Mr Lester {A man of Mr Lesters [ill.] THOMAS [rest cut off]}  
May 29th 1765 Interred THOMAS HARRIS Husband to Catharine Harris {Harres}  
July 2nd 1765 Interred HENRY STOCKFORD Serv't to Mr Jos. White {A man of Captain Streets named HENERY STOCKFORD}  
July 17th 1765 Interred SAMUEL SATCHEL {SACHEL} Serv't to Mr Richard Powel  
PAGE 12 (1765)    
Date Details Notes
Aug'st 15th 1765 Interred JOHN KENE {KEAN} Serv't to Cap'tn Heron {Hearon}  
Sep'tr 15th [?] 1765 Interred Mr WILLIAM MORELY {MORLY} Son of Mr George Morely Aged 36 years.  
Sep'tr 26th 1765 Interred JOHN DRODGE Agent {Overseer} to Mr John Moorse {Moore}  
Sep'tr 30th 1765 Interred FRANCIS LONG Husband to Mary Long  
Oct'r 14th 1765 and following interred JOHN LONG [ill.] MARTHA IVYMY [ill.] of Francis Deceased and Mary Long [difficult to read]
Oct'r 15th [?] 1765 Interred GEORGE BAIRNS {BARNS} Serv't to Mr John Moorse  
Oct'r 16th [?] 1765 Interred PHILIP HEPFORD  
Oct'r 17th 1765 Interred by a Tumultuous Mob two Roman Catholic strangers  
Oct'r 19th 1765 Interred [name left blank] {one} Lester Serv't to Cap'tn Brix [?] [Captain's name difficult to read]
Nov'r 21st 1765 Interred WILLIAM WHITEWOOD Son of Cap'tn William & Elizabeth Whitewood  
Nov'r 24th 1765 Interred MARGARET HOLLYGHAN {MARGREAT HOLLEYHORN} Daughter of Richard & Mary Hollyghan {Ditto} [meaning Holleyhorn]  
Nov'r 30th 1765 {December [?]} Interred ELIZABETH HARDING Daughter of John & Elizabeth Harding {Harden} Aged 25 months [December is crossed out in the transcribed record]
Decem'br 29th 1765 {Jan'ry 20th 1766} Interred JOHN SPURRAL {SPURDLE} Husband to Mary Spurral  
PAGE 13 (1766)    
Date Details Notes
Jan'ry 20th 1766 Interred Mr JAMES WALTERS  
This same day Interred ELIZABETH POTTLE Daughter of Maurice {Morris} & Mary Pottle. This child being at the point of death was baptized by John Lane's Sur'n [John Lane was a surgeon]
Feb'ry 15th 1766 Interred Mr JAMES IVYMY Husband to Mary Ivymy  
March 20th 1766 Interred THOMAS CLINCH Serv't to Mr Lester  
April 9th 1766 Interred THOMAS MAHARAH a Serv't to Cap'tn Heron  
May 16th 1766 Interred a stranger of the Kingdom of Ireland  
May 19th 1766 Interred CORNELIUS LINCH Serv't to Mr Lester  
May 23rd 1766 Interred JAMES GARDEN Serv't to Mr Benjamin Lester  
May 27th 1766 Interred Mr JOHN BLACKMORE  
June 5th 1766 Interred MATTHEW O'NEIL[?] Serv't to Mr Lester [surname difficult to read but definitely begins with an 'O']
June 13th 1766 Interred JAMES BADGE [or DRODGE?] Serv't to Cap'tn John Churchill  
PAGE 14 (1766)    
Date Details Notes
July 21st 1766 Interred JOHN EDWARDS  
July 28th 1766 Interred MATTHEW LOYD [?] Serv't to Mr John Dwyer [surname difficult to read]
August 2nd 1766 Interred MARY YOUNG Wife of Thomas Young  
Sep'tr 4th 1766 Interred JOHN MURPHY Serv't to Mr Philip Mikgra [?] [surname difficult to read]
Sep'tr 16th 1766 Interred JOHN KINNYSAIL [?] Serv't to Mr John Moorres [difficult to read]
Sep'tr 20th 1766 Interred JOHN GREEN of Kilkenny in Ireland Serv't to Mr Whelon [?] at Riders Harbour. He was murdered by his fellow Serv't  
Oct'r 12th 1766 Interred SAMUEL FARNES [?] Serv't to Cap'tn Robt Farwell  
  Interred ROBERT TOAST [?] Serv't to Cap'tn Robt Farwell  
Oct'r 15th 1766 Interred DANIEL LINNY Serv't to Mr Benj. Lester  
Oct'r 16th 1766 Interred WILLIAM COURT [?] Serv't to Cap'tn Cheeseman [?] [surnames difficult to read]
Nov'r 2nd 1766 Interred ELEANOR PERROT Spouse of Thomas Perrot at Sam Cove  
Nov'r 4th 1766 Interred Mr GEORGE MORELY Aged 84 [?] years  
PAGE 15 (1766)    
Date Details Notes
Decem'br 4th [?] 1766 Interred BRIDGET Company Keeper for John Tyrrel, alias wife to several [ill.] for next [note above this entry reads "vide Baptism, Oct. 1st 1765"]
Decem'br 11th [?] 1766 Interred a Rom Catholic Stranger  
Decem'br 13th 1766 Interred Mrs MARY GILLET Relick [sic] of Mr Richard Gillet aged 53 years  
Jan'ry 17th 1767 Interred RUTH EMERY Daughter of Mrs Ann Balfour by her first husband (Moses Emery) Aged 22 months  
Feb'ry 8th 1767 Interred SYLVESTER DEVYETH Serv't to Mr Benjamin Lester  
March 8th 1767 Interred ROB'T MEGAN Serv't to Mr Garret Launders  
April 5th 1767 Interred PHILIP MUDFORD Serv't to Cap'tn Street  
April 9th 1767 Interred FARREL O'CONARIK  
April 15th 1767 Interred Mr JOHN SWEET Planter in Trinity Harbour Aged 57 years  
May 11th 1767 Interred a Serv't of Mr Lesters by name GEORGE DYKES  
PAGE 16 (1767)    
Date Details Notes
May 12th 1767 Interred SAMUEL HEIL [or KEIL?] Serv't to Mr Jas Morely  
May 13th 1767 Interred WILLIAM LONG Serv't to Cap'tn Cheeseman Agt. for Mr Jolliff  
May 25th 1767 Interred THOMAS MARTINES Serv't to Mr John Morisey Drowned Aged 14 [?] years [age difficult to read]
June 10th 1767 Interred PATRICK CARRYLE [?] Serv't to Mr John Dunnyvan [?] [surnames difficult to read]
June 16th 1767 Interred CATHARINE FANNING said to be wife to John Fanning at Bonavista Both are of ye Kingdom of Irland [sic]  
June 26th 1767 Interred PHILIP HARRIS Serv't to Mr Benja'n Lester  
June 30th 1767 Interred RICHARD FANNING said to be Son of John & Catharine Fanning as above. 16th Inst Aged about 5 weeks  
July 5th 1767 Interred PATRICK SEARLES [?] Serv't to Mrs Hon Vierge [surname difficult to read]
July 9th 1767 Interred ANN HAYWOOD Wife to John Haywood Serv't to Cap'tn Street  
PAGE 17 (1767)    
Date Details Notes
July 18th 1767 Interred JAMES HARTY Serv't to Cap'tn John Webb of the Kingdom of Irland [sic]  
July 29th 1767 Interred DENNIS MURPHY Serv't to Mr Lester  
Sep'tr 16th 1767 Interred Mr WILLIAM SWEET of English Harbour  
Sep'tr 24th 1767 Interred MARY CLOTHIER Daughter of John & Mary Clothier Aged two years 4 months & 1/2  
Sep'tr 24th 1767 Interred JOHN POWER Son of Morrice and Mary Power about a year old  
Oct'r 1st 1767 Interred MARY CLOTHIER Daughter of John & Mary Clothier Aged 1/2 day old  
Oct'r 15th 1767 Interred SARAH WORNAIL Daughter of Edward & Mary Wornail Aged two years & 2 months abstracting 4 days  
Oct'r 16th 1767 Interred ROBERT HALLOWAY Serv't to Cap'tn Edward Cheeseman Agt for Mr Jolliff [?]  
Oct'r 22nd 1767 Interred Mr JOHN GARRET BLAKE Aged 62 who acted as Justice of the Peace in the District of Trinity  
Oct'r 25th 1767 Interred HANNAH this wife of Alexander BARRET. She was driven from her house by some Irish fellows, & found dead next day at the bottom of a precipice with her head terribly cutt [sic]  
PAGE 18 (1767)    
Date Details Notes
Nov'r 11th 1767 Interred PATRICK MCABEY [or MCABOY ?] Serv't to Mr Jacob Taverner [surname difficult to read]
Nov'r 16th 1767 Interred THOMAS HARRIS Son of deceased Thomas & Catharine Harris Aged two years  
Nov'r 29th [?] 1767 Interred JOHN DEVONSHIRE Serv't to Mr Hiscock Riders Harbour Accidentally shot through arm occasioned his death  
Jan'ry 18th 1768   [surname difficult to read]
February 10th 1768 Interred WILLIAM SURIVEN [?] Serv't to Mr Benjamine [sic] Taverner [surname difficult to read]
March 7th 1768 Interred JOHN CARNY of ye Kingdom of Irland [sic]  
April 24th 1768 Interred STEPHEN LAMSTEAD [ill.] of ye Kingdom of Irland [sic]  
May 25th 1768 Interred CATHARINE natural daughter of John TYRREL & Bridget MURPHY + vide Interment Dec 7th 1766  
PAGE 19 (1768)    
Date Details Notes
June 12th Interred HANNAH HALFORD Spouse to Mr William Halford  
And ROBERT DORRING Serv't to Cap'tn Cheesman [sic] Agt to Mr Jolliff Mercht in Pool [sic]  
And SYLVESTER HANAVAN Serv't to Cap'tn Wiseman Agt to Dominick Farrel Mercht in Waterford  
June 28th Interred WILLIAM PRENDERGRASS Serv't to Mr Sweet English Harbour  
July 28th 1768 Interred WILLIAM Son of John & Catharine MORSE Aged 2 months 6 days  
Aug'st 27th 1768 Interred Son of John & Hannah WHITTENS named JOHN Aged two years 3 months  
Aug'st 28th 1768 Interred ANDREW BROCK of Xtchurch Hants & GEORGE LAMBERT [refers to Christchurch in Hampshire before a boundary change placed it in Dorset]
Sep'tr 20th 1768 Interred GEORGE GARDINER Aged 66 years  
Oct'r 24th 1768 Interred ROBERT BROWN Serv't to Mr Samuel White Jun. at Catalina  
Oct'r 31st 1768 Interred DANIEL GALSON Serv't to Mr Lester  
PAGE 20 (1768)    
Date Details Notes
Nov'r 15th 1768 Interred a Daughter of Thomas & Ann HANCOCK's named ELIZABETH aged three years  
Nov'r 19th 1768 Interred RICHARD COVE Servant to Doct'r Geo Godlove Poish [?]. He was deluded to elope from his master with several valuable articles by some villains & afterwards found strangled in ye noose of a Garter [?] [difficult to read]
Nov'r 25th 1768 Interred JOHN TURNER JUNIOR only son to John & Dorothy Turner  
Decem'br 10th 1768 Interred JEREMIAH (oy're wise DARBY) = DALLY Famished to death for want of proper care taken of him, in Mr Gestican's Premises  
Decem'br 11th 1768 Interred CATHARINE Daughter of Thomas & Ann HANCOCK's aged about ten months  
Decem'br 16th 1768 Interred PETER BROWN of the Kingdom of Ireland  
Decem'br 17th 1768 Interred MARY SPURDLE or SPURRAL Relict to John Spurral Interred 29th Decr 1765  
PAGE 21 (1769)    
Date Details Notes
Jan'ry 2nd 1769 Interred ELIZABETH MILLS Spouse to John Mills in Fox Island  
Feb'ry 3rd 1769 Interred ALEXANDER WALL Husband to Alice Wall  
Feb'ry 9th 1769 Interred MARTHA POTTLE Daughter to William & Honora Pottle aged 4 weeks  
March 19th 1769 Interred JAMES QUIN Serv't to Mr Melowny of ye Kingdom of Ireland  
March 20th 1769 Interred MARY COLLIER Spouse to Rich'd Collier  
March 31st 1769 Interred THOMAS RICHMOND Serv't to Mr Rich'd Cook  
April 9th 1769 Interred JONATHAN GARRET Husband to Sarah Garret in Fox Island in the eightieth year of his life  
April 10th 1769 Interred DAVID OBRION of the Kingdom of Ireland Serv't to Mr Lester  
April 30th 1769 Interred SAMUEL CARTER SNR of Sam Cove Serv't to Mr Lester  
PAGE 22 (1769)    
Date Details Notes
May 12th 1769 Interred GARRET RHINE Serv't to Mr Lester  
May 13th 1769 Interred MORTHY SHEEHAN Serv't to Mr Lester (of the Kingdom of Ireland)  
May 17th 1769 Interred HANNAH KENE Spouse to Richard Kene of ye Kingdom of Ireland  
June 12th 1769 Interred MARY MORSE Daughter to Philip & Mary Morse Aged three months  
July 1st 1769 Interred RICH'D COLLIER f'm Fox Island  
July 19th 1769 Interred THOMS OLIVER Serv't to Mr Benj'n Lester  
August 14th 1769 Interred OWEN MOIN [or MORIN ?] Servant to Mr Benjamin Lester  
August 17th 1769 Interred WILLIAM JAMES JUN'R Son to Cap'tn William James, Merch't in Pool [sic], aged about 17 years  
PAGE 23 (1769)    
Date Details Notes
August 18th 1769 Interred Cap'tn JAMES WISEMAN Agent to Mr Dominic Farrel Merch't in Waterford  
Aug'st 27th 1769 Interred CHRISTOPHER DYET English Harbour aged 37 years  
Sep'tr 12th 1769 Interred MARY HARDING Daughter of John & Elizabeth Harding aged about two years  
Oct'r 8th 1769 Interred HANNAH a child of Rich'd KENE & Hannah deceased aged 5 months  
Oct'r 29th 1769 Interred EDWARD HALLOGUHAN  
  Instead of Decency a Riot [not sure which record this applies to]
Nov'r 1st 1769 Interred EDWARD COLLIER f'm Fox Island  
  To next notes  
Nov'r 3rd 1769 Interred THOMAS COFFEE Serv't to Mr John Hiscock Riders Harbour  
Nov'r 19th 1769 Interred EDWARD CARBURTY Serv't to Mr Henry Garret Landers North Side Trinity  
Nov'r 26th 1769 Interred JOHN BARNES Son of John & Mary Barnes aged about nine years  
PAGE 24 (1769)    
Date Details Notes
Decem'br 2nd 1769 Interred RACHEL FOWLER Spouse to Patrick Fowler North Side Trinity  
Feb'ry 22nd 1770 Interred BENJAMINE [sic] MORSE Son of John & Catherine Morse aged 4 days  
March 27th 1770 Interred ANN CLOTHIER Daughter of John & Mary Clothier aged a year & a half  
April 18th Interred BENJAMIN RAISH Agent at Bay de Herbs to Mr Jolliff  
April 19 Interred ELIZABETH HARRIS Daughter to Thomas (deceased) & Catharine Harris  
June 10th 1770 Interred ELIZABETH BAILEY in Salmon Cove aged 72 years  
June 22nd Interred WILLIAM BARTLET Servant to Mr Joseph White Merch't in Pool [sic]  
August 20th Interred MARTHA DYET Daughter to Elizabeth Relict to Christopher Dyet aged a month  
Sep'tr 15th Interred ROBERT BUCHANNAN Serv't to Cap'tn John Churchil [sic]. His death was occasioned by a fall from ye mainmast head, which killed him on the spot while doing duty [?] along side ye wharff  
PAGE 25 (1770)    
Date Details Notes
Sep'tr 26th Interred MARY PINHORN Spouse to John Pinhorn  
27th Interred JOHN HAYWOOD Serv't to Mr Lester  
Oct'r 3rd Interred Mr JOHN BARNES SEN'R Husband to Mary Barnes  
10th Interred CORNELIUS FLYNN carpenter to Cap'tn James Macauley of ye Lovely Mary [?] London [difficult to read]
30th Interred Mr RICHARD SULY Husband to Mary Suly Aged thirty two years  
31st Interred CATHARINE JONES Relict of Stephen Jones Aged forty years & six months  
Nov'r 4th 1770 Interred SARAH WISEMAN Spouse to Thomas Wiseman Aged Sixty one years  
13th Nov'r To next notes  
Nov'r 21st Interred THOMAS MACGRATH of ye Kingdom of Ireland. Serv't to Mr Hooky Bonaventure. He was drowned by accident in a pond by venturing on the ice  
30th Interred WILLIAM HARBON of Wareham Dorset, Serv't to Mr Geo. Ivymy. Died by ye accid't of hard [?] drinking  
Decem'br 3rd 1770 Interred THOMAS CLOTHIER Son to John & Mary Clothier a child about a year old  
Decem'br 19th Interred CATHARINE HARRIS Relict of Thomas Harris Aged thirty seven years  
Jan'ry 10th 1771 Interred JOSEPH WHITE Serv't to Mr John Morse aged nigh 70 years died accidentily in ye night at Mrs Wall's Nr side Trinity  
PAGE 26 (1771)    
Date Details Notes
Feb'ry 10th 1771 Interred JAMES MACGRATH Serv't to Mr Lester  
March 5th Interred Mrs MARY TAVERNER Spouse to Mr Jacob Taverner aged fifty two years  
March 28th Interred PATRICK FOWLER Husband of Rachel's North Side Trinity See 2: Decem'br 69  
April 27th Interred Mr JACOB TAVERNER SEN'R Husband to Mary afors'd Aged fifty two years  
May 27th Interred JOHN DAY Husband to Mary. Planter in Salmon Cove  
June 13th Interred PETER HULLS Sailor to Cap'tn John Warren in Employ Mr Lester  
June 28th Interred JOHN HISCOCK Planter in Riders Harbour Husband to Susannah  
July 5th Interred WILLIAM FITZGERALD Serv't to Mr Rich'd Cook  
Sep'tr 26th Interred FRANCIS BOUCHER of Portsmouth Hants one the ship carpenters to Messeurs I. & B. Lester  
Oct'r 8th Interred EDWARD CANAVAN Son to Mary Smith Aged six weeks  
Oct'r 6th Interred WILLIAM VINCENT Serv't to Mr Rich'd Waterman  
13th Interred Mrs GRACE ABBOT SEN'R Spouse to Mr Matthew Abbot Planter in Trinity Aged thirty one years  
PAGE 27 (1771)    
Date Details Notes
Nov'r 3rd Interred JOHN CLOTHIER Son to John & Mary Clothier about three weeks old  
Nov'r 23rd To next notes  
Decem'br 1st Interred EDWARD FORD Serv't to Messrs I & B Lester  
Jan'ry 17th 1772 Interred JOHN LEE Serv't to Reeves, Son & Hills South Side Trinity  
Feb'ry 8th Interred AARON EMMERY Son to Mrs Ann Balfour by her first husband Moses Emmery Aged nine years  
Feb'ry 18th Interred ELIAS SPENCER aged 83 years  
March 2nd Interred MATTHEW MORSE Serv't to Mr Wm Pottle in English Harbr Trinity District  
11th Interred Mr WILLIAM WALTER Planter in Trinity Husband to Sarah aged 56 years  
12th Interred Mr JAMES BUGDEN of XtChurch Hants aged 59 years [refers to Christchurch in Hampshire before a boundary change placed it in Dorset]
May 31st ########  
PAGE 28 (1772)    
Date Details Notes
June 3rd Interred JOHN BRYNNAN [?] Serv't to Mr John Moors N. S. Trinity [surname difficult to read]
6th Interred GEORGE TULLY of Xtxhurch Hants Serv't to Mr John Moors N. S. Trinity [refers to Christchurch in Hampshire before a boundary change placed it in Dorset]
June 23rd Interred PETER STANELY [?] in Mr Mellony's employ This man's corpse was brought abruptly into church without any notice given of it  
Aug'st 30th Interred JOHN MORELY Son to James & Mary Morely aged three weeks  
Oct'r 1st Interred JOHN SULY in the 80 year of his age formerly Planter in Trinity  
7th Interred THOMAS CLOTHIER Son to John & Mary Clothier aged about two (2) days  
8th Interred PETER HYDE Serv't to Mr Lester  
  next notes  
Feb'r 1st 1773 Interred HENRY SHOVRAH a native of France Serv't to Mr Benj'n Lester  
March 28th Interred ELIZABETH PECKHAM Spouse to Mr William Peckham Planter in English Harbr. - In the thirty fourth year of her age  
April 7th Interred PHILIP ADAMS Serv't to Mr Geo. Ivymy Eng. Harb'r  
PAGE 29 (1773)    
Date Details Notes
April 25th 1773 Interred JACOB COURAGE Serv't to Mr Tho's Cram Old Perlican  
May 18th Interred JOHN SNOW Serv't to Mr'e I & Benj'n Lester  
22nd Interred PATRICK FOWLOW Serv't to Mr Tho's Kidmon N Side Trinity  
June 2nd Interred WILLIAM WARREN SENIOR of Parlican In this seventy third year of his age & lived in a married state fourty five years, and decenty [sic] brought up a numerous family.  
July 23rd Interred JOSEPH EAMES of Marshfield in the County of Plymouth, Province Massachusets [sic] Bay New England about 22 or 23 years of age  
Aug'st 16th Intered WILLIAM RIAN Son to Catharine Halloguhan Said to be William Rian's aged about three weeks  
Sep'tr 9th Interred JOHN DUNYVAN Serv't to Mr Samuel White, Merch't in Pool [sic]. He was a native of Ireland.  
Oct'r 16th Interred GEORGE MORELY in the fifteenth year of his age  
Nov'r 6th Interred RICHARD SPARKS of Xtchurch Hampshire in the thirty first year of his age [refers to Christchurch in Hampshire before a boundary change placed it in Dorset]
PAGE 30 (1773)    
Date Details Notes
Nov'r 8th Interred JOHN VEAL of Old Church Parish near Ardmore County of Waterford Kingdom of Ireland.  
12th Interred THOMAS PURSER of the City of Winchester Hants.  
  To next notes  
23rd Interred WILLIAM POWEL aged Ninety one years  
March 2nd 1774 Interred MARY KEIL Daughter to Eliza Jessup by her first husband Sam'l Keil aged sixteen years  
March 6th Interred MARY MORELY Daughter to James & Mary Morely aged about eighteen months  
April 28th Interred ANN KIDMON Spouse to Thomas Kidmon  
May 12th Interred WILLIAM HOLFORD Son to William & Ann Holford aged two months & ten days  
June 5th Interred MARTIN MAGUIRE of the County of Cork Kingd'm of Ireland Serv't to Mr Lester [someone else has written "Maguire" above the name]
Sep'tr 20th Interred JACOB TAVERNER JUN'R Aged 32 years. Elder son to Benjamin & Ann Taverner  
PAGE 31 (1774)    
Date Details Notes
Oct'r 5th 1774 Interred PATRICK MALONE Planter of Riders Harb'r of the Parish of County of Kilkenny Kingdom of Ireland.  
13th Interred JOHN SCRIVENER of Corffe Dorset Serv't to Mr Christ'n Jolliff Merch't in Poole  
27th Interred THOMAS HEWET of XtChurch Hants Serv't to Mess'rs Lester [refers to Christchurch in Hampshire before a boundary change placed it in Dorset]
Nov'r 2nd Interred THOMAS POWER of White Church Parish County of Waterford Kingdom of Ireland. Serv't to Mess'rs Lester  
Jan'ry 18th 1775 Interred MARY LOCKYER Spouse to Richard Lockyer. Planter in English Harb'r in the 37th year of her age  
Feb'r 21st Interred CHARLES MAHONY of the County of Waterford Kingdom of Ireland Serv't to Mr Thomas Street Merch't in Poole Dorset  
March 16th Interred SARAH GREAT Spouse to Robert Great in Trinity  
PAGE 32 (1775)    
Date Details Notes
March 31st Interred SARAH LOCKYER Daughter to Rich'd & Mary Lockyer aged eleven years  
May 4th Interred ROGER DROWEN [?] f'm Plymouth Serv't to Mess'rs Lester Merch't in Poole [surname May be 'Droweh' as the last letter appears as though the upstroke of the 'h' May have faded]
May 9th Interred RICH'D TRINNAMEN Serv't to Mess'rs Lester  
21st Interred THOMAS FERRERS Foylit near Tarmitin Plym'th Devon Serv't to Messrs Lester aged 38 years  
June 7th Interred HENRY HALLOT of [name of place left blank] Serv't to Mr Maloney Planter  
15th Interred CHRISTIAN ROW aged sixty two years  
24th Interred SARAH BETTIS Spouse to Richard Bettis in Trinity  
July 2nd Interred JOSEPH DURDLE aged 48 years  
4th Interred JAMES MORELY a native of Norwich. Serv't to Mess'rs Lester  
16th Interred JOHN TIBBS planter in Salmon Cove  
23rd Interred SARAH Daughter to John & Mary WISEMAN about eleven months old  
PAGE 33 (1775)    
Date Details Notes
July 28th Interred JOSEPH ROGERS f'm Scilly Cove Husband to Eliza  
30th Interred JEAN TIBBS Spouse to John aforsed [sic] Interred the sixteenth  
Sep'tr 30th Interred FRANCIS CONORS Son to Maurice & Elizabeth Conors aged 5 weeks. This child was accidentily [sic] murdered by the drunkeness of the mother & licentiousness of her gallants  
Nov'r 27th Interred JOHN TALBUT Son to Jeames [sic] & Mary Tallbut [sic] aged 1 year  
29th Intered [sic] WILLIAM DEYER Servant to Mr Garrat Laundrews Roman Catholick [sic]  
January 17th 1776 Interred SARAH GARRATT Widow to Jonathan Garratt Plantar [sic] in Fox Island Ag [sic] 66 years  
25th Interred MARY BARNS widow aged 84 years  
  Interred WILLIAM KIRBEY Servant to Andrew Maloaney planter North [?] Roman Catholik [sic] [edge of page is missing]
March ye 4th Interred HANAH JONES Wife of Mr William Jones Planter in English Harbour  
ye 9th Interred JOHN FOWELL [or TOWELL?] Servant to Mr William Sweett [sic] plantar [sic] in Trinity Roman Catholick [sic]  
PAGE 34 (1776)    
Date Details Notes
April 13 Intered JOHN SKULLEY Servant to Mr Isaac Haggard planter  
22nd Intered ROBERT HARTT plantar [sic] in English Harbour aged 44 years  
13th Intered JOSEPH BAKAR from Mr Streets Room A Stranger  
May 21 Intered JAMES NEWELL [?] Son of Mr Jonah Newell [?] [surname difficult to read]
31 Intered JOSEPH FOSTER Riders Harbor  
June 9 Intered WILLIAM MILLAR  
June 11 Intered SARAH HISCOCK Wife of Joseph Hiscock in Fox Island  
18th Interred ELECSANDAR BARRATT Ag'd 75 years  
21st Interred JOHN GIBBS Servant to George Woolfrey at Bonaventure  
July 14th Interred DINNIS MURPHY Roman [word missing] Servant to Andrew Malone North Side  
August 18th Intered RICHARD BURK Servant to Mr Thomas Archar Roman Cathalick [sic]  
September 25 Interred ELIZABETH LOCKYER Daughter of Richard & Mary Lockyer English Harbour  
October 11 Intered A daughter to Mr HART English Harbour  
17th Intered JOHN GAULTON Drown'd  
November 20th Intered JOHN BLAKNEY Drowned Servant to Captin [sic] Street  
PAGE 35 (1777)    
Date Details Notes
5 January Intered BRAMOND [or EDMOND?] BEAVERICK [or BRAVERICK?] [both names difficult to read]
15th Interred THOMAS MOGIER Sailemaker [sic] to Mr Lester  
29 Intered Mr WILLIAM PECKHAM of English Harbour planter aged 44 years  
March 14th Intered a son & daughter to James & Ann [?] GOLDWITHEY of Salman [sic] Cove the Boy ag'd 12 HOWARD ditto 24 [difficult to read]
ye 17 October Enterrd ELIAS [?]FONSON Servant to Mr Lester Native of the Isle White [sic]  
21st Enterrd JOHN SWEET Son of John and Mary Sweet aged 44 years. Brought home from sea dead being suffocated with liquor  
22nd Enterrd MARGREAT JEANES Daughter of William & Sarah Jeanes  
27 February 1778 Enterred JOHN NEYLE [?] Servant to Capt'n Streete [sic]  
May 26th Interrd JOHN WHALLEN Son of Thomas & Mary Wheallon [sic]  
PAGE 36 (1778)    
Date Details Notes
June 29th Enterred CHARLS JEFFORES Servant to Mr Street  
  Enterred ROBERT CU[ill.]BY Servant to Mr Lester  
5th September Entered a son saide to be Thomas ARCHARS about three months old  
30th Enterred NICHOLAS BLEEN [?] Servant to Mr Garrat Laundrus Roman  
November 3rd Interred Mr WILLIAM JONES planter in English Harbour aged 59 years  
Janury [sic] 7th 1779 Interred DEARBEY BAIRDEN [?] Servant to Mr Thomas Street Drownded by acedent by falling in a hole on the warfe [surname difficult to read]
January 23rd Interred ELIZABETH ARCHAR Widdow aged 71 [?] years  
March 19th Interred DARILL MAHANEY (Servant to Mr Benjamin Lester) of the Kingdom of Ireland  
PAGE 37 (1779)    
Date Details Notes
May 22 [?] Interred JOHN HUSEY of Salmon Cove aged 75 years  
June 27th Interred SABRIAH [?] Wife to John HUSEY deceased [someone else has written "Zipporah" above the first name]
27 October Interred JOSEPH COPPEN Servant to Mr Lester  
January 11th 1780 Interred Mr JAMES POTTLE of English Harbour aged [left blank]  
April the 9th Interred a Daughter of Susanah GELLIT Named SUSANAH  
12 Interred WILLIAM PECKHAM Servant to Mr Potle [sic] English Harbour  
the same day Interred a son of Mr POTLE named JOHN  
16th Interred WILLIAM DALLY Servant to Mr Lester  
May 30th Interred WILLIAM GUPPEY Servant to Richard Powell  
July 29th Interred SOLAMAN HANDSFORD Servant to Mr Lester  
18 September Intered A daughter to Mr John & Dinah HARTT baptised by Benjamen Higeon [?] by the name of MARY  
October 24th Interrd ELIZABETH Wife of Joseph MOOR  
December 12 Interred W'M WAINE [?] Servant to Mr Benjamen Lester  
PAGE 38 (1781)    
Date Details Notes
February 11th Interred ELIZABETH HARDEN Wife of John Harden in Trinity  
March 23rd Interred PHILIP Son of George & Margreat [sic] IVMEY English Harbour  
March 27 Interred GILES [?] HALL aged 88 years  
April 11th Interred [ill.]MORRISE POTLE by acident [sic] by the falling or foundering of a cliff  
September 5 Interred THO'S LARANCE Servant to Mr William Jones of English Harbour  
6th [?] Interred ELIZABETH Wife of Mathew JUSEP at North Side  
November 29 Interred ANN STIVEY Daughter of John & Rose Stivey Salmon Cove  
December 21 Interred RICHARD COOK Planter Aged 44 years  
4th March 1782 Interred ELIZABETH TAVERNER Daughter of the widdow [sic] Taverner Aged 24 years  
PAGE 39 (1782)    
Date Details Notes
28th April Interred MARTHA BARNES Daughter of John & Mary Barnes in Trinity  
22nd July Interred ANDREW BRINE Son of John & Ann Brine  
29 July Interrd MARY RYNE Daughter William & Catharine Ryne Aged 2 months  
August 2nd Interred JOHN HARDON & JOHN DEYAR  
29 Interred A son to David & Catharine DEIGEL [?] [surname difficult to read]
15 September Interrd DINNIS [sic] GRIFFEN Servant to Mr Benjamen Lester Roman Cathelick [sic]  
October 5th [?] 1782 Interred GEORGE & JAMES IVMEY tow [sic] brothers both belonging to Mr Pottle of English Harbour  
  Interrd MARY JONES & JAMES POTTLE sister to Wm Jones & son of Mr William Pottle of English Harbour at all one time  
27th Interrd THOMAS CLARK Son of Robbert & Vine Clark  
31 Interred BARNARD PINHORN Son of Joseph & Martha Pinhorn Aged 12 years  
PAGE 40 (1782)    
Date Details Notes
October 2nd [?] Interred ELIZABETH JAMES  
27th Interrd ELIZABETH CLARK Daughter to Robbert & Vine Clark in Trinity  
3rd January 1783 Interrd THOMAS TAILOR [?] [surname difficult to read]
February Interrd JOHN HORDON [?] Son of John & Sarah Hordon [?]  
13th Interrd CHARLES TUCKER Servant to Mr Thomas [ill.] Merchant [someone else has written "Henery" above the name]
4th May Interrd JAMES POOR Servant to Mr Lester Merchant who was by accident drowned going home  
June 1 Interrd JOHN CEINE Servant to Mr Lester Merchant in Pool [sic]  
22nd A son of John & Ann VIRGE  
June 24 Interrd JOHN VIRGE about 3 years old  
  Interrd MORICE FIZGART Servant Mr Lester Roman Catholick [sic]  
PAGE 41 (1783)    
Date Details Notes
6 June Interrd MICHAL HOWLEY Servant to Mr Lester  
July 6th [?] Intered WILLIAM POWELL Son of Rich & Mary Powell aged 32 years  
7 August Interrd MARY POTLE North Side  
August 27 Interrd THOMAS ARCHAR Planter at Hogsnose in Trinity Aged 54 years  
28 Interrd JOHN CLOTHEIR [sic] Son of John & Mary Clotheir [sic] in Trinity  
25 Sept'br Interrd ELANOR Daughter of Mary ETHIEREDG [sic] said to be Patrick Barreys  
29th Sept'br 1783 Interrd ANN ANDERSON aged about 13 months Daughter of R'd & Mary Anderson  
9th October Interrd JOHN PINSHERD Servant to Mr Samual White Merchant in Poole  
13 Interrd RICHARD WOOLERIDG [sic] aged 3 weeks this was only private baptized by name Richard  
18 December 1783 Interrd FRANEY [?] RYNE Aged 57 years  
23 Interrd MORRICE SCANDLEN Roman Cathalike [sic] Servant to Mr Lester Merchant  
PAGE 42 (1784)    
Date Details Notes
Feburary [sic] 13 Interrd JOSEPH Son of Mr Richard & Sarah WATERMAN  
11 July 1784 Interrd ELIZABETH BAKER Wife of John Baker in Trinity  
August 8 1784 Interrd HENERY RING from Perlican Son of Henery King [sic] of Ants Harbour [someone else has written an "H" in front of "Ants"]
8 Interrd EDW'D DAILY Serv't to Benj'n Lester Esq'r & Co  
21 Interr'd a child of John & Eliz'h BAKER's of this Harb. [name left blank] aged 2 months  
Oct 11 A Serv't of Mr Streets Aged 48  
Nov 14 Interrd a dau'r of Rob't & Sarah HART of En'h Harb. aged 14 weeks  
16 Interrd a son of John & Dinah WHAREHAM [?] of [ill.] Harbr aged 9 weeks  
Jan. 21 1785 Interrd a son of Wm & Ann TIBBS of this Harb'r aged 2 months  
25 Interrd a dau'r of Jos'h & Jane TAVERNER's of this Harb'r Aged 1 month  
Feb'y 13 Interrd Mrs MARY BARNES wife of Mr John Barnes of this Harb'r Aged 63  
14 Interrd a Dau'r of Rob't & Hanna COLLINGHAM [?] Aged 7 weeks  
PAGE 43 (1785)    
Date Details Notes
April 24 Inter'd RICH'D WATERMAN of this Harb'r Planter aged 56  
May 25 Inter'd CORNEL HANAGAN [?] or HARRAGAN [?] Aged 60 yrs [?] [difficult to read]
Do Inter'd The Boatswain of a French ship  
Do Inter'd JOHN CHURCHILL Aged 20 yrs [?]  
Aug't 10 Inter'd EDM'D [ill.]HICH at Salmon Cove aged 30 yrs [?]  
Sep'r 11 Inter'd THO'S BAILEY Son of John Bailey aged 20  
26 Inter'd DAVID ROBISON Seaman on board his Majesty's Ship Thisbe aged 51 yrs [?]  
Oct'r 3 Inter'd Mrs MARY SWEET of this Harb'r aged 72  
4 [?] Inter'd [name left blank] Serv't belon'g to Mr McCarthy at Riders Harbr  
Nov'r 2 Inter'd DENNIS RYAN Agent to Dewis [?] Coke Esq'r Aged 45 yrs [?]  
13 Inter'd EDW'D BURK JUN'R of this Harbr aged 22 yrs [?]  
Decr 1 Inter'd THOMAS SPADE belong'g to Mr Stone  
30 Inter'd WILLIAM WHITE Sevt belongg to Jeffery & Street who was found drown'd under Mr Streets Warf the 28th [ill.] f'm every appear'ce his death was aciddental  
June 13 1786 Inter'd JO'S FOSTER Planter of Riders Harbour  
June 20 Inter'd RICH'D GINGER Serv't belong'g to Mr Waterman who was found drown'd near Mt Vallis's Warf - the body was examined before a jury who gave ye verdt accidental  
July 2 Inter'd RICH'D BURK of this Harbour aged 58 years  
9 Inter'd MARY CARTET [?] of this harbour aged 91 years [last letter in the surname is difficult to read]
Aug'st 15 [?] Inter'd ROBERT MATTHEWS of New Perlican in this district  
16 Inter'd [name left blank] BARRY Serv't to Benjn Lester Esq'r [ill.]  
17 Inter'd a son of Tho's & Mary WHEALEN aged 6 weeks  

Originally transcribed by Mary Rawlinson (July 2003)
Updated and formatted to a table layout by Linda Morris 2014

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