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Anglican Church Burials
1896 - 1901

Name Abode Died Buried Age Ceremony Performed By
William Eason Hare Bay Jan 11 1895 Jan 13 1895 72 W. Chas. White
Elizabeth Ann Hart Island Harbour Nov. 9 1895 Nov 10 1895 3 Thomas Foote, Layreader
Violet Shepperd Indian Islands Dec. 1895 Dec. 1895 14 Months E.B.Burry, Layreader
Jane Wetham? Fogo Feb. 18,1896 Feb.20 1896 25 W.Chas.White
Soloman Shepperd Indian Islands Feb16 1896 Feb 19 1896 21 E.B.Burry, Layreader
Edward Oake Fogo Mar.24 1896 Mar.26 1896 Infant M. Stone? Layreader
Elizabeth Penny Indian Islands     77 E.B.Burry, Layreader
Samuel Mugford Seldom-Come-By Apr3 1896 Apr.5 1896   P. Newell, Layreader
John Leyte E.Tickle,Fogo Jun. 9 1896 Jun.11 1896 18 W.Chas White, Priest
Joseph Torraville (?) Fogo     80 Aaron Stone, Layreader
Joseph Torraville Fogo July July   Henry J. Earle, Layreader
James Bixby Indian Islands Jul. 19 Jul.22 69 John Frampton, Layreader
Eliza Prince Fogo Aug.26 Aug.27 2 Months W.Chas.White
Maria Isabel Hiscock Fogo Sept.28 Sept.29 2 W. Chas. White
Sarah Jane Warrick Fogo Nov.6 Nov.8 53 W.Chas White,
Elijah Oake Fogo Nov.11 Nov.13 56 W.Chas. White
Phoebe Eveleigh Fogo Nov.16 Nov.18 56 W.Chas. White
Louisa Jane Oake Fogo Nov.23 Nov.25 53 W. Chas. White
Stewart Coles Blackhead Cove Oct.12 Oct.13 2 1/3 months Thomas Foote, Layreader
William Payne Fogo Feb 1897 Feb.1897   Aaron Stone, Layreader
James George Tizzard Fogo Mar.22 1897 Mar.23 1897 1 month W.Charles White
George Barnes Island Harbour May 23 1897 May 24 1897 37 W.Charles White
John Randle Fogo May.24 May 25 1897 29 W.Charles White
William Barnes Island Harbour May. 29 May.31 70 A.Stone Layreader
Mabel Hyde Fogo Jun.2 Jun.4 14 months W.Charles White
Caroline Wells E. Tickle, Fogo Jun.9 Jun.9 6 days W.Charles White
Fred Green Lock's Cove, Fogo Jun.15 Jun.16 Infant W.Charles White
Sarah Green Lock's Cove, Fogo Jun.15 Jun.16 Infant W.Charles White
Alfred Leslie Ludlow Fogo Aug.27 Aug.29 2 months W.Charles White
Thomas William Mahaney Fogo Sept.23 Sept.24 3 weeks W.Charles White
Mary Leate E. Tickle, Fogo Oct.12 Oct.14 30 W.Charles White
Fred Payne Fogo Oct.17 Oct.23 5 months W.Charles White
Charles Prince Fogo Oct.24 Oct.26 Infant W.Charles White
Florence Harnett Wild Cove, Seldom June Jun.11 1Yr. 11 months P.Newell L.R.
Sc? Ellen Leate E. Tickle, Fogo   Nov.12 2 months A.Stone L.R.
Robert ? Iss? Fogo Nov. 11 Nov. 13 73 W.Charles White
William Rowe Seldom-Come-By Sept.30 Oct.2   P.Newell L.R.
Sarah Rebecca Leate E. Tickle, Fogo Dec.9 Dec.10 16 W.Charles White
Thomas Leate E. Tickle, Fogo Dec.15 Dec.16 8+2/3 yrs W.Charles White
Harold Loder Fogo Jan.19,1898 Jan.21 2yrs 8 months W.Charles White
Stanley James Bennett Fogo Mar.1 Mar.3 4 Yrs W.Charles White
Cecelia Sarah Ludlow Fogo Apr.4 Apr.6 33 W.Charles White
William Ludlow Fogo Apr.8 Apr.11 61 W.Charles White
Isaac Boone Little Seldom - Apr.13 Apr.15 Infant P. Newell, Lay Reader
  Come - By        
Thomas Boone Little Seldom - Apr.15 Apr.15 Infant P. Newell, Lay Reader
  Come - By        
Edward Walbourne Fogo Apr.6 Apr.9 2 months A. Stone, Lay Reader
Thomas William Tizzard Fogo Apr.13 Apr.14 3 W.Charles White
Sarah Prince Fogo May.23 May.25 7 W.Charles White
Daisy Harriet Randle Fogo May.24 May.26 7 W.Charles White
John Ludlow Fogo Jun. 4 Jun.6 36 W.Charles White
Phoebe Jane Waterman Hare Bay Jul.31 Aug.1 5+1/2 months W.Charles White
Fred Randle B? NFLD Northern Aug.25 Aug.30 5 months W.Charles White
  ? Railway        
Fred's abode looks like Boston or Beutou? Also Nfld Northern and ? Railway was in brackets.
Isabella Banks Fogo Sept 16/18? Sept.20 39 W.Charles White
Andrew Burry E. Tickles, Fogo Oct.8 Oct.10 73 W.Charles White
Elizabeth Ann Dean Seldom-Come-By Oct.29 Oct.30 35 W.Charles White
Allan Payne East. Tickle, Fogo Nov.19 Nov.22 20 W.Charles White
Thomas Footes Island Hr. Dec.18 Dec.20 86 Thomas Torraville, Lay Reader
Ann Cole Hare Bay Feb.? Feb.13 78 A. Stone, Lay Reader
Charles Torraville Fogo Mar.12 Mar.15 34 W.Charles White
Josiah Payne Fogo Apr.6 Apr.8 59 W.Charles White
Thomas William Torraville Fogo Apr.8 Apr.11 1 Yr 10 months W.Charles White
Rose Olive Simms?   May.6 May.8 10 months P.Newell, Lay Reader
? Budgell Wild Cove ? ?   P.Newell, Lay Reader
  Seldom- Come-By        
Selena Dawe Seldom- Come-By Jun.10 Jun.14 46 W.Charles White
Eliza Footes Island Hr.       Thos. A.Torraville
Susan Cole Blackhead Cove Jun.15 Jun.18 81 W.Charles White
Naomi Simms Botwoodville Jun-27 Jul.2 34 W.Charles White
  Late of Fogo        
Mary Sibley Fogo Jan.10 Jan.12 31 W.Charles White
Hannah Cole Hare Bay Jan.16 Jan.18 64 W.Charles White
Jane Simms Fogo Jan.28 Jan.30 83 W.Charles White
Edna Bridge Fogo Apr.15 Apr.17 88 W.Charles White
Joanna Torraville Fogo Apr.28 Apr.30 19 W.Charles White
William Dawe Seldom Come By Jun.17 Jun.19   Ed? Layman? Lay Reader
Enoch Burrey Eastern Tickle Fogo Aug.16 Aug.18 22 W.Charles White
Elizabeth Payne Fogo Aug.31 Sept.2 82 W.Charles White
Harriet Jane Simms Fogo Aug.31 Sept.2 14 W.Charles White
Alexander Rose Fogo Sept.23 Sept.25 84 W.Charles White
Anne Budden Seldom Come By Nov.11 Nov.13 81 P.Newell, Lay Reader
Thomas Layman? Fogo Mar.28 Mar.30 78 Aaron Stone, Layreader
Alphanus? Coffin Joe Batt's Arm Jan.5 Jan.6 3 weeks John ? Lay Reader
?? Joe Batt's Arm Feb.21 Feb.22 4 months John ? Lay Reader
? Torraville Fogo May.17 may.17 10 Aaron Stone, Lay Reader
? James Sibley Fogo May.27 May.29 3 months Aaron Stone, Lay Reader
? Coffin Joe Batt's Arm May.22 May.23 4 John ? Lay Reader
Louisa Newman? Joe Batt's Arm May.27 May.29 26 John ? Lay Reader
Thomas Leate Eastern Tickle, Fogo Jun.1 Jun.4 21 ? A. Butler
Kenneth Payne Fogo Jun.29 Jun.30 1 ? A. Butler
Amelia Gard Fogo Jul.20 Jul.23 70 ? A. Butler
Martha Gillott? Fogo Jul.27 Jul.28 69 ? A. Butler
Jonathon Brett Fogo Aug. Aug.27 51 A.Stone, Lay Reader
Eldrid Nippard Hare Bay Sept.7 Sept.9 Infant A.Stone, Lay Reader
Llewelyn Gilbert Coffin Joe Batt's Arm Aug.30 Sept.1 1 John ? Lay Reader
John Brett Barr'd Islds Sept.25 Sept.27 86 John ? Lay Reader
George Wells Eastern Tickle, Nov.27 Nov.28 9 weeks ? A. Butler
Eli Penny Indian Islands Sept.4 Sept.6 55 Aubrey ? L.R.
George Tizzard Fogo Dec.9 Dec.11 76 A.Stone, Lay Reader

This page transcribed by Terri (nee) Wheeler Bonnevie (November, 2001)

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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