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It should be noted that this group of records came from a page that was very difficult to read. The informaiton is as accurate as possible but information from this page may need additional verification when using.


Jan.††††12A Dauír. to ELENOR PARROTT? of Salmon Cove by THOS. LYNCH (Bastard)† Privíy. named MARY.
Feb. †††15 A Dauír. to GEO. WHITE by his Spouse? ELIZABETH† Pubíy.? named ANN Aged 12 Yr
 19 A Son to JOHN and HANNAH BARNS of this Harbír. Privíy. named JOSEPH.
† † †19 A Son to MARY TIBBS of this Harbír., by ??? THANCER (?) , of this Harbír. (Bastard)† Privíy. named Pubíy. 24 July 1803 JOSEPH.
Apr.†††1A Son to PATíK. & MARY BARRY of this Harbír. Privíy. named JOHN.
 26Son to SUSANNAH JUSTICAN of this Harbír. by JOHN CASHMAN? †??? ??? ???† JOHN JEFFERY? (Bastard) Privíy. named JOHN.
 29A Dauír. to ELIZíH. CLOTHIER of this Harbír. by JOHN HALL (??? of †??? Mineroa?)† beloní? to MR. STONE? (Bastard) Privíy, Named (Pubíy, ???? 1796?) MARGARET
May †† 2 A Son to ANDREW & CATHERINE TAVERNER of this Harbír. Pubíy. named ANDREW Aged 4??
† †† 15 A Dauír. to JANE NICHOLS? by JOHN MEAGHER COOPER? with *

*There is more to this entry but it is blacked out in the copying process. Also, the bottom edge of the document has deteriorated taking part †of the entry with it. - Transcriber

May†† 15 A Son to JOHN & SARAH HODDER of this Harbír Privíy. Named Publicíy 28 October 1795 CHARLES YOUNG
†Sept (?)12 A Son to JAMES & JOAN IVAMY English Harbír. in this District Pubíy. Named James Pottle
Sept (?) 20A Dauír. *
*This is all there was to the entry Ė Transcriber
Oct†††2 Three Dauírs. to JAMES & FRANCES MOORES of this Harbír. Pubíy.† Elizabeth aged 14 years, Patience aged 13 Yrs, Grace aged 2 Yrs
 16 A Son to JAMES AND JANE IVAMY of Bonaventure in this District. Pubíy. aged 8 months Named JAMES.
 18Two Dauírs. to JOSEPH & ELIZíH. IVAMY of this Harbír, Pubíy. †Named PATIENCE & MARY
††††††14 A Son to WM. & MARY MILLER of Bonaventure Pubíy. Named WILLIAM Aged 18 Months
 27 A Dauír. to ANN COMBS of this Harbír. Pubíy. Named ANN Aged 17 Yr.
The same day a Dauír. to JANE NICHOLS of this Harbír. Pubíy. Named ELIZABETH Aged 10 Yr.
Nov 7 A Dauír. to PHILIP & CATHíE MAGRATH of this Harbír Privíy. Pubíy.† 21. Aug. 1791Ö Named MARY.
 27 A Son to JOHN & MARY HUNT of this Harbír. Privíy. Pubíy. 3 Octobír 1791 Named WILLIAM.
Dec (?) 8A son to WM & ANN PITTMAN of this Harbír Privíy. Named GEORGE WHITE† Pubíy. 1 Octír. 1791.
May (sic)† 15A Dauír. to JASPER & ANN HISCOCK of this Harbír Privíy. Pubíy. 1 Janíy 1791,† Named SARAH.
 17 A Son to CORNELIUS & MARY MOLONEY of this Harbír Named JOHN.
  19 A Son to SAMíL & MARY ANDERSON of this Harbír. Publickly 21 Nov 1790
 21 A Dauír. to JAMES & ELIZíH† IVAMY of this Harbír, Privíy. Named Mary.
 25 A Son to THO'S. & ELIZíH LAMBERT of this Harbír, Privíy. Pubíy. 5 June 1791, Named THOMAS.
 26 A Son and Dauír. (Twins), to JOSEPH & ELIZíH MOORS of this Harbír. Privíy. Named WILLIAM?, Pubíy 14 Octír 1791 and Named SARAH, †Pubíy 12 August 1792.
††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††
June††11 A Son to†Capt ROBíT (of the ship Brittainia) and MARY JONES of this†^Harbír. Privíy. Pubíy. 4 Sep. 1790, Named ROBI??**
** Edge of page has deteriorated taking part of the name with it-Transcriber
 14 A Dauír to JOS & MARTHA PINHORN of this Harbír Pubíy. 8 March 1791, Named PRISCILLA?
July††14A Son to the Rev. JOHN CLINCH by his wife, HANNAH. P??? Named GEORGE CHARLES ROUTH?
 27 A Son to MARY GOLDWORTHY of Salmon Cove by WILLIAM HISCOCK of the same place. (Bastard) Privíy Named THOMAS 26 May 1790.† Pubíy.16 Febíy 1794.
  30A Dauír to SAMíL & ELIZíH PARROT of this Harbír, Privíy Named SARAH.
 31 A Son to ROBíT & SARAH HART of English Harbír, Pubíy named †JOSEPH
Aug † 8A Dauír to GEO. & SARAH CUTLER of this Harbír. Privíy Named MARY ANN. Pubíy 2 Nov. 1791.
Sep't†3 A Son to GEORGE & MARY EVELY of this Harbír* Pub'ly 8th Nov 1802 Priv'y named Joseph (?)
*Rest of this entry is lost in the deterioration of the bottom of the page.-Transcriber

Transcribed by Gordon Bennett (February 2004)
This file compared and updated from the Pre-1891 information
forms provided by the Churches - April 2012 - Linda Morris

Page Revised: February 2004 (Don Tate)

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