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Old News of Newfoundland (Part xxviii3)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

March 1928

Mar. 21:
Tern schooner "General Byng" bound from Turk's Island to Grand Bank
with cargo of salt was abandoned yesterday in sinking condition and crew
taken off by S.S. "Koriholm" bound for Sweden. Schooner was set on fire
when abandoned. [This was done as a precautionary measure to avoid
possible collision with other vessels that may be in the area.] "General Byng"
was owned at Grand Bank.

Mar. 23:
Favorable consideration by Canada of any proposal from Newfoundland
for union with the Dominion was urged in the Canadian Senate yesterday.
Sir Allen Aylesworth counselled caution declaring it behooves Canada to
approach the question appreciating the delicacy of the position. Hon. Rufus
Pope said that if Canada was ever to have Labrador restored to the Dominion
now was the time to consider the question. Americans were scouting through
Labrador and American commitments there might make it difficult in future
for Canada to get back that territory.

Mar. 24:
The captain of the S.S. "Viking" reports to the Minister of Posts and Telegraphs
this morning that the man COLLINGMORE of Catalina who is on board his ship
and suffering from pneumonia was much better this morning. He is being treated
through wireless messages received from the doctor on the "Nascopie".

Mar. 25 [or 26, unclear]:
Mr. Herbert KNIGHT, senior practicing barrister of this city [St. John's] died
yesterday p.m.

Mar. 28:
Clara WATERMAN of Torbay is in hospital in critical state as result of
frightful burns. She was employed as domestic with Mr. J.W. HISCOCK,
Rennies Mill Road and yesterday morning poured kerosene oil on the
kitchen fire to make it burn better. In the explosion which followed her 
clothes were burned from her body which was very badly scarred.

Mar. 30:
Senator Tanner's resolution to the effect that favorable considerations
should be given to any overtures [that] might be made by Newfoundland
toward union with Canada were again discussed in the Canadian House
of Commons yesterday. It was supported by Hon. G.D. Robertson while 
Hon. J.P. Casgrain said the people of Newfoundland are happy and I think
we should leave them 

Clara WATERMAN, the victim of Monday's burning accident passed
away at General Hospital last night.

Mar. 31:
Message to Deputy Minister of Customs yesterday stated that schooner
"Admiral Dewey" had arrived at Grand Bank from the Banks reporting
that 2 members of her crew, Patrick BRUSHETT and William BARRY
of Marystown are astray in their dory.

Sealing schooner "Guide", SEELEY, master, has cleared from Channel
with 14 men to prosecute the sealing fishery.



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