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Old News of Newfoundland (Part xxviii2)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

March 1928

Mar. 9:
Sealing steamers reported in same position as yesterday. Captain Wes KEAN
believes seals are to eastward of ships. "Neptune" and "Terra Nova" in Gulf,
report ice in large sheets butting together but making poor progress. The
"Viking" arrived 7 o'clock this morning. New circulation pump will be put
in immediately.

Auxiliary vessel "Young Harp", Captain George RIDEOUT, with crew of 23
men cleared from Port Union yesterday.

Yesterday's blizzard was worst for years. Traffic was tied up in the city last
night by heavy snow fall. Along the railway line from Whitbourne to Clarenville
blizzard was very heavy. Incoming Express was storm bound at Clarenville but
east of Whitbourne the storm had passed though it was working west and at
three o'clock has reached Bishop's Falls Station.

Mrs. Walter G.R. Hinchcliffe stated yesterday that her husband had no
intention of flying to Newfoundland, at least until he made a trip to India
 Mrs. Hinchcliffe said her husband was at Cramwell getting plane in trim
for a flight to India. Hon. Elsie Mackay stated that she had no intention
of making long distance flight with Walter Hinchcliffe.

Mar. 12:
Sealing steamers at the Front seem to be among the seals. Kill will begin
tomorrow morning.

Mar. 13:
Steamers at the Front report white coats in small patches containing from six
hundred to three thousand. "Nascopie" reports having steamed through three
such patches and is still trying to locate main patch. "Terra Nova" making good
progress and is now 25 miles northeast of St. Paul's and reports occasional
lakes of water making progress easier. "Neptune" making poor progress west
northwest of Cape Ray.

[Notice] to all [telegraph] offices: Capt. Hinchcliffe left England noon today
on trans-Atlantic flight. Should be over Newfoundland early morning. Please
make public and report promptly if and when sighted. [Signed] Geo. J.
VEITCH, Sup't.

Mar. 14:
Captain Walter Hinchcliffe with supposed passenger Hon. Elsie Mackay
under name of Gordon Sinclair began trans-Atlantic flight from Cramwell,
England at 5:45 yesterday morning bound for Newfoundland. French
steamer reports seeing plane due Newfoundland today. Washington reports
favorable weather conditions for today.

Mar. 15:
No sign of Captain Walter Hinchcliffe's trans-Atlantic monoplane "Endeavour"
since it was seen over Irish coast heading for Newfoundland. London despatch
claims that plane is gassed for fifty hours and that the Hon. Elsie Mackay is
the passenger.

Another sealer S.S. "Florence", Capt. George BRAGG sailed from Greenspond
for the northern seal fishery Tuesday. Ship carries crew of 40 men.

Mar. 16:
Hinchcliffe's monoplane "Endeavour" still unreported.

Mar. 19:
[Sealing ships have killed and "stowed" a number of seals in their first attempt
at the Front, and at present] conditions bad. Ships searching for new

Captain L. STEPHENSON of S.S. "Caribou" died at North Sydney yesterday
after an illness of three weeks.

All hope of Captain Hinchcliffe's plane "Endeavour" is now abandoned.

[As a point of interest, not exactly accommodating for either search partites or
for sealing, today's weather:] Strong winds or gales from the east and southeast
with snow or rain.


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