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Old News of Newfoundland (Part xxvi2)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

January 1928

Jan. 18:
Yesterday [an] award of 1000 [dollars] which will be paid to the person or
persons who find the missing aeroplane "Dawn" or its occupants or may give
information that might lead to the finding of either or both was telegraphed
from New York payable to the order of Mr. J.A. ROBINSON of the "Daily
News" which paper this morning publishes an interview with Mr. J.G. MUIR
who is the solicitor investigating the various reports that are coming in from
all parts of the country. Mr. MUIR submitted affidavits and telegrams which
indicated that on the 24th of December the hum of an aeroplane engine was
heard in quite a number of places in Conception Bay. Search parties are now
covering some of the ground.

Message to the Minister of Justice yesterday reported the destruction by
fire of the Church of England Rectory at Cartwright [Labrador] on the 3rd
of January. A gale raging at the time made control of the flames impossible
and one report estimates the loss at $10,000. As communication with
Cartwright is closed until the spring it will be impossible to send relief until

Jan. 19:
Captain George HEATER, formerly of Harbour Grace, died at Victoria,
B.C. on Tuesday.

Jan. 20:
Searchers for the "Dawn" so far have failed to find any trace.

Jan. 21:
S.S. "Newfoundland" which arrived yesterday with English mails brought
new sealing plane for use at the ice fields.

South east gale with snow raged along the railway last night. The incoming
Express was held at Kitty's Brook and the outgoing at Codroy Pond.

Jan. 23:
Crew of schooner "Hetty B." of Cape Broyle regarding which there was
considerable anxiety landed in a dory at Trepassey on Saturday. The
schooner sprang a leak off Cape Pine and crew abandoned her.

Jan. 24:
At the Annual Meeting [of] the Board of Trade yesterday Hon. Capt. A.
KEAN was appointed to president.

John J. FAGAN, while attending the Nickel Theatre yesterday was suddenly
stricken and died a few minutes afterwards.

The Anglican Church situated between Joe Batt's Arm and Barr'd Islands was
totally destroyed by fire Sunday night.

Jan. 26:
Home of Dr. KEAN, Brookfield, Bonavista Bay, partially destroyed by fire
Tuesday night.

Jan. 27:
House at the head of Mundy Pond [St. John's] owned by Elijah GOOSENEY
but unoccupied, totally destroyed by fire last night.

At the Annual Meeting of the Great War Veteran's Association [GWVA]
held last night Lieut. Col. PATERSON was re-elected president.

In an interesting address on the forthcoming sealing voyages over the radio
last night Hon. E.B. JOB stated that 11 ships would prosecute the fishery
this year including the "Ungava", a ship practically identical with the
"Beothic", and the "Silvia", the largest steamer ever to prosecute the seal
fishery. These 11 steamers will represent a value of at least $2,000,000
inclusive of their outfit.

[We are not sure if the following is relevant to previous entry but follows
it in the journal; it appears that they are also preparing for the Newfoundland
seal fishery. It would be interesting to know whether or not American ships
played a part in the Newfoundland seal fishery, or perhaps that of the Gulf
fishery {of St. Lawrence}, or perhaps on behalf of companies here]:

New York message says that 18 steamers wired their agents that they would
be at least a day late owing to heavy weather.


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