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Old News of Newfoundland



Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs daily news journals as
compiled by Barbara Pederson 1998.

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs
April 1928

Apr. 14:
German plane Bremen landed at Greenly Island in the Straits of Belle Isle
about noon yesterday. The plane was about 34 hours in the air.

Apr. 16:
The Junker plane is still at Greenly Island but all reports state that satisfactory
repairs are being made to the plane which is expected to continue its way to
New York under its own power. The Canadian steamer "Montcalm" was
reported last night to be 75 miles from Greenly Island and would arrive there
today. The Canadian plane piloted by Duke Schiller landed at Greenly Island 
yesterday afternoon.

Rev. Arthur HOWITT was inducted as rector of St. Thomas' Church yesterday

Fire occurred yesterday morning in the building on MARSHALL's wharf
taken over by Harvey & Co. for cold storage purposes. Very little damage
was done.

Apr. 17:
Message from Point Amour says only the shaft of the Junker plane Bremen
was damaged in landing and it is repairable. Col. FitzMaurice, one of the
plane's crew left in the Quebec plane yesterday and landed in the p.m. at
Natashquan 250 miles from Greenly Island. It is said that [the] trip is to
procure the proper parts necessary to repair the airship.

Apr. 18:
The first story of the Bremen's flight came from a Grenfell nurse at Blanc
Sablon, Greta FERRIS [Gerris?] who, with a party from Mission Station
traveled 15 miles by dog sled to Greenly Island [to] lend what aid they
could to the airmen. Her story says that Baron Huenfeld was cold and very
nearly exhausted when they landed and had very nearly lost hope of ever
reaching land and that he was prepared to shoot his companions if the
worst came to the worst.. The Bremen was 36 hours on the trip, fought
heavy fog over the Newfoundland coast and tried to fly above it but
found this impossible as the fog was 200 feet high, then descending
within 50 feet of the waves but had to mount again owing to heavy
seas. The fliers say they flew over wooded country but could not locate
their position. Also flew over large river then a large mountain and
finally saw the light house which they thought to be a steamer. The
flight was stormy throughout and the fliers saw stars occasionally.
Latest report say they will not fly the Bremen to New York but will
leave it at Greenly Island for the present and continue to Montreal
in Canadian plane to pick up the Bremen's sister ship and fly it to
New York to take reception awaiting them there.

Message from Badger's Quay yesterday states that the house of
Hezekiah DYKE was destroyed by fire early Sunday morning with
all contents. Inmates barely escaped with their lives having to climb
out through windows. [Reads more like a house of convicts these
days but I'm sure they were just ordinary, innocent outport folks,
(just like me), who lived there...]

The Railway Commission has decided to re-rail the section of the
railway between Humbermouth and Port aux Basques with 70-pound
rails. Work will probably commence in the early summer. Order for
rails was placed in England yesterday.

The death occurred at Balmoral, Manitoba on Monday of Rev. Gilbert
SPURGEON CURTIS, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard CURTIS
of Blackhead, Bay de Verde.



Page Transcribed by Barbara Pederson (1998)
Page Revised by Craig Peterman (September 2002)

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