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Old News of Newfoundland (Part xxi)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs
January 1925

Jan. 2:
Premier Monroe and colleagues left Montreal for home last night [following
talks on the Labrador boundary question].

Jan. 5:
Premier Monroe and colleagues returning from Canada crossed to Port aux
Basques yesterday morning and are due in the city this afternoon.

Furness liner "Sachem" overdue here, lost her rudder Saturday in stormy seas
400 miles off the coast and having rigged a jury [temporary] rudder is coming
along slowly. She will be picked up this morning by S.S. "Manchester Hero"
and accompanied to this port.

Jan. 6:
The Prime Minister and colleagues reached city last evening. In an interview
Prime Minister states nothing yet for publication until matters submitted to
government but the conferences in many respects were highly satisfactory that
a long step towards an understanding had been reached in relation to Labrador
boundary question.

Jan. 8:
A storm of blizzard proportions swept over the city last night and in the height
of it a fire broke out in T.S. DEVINE's store on the South Side, destroying it
and its contents, and in addition the Hugh PROWSE premises and wharves
adjoining and a house occupied prevented the firemen from getting their
apparatus down the narrow South Side road and they were unable to do
effective work. The fire raged seven hours and for awhile caused anxiety as
the gasoline oil tanks of the Imperial Oil Company were situated only a few
yards from the PROWSE premises and if those had exploded it would be
impossible to estimate the damage that would have resulted. Fortunately, the
western end of the PROWSE's stores was built of stone, and this with the heroic
work of the firemen, policemen, and volunteers prevented a greater catastrophe.

Jan. 13:
Rev. G.W. ATKINSON, veteran Methodist minister died yesterday. [Not sure if
he is connected locally to Newfoundland, or if from world news elsewhere.]

Jan. 15:
Prime Minister announces that arrangements have been made for reopening of
two mines at Bell Island and employment of 800 men.

Government [has] recently received unpleasant surprise in receipt of a bill of
sixteen thousand pounds for refitting steamers "Lobelia", "Daisy", and "Watchful"
in 1920. [The] first two were supposed [to] be gifts but it appears from the
records that the Newfoundland Government of the day agreed to pay cost of
refitting. The "Lobelia" is now a hulk.

Jan. 16:
Employment agent at Corner Brook wires that owing to curtailment of
construction work because of winter conditions, there will be few opportunities
for workmen in Humber area for some time to come, with the exception of
experience[d] workmen for logging operations at Grand Lake. At the present
time there are over [one] hundred unemployed in Humber area and men are
advised not to proceed there, not even experienced loggers unless they have
definite assurance from the company of employment.

Jan. 20:
The Methodist College building was totally destroyed by fire which started
before seven o'clock last evening and continued till nearly three this morning.
Origin of fire unknown. For awhile the College Home on the one side and the
Presbyterian Church and Manse on the other were in grave danger but the
firemen succeeded in confining the flames to the one building, the walls of
which only now remain. Nothing was saved. Board of Governors meet this
morning to consider provision for the several hundred pupils.

Jan. 21:
Methodist College Board received generous offers of assistance and
accommodation from all denominations yesterday and as a result hope to have
the school work of the pupils resumed within few days. The Normal School
has been placed at their disposal and will house the senior school. The
kindergarten will find room in the Presbyterian Hall and the 'lower standards'
will be provided for. Today as soon as desks and equipment are found,
school work will begin.

Jan. 26:
Hurricane prevailed on the west coast during Friday and Saturday of last
week. Six fishing skiffs containing thirty men from Rose Blanche were
reported missing on Saturday. Search parties were instituted and the coastal
steamer "Prospero" was detailed to take part in the search. Up to dark last
night the party was successful in locating three boats and half the number of
men. At that time three boats were still missing.

Jan. 28:
Yesterday brought no further news of the missing fishermen who were caught
in Friday's storm and grave fears are now expressed for their safety. Four boats
are still unaccounted for. Another storm raged yesterday and the steamers were
unable to continue their search.

Two couriers from Exploits who left on Friday for Lewisporte and had not
turned up caused anxiety to their friends are safe at Swan Island, ice conditions
having made it impossible for them to proceed further.

Jan. 29:
There is still no further news of the fishermen of the west coast missing since
Friday's storm.


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