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Old News of Newfoundland (Part xx)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs
December 1924

Dec. 18:
The Game and Inland Fisheries Board direct attention to the three years close[d]
season for caribou which commences January 1st next.

James PARKER, principal [?] of Parker & Monroe died this morning.

Dec. 19: 
Capt. Samuel NOSEWORTHY and six men of the Newfoundland schooner
"Freedom" reached Halifax yesterday from Barbados with a harrowing tale of
storm and disaster at sea. On October 17th "Freedom" left Brigus for North
Sydney to load coal. Caught in a gale she was blown far from her course, and
heroic work by her crew failed to bring her through safely. Only after most of
the rigging had been carried away and the most consistent and continuous work
at the pumps failed to keep the water from rising in her holds was it that on
November 28th Capt. NOSEWORTHY decided to put to sea in the small boats
and make for Barbados, 550 miles away. An hour after they left the "Freedom",
the vessel went down. There followed four days of terror with the small boats
constantly filling, and food and water almost exhausted. The two boats lost sight
of each other but on the morning of December 2nd land was sighted and both
boats reached land within ten hours of each other. With Capt. NOSEWORTHY
were mate Thomas POWER, cook Fred ROSSITOR, Thomas FIDDLER, Andrew
SHORT, John HEARN, and Richard KENNY.

Dec. 22:
Voting commences today in the Presbyterian Churches throughout Canada on
question of entering into the United Church of Canada with the Methodists and
Congregationalists, or staying out of the United Church as a continuing
Presbyterian Church. The membership of the individual churches will have the
says and the majority carries. That means if a majority of registered members of
any church decides to stay out of the United Church, that church will remain
with the property accordingly. The last week previous to voting has been used
to every advantage by both sides to the controversy. The Presbyterian assembly
as a whole is committed to church union.

Dec. 27:
Premier Monroe and colleagues had interview at Montreal yesterday with
President Wolvin of BESCO and discussed with him the matter of next year's
operations at Wabana [Bell Island]. Every effort will be made by delegation to
insure the largest possible operations and the employment of a greater number
of workmen especially during the winter months.

Dec. 29:
Alex WILLIAMS of the Goulds lost his life by going through the ice on Big
Pond with horse and slide on Saturday evening.

Dec. 31:
According to results reported to headquarters of Church Union committee to
date regarding voting throughout Canada, sixty-one churches have decided to
enter the United Church of Canada against nine who have voted against union.


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