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Old News of Newfoundland (Part x)

Excerpts from Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs Daily News Journals

Newfoundland Posts and Telegraphs
February 1924

Feb. 1:
Methodist College Institute held interesting debate last night on following resolution, "That the granting of a bonus on fish would retard the economic recovery of Newfoundland". Capt. Abraham KEAN was leader of the affirmative, Mr. George SOPER of the negative. Institute decided against bonus by big majority.

Feb. 2:
Dr. BREHM, medical health officer, has been notified of a serious outbreak of scarlet fever in Placentia Bay, being quite a number of cases at Baine Harbour and that vicinity. Immediate steps have been taken to stop outbreak and physician has been sent.

A message to the Justice Department advises that Pius SENIOR of Patrick's Cove, Placentia Bay was drowned while bird shooting. Body has not been recovered.

The Deputy Minister of Customs has received messages from the sub-collector at Renews stating that a wreck has occurred at Shoe Cove near Cape Ballard. Signs of wreckage were first seen by mail courier as no people live at Shoe Cove. Later there was found am empty clothes bag marked George HOUSE, Catalina, Nfld. which is name of a member of crew of vessel "President Coaker", [with] Capt. Norman SHEPPARD, 53 days out from Pernambuco. Wreck was in matchwood. No other evidences were found to identify ship further. The tug "Walker" is on scene today and men from Renews also. The Union Trading Co. has sent an agent overland and all possible is being done to recover bodies and ascertain definite identity of vessel.

Feb. 5:
No further particulars are to hand regarding the Shoe Cove tragedy. The Anglo wires were interrupted yesterday but a message from the Union Trading Co.'s representative received late in the afternoon said impossible do anything as very stormy with a heavy sea. Information received today is to effect that weather very severe today though it is presumed men are at scene of wreck.

Weather forecast on Feb. 5: "NW gales and cold, local snow flurries Wednesday, fresh to strong NE winds, fair and cold". [Not the most accommodating weather for search parties out in a dory, but as you will see, it didn't stop them...]

Feb. 6:
Identity of wreck at Shoe Cove is definitely established as that of the schooner "President Coaker" as a result of yesterday's efforts on the part of search parties. Late yesterday a message was received by the Union Trading Co. that a portion of the ship's combing with their vessel's registry number and tonnage was picked up and also portion of topmast and of vessel's bottom covered in the beach. All efforts are [being] made to ascertain trace of bodies but so far in vain. Men are on scene today when it is expected that the sea will be moderated sufficiently to get in boats to find location of hull.

Message to George F. GRIMES, M.H.A. from Magistrate SCOTT, Fogo advises that Rev. Mr. MERCER, Methodist minister of that place left Seldom on Monday 11 a.m. and was found dead one mile from Fogo by search party last night.

Feb. 7: There is no further news from Shoe Cove wreck. Feb. 8:
The "Prospero" at Seldom, unable get south until southwest wind clears coast in vicinity from ice.

Feb. 11:
Search party at Shoe Cove discovered on Saturday position of wreck of the ill-fated schooner "President Coaker". Wreck lies half mile from Shoe Cove Point. Some parts of vessel were picked up but no trace of bodies has yet been seen. Yesterday was a good day, weather conditions being very favorable but dories failed to discover any evidence that definitely throws light on fate of Captain SHEPPARD and his crew.

Feb. 14:
A big sea and bad weather prevents search at Shoe Cove near Cappayhaden for the time being. No discoveries have been made during last few days.

Feb. 15:
The "Prospero" arrived here yesterday at 5 p.m. after two weeks encounter with severe weather, getting as far north as Seldom.

Feb. 16:
Latest message from Capt. STEVENSON of S.S. "Kyle" says ship is jammed off Cranberry Head enroute from Sydney to St. John's.

A message to Hon. W.W. HALFYARD Colonial Secretary from Hickman's Harbour states that Daniel MARSH age 45 of that place was killed by falling 100 feet over cliff while logging. He leaves a wife and 5 children.

Feb. 18:
S.S. "Silva" arrived at 10:30 a.m. Among her passengers were Hon. W.H. CAVE and Sir W.F. COAKER [from New York].

A message to Justice Department from Magistrate O'Toole states that the body of Robert LEWIS of Conception Harbour was found this morning at Colliers, Conception Bay. He was supposed to have fallen in Colliers River and died from exposure.

Feb. 26:
Sydney [Nova Scotia] reports John BABB of Carbonear and Daniel McDONALD of Louisburg were crushed to instant death in Number 24 Mine, Glace Bay yesterday afternoon by a piece of rock eight feet long seven feet wide and two feet think falling from the roof. Both men had been working in the mines for over a year. The remains of Mr. BABB will be brought to Newfoundland by S.S. "Kyle".

Feb. 29: [Please be warned, may be a little too graphic for some.]
A message to the "Evening Advocate" newspaper received late yesterday from King's Point reads as follows: Two boys BISHOP and FOSTER, after starting fire, threw can of gasolene in fire which exploded. FOSTER's clothes caught and the lad ran towards home. He was found naked lying on the ice with clothing burnt from his body and was conveyed to hs home where he died at 2 o'clock.


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