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Western Star Archived Obits and Tid Bits
1951 to 1960



May 11th 1951: Hedley Critch of Springdale recently moved to Heads Harbour where he will in future reside.

May 18th 1951:  Mrs. Israel Barefoot of Pool's Island has been ill during the past month, but she is beginning to improve a little.

Sept 21st 1951: Mill news - Illness - Missing from the Machine Shop is our Radial Drill operator, Abe Elkins. Upon inquiry we learn that Abe's health is not of the best, and will require medical attention for some time yet. Cheer up Abe and keep on smiling, all the boys wish you a speedy recovery.

All of the above articles for 1951 were contributed by Linda Elkins-Schmitt


From: The Bowline, April 1956, Corner Brook

Arthur CALLAHAN of the machine room spare gang who had reached the retirement age of 65, was retired as of Feb 29, after 31 years service in the paper mill. Born at Pilley's Island, Notre Dame Bay, he spent most of his younger life following the sea. Joined the Royal Navy in 1914, transferred to the Merchant Navy 1915, served until 1920 when he met with a near fatal accident. The mishap occurred when young Arthur was serving on a three-master as bos'n, his vessel was hove-to in a storm in the Bay of Biscay and he was obliged to climb out on the boom to rig the canvass when he was washed overboard had both legs crushed when the vessel rammed him while in the water. After 26 months in hospital he returned home, gathered up his family and arrived in Corner Brook in 1923, where he settled down to being a land-lubber.
Contributor: Linda Elkins-Schmitt

Tuesday, September 25, 1956

[As] the election campaign rolled [into] its final week in the Humber Districts, electioneering had settled into visits to the outlying settlements and house-to-house can[vassing] in the city...
Texts of radio addresses made last weekend were submitted to The Star for publication Monday by W.P. YOUNG, P.C. candidate in Humber West and by Charles RAINES, who spoke on behalf of the Liberal candidates, particularly Mr. BALLAM... Mr. YOUNG said no government ever elected in Newfoundland came into power with such abundant possibilities and resources for really doing something for the province ... But after eight years in office "we find the $40,000,000 left over by the commission of government is completely gone; another $40,000,000 has been borrowed and gone; and a further $45,000,000 in guaranteed loans, some of which we might as well start writing off."
Although he claimed Newfoundland would never have to borrow money, Premier SMALLWOOD "has borrowed up to the limit and has been refused further loans."
Mr. YOUNG outlined sections of the PC Manifesto: better roads, revitalizing the fisheries; drop the three percent sales tax on food; increase civil service pay and that of road workers; improved distribution of social welfare benefits; greater support to education.
Contributor: John Paul Bradford

October 1, 1956, p.3.

[Two] election rallies almost side by side brought out one of the biggest crowds in Corner Brook history. RCMP estimated the throng at 2,000 or more. With the P.C. rally going on in the Regent Theatre, and C.H. BALLAM exhorting Liberal supporters in the Palace Theatre, a host of citizens lined up along Broadway to witness the arrival of Premier SMALLWOOD from Deer Lake just before 10 p.m. Saturday...
Progressive Conservative supporters packed the Regent Theatre on Broadway Saturday night, a few feet down the road from the Liberal rally at the Palace. P.C. speakers included the two candidates Woodrow HUNT, Humber East and William P. YOUNG, Humber West.
Both candidates promised "decent government" if returned, and called upon their audience to think the matter over seriously, and arrive at the proper conclusion, a change of administration.
H.J. READER, P.C. Association president here, reported that the Liberal candidates running in Corner Brook had sent Premier Smallwood an urgent wire asking him to come and help them. Mr. Reader said they told the premier, "come at once, we are losing the Humber."
After the P.C. rally ended, the supporters crowded down opposite the Palace Theatre where Premier SMALLWOOD was speaking, and sang "Ode to Newfoundland" and chanted party slogans.
Contributor: John Paul Brandon

October 3, 1956, p.1.

The Liberals were happy, the Progressive Conservatives dismayed, when the verdict of the voters was made known at about 10 p.m. Tuesday.
Hon. Charles BALLAM was interviewed at Liberal headquarters in the IOOF hall, where he and party stalwarts were celebrating the double victory in Humber districts.
"All I can say is that I am very happy, very happy indeed to be reelected," he said.
"I would like to thank all my supporters for their confidence in me. I can assure them I will do my utmost for them in the future as I have in the past."
Mr. Ballam then objected to a story in the Western Star Monday which had quoted H.J. READER, President of the PC Association, saying that the Liberal candidates had sent in a rush call to the premier asking him to come quick because "we are losing the Humber."
"It wasn't so," said Mr. BALLAM, "The Premier fully intended to visit the Humber districts during the campaign if he could possible make it. We sent in no rush call to him."
...The Progressive Conservative candidates very visibly shocked by the decisive margins of their defeat, but took some consolation from the fact that their liberal opponents' victories were not nearly so one-sided as those amassed by Liberal candidates in other districts. They felt it reflected on a decided shift toward the P.C. party.
W.P. YOUNG, the P.C. candidate for Humber West, said he had phoned his victorious opponent, Charles BALLAM, to congratulate him.
"It was a democratic election and presumably the best man won," said
Mr. YOUNG. "The result is a little difficult to understand from my point of view, but I bow to the wishes of the people. The voters of the province want the Liberal government back in power again, that's certainly obvious, and the will of the majority must be served."
Mr. YOUNG thanked the voters who had "honored" him with their votes.
Contributor: John Paul Brandon


School Tax Dispute To Be Heard In Capital
September 21, 1957

A decision in the two-year fight between the Corner Brook School Tax Authority and the Vigilante Committee was prolonged in Supreme Court here Monday when Justice Sir Brian DUNFIELD postponed arguments on an application by the committee leader for an order of mandamus.
Vigilante president W.P. YOUNG is seeking the order to have Magistrate Howard W. STRONG hear objections to property appraisals in the 1955 school tax roll for four Corner Brook business firms.
Magistrate STRONG in a revision court decision July 17 ruled Mr. YOUNG was not an "interested party" as stipulated in the School Tax Act and rejected the request for the hearing.
Mr. Justice DUNFIELD asked Mr. YOUNG'S counsel, St. John's lawyer R.S. FURLONG, to submit further evidence by affidavit when the court convenes in St. John's, probably in October.
In his objection, Mr. YOUNG said the assessments were "far below worth" for William J. LUNDRIGAN Ltd., Brakes Cove; North Star Cement Ltd., Humbermouth; A.J. COLEMAN and Sons, Caribou Rd; and Imperial Oil Ltd., Petries Point.
The committee successfully contested 12 assessments last October on grounds the authority had used pre-amalgamation tax rolls as a basis for appraisals. But the judgements were made void by the provincial government in June this year when the legislature gave the STA retroactive powers.
Contributor: John Paul Brandon



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