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Newfoundland Seamen
Various Foreign Newspapers


Passed on to the Nfld. Grandbanks site with permission by researcher and transcriber: - William Hill. Truro, Nova Scotia - Member and contributer to the: "Seafarers of Nova Scotia" list. Ann {MacDonald} Batten, June 2003

April 24, 1858

Br. brigt. MAURY, sailed from St. John's, Nfld. Feb. 25th, for Boston, and has not since been heard from. The wreck of a brig dismasted, and full of water, was passed in the 6th ult within two days sail of Halifax, which it is thought, may have been the Maury, as very heavy weather prevailed soon after the date of her sailing. The Maury was commanded by Captain LeBLANC, and had a cargo of 80 barrels herrings, 200 qtls. codfish, and about 500 brls cod oil, consigned to Pickering, Winslow & Co. Her cargo was probably insured in Newfoundland. Maury was built at LaHave last year by the Moseley's; she was a fine vessel. May 8, 1858

June 5, 1858
The SUN says that the pilot drowned in St. John Harbor a few weeks ago, was the Mr. Walter WALSH who was here last summer engaged in the great gig race

Halifax EVENING REPORTER, of Oct. 16, 1871
DIED - On Thursday evening, 12th inst., Edw. Genge, Esq., of Channel, NF., drowned in the cabin of the "RIVERDALE", while on the passage to this port

Halifax MORNING HERALD, of Dec. 22, 1884
DIED - Jeremiah Crowe, of Torbay, NF., washed overboard from the schooner, "WILLIAM H. JORDAN", off Burgeo, NF., Feb.11th.

Halifax MORNING HERALD, of June 26, 1889
BORN - At St. John's, Nfld, on June 6th, the wife of H. Wilson, chief-stewart, of "S.S. PORTEA", of a son

Halifax HERALD
April 5, 1895
and a crew of sixteen Nova Scotians and Newfoundlanders find a watery grave. The MILDRED W. LEE, one of Gloucester's latest designs as a fishing vessel, not heard from for over two months.

The schooner Mildred W. Lee, one of the latest designed and Staunchest vessels of the New England fishing fleet, with a crew of 16 men, is now to be added to the already large number of Gloucester's lost fishermen. On the afternoon of January 30th, she sailed from this port on a fresh halibut fishing trip to Grand Bank, since which time, she has not been heard from, and it is supposed she has been lost in the great storm of February 3. Wreckage picked up in the vicinity of Sable Island about that time has been identified as belonging to her. Among the crew were:
Asa SWAIN, Canso, N.S., single
John CHISHOLM, Judiqie, C.B., single
George GRANT, Burgeo, Nfld., single
Thomas and Richard WILLIAMS, brothers, natives of Bay Bulls, Nfld., single
Patrick FAHA, Furmose, Nfld., single. His father, mother, brother and sister live at Blackstone, Mass.
Michael CONNOLLY, Tead's Cove, Nfld., single
Lawrence KING, St. Mary's, Nfld., single
John CAREY, Whitliss Bay, Nfld., single
Fenwick WILLIAMS, Bay of Bulls, Nfld., single
Most of the men had parents and other relatives residing in the various places to which they belonged. The vessel was owned by Gardner & Parsons and the master, and was valued at $10,500 with out (fish ?), on which there was insurance for $8,500.

May 10, 1895

Forty-Eight Hours in the Rigging of a Sunken Vessel. Then Rescued by Life Lines.

NORTH SYDNEY, May 8 - Capt. R. H. TOBIN, of North Sydney, has arrived home, having lost his schooner, the FREDDIE WALTER, on the Penguin Islands, which consist of 22 rocks about ten miles from a rock bound coast, where many a good ship and crew have met their fate. Capt. Tobin left St. Pierre on the 19th ult for this port in ballast. The following Tuesday morning, a heavy breeze from the southwest came on. The pumps got choked. They headed for Burgeo. She was then about 80 miles from St. Pierre. The weather became too thick to make Burgeo; [were] ship again, the pumps being now free, and the course shaped for Miquelon. The wind veered southerly increasing to a gale, the foresail was carried away and the storm trisail was bent in its stead. The foresail was repaired and set, and the captain went down in the cabin to take his position. While examining his charts he heard the crew shout ?breakers.? He at once rushed on deck and grabbed the helm and put it to port. He was just a minute too late, for the vessel struck on the western end of the rocks. The captain shouted to stand by the ship. One poor fellow, Thomas POWER, of Placentia, Nfld., jumped for the rock and was not seen afterwards. Two others jumped and landed safely on the rock. The vessel lurched off the rock and began to [kick] rapidly, and about half a mile further down a break was seen in the rocks into which she was driven. She sank to the sheer poles, and the captain and another man took to the rigging, where they remained for forty-eight hours. She struck at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the 23rd ult. The first night they were in the rigging the bottom was knocked out of the vessel. Some fishing boats took the men off with difficulty. If the wind had not subsided the men on the rock would have been washed away. As it was, they were hauled through the water to the fishing boats by the aid of life lines and were greatly exhausted.

The following are tidbits with names familiar to Nfld, however it does not say from where they came... {Ann}

Halifax MORNING HERALD, of Jan. 7, 1885
- Summarized and Chronologlically Arranged For Historians of the future [from this article the following items]

Jan. 24 - John and Albert COVEY, two brothers drowned at Indian harbor

May 16 - James WILLIAMS, a Nova Scotian sailor on the barque MYRTLE, hacked to pieces by Michael WALSH, the mate. Both drunk. Walsh sentenced to ten years

Halifax MORNING HERALD, of June 26, 1889
BORN - At St. John's, Nfld, on June 6th, the wife of H. Wilson, chief-stewart, of "S.S. PORTEA", of a son.



Posted with permission of researcher and transcriber: - William Hill. Truro, Nova Scotia

Information forwarded by Ann (MacDonald) Batten

Page Revised by Ivy F. Benoit (July 1, 2003)

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