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Twillingate Sun

September 21, 1895
  Requisitions to Hon R. Bond.

It is gratifying to see the lively interest taken in political affairs throughout this district, as evidenced from the requisitions contained in this and the adjoining columns, calling on one of our ablest statesmen to accept the honor of representing this important district in the House of Assembly. Here is the first:


Hon. ROBERT BOND, Esq., Colonial Secretary

Dear Sir, -

We the undersigned Free and Independent Electors of Pilley's Island, in the electoral district of Twillingate, Notre Dame Bay, desire to request you to allow yourself to be put in nomination as a candidate for the vacant seat, caused by the resignation of J.P. Thompson, Esq., from the representation of this district.

Your valuable services to the country in the past are well known to us. Hence, to have an opportunity to show our appreciation and to express our gratitude practically for the same, we make this request. Should you be pleased to accede to our wish you may rely on getting our unanimous support.

We remain, Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,

Joseph Delouchery           Joseph Strong
William Blackler            John Purchase
Wm. Garland                 James Lock
Wm. H. Pearce               Joseph Coleman
D. McCuish                  Thos. Penney
John Colbourne              Michael Lemee
John Maddicks               Daniel Dennihy
Hector McKenzie             Robert Miller
Charles W. Coffin           Wm. Kingsberry
James Barron                George Milley
Stephen Murphy              George Howell
Wm. Cantwell                John Dean
Samuel Lewis                Edward Riley
Richard LeDrew              Thos. Roberts
John Rains                  Thos. Pride
Wm. Glaveen                 Wm. Randell
Reuben Rideout              David Paddick
John Tilley                 Elijah With	
Thomas Osborn               George Tizzard
Samuel Chappel              John Anthoney
Thomas Ratford              Martin Metcalf
John Howell                 Martin Gardener
Francis Conners             John Conners
Kenneth J. Forward          Joseph Blackmore
James Vay                   I.S. Blackmore
William James               George Blackmore
John Osmond                 Moses Read
Samuel Luscombe             Jeremiah Squires
Elijah Blackmore            Peter Oxford
David Dobbin                Samuel Howell	
Matthew Challan             John May
Alfred Cobb                 Soloman Rowsell
Joseph Nosworthy            Wm. Barggery
Job Wells                   Walter Pilley
John Osmond, sr.            Frederick May
George Locke                James Mahoney
John Cook                   Edward Paddick
John Egan                   Eli Ansty
Joseph Dean                 Josiah Pynn
John Biggley                Andrew Roberts
James Rice                  Martin Kennedy
David Glaveen               Thos. Wyatt
John Simms                  James Fifield
Wm. Carew                   Thos. Simms
George Cobb                 John Colbourne, sr.
Alfred With                 Benjamin Lear
Wm. Budgell                 Joseph Lear
Arkless Rice                Thos. Carpenter
Samuel Anstey               Jasper Read
John Snow                   A.G. Hynes
Arthur Randell              Henry Burt
Philip Conway               Reuben Ledrew
Mark Whealon                Philip Ledrew
Thomas Moors, jr.           Henry Capel
Thomas Quirk                Han. Normour
Jesse Locke                 James Payne
David Oak                   Wm. Payne
Ambrose Dean                James Thompson
Wm. Vay                     Lenward Thompson
Thomas Froud                George Thompson
Walter Sticklen             Wm. Barron
Elias Dinney                Israel Hulett
John Loveridge              Henry Rains
Wm. Pond, jr.               Frederick Locke
James Jeans                 Edward Locke
William With                Mark Challan
Thomas Seward               Richard Ridout
Wm. Fifield                 Wm. G. Ridout
Archibald Rowsell           Edward Ridout
Solomon Nosworthy           John Rowsell
Robert Hackett              Wm. Rains
Wm. Jeans                   Richard May
Peirce Power                Benjamin Bishop
Peter Padey                 Arthur Blackmore
Esau Hellot                 Hugh Kennedy
Henry Blackmore             John Conney
Walter Conners              John Shearing
John Donohue                Frederick Young
George Taylor               Michael Sutton
Joseph Oxford               John W. Roberts
Israel Fudge                Peter Furry
John Robbins                Chas. J. Fudge
Richard Dobbin              David R. Dobbin
John Way                    Eli Poller
Elias Mullan                Simon White
Elias French                George Rice
John Rice                   Simon Warr
Wm. J. Ridout               Joseph Osmond
Daniel Austin               Edward Spencer
Michael Conners             Uriah Stuckless
Wesley Luff                 George Randell
John Brean                  Edward Donohue
William Watkins             William Pittman
Emanuel White               George Pittman
John Smith                  James Smith
Joshina Ridout              Israel Fudge, H. Hr.
P. McHowson                 George Warr

And a number of others.

Including Three Arms, Harry's Harbour, Jackson's Cove, etc.

To the Hon. ROBERT BOND, Colonial Secretary,

Hon. Sir, -

We, the undersigned electors of Little Bay and vicinity in the district of Twillingate, herewith invite you to offer yourself as a candidate for our suffrages at the coming bye-election that is to take place owing to the resignation of our worthy and esteemed late representative J. P. Thompson, Esq.

If you consent to thus honor us, we shall not fail to give you our undivided and healthy support.

Your patriotism and high class statesmanship in the past assure us that the interests of this district would be ably represented, if by you.

We remain, yours faithfully,

John Pye                    John Upward
John J. Wheatley            Henry A. Langdon
Jno. O. Blandford           Robert Upward
G. Foote                    Angus King
Benj. T. Boyles             John King
Duncan Parsons              Samuel Blackwood
Jonathan J. Benson          Francis Bower
William King                Jesse Newhook
Lot King                    Charles Ridout
William Wharford            Thomas King, jr.
Jonas Newhook, jr.          Thomas King
Alfred Osborne              Frederick B. Baudith
John Wheeler                Jonathan Osmond
Alfred Strong               Nehemiah Upward
Lionel Butt                 William C. King
P.J. Learey                 Robert King
John Noble                  J.B. Howson
James Goss                  William Foran
John R. Bartlett            Robert J. Foote
Richard Corbett             Joel A. Hubley
John Whalan                 J.E. Wells
Mike Whalan                 Joseph Janes
Edward Eagan                Job Strong
Edmond Power                Thomas Verge
William McLean              Thos. Ryan
Joseph Colman               William Gilles
Allan Gillas                John Brown
John James                  Edward Walsh
Thos. Boyde                 Laurence Brown
Edward Cody                 John Mallaus
John Breene                 John Riely
Laurence Brien              John Keefe
John Lush                   Michael Keely
Laurence Foley              Fred. Young
William Boyle               William Miles
John Bouzan                 Peter Coleman
Robert Peters               John Joy
George Grant                Henry Gillard
George Gillard              Joseph Gillard
Patrick Walsh               William Mullens
George Atkins               George Grimes
Heber Atkins                John Kenmond
Thomas Brien                Laurence Driscoll
Thomas Moore                James Corben
James Morgan                Mark Atkins
George Miller               Michael Osburn
John James                  Hugh Kennedy
John Finley                 Patrick Phoran
George Gillard              John Noseworthy
Marun Kendy                 Henry Noseworthy
Edward Keefe                John Foran
George Lebouf               John Richards
Allan Gillas                John Austin
Frederick Martin            John Tobin
Edward Martin               Henry Johnson	
James Robbins               James Drover
James Squires               William Conway
Samuel Roberts              Thomas Richards
E. Petty                    Peter Austin
Charles Simms               John Johnson
Edmond Cranim               Wm. Drover
John Tobin                  James Bouzan
John Sparrow                John Coleman, sr.
James Donavan               Joseph Hussy
Barth Coleman               Joseph Shea
Edward Norris               John Shea
Michael Flinn               Harry Warfort
Peter Coleman               James Sharahan
John Burcey                 Thomas Millar
Samuel Ratchford            Robert Millar
Joseph Evans                Edward Lacy
Henry Gillard               James Butt
Frederick Inder             James Osburn
Edward Inder                Thos. Head
James Inder                 Henry Head
John Peters                 Stephen Randel
Nicholas Peters             James Dwyer
Joseph Blackler             John Fitzpatrick
Josiah Clarke               George Watchman
Henry Clarke                George England
Edward Brown                Edward Flimming
Walter Clarke               Reuben Baker
Abel Smyth                  Job Baker
Theophilus Wells            John Simmons
Wm. Hull                    Hubert Simmons
Joseph Anstey               John Evans
Samuel Huxter               George Pelly
John Clark                  Philip Snelgrove
Richard Le Buff             Arthur Bartlett
Philip Upward               John England
John Wm. White              Richard Young
James White                 John White
P. Kerby

And one hundred and eighty-six others, residents of Tilt Cove and vicinity.


To the Hon. ROBERT BOND, Colonial Secretary.

As a vacancy has been created in the representation of our district by the resignation of Mr. Thompson, we, the undersigned electors of Twillingate District, gladly, avail ourselves of the opportunity of asking you to allow yourself to be put in nomination as the candidate for this district and beg to assure you that we will use our best endeavours to secure your triumphant return.

We very much regret the malicious conspiracy on the part of political opponents by which you were deprived of your seat in the House of Assembly, after your grand victory in Trinity district at the last general election; and now that a seat is vacant in our district it is with the greatest pleasure that we desire to avail of your valuable services for our district as well as the country generally. It may be that as you are now free from the duties of a representative, you would prefer remaining so until the next general election, but we fully appreciate your noble and patriotic efforts in the interests of our colony, and consider that at such an important epoch as this in its history we cannot afford to dispense with the presence of such a talented statesman on the floors of the House of Assembly.

We therefore invite you to offer for our district at the approaching bye election, and as the prevailing sentiment all over has long been in favour of the political party of which you have been a prominent Leader, your supporters feel very sanguine that you will have a most successful election. [I must comment and say that I am sure William Coaker must be responsible for this excess verbiage when compared to the other districts!]

We remain, yours sincerely,

W.F. Coaker                 G.S. Chamberlain, Incumbent
Charles Gilliot             S. Mary's [The C. of E. Church in HN]
Natl. Watts                 Joseph Carley
Thos, Stucky                John Carley
Elias Stucky                Ar. Carley
Chas. Stucky                Alfred Carley
William Stucky              George Watkins
Joseph Stucky               Samuel Miles
Eli Liscombe                John Warren
Titus Stucky                D. Warren
Thomas Dally, sr.           Jas. Carley
Henry Blake                 John Carley
Levi Cuttler                Wm. Grimes
Wm. Watts                   Timothy Grimes
Samuel Cuttler              Stephen Stucky
Joseph Cuttler              David Grimes
Rober Rose                  Alf. Woodford
H. Stucky                   John Clare
Wm. Richmond                Jos. Newman
Wm. Rose, jr.               Tim. Donahoe
Rich. Elliott               John Donahoe
Ob. Stone                   Andrew Keogh
John Peckford               Joseph Blandford
Samuel Kearley              Wm. Cuttler
Ed. Stucky                  Samuel Stone
Ed. Cuttler                 Elias Dally
Capt. Wm. Richards          Joseph Liscombe
Ed. Richards                James Gilliott

And a large number of others.

Richard Bond accepted the requisition and was elected.

September 21, 1895 Contributed by Amalie Lewis Tuffin

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2002)

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