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Twillingate Sun
Contributions to George Young

August 4, 1888
Name Amt Name Amt Name Amt Name Amt
Henry Dally 50cts Joseph House 50cts Frederick House 50cts John Davis 50cts
John Hillyard 50cts Tutus Manuel 50cts Constable Burt 40cts Obadiah Manuel 50cts
William Baird 50cts Edgar Sweetland 50cts W.J. Tobin 1.00 W. Blackler 50cts
George Roberts 50cts W.M. Blackmore 50cts Richard Newman 50cts A. Findlater 50cts
Peter Samways 40cts R.D. Hodge 1.00 Jas. N. Percy 50cts Joseph Ansty 20cts
Rev. A. Pittman 80cts Thomas Young 50cts George Snow 40cts John Gidge 20cts
Nathaniel Jenkins 50cts James Rogers Jr. 20cts Edward Slade 20cts Peter Jenkins 20cts
James Helliar 20cts Francis Whear 20cts James Jenkins 20cts Joseph Stuckless 20cts
Abram Young 50cts George Gilleott 40cts Phillip Churchill 20cts Adam Pond jr 40cts
William Pond jr 50cts William Pond sr 50cts John Earl 20cts Thomas Loder 40cts
A. Friend 50cts George Legg 10cts James Legg 10cts Archibald Bulgin 40cts
William Bulgin 30cts Matthew Legg 20cts James Bulgin 20cts John W. Roberts 50cts
Isaac Chruchill 25cts Abraham Earl 20cts Joseph Bulgin 20cts George Hinge 24cts
Jacob Reed 20cts Mark Whellor 20cts David Whellor 50cts Walter John Verge 20cts
John Pond 30cts John Cooper 20cts Thomas White 20cts John Bromley 20cts
Nosh Noble 20cts Martin Gilleott 50cts John Stuckless 20cts Chas. Mayne 50cts
G.G. Williams 20cts Robert Rya.. 20cts J.P. Thompson 1.00 H.G. Hadden 1.00
John Wyatt 20cts Reuben Blackmore 20cts Stephen Harbin 20cts Edward Cantwell 40cts
John Locke 20cts George Gates 20cts Thomas Locke 10cts Andrew Ansty 30cts
William Spencer 5cts Thomas Peyton 50cts George Fifield 20cts Elijah Wellor 20cts
John Small 20cts John Gillard 20cts Alfred Colbourne 20cts Lion 30cts
Joseph Blackmore 50cts Thomas Linfield 25cts Alfred Linfield 20cts John Linfield jr 20cts
Albert Linfield 20cts John Linfield sr 20cts Robert Linfield 20cts Mark Moors 15cts
John Polley 20cts George Comptin 20cts Thomas Verge 20cts George Cook 20cts
Dr. Stafford 1.00 Isaac Randell 20cts Albert Randell 27cts William Randell sr 20cts
Mrs. Susan Randell 20cts Andrew Linfield 50cts Walter Young 50cts Stephen Young 50cts
Joseph Young of Simon 50cts William Young (sailmaker) 50cts David Young 30cts Odadiah Young 20cts
Levi Young 20cts Edward Hudson sr 50cts Ambrose Butcher 20cts Frederick Guy sr 1.00
George Guy 20cts John Hodder 40cts Thomas Mitchard 20cts William Hughes 20cts
George Loyte 20cts Joseph Phillips 20cts George Gard 20cts J.W. Owen 50cts
R.J. Gillingham 30cts H.J. Pike 30cts Joseph Young 1.00 Joseph Anstey 20cts
Abraham Young 60cts George Hodder 40cts George Stockley 20cts Andrew Lambert 20cts
Oratio Osmond 50cts William French 60cts James Hodder jr 50cts Simon Young 4.14
Charles Brent 50cts Noah Yates 20cts William Yates 20cts Samuel Yates 50cts
James Pardy Little Hbr. 10cts Ephriam Jacobs 29cts John Skinner & Mrs. 40cts Will Loyte 20cts
Peter Young 25cts Thomas Ford 1.00 William Lethbridge 1.00 B. Violet Lethbridge 50cts
Andrew Gray 50cts Henry Hooper Hawkins 50cts William Hitchcock 50cts George B. Nott 30cts
George W. Barrett 20cts Matthias Hayward 20cts A.C. Hynes 20cts Thomas Young 20cts
John Anstey Purcell's Hr. 50cts Andres Cooper & Bros 20cts Josiah Roberts 50cts James Roberts 20cts
John Roberts 20cts Samuel Roberts sr 20cts Samuel Roberts jr 40cts Samuel Roberts (Lighthouse) 1.00
Job Hamilton 1.00 James H. Preston 60cts Thos. Roberts 20cts Frank Roberts 50cts
Martin Roberts 20cts Fred Roberts 40cts Joseph Guy 20cts William Guy 25cts
Thomas Pride 20cts Isaac Mudford 20cts James Dove 20cts Thomas Mudford 20cts
John Sharp 20cts Benjamin Elliott 40cts Elias Elliott 10cts Charles Anderson 20cts
John Anderson 20cts Uriah Sharp 20cts Samuel Inder 20cts Levi Elliott 20cts
Thomas Roberts 20cts Michael Dove 20cts John Dove 20cts    

Contributed by George White (2002)
Transcribed by Ron StCroix (Decenber 2002)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (January 2003)

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