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Twillingate Sun
March - April

Mar. 10, 1882
  Seals Seals

Since our last paper our sealers have been very successful in capturing seals. For a few days the ice was slack, and at other times it was too rough to travel sufficiently far in search for them. On Monday and Tuesday last the time was more favourable and a better prospect appeared. On the former day Mr. Simon YOUNG'S crew killed twelve and others got several.


On Friday last, Samuel ROGERS sustained serious injury to one of his hands. While firing a gun it bursted, and fractured his left hand very much. Surgical skill was rendered and by the ability of Dr. STIRLING a couple of the unfortunate man's fingers will be saved. This gun was formerly a ""flint and steel"" one, and had been in use for some fifty or sixty years. It was sent to England and converted into a new one, and was then used for the first time.


John DOVE, of Crow Head, met with an accident while in Friday's Bay after a turn of wood on Tuesday last. In cutting a stick the axe slipped and took one of his feet right in the centre. Several stitches were necessary to bind it together.

Church News

The Rev. J. HEWITT of Herring Neck, is expected to preach in St. Peter's Church on Sunday next, morning and evening, in the absence of Rev. R. TEMPLE, R.D., who is on a ministerial visit to Loon Bay.

Church News

The Rev. J. PARKINS, of Exploits, and Rev. J. PINCOCK, of Morton's Harbor, occupied the pulpits of the two Methodist Churches, alternately, on Sunday the 26th ult. The congregation at each service was large and the discourses of an elevating and earnest character.

Church News

The Very Rev. T. SEARS, P.A., West Coast, has been lately raised to the Prelacy by the Pope. The St. John's Advocate referring to his elevation to this exalted position says:--- Our readers will be delighted to learn of the well merited promotion of the esteemed and energetic Prefect Apostolic of the West. By telegram from Channel, we learn of this appointment, received per last mail. Addresses of congratulation were presented to the Right Rev. Dr. SEARS on Sunday last, by the people of the Rivers. We expect full particulars by next mail from the Westward.

Church News

The Rev. T.W. ATKINSON, was on a ministerial visitation to Loon Bay last week, accompanied by Mr. Andrew ROBERTS. He visited members of his congregation and conducted six or seven preaching services in different parts during the short time he was absent.

Shipping News

A correspondent writing from Little Bay under date of the 22nd ult. says: --- It is reported that the steamer Rascilia, which left here on the 12th Jan. with a load of copper ore for Liverpool has put back to St. John's, chief mate and two men lost.


The Brigantine Terra Nova, 165 tons, belonging to Messrs. ROGERSON & SON, which sailed from Harbor Grace, on 26th, ult., bound to Valencia with upwards of 4,000 qtls. of fish, was totally wrecked near Cripple Cove during the fearful snow-storm which prevailed on Saturday, the 28th. The crew with difficulty saved their lives.

Mining News

We learn that Mr. G. J. KEOUGH, of Carbonear, well known in this city, who left this port recently as passenger for Britain by one of the homeward bound Allan steamers, intends, during his absence, to form a Company for the purpose of working his mining claim at North West Arm, Holyrood. This valuable claim, which lies at the head of Conception Bay, is situate within 100 yards of the railway line, is rich in indications of grey copper ore, some splendid specimens of gold in quartz being found on the same property. We most heartily congratulate our friend Mr. K. on his good fortune, and wish him every success in the furtherance of his enterprise.

Burin Accident

A Burin correspondent, writing under date of the 5th inst. Says:----A painfully sad accident occurred here on Christmas day. It appears that a young man belonging to Trinity Bay, named William MILLER, and a shipmate, were drinking in one of the public houses until half-past 2 o'clock when they left for their vessel-- a schooner belonging to St. John's, lying at a wharf in Butler's Cove. They separated for a short time, when Miller walked over the wharf-head and was drowned. His body was recovered and interred in the Church of England Cemetery.

Fall Over Cliff Fatal

We are sorry to learn that a man named Michael FORRISTAL came to an untimely end by falling over a cliff at Gusset's Cove, North Shore, during the furious snow-storm of Saturday, 14th inst. It appears that the unfortunate man left a neighbour's house about 8 p.m., on his way towards his house, which lay only a few hundred yards distant. Nothing more was seen of him until the following morning, when search was made by his neighbours, and his body was found. The deceased is said to have been an upright, sober man, and much regret is felt at his untimely end. He was a native of the above place, was about 50 years of age, and has left a wife and seven children to mourn their irreparable loss. H.G. Standard.

Railway Progress

The severe weather of the last week has in great degree suspended Railway Operations, which will now probably remain in abeyance until April. The rock cutting at Hoylestown has been nearly completed, and the track will be ready for the rails, to connect with those already laid. The surveying parties are on the line between Spread Eagle Peak and Random Sound and no doubt by the time that active work can be begun again in spring, the track as far as Random will be located and ready for the workmen. All along this distance men are busy providing sleepers, and steps generally are being taken to make the most of the time in which field work can be carried on with advantage in this country. We understand as soon as the rails are laid as far as the Granite quarry near Holyrood, measures will be adopted to develop this property, which will be made to supply St. John's with the cheapest building material of that kind that has ever been brought into use in this colony. We need hardly add that a considerable amount of labor will be required in connection with the working of the quarry, which will be one of the manifold advantages we may reasonably hope to enjoy as the fruits of the Railway enterprise.---- Nfldr.


PARSONS, PAUL,----On Monday, 2nd Jan. at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Burin, by the Rev. A.S.H. WINSOR, R. PARSONS, Esq., telegraphist, of St. Pierre, Miquelon, to Elizabeth, daughter of S. PAUL, Esq., of Burin


LUCAS----On March 2nd, after a lingering illness, Mr. John LUCAS, son of J.O. LUCAS, Esq., Sub Collector, H.M. Customs, Fogo, aged 28 years.


PERCIVAL----On the 25th inst., at the Parsonage, Gower St. St. John's, Wilfred MacGregor, the beloved son of the Rev. W. V. and Annie PERCIVAL, aged nearly 3 years.


ANTWELL----At St. John's, on the 28th inst., Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. R. ANTWELL, aged 67 years.

Rambling Notes

Mr. Editor----There is nothing particular going on around here. The ""Railway men"" who are getting sleepers find it tough work for the price given. Mr. George VARDERS of South West Arm, Random, died very suddenly, middle of January. The Lion wreck has created quite a sensation hereabouts. In Trinity it has brought much sadness. The mail work is in a sad condition. We cannot get a letter or paper; the Postal authorities seem determined to annoy the public where ever they can. The Rev. H. LEWIS delivered his lecture on ""Before and after marriage,"" in Britannia Cove the last week in January; it was a success with a crowded house. Politicians are stirring in the Bay. BREMNER of Trinity, is spoken of with WHITEWAY and WATSON in Trinity Bay. I expect there will be hard pulling to get in. The members are very obliging this winter; you may guess why. It is desperately rough around these parts most days this winter, plenty of foxes but few rabbits; no hares or partridges. No more at present time. -- RAMBLER


Apr. 8, 1882
  NEWS-local & general

We are indebted to our esteemed friend at Little Bay for transmitting the following Local items, as well as Foreign intelligence up to the 1st inst., a few days later than this mail brings:---

Mining Accidents

Two accidents occurred in the Mines during last week. The first was caused by hangers of tub (full of trade coming up shaft) parting, tub falling to bottom. A man named John CLEARY of Brigus had his skull fractured; two other men had their hands hurted, but only slightly. The second accident, John TOBIN, miner, while foolishly drilling out a miss hole, had his left hand so injured that amputation above wrist was deemed necessary. John GRIFFEN had his eyes scorched by same accident. All injured men are doing well.

Ship Damaged

The Tiger has put back to Round Harbor with stove sides. It is believed she abandons voyage.


There was a difference of opinion on Mr. RICE'S Bill. Mr. LITTLE considered that steamers are sufficiently restricted, and the Bill was calculated to protect the interest of Twillingate and Fogo at the expense of other districts. Messrs. McNEILY, ROGERSON, SCOTT, PARSONS, GREEN, and MACKAY opposed it. Mr. RICE regretted the narrow views on so important a subject, blames St. John's members, and thought that there were too many lawyers in the House. The motion for Select Committee was lost on division. Mr. KENT charged certain members of government for crippling Ellershausen's operations in Foreign money markets and traducing the mining interests of the country. Mr. WINTER challenged proof, Mr. LITTLE said matters was of public notoriety.

Seal Fishery

First Arrival from the seal fishery.----A telegram from across the bay announces that the steamer Nimrod, Capt. JOY, arrived at Channel on Thursday from the Gulf, with 9000 old and young hoods. She reports the Leopard and Panther in same ice doing well.

Skate the Seals

A man skating down the Bay to Morton's Harbor one day last week, saw something black in the distance, about Fox Island. When near enough he discovered it to be some seventy or eighty Bay seals. They all had to go through one hole in the ice, and before they could all escape he managed to kill two of them with his skate, this being the only weapons he could command at the time.

Political Meeting

On Friday the 31st ult., a public meeting was held in the hall. It was addressed by Mr. R. HAMILTON of Fortune Harbor, who, we understand, intends offering himself as a candidate for the ensuing election. Public matters were referred to, and in order that greater interest might be taken in the affairs of the district, the necessity for resident members was advocated. He was followed by other speakers who were of the same opinion. Several other persons are named as likely to be contestants in the forthcoming political campaign.

Temperance Lecture

A lecture on ""Temperance and Progress"" was given by Mr. G.G. WILLIAM in the Hall on Friday evening. Not being present, we are not in position to report thereon. We learn, however, that the attendance was small, owing probably, to it being Good Friday, there being religious services in connection with all the churches at the same time.


FINDLATER----At Twillingate on the 31st ult., the wife of A. FINDLATER of a daughter.


FRENCH----On the second April, the wife of Mr. Joshua FRENCH of a son.


SCOTT----At Fogo, on the 3rd inst., the wife of R. SCOTT, Esq. merchant, of a son.


ROBERTS----At Change Islands, on the 12th ult., the wife of Mr. Solomon ROBERTS, of a son.

New Bay Shipping

WANTED to Charter - 5 schooners from 80 to 100 tons, for the Newfoundland Lumber trade, season 1882. Apply to J. W. PHILLIPS, Point Limington Mills, April 8, 1882, New Bay.


Contributed by George White (2002)
Transcribed by Jack Montgomery

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2002)

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