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Twillingate Sun
March - April

March 17, 1881

Several steamers were to be seen off in the ice on Saturday last, evidently taking seals.


The Rev. H.C.H. JOHNSON of Exploits, paid a short visit to Twillingate last week. The Rev. gentleman preached in St. Peter's Church on Sunday morning and gave a very earnest….. Josiah MANUEL, Esq., of Exploits and M. OSMOND, Esq., of Moreton's Harbor, were also here this week.


We are indebted to our Cape Shore correspondent for the following under date of the 14th ult.:- A Young man named Eli SNOW, aged 21, of Nipper's Harbor, left his home on Wednesday, 2nd. Ult., for the purpose of hunting in the country. Not returning after a prolonged absence, apprehensions were entertained regarding his safety, and search was made for his whereabouts, but without avail. It is supposed he lost his way whilst a thick fog was passing over that part of the country. Great credit is due to the inhabitants of Nipper's Harbor for searching so diligently for the poor fellow, and risking their own lives in such stormy weather.

New Boats

[The following is also thought to be from the Cape Shore Correspondent, although the beginning of the column is missing. Gw.] ..... understand that James BOWERS of that place is building three pleasure boats, 26 foot keel, and two other schooners are building in that harbor.

Old Perlican News

An esteemed correspondent writing from Old Perlican, Feb. 7th., says: - considerable loss was occasioned in this neighborhood last week by the high tides and heavy seas. Mr. James AVERY, of Grate's Cove, had a large boat, which was hauled up on the beach, washed off and beaten to pieces; his flakes, stage and store containing a good deal of fishing gear and a quantity of coal, were overturned, and the property lost. Some other persons lost boats and skiffs at the same time. In this place, the sea ran very high, but fortunately, the boats were all in places of safety. The only loss sustained was that of a stage belonging to Mr. Joseph TIZZARD. - St. John's North Star.


At Herring Neck on the 9th. Inst., the wife of Mr. T. CONNORS of a daughter.

Temp. Concert Fogo

On Thursday Jan 27th., the Sons of Temperance of the Rising Sun Division of this place, had a thorough good concert in the School House, their place of meeting pro-tem. It was a grand turn out… those admitted were the members of the Society and their wives, and a few others who took part... About one hundred persons sat down to tea, (as a lady said to me yesterday, ""they go in for teas here!"").... there was enough and to spare, for out of the fragments which remained, we gave another tea on the following night to the Sabbath School children, and some of them were rather big children too; and of the fragments which yet remained, we fed the poor...... T. C. DUDER, Esq., W.P, presided over the meeting, and Mrs. T.C. DUDER at the organ. J.G. LUCAS, Esq., and the writer tried to interest the happy gathering with lively speeches. Mr. LUCAS gave a bright speech..... While we have to regret that some of the members have died and others have grown weary in well doing, we are glad to say we are progressing..... Signed: A. HILL"


March 24, 1881

Large numbers of sealers from the surrounding settlements were here the past week. On Monday it was computed that from 1200 to 1500 men were on the ice hauling seals. One sealer, a few days since, had alike to receive an injury from the bite of an old Hood. Thinking it was dead, when reaching the spot, he was about to apply the knife when the seal seized him by the arm, greatly tearing his sleeves, and had it not been for assistance speedily afforded, the results would likely have been serious.


On Saturday night last, 19th. Inst., after a lingering and painful illness, borne with Christian resignation to the Divine Will, Joseph J. PEARCE, Esq., JP., aged 71 years, for upwards of 30 years, Sub Collector of H.M. Customs in this port.


April 14, 1881

We are indebted to J.B. TOBIN, Esq., who was in London on the 22nd. March, for late numbers of Times, Standard, and other English papers, received per last mail.


A painful accident occurred to one of Mr. George HODDER's children this morning. While the girl was going out of doors with a pan of boiling water, the little one accidentally ran into her, causing the pan to capsize, its contents going partly over the child, and causing a good deal of injury.

Sealing Intelligence

The schooner Emeline, LOCK master, which sailed from the Horse Islands, supplied by Messrs. WATERMAN & Co., arrived as far as Burnt Island Tickle on Tuesday, but is prevented from getting in the harbor in consequence of the ice. She has 750 young seals and 340 old. The harp seals are reported to have been numerous in White Bay. The Panther, Narwhal and Resolute, and two or three other steamers, were there loaded. About Partridge Point, good work has been done with seals this spring, from 60 to 70 a boat having been secured. At Fortune Harbor and Western Head, we learn that large numbers were hauled ashore the early part of the week. The Emeline reports that about the 20th March, the Wild Wave, Elias DALLY Master, had six or seven hundred. This craft belongs to Herring Neck and sailed from White Bay the present spring. From St. John's we learn that the steamer Leopard, arrived there from the Gulf on the 22nd. ult., with 15,000 young harp seals and the Tiger was also on her way with 8000. We learn that great quantities of seals were in the Gulf this season.


April 28, 1881
  Memorial Notice

Miss Lydia King LUCAS. Of Fogo, another daughter of Mr. J. G. LUCAS, has just passed away to heaven. Her death was not unexpected, but for some time it has been looked for, and on Tuesday evening, March 29th, it was quite evident to all that she was dying. Relatives and friends were called to see her for the last time on earth, and to bestow their last kiss just before her spirit was wafted away to glory. ........ She was born in the year 1848 and in the year 1863 was born of God. ........ Since that time she had been a member of Society in the Methodist Church, .... For some years she was employed by the Board of education in teaching school in this place ........ From what we have learned she was much beloved by her scholars, and in fact by all who know her. ........ I believe this will make the seventh child Mr. LUCAS has safely landed in Glory, seven who have died in the Lord and are safe forever. On Sunday evening, April 3rd, a sermon was preached by the writer in the Methodist Church, Fogo, to improve the death of the departed, from numbers 23rd and 10th, "Let me die the death of righteous and let my last end be like his. "

Steamer Arrival

The steamer ""Hercules"" arrived from St. John's this morning en route for the mines, with a number of passengers and a full cargo of freight. It is to be regretted that no mail was forwarded by her for Twillingate. The last one that could be dispatched by overland route (according to the winter arrangements) left here a fortnight ago, and as we understand that the ""Plover"" will not commence her regular trips until about the 9th of May, a month or more will possibly elapse before a mail will leave here for the South. We believe that the ""Hercules"" would have brought and taken a return mail for a trifling amount, and considering the great convenience it would have been to the public just now, it is to be lamented that the opportunity was not availed of. Is Twillingate to be entirely overlooked? In may respects it is to be feared that such is the case.

Return of Citizens

We are pleased to note the arrival per ""Hercules"" of J.B. TOBIN and W. LETHBRIDGE, Esqrs. These gentleman have been on a visit to the Old Country the past winter, have returned in excellent health, apparently enjoying the tour.

Custom Collector

J.C. DUDER, Esq., sub-collector of H.M. Customs for Bett's Cove, who has been spending the winter here availed of the first opportunity afforded and left this morning per ""Hercules"" for that port, so as to be in readiness to discharge the duties of his office so soon as navigation commences.


On Monday last, there were several arrivals of schooners and boats from Hooping Harbor and other places on French Shore with large cargoes of seals and report an immense catch of young harps all along that shore. The schooner ""Lark"" and ""Extanuate"", each well loaded with prime white coats, arrived, the former to the firm of the late E. DUDER, Esq., and the latter to Messrs. W. WATERMAN & Co. The two crews having joined together so as to be more effectual; (making ten men) were successful in getting 2,600 seals, but however, remarkable this may appear, in comparison to any ordinary haul, it is exceeded by Mr. CARROL's crew of eight men, who have 2,800 and this again is out-stripped by a man named RANDLE, and his son, who landed the unprecedented number of 600. Mr. CROCKER in the ""Vicherson"" has 5,500 beside purchasing two or three cargoes. The ""Wild Wave"" arrived on Monday from the ice to Messers. W. WATERMAN & Co., with 1,300 old and young harps.

Ship Departure

The ""Vivid"" from Mr. TOBIN's and (the) ""Fawn"" from W. WATERMAN & Co, sailed for White Bay on Monday on a trading venture.


The ""Emeline's"" crew with 1100 old and young harps make £21 per man which is some difference to a crew in a steamer with 40,000 only making £18.

Ship Arrival

The schooner ""Vivid"" arrived at Purcell's Harbor from St. John's on Monday, being prevented from coming here in consequence of ice, which cleared away on the following day and enabled her to get into port.


COLLINS. - At Herring Neck, on Sunday 24th April, Mr. Henry COLLINS aged 82 years.


PHILPOTT.- At Herring Neck, on 27th April, Mr. Alfred PHILPOTT, aged 39 years.


SAINT.- On the 15th inst., James, fourth son of James SAINT. Esq., M.H.A., for Bonavista Bay, aged 8 years.


WARREN.- On the 10th inst., at Musgrave Terace, St. John's, Louisa Jane, the beloved wife of Hon. J.H. WARREN.


FOR SALE. The new well-built fore-and-aft schooner, ""MALLARD"", about 55 tons, well found and finished; can be inspected in Robert's Arm, Green Bay, until 10th of May, after that date in Twillingate. Also, a fine House or Store Frame, (cut for latter purpose) 20 X 30, nearly 100 pieces. Price; £15 10s. For terms for schooner apply to the undersigned in Robert's Arm until 10th May, afterwards in Twillingate. Francis WARR. May 5.


Contributed and Transcribed by George White (May, 2002)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (December 2002)

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