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Twillingate Sun
July - August

July 7, 1881
  Educational Meeting (1)

At 7.30 a public educational meeting was held in George's Street Church, when the President was ably supported by Revs. G. BOYD (Sec. of Conference), J. PARKINS, G.P. STORY, and Dr. STEWART, (the latter gentleman kindly supplying the place of Rev. G. S. MILLIGAN, M.A., who was indisposed). The meeting was a great success in respect of the addresses, and also of the financial results. Probably your readers will be looking for the final draft of the ""station sheet"". I therefore append it, though it is somewhat out of the natural order of proceedings. St. John's District: 1. St. John's - Revd's. W.W. PERCIVALl, T.H. JAMES, J.A. JACKSON, G.S. MILLIGAN, M.A. Superintendent, Methodist Day schools, T. FOX, T. HARRIS and J. PASCOE, Supernumeraries. 2. Pouch Cove - Rev. R. BRAMFITT. 3. Burin - Rev. W. KENDALL. 4. Grand Bank - Rev. J. NURSE. 5. Fortune - Rev. R.W. FREEMAN.

Educational Meeting (2)

6. Burgeo - One to be sent. 7. Petites - Rev. J.P. POWELL. 8. Channel - Rev. J. HEYFIELD. 9. Flat Islands - Rev. S. SNOWDEN. 10. St. Anthony - Rev. W.R. TRATT. 11. Bonne Bay - Rev. W.B. SECCOMB. 12. Labrador - Rev. H.T. HATCHER. G.S. MILLIGAN, M.A. Chairman of District. W.W. PERCIVAL, Financial Sec. II Carbonear District: 13. Carbonear - Revs. G. BOYD & G. VATER. 14. Harbour Grace - Rev. J. GOODISON. 15. Brigus - Rev. C. LADNER, President of Conference. 16. Cupids - Rev. J. REAY. 17. Bay Roberts - Rev. E. TAYLOR. 18. Port de Grave - Rev. F.G. WILLEY. 19. Blackhead - Rev. J. DOVE. 20. Western Bay - Rev. J. PRATT. 21. Island Cove - Rev. W. JENNINGS. 22. Old Perlican - Rev. W. SWANN. 23. Hants Harbour - Rev. G.P. STORY. 24. Hearts Content - Rev. G. PAYNE. 25. Trinity - Rev. G.J. BOND, B.A. 26. Random North - Rev. H. LEWIS. 27. Random South - One to be sent. C. LADNER, President and Chairman of the District. John GOODISON, Financial Sec.

The Fishery

Around this neighbourhood, the fishermen have done poorly the past week. Sometimes bait has been very scarce. We understand that about Comfort Cove, some distance beyond Morton's Harbour, a little was being done of late. At the latter place the prospects are poor. Information was received per ""Plover"" to the effect that in the vicinity of Bonavista and other places South, the fishery has been good of late. The schooner ""Bellerophon,"" arrived from the French Shore on the 3rd inst. to Messrs. WATERMAN & Co. with 150 qtls. The reports from that quarter for so early a date are encouraging. This is the second arrival from that shore after a brief absence, both being fairly successful. May we have the pleasure of reporting the return of many others well fished in the course of a little time.

Visiting Clergy

We understand that the Rev. David BEATON, of the Congregational Church at St. John's, will visit Twillingate per ""Plover"" in a fortnight. He will preach in the chapel on two consecutive Sundays, and also address Evangelistic Meetings during the week.

Ship Arrival

The coastal steamer ""Plover"" with mails and passengers arrived here early on Wednesday morning.

Body Found

It will be remembered that some time in February, the loss of two men belonging to Herring Neck was reported in our columns, having been overtaken by a snow-storm while out gunning. The boat was afterwards picked up, but no sign of the bodies was seen until Wednesday last, when that of James JONES was discovered floating on the surface of the water near Merrits harbour, being we learn, a good deal mutilated, caused no doubt by the ice.

Arrival of Clergy

Personal. We are pleased to note the arrival, from St. John's, per ""Plover"" of the Revd's. Messrs. T.W. ATKINSON, James NURSE, W.H. EDYVEAN, and J. PINCOCK, who have been in attendance at Conference in that city, the sessions having terminated on Friday last. We trust that renewed zeal may animate them in entering upon their sacred ministerial duties for another year, and that much Spiritual prosperity may attend them in their respective fields of Holy toil, and not only them, but likewise every Minister of the Conference. It is also pleasing to chronicle the arrival of the Rev. Father FLYNN, of Fortune Harbour, who while here, will administer to the Spiritual wants of his parishioners.

Ship Arrival

The ""Young Builder"", Capt. A. ROBERTS, with a cargo of lumber from the saw mill of Messrs. CURTIS & GREEN, Hall's Bay, left for St. John's on Monday morning, having arrived here from the latter place on Friday evening. While there, new masts were put in the Young Builder.

Deaths from Measles

We understand that measles have been prevalent at Bonavista for some time past. We are sorry to have to record the death, from the effects of a cold after the measles, of two of Mr. Alfred VINCENT's children. We are informed that they were very promising, especially the eldest, who though so young, used to creditably acquit himself at juvenile entertainment's held there. We tender our sympathy to the bereaved parents.


NEWMAN.- On Sunday the 3rd inst., the only sound of Henry and Edith NEWMAN, aged 8 months. "Suffer the little children to come unto Me. ""


VINCENT.- At Bonavista, on Friday, June 24, Alfred John, aged 3 years and 8 months, also on Thursday, June 30, Eugene Todhunter, aged 7 years and 7 months, children of Alfred and Emma VINCENT..

Public Notice (Part 1)

All Swine or Pigs, found at large, wandering or straying in or about any of the roads, streets, lanes or passages, the owners thereof shall be prosecuted according to Law, and fined two dollars for each swine or pig so found at large. All goats, found at large, wandering or straying in or about the roads, streets, lanes or passages without a good substantial yoke, of which the lower bar shall be three feet, and the upper bar not less than eighteen Inches in length, the owner thereof shall be prosecuted according to law, an fined two dollars for each goat so found at large. Every dog, so found at large with its owner or other person in charge thereof, is required to have fastened to its neck a clog of piece of wood, of not less than eighteen inches in length, with the name of the owner stamped or marked thereon, or to be effectually muzzled; and every dog so found at large, without the owner or person in charge thereof, and not clogged or muzzled as aforesaid, may be immediately shot, or otherwise destroyed by any person.

Public Notice (Part 2)

No person shall have in his possession any Pointer, Setter, Spaniel or Terrier Dog, without obtaining a written license from the Stipendiary Magistrate, under a penalty according to Law. If any dog shall kill, main, or injure any lamb, sheep, horse, or goat, or cattle of any description, the owner thereof shall be liable to prosecution according to Law, and the dog forthwith destroyed; or if any dog shall bite or otherwise injure any person, such person so injured may proceed before any Justice and recover damages for the injury and such Justice may order the destruction of the dog. All Stallions, found at large, or astray on the roads, streets, or lanes, the owners thereof shall be prosecuted according to Law. F. BERTEAU, Stipendiary Magistrate. Court-House Twillingate. June 2, 1881"


July 14, 1881
  The Fishery

Fishery News. During the past week very little has been done in the vicinity of Twillingate, but at Herring Neck small quantities of fish have been caught daily. There has been a little done at Black Island. Reports from White Bay, French Shore and Horse Islands are very encouraging, and we are pleased to note the following: - The ""Rosetta"" belonging to the firm of Messrs. J. & W. STEWART arrived on Sunday last with over 300 qtls. having been 2 weeks on the ground. After landing the trip, she will proceed to Labrador. On Monday evening the ""Kangaroo"", Jacob MOORS, master, arrived to Messrs. WATERMAN & Co., with 260 brls. fish. She reports the schooner ""Wild Wave"", Elias DALLY, master, as nearly loaded and expecting to be home in a few days, also the ""Fawn"", Albert SPENCER, master, on her way home with 300 qtls. both belonging to same firm. The fishery news form the Southward is very encouraging, and we hope by the return of the ""Hercules"" to give our readers some information concerning operations to the Northward.

Smelter Fire

By an arrival from Bett's Cove, we learn that on Saturday the smelting works, forge, pattern shop, &c., belonging to the mines were entirely destroyed by fire, the damage being estimated at about 3,000. We understand the only things saved were the books, but we have not learned whether the property was insured.

Return of Clergy

It affords us much pleasure to note the arrival per steamer ""Hercules"" from the capital, of the Rev. R. TEMPLE, R.D., who has been attending the Synod during the past few days, and who, no doubt feels encouraged and strengthened by that intercourse with his co-workers, which is always calculated to revive the energies and stimulate each other for future endeavours. We wish him a happy and prosperous year.

Departure of Clergy

We understand the Rev. James NURSE of Morton and Tizzard harbours preached his farewell sermon at the latter place on Sunday last. The discourse was earnest and practical, and many of the hearers were moved to tears during the delivery. The Rev. gentleman leaves with his wife in a few days for his new sphere of labour at Grand Bank, where they will be followed by the best wishes of the people, and we hope will be continually blessed in their labour of Love, by the All - wise Ruler of the Universe.

Arrival of Ship

The ""Little Willie"", Capt. KOUTH, arrived here on Friday last from Figuera, via. St. John's with a cargo of salt to E. Duder, Esq., making the run to the latter place in 29 days. The Captain reports very variable weather. We welcome him once more, and hope he will be attended with that success which it will be remembered, marked his work last year.

Arrival of Ship

The steamer ""Hercules"", after a prolonged absence, once more made her appearance on Saturday morning last. She was en route for Little Harbour of Labrador coast and had on board several passengers who were taking the opportunity of having a little pleasure, and viewing the rocky coast of Labrador. We congratulate them on the splendid weather with which we have been favoured during the past few days.

Loss of Schooner

Loss of the ""A.O.D. " - The following is the Captain's statement of the accident which resulted in the loss of the above schooner about the 14th inst., - ""Left Twillingate at 11 o'clock a.m., and at 3 o'clock next morning neared St. Anthony under foresail, jib and reefed mainsail. The high South - East wind which prevailed all night, veered to the North - East, with fog. Tried to make harbour, but the schooner misstayed three times. When we bore up and ran for Goose Cove, she misstayed again and drifted on Irish Point. Let go anchors but could not save her, and she capsized and sunk. The crew were rescued by a skiff sent off by Henry PYNN to whom great credit is due for the timely assistance rendered. " We understand the A.O.D., has been replaced by the ""Mallard"", a fine schooner recently built by Mr. F. WARR. She left for the Labrador yesterday evening.


Lieut. VERY, of United States Navy, arrived here per ""Hercules"". We understand that he is engaged in taking magnetic observations, with respect to the variation of the compass, up to the present time. He goes on the Labrador to observe at other points. This work is done every ten years. The variation of the compass throughout the whole of the United States has been observed in the same way, and the Government is extending their operations.

Search for ship

The united States Government have sent a vessel, the ""Alliance"" to search the coasts of Greenland and Spitzabergen for tidings of the missing ""Jeanette"".

Search for ship

We learn that the steamer ""Proteus"", Capt. PIKE, one of our sealing steamers, owned by Messrs. J.W. STEWART, of St. John's, has been sent to Smith's Sound with supplies for the missing ""Jeanette. ""


PEARCE.- At Exploits on Monday the 4th inst., the wife of T.L. PEARCE of a son.


LOYTE.- At Harts Cove on Thursday, July 7th, 1881, Louisa, the beloved wife of Mr. John LOYTE, aged 24 years. Her end was peace.


ROBERTS.- At Wards Harbour, June 15, of diphtheria, Caroline Jane, daughter of John and Mary Roberts, aged 4 years.


HEATH.- At Wards Harbour, June 26th, of diphtheria, Fanny, daughter of George and Emma Heath, aged 3 years and 6 months. "Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right. ""

Notice to Mariners

Notice is hereby given that the Harbour Light on Rocky Point, at the entrance of Harbour Briton, Fortune Bay, has been burned down. Steps will be taken to replace it as soon as possible. Due notice will be given when the new Light is ready. By order, John STUART, Secretary Board Works. Board of Works Office, St. John's, 13th June, 1881.


July 21, 1881
  Accidental Death

A correspondent lately reported the accidental death of a man at the Lobster factory at Garnish. The poor fellow's name (not given before) was Charles SHINNEAU; he was one of the hands employed by the Chebucto Lobster Packing Company. In some unexplained way he fell into the boiling cauldron in which the lobsters were being prepared, and may be said to have been literally boiled to death. There was no one near to help him, and some minutes elapsed before he could get himself out; when he at last succeeded in doing this it was too late. He lived about four hours afterwards and died in the greatest torture. He was a Frenchman, had married only a few years ago and settled down as a farmer in Mortier Bay. - St. John's Nfld., July 12.


HEYFIELD - KNIGHT - At St. John's on the 12th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Chas. LADNER, President of the Conference, assisted by the Rev. Geo. S. MILLIGAN, M.A., Rev. Jessie HEYFIELD, Methodist Minister, of Channel, to Selina, second daughter of Thomas KNIGHT, Esq., of that city.

Died "AYRE.- At St. John's on the 2nd. inst., of diphtheria, Robert Rogerson, aged 3 years and 7 months, son of John B. and Sarah B. AYRE.

Died "PEARCE.- On Saturday last, July 16th at Back Harbour, Twillingate, Mr. Abraham A. PEARCE Sr. a native of Fogo, aged 74 years and 8 months, for many years Clerk of the Court, of this Town, his remains were carried to its last resting place in the Church of England Cemetery Wednesday by large numbers of friends and relations.

Robbery "Herring Neck, July 20, 1881. To the Editor of the Twillingate Sun. Dear Sir,- Please to insert the following: Robbery on last night. Some person or persons did enter the shop of Mr. Thomas CONNOR and took there from 13 cash, shop goods to the amount of about 15, and provisions to the amount of 3, making a total of 31 or more. Now Mr. Editor. we want to know where our protection is. I think that the Government ought to take this matter in hand, and see whether the guilty parties cannot be found and punished according as law would permit. We sincerely sympathise with Mr. CONNORS as they left no tea, sugar or provisions for his breakfast. I remain, yours truly R.L.

Ship News

The ""Heroine"", WILKINS, master, sailed from Fogo for Poole, Dorset recently, with a cargo of oil and skins.

Ship Arrival

The schr. "Branksea,"" HARBIN, master, arrived from St. John's recently having left this port just a week previous with a load of lumber. Several passengers arrived by her.

Ship Arrival

The ""Mary Parker,"" CARTER, master, arrived to D. DUDER about the same time, making a quick run.


We beg to call the attention of the trade to the advertisement of Mr. J.D. MARTIN in another column. Boots and shoes of every description are manufactured at the establishment, and the proprietor is prepared at present to offer superior inducements to wholesale purchasers.

Fishery News

Last issue our reports of operations on the French Shore and at Horse Islands were encouraging, and by recent arrivals we learn that good work continues to be done. Mr. Charles EDGECOMB's craft arrived from Pacquet yesterday morning with a full load, and Thomas YOUNG's craft arrived about the same time from Belvey Bay, also loaded. They report the following:- The schooner ""Digby"" on the ground a week, 120 brls. BOWER's craft, Nipper's Harbour, loaded. By and arrival from Horse Islands we learn that the fisheries there have been good, the average supposed to be about 30 qtls. per man.

Ship Arrival

The steamer ""Plover"" arrived yesterday at half-past 4 o'clock a.m. en route for Labrador, having on board an unusual large number of passengers. We understand that three happy couples embarked from St. John's and we take the opportunity of wishing them all, a long and happy career. The steamer will probably call on her return about Tuesday morning next. Mails close at 5 o'clock Monday.

Ship Arrival

The steamer ""Hercules"" called here last evening en route for Little Bay and may be looked for Saturday night or Sunday morning.


We chronicle to-day the demise of an old and highly respected resident of this town, A.A. PEARCE, Esq., Clerk of the Peace, at the ripe age of 75 years, most of which he passed in this place. We naturally pause and think as one and another passes away, but more particularly when one who by a uniform and kindly demeanour has endeared himself.........[rest missing].

Heavy Storm

Destructive Gale In The Straits of Belle Isle. Intelligence of a very unwelcome and discouraging nature has been received from the Straits. On the 1st. instant a heavy gale from the Eastward swept along Labrador coast destroying much valuable property and disastrously affecting the prospects of many of our fishermen there. At Lance-a-Loup nearly all the fishing boats drifted from their moorings; some were dashed to pieces and others considerably damaged. The large craft, however, fortunately escaped injury. At Isle-au-Bois the storm raged with terrible fury. Here the brigantines ""Aurora"" and ""Guide"", belonging to Messrs. PENNY of Carbonear, and a fore-and-aft schooner, owned by Mr. SNELGROVE of Catalina, were driven ashore and totally wrecked, together with fully two-thirds of the small craft belonging to the place. At Green Island, also nearly all the boats were destroyed. No losses are reported from Forteau, and it is to be hoped that very little damage was done there. In a few days we shall no doubt be in a position to furnish our readers with further particulars. As regards the fishery in the Straits, not much had been done up to the 2nd. - Ibid.


July 28, 1881
  Job Offering

Wanted Immediately. By the Church of England Board of Education, Twillingate, a principal School-Master. Must be either First or Second grade; and a good reader. Salary offered 60 per annum and half fees. Apply to the Rev the Chairman, at Twillingate with References. June 28.

Visiting Clergy

The Rev. D. BEATON, Congregational minister of St. John's, arrived here by last ""Plover"". We understand it is his intention to spend a time with the Rev. Mr. WHYTE during which Evangelistic services will be conducted by him. We extend to him a hearty welcome and hope his visit may result in much good to those who may hear him. The Rev. Mr. WINDSOR, formerly of Herring Neck, but now labouring in Burin, also arrived here on a visit and left by the return ""Plover. " We wish him a safe return to his sphere of labour.

Visiting Businessman

We have much pleasure in noting the arrival per brigantine ""Faith"" from Poole, Dorset, England of W. WATERMAN, Esq., of the firm of WATERMAN & Co. We welcome him once more to our rocky shores, and hope his stay may be long and pleasant, and that he may eventually return to enjoy the pleasures of home and family in England.

Steamer Notes

The str. "Hercules"" arrived here en route for St. John's on Sunday and took several passengers amongst whom were Messrs. PERCY, BRAYLEY and MARTIN. The str. "Plover"" arrived here on the same route, Tuesday morning and having embarked several passengers, amongst whom were the Rev. James NURSE and WINDSOR, proceeded on her way at 5 o'clock, a.m.

Ship Arrival "The brigantine ""Faith"", Capt. STENSCOMB. arrived on Friday last, 39 days from Poole, England, with a cargo of salt to W. WATERMAN & Co. The Captain reports very stormy weather.

Religious "Our several pulpits were occupied by visitors on Sunday last. The Rev. Mr. NURSE filling the Wesleyan and Temperance Hall. The Rev. Mr. WINDSOR the St. Peter's Church of England, and the Rev. D. BEATON the Congregational.


Yesterday afternoon the schooner ""Daisy"", arrived to the firm of E. DUDER, Esq., having on board A. DUDER, Esq., and bride who are on a short visit here. The schooner was gaily decked with bunting and looked very pretty as she glided in under full sail, the premises of E. DUDER were also decked with flags and several guns were fired on the arrival of the schooner. We congratulate the happy couple and wish them a pleasant honeymoon.


FINDLATOR - HUMPHRIES. - At St. Mary's Church, St. John's on the 14th inst., by the Rev. E. BOTWOOD, Mr. Allan FINDLATOR to Miss Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, both of Fogo.

Shipping Intelligence

Port of Bett's Cove. Entered: July 11 - str. "Rowland"", TYRER, for Liverpool, 1,800 tons of copper ore. July 18 - Barque ""San Jose"", GRONOW, for Swansea, 650 tons of copper ore. July 20 - Barque ""Alpha"", LEONARD, for Swanaea, 584 tons copper ore. July 21 - str. "Ranzani"", RICHARDS, for Swanaea, 1,850 tons copper ore.


Legal Card. Frs. BERTEAU, Notary Public, And Commissioner of Writs of Attachments and Affidavits, will execute Protests, and other ship's papers, Wills, Mortgages, Leases, Bills of Sale, Indentures, Adjustment of Accounts, and other documents on most reasonable terms. Office: Back Harbour, Twillingate. June 16.


Aug 4, 1881

Benjamin SNELGROVE Esq., of Catalina has commenced extensive agricultural operations on the Catalina road. The land is some of the finest we have seen, the soil being admirably adapted for agriculture, and the best kelp manure can be easily obtained within a short distance. We wish him every success in his new enterprise.

Visiting Clergy

The Rev. Walter SMITH of Trinity took passage per ""Plover"" for Tilt Cove with the intention of visiting White Bay for the purpose of administering the Holy Communion and performing other ministerial duties in connection with the church. The Rev. gentleman labored for some years in this Bay and we have no doubt he shall receive cordial greetings from many of his old friends.

Travel "Mr. John SAINT of Bonavista informs the traveling public that he is prepared to convey passengers by wagon upon the arrival of the steamer from the North during day-light, from that place to Catalina at moderate fares, by which means the latter place could be reached an hour before the steamer. A drive from Bonavista to Catalina is quite a luxury. The road is in excellent condition and the scenery is simply magnificent. Persons traveling South by the ""Plover"" would have the monotony and tediousness of the sea voyage broken and would feel much refreshed by landing at Bonavista and giving Mr. SAINT the pleasure of driving them past those large ponds and wooded hills which adorn the Catalina Road and then taking the steamer again at Catalina.

Steamer Arrival "The coastal steamer ""Plover"", Capt. BLANDFORD, arrived here on Tuesday night with mails and passengers. The following is the list:-- Bay de Verd - Miss CHURCHILL and Mr. CHRISTIAN. Trinity - Rev. Mr. FOSTER and Miss MacPHERSON. Bonavista - Rev. Mr. CAROLAN and Mr. CURTIS. Fogo - Rev. Father BROWN, Mr. EAGAN and Miss DUDER. Twillingate - Mr. McNEILY, Mrs. DANNEL, WILLIAMS and HUGHES. Little Bay Island - Rev. Mr. MILLIGAN and Miss LAMB. Little Bay - Mrs. F.WINTON and Misses WINTON (2), Mr. J.S. McKAY. Bett's Cove - Mr. RYAN. From indeterminate places - Rev. Walter R. SMITH and Mr. PITTMAN from Trinity to Tilt Cove. Mr. TAVERNER from Trinity to Twillingate. Mr. J. MILLEY from Bonavista to Twillingate. Rev. Mr. PILOT from King's Cove to Bett's Cove. Mr. WOODS and three ladies from Trinity to Catalina. Mrs. SNELGROVE from Bay de Verd to Catalina. Rev. Mr. HATCHER and family from Trinity to Red Bay. Mrs. BAIRD from Greenspond to Twillingate. Mrs. LUCAS from Fogo to Twillingate. Mrs. RENDELL from Fogo to Little Bay. Misses HACKETT, DUNAHUE and Mr. PORTER from Fogo to Little Bay. Mrs. R. TEMPLE from Twillingate to Tilt Cove.

Murder Trial

Inspector CARTY left here three weeks ago in the steamer ""Kite"" for Labrador, his mission being to proceed to Nain to look up the witnesses in the case of the Esquimaux charged with murder and bring them on to St. John's to be heard at the trial of the prisoner. After the Kite left, there seemed some reason to fear lest she might be impeded by ice from reaching as far as Nain, and that much inconvenience, with additional cost in connection with this trial, might arise. It is so far satisfactory to find that the Inspector did not meet the apprehended diffuculty. A telegram was received from him yesterday from Tilt Cove, reporting himself on his return with the witnesses, and they are all, no doubt, on their way here in the ""Plover. " - Nfldr of Tuesday: The parties above referred to arrived here on Wednesday evening by the Plover. One of the Nain Missionaries, it is said, also came on by the same opportunity. A feeling of satisfaction is experienced at the Moravian settlements at the fact that they are subject to jurisdiction, the effect of which will be to create greater security and establish more perfect order in that region. By proclamation in Tuesday's Gazette, a term of the Supreme Court is appointed to be holden on the 10th August next, and continued until the 13th of same month for trial of this case. -- St. John's North Star.

Died "BAKER.- At Herring Neck, July 23rd, Ellen, wife of Mr. Robert BAKER, aged 74 years.

Visiting Politician

One of our representatives, A.J.W. McNEILY, Esq., is at present visiting the different harbors of his constituency and will be in town in about a week or ten days.

The Railway

The following telegram concerning the Railway was received at Bonavista on Monday last, for which we are indebted to the Rev. Father BROWN, who came passenger per ""Plover"" to Fogo: -- St. John's, August 1st. - Mr. WHITEWAY telegraphs Colonial Secretary that everything has been arranged, and that the chief engineer leaves Liverpool to-morrow for St. John's. One thousand tons of rails were bought last Friday. Mr. BLACKMAN leaves Liverpool for St. John's on the 16th. when operations will be commenced.

New Church

The corner stone of the new Episcopal Church at Hearts Content was laid, at noon on the 27th. day of July, with Masonic ceremonies by A.M. McKAY, Esq., M.H.A., R.W.P.G.M. of that ancient order, assisted by a number of brethren from St. John's and several clergymen of that Church. The building when finished will, it is said, be capable of seating between 1,000 and 1100 persons. It is of the Gothic style of architecture and we understand was planned by one of the Telegraph staff, W. DICKINSON, Esq.; Mr. J.H. MOORE, also of Hearts Content being the builder. This day commemorates not only the laying of this corner stone which is an event in itself, but also the 15th. anniversary of the successfully laying of the first Atlantic cable at Hearts Content, the accomplishing of which is considered one of the greatest triumphs of the age.

The Fishery

The First Shipment of Fish. - The schooner ""Little Willie"", KOUTH, master, sailed to-day from the firm of E. DUDER, Esq., with a full cargo of this seasons fish for a foreign market. This, we presume, is the first cargo of this year's produce that has been sent from the Island, and credit is due the energetic agent, W. LETHBRIDGE for his promptitude in this respect.

The Fishery

We are indebted to a correspondent from Nipper's Harbor, for the following arrivals from the French Shore to Messrs. W. WATERMAN & Co.: --""Ransom"", John BOWERS, master, 70 qtls. fish, 16 tierces salmon; ""Beta,"" Thos. BATSTON, master, 200 qtls fish; ""Syelph,"" James BOWERS, master, 330 qtls fish. "Albert"" reported with 38 qtls per man. "Passover,"" Samuel RIDEOUT, master from Tilt Cove with 100 qtls. The fishery prospect on the French Shore is a little more encouraging than heretofore. At Shoe Cove last week some boats loaded twice per day.


Some valuable specimens of ore have been recently discovered at Cann and Indian Islands. Mr. W.T. SALTER who is largely interested, visited those places in company with two experienced mineralogists who pronounced them to be of the highest character both as regards the quality and quantity of the find. We congratulate Mr. SALTER upon these discoveries and wish that they might prove all that he would desire them to be.


We are pleased to report that the Treasurer, (R.D. HODGE Esq.,) received last week from and old and tried friend, the sum of 25, towards the new Methodist Church.


August 11, 1881
  Rum Running

History of Twenty Rum Sellers". A writer in the American Messenger says: ""During a period of twenty-five years, from 1830 to 1855, the writer remembers twenty individuals who were at one time or another engaged in the business of selling liquot at or near a little village in South Carolina. Of that number, fifteen failed in business, either while selling or afterwards. Five have died from the excessive use of ardent spirits, and six others were addicted to occasional excesses and have also passed away. Ten of their sons fell early victims to the appetite and fill drunkard's graves, while nine others have at different times, been addicted to drunken sprees and are in the utmost danger of falling before the same dreadful habit. Ten of their daughters are or have been married to drunkards. Three of their sons are idiots or imbeciles, and there are other indications which to a close observer call to mind the denunciation of Holy Writ, ""Woe to him that giveth his neighbour drink, and maketh him drunken also.

The Fishery

Around this neighbourhood the fishing for the past ten or twelve days has not been good. Some days boats may succeed in procuring from half a qtl. to one and a half or two per day; but at other times the catch is much smaller. The scarcity of bait has had something to do with the quantity of fish secured. At times there appears to be a good sign, but often for the want of a supply of bait, operations have been inactive. From the Cape Shore, we learn that good work has been done there of late, some boats securing from two to three qtls. per day. About Exploits and Moreton's Harbor little has been done. The steamer ""Plover"" returned from the Labrador on Monday last en route for St. John's. Reports from the lower part of the coast are very unfavourable, a large number of craft having failed in securing anything like a fair catch, while those that remained farther up the shore have secured good voyages. The large amount of ice on the lower part of the coast might have prevented the fish from striking there as early as was expected and it is to be hoped that those craft may yet secure good catches. The schooner ""Annie Laura"", GUY, master, arrived from the Straits on Sunday last with about 350 qtls. fish to Josiah COLBOURNE Esq.

Lost & Found

The lady who lost a Colarette last evening may obtain the same by calling at the Sun office.

Fortune Harbor News

The following is from a Fortune Harbor correspondent, writing under date of 23 ult. It was received sometime since, but is has been unavoidably held over until the present issue: -- ""The fishery about here has been miserably bad. Nearly all our men who could obtain berths are gone to Labrador or the French Shore. Capt. John DAVIS in the ""Voilet"", arrived home yesterday with a full cargo, having used all his salt. The Rev. Father FLYNN arrived here about the 14th. by way of Black Island and left again on the 20th. for Little Bay. We expect his Reverence will return to this place about the 25th. August. We can congratulate him on his healthy and hearty appearance, notwithstanding the knocking about the he has had in boat, and also travelling through forests without a vestige of a road. However, he seems to enjoy the hardships, or at least he never complains. One thing of which we feel pretty certain, it that in a few years he will break down if he continues to labor as he has done since he took charge of this parish. On one point all who have had the pleasure of his acquaintance, since he came to Notre Dame Bay, agree, viz: that he is the right man in the right place. ""


A lad while in the act of crossing one of the high cliffs near Sleepy Cove, Long Point, stumbled and losing his footing, fell over and was taken up insensible. We are happy to learn that the injuries he sustained are not of a serious nature and that he is progressing favorably.

Schooner Arrival "The schooner ""Emeline,"" LOCKE, master, arrived here on Tuesday from the Horse Islands, having been absent some time on a trading voyage. The accounts from that part are similar to those previously reported, and it is to be hoped that the fishing may continue to prove successful along the shore.


August 18, 1881
  Steamer Arrival

The coastal steamer ""Plover"" arrived here early on Wednesday morning, bringing mails and having a number of passengers on board for this and various other parts of call. Mrs. TOBIN, Miss CHANCEY, Mr. J. OAKLEY and Mr. MORRIS came passengers by her.

The Fishery

First Arrival From The Labrador". - The ""Sweepstakes,"" Capt. Jonathan BURT, arrived to J.B. TOBIN, Esq., on Monday morning last from Partridge Harbor, with a full load of fish. She does not bring any news of the Twillingate schooners as the majority of them went further down the shore, but as fish was reported striking in on the lower part of the coast he thinks that most of the crafts will secure fair trips.

Court Case

A case of William GIBBS vs. Capt. M.J. KENT of the English schooner ""Consulo,"" was tried before the Stipendiary Magistrate on Friday last. The vessel arrived into port on the 11th, and it appears that previously, some provocation was exhibited on the part of the mate, whereupon the Captain threatened to shoot him. The case was adjourned until Tuesday, when decision was arrived at (by) the magistrate; the captain having had to defray all expenses, and the mate receiving his dismissal, according to request.


The Rev. W. PILOT, B.D., superintendent of the Church of England day schools, paid Twillingate a visit last week. He preached in St. Peter's Church on Sunday morning, delivering an eloquent and impressive discourse; in the afternoon he addressed a gathering of Sunday School children and friends, and at 6.30 he conducted service in St. Andrew's Church. One of the teachers on Twillingate North Island, acting under the Church of England Board, have hitherto had ""Grades"", and at the present moment no graded teachers have commenced work since the vacation. But there is a temporary school, kept in the mornings by the Clergyman, numbering some 58 children, which was examined by Rev. W. PILOT, the inspector, during his late visit. The Herring Neck schools were also examined by him on Monday as he passed Southward.


The Rev. G.S. MILLIGAN, M.A., superintendent of the Methodist day schools, has been in town the past few days. He has inspected three schools namely, North side, Durels Arm and Little Harbor. We understand that a pleasing demonstration of advancement was apparent in the respective schools. The status already attained by many of the schools under his jurisdiction is to be attributed largely to the indefatigable interest evinced by Mr. MILLIGAN for the spread of education among the people, and we trust, that he may long be spared to discharge the onerous duties which such an important office necessarily involves.

Schooner Arrival

The schooner ""Alice"" arrived from St. John's on Tuesday morning. She was recently purchased there by Mr. E. COLBOURN, is of small dimensions and will be employed principally we understand, for trading purposes, for which she appears to (be) adapted.

Mining Accident (Part 1)

We are indebted to a Little Bay Island correspondent for the following particulars of a serious occurrence which took place at Little Bay Mine's recently:-- ""I am sorry through your columns to have to relate a sad accident that occurred to a man belonging to Little Bay Island on the 13th inst., at Little Bay Mines. It is customary before cars go off the incline to give notice to the man in the brake-house so that he may attend to that part of the work assigned to him. But in this case, the brake-man had gone to get his dinner, though he had only been a few minutes from his house. It seems, the poor fellow that was killed, did not know but that the man was at his post, and started the car. At first it glided down slowly, but it quickened its pace as it neared the bottom of the incline. The other car came up with the same speed that the other was going down.

Mining Accident (Part 1)

The man, it seems, saw his mistake, and knowing, that if the car was to pass the top of the incline without being stopped, it would do a considerable amount of damage, as the car neared the top, he made a spring over the line, by which the car was drawn, to stop it, if possible. But tripping over the wire, he was knocked down and the car passed over him. The car in passing, broke his leg at the ankle, also crunching it to pieces above the knee. And a piece of iron belonging to the car, made a hole in the poor fellows body. His head was badly cut, and other parts of his body were injured. He was immediately taken to his home and the doctor sent for. As soon as he entered he was stripped of his clothing, when it was found that nothing could be done to save his life. One hour after the accident, he breathed his last. He was a married man, and leaves several children and a heart-stricken wife to mourn their loss. How much sorrow is often caused through neglect and absent from duty. ""

New Methodist Church

We are glad to be able to state that the Rev. W.W. PERCIVAL, the newly appointed superintendent of the St. John's Circuit, and the Rev. J. EMBREE, the Chairman of the Bonavista District, have promised to be present at the opening of the new Methodist Church, Back Harbor Road, Twillingate. Particulars will be given in a future issue.


We learn that the Rev. George OSBORN, D.D., has been elected President of the British Wesleyan Conference and the Rev. Robert Newton YOUNG, Secretary.


The ""Busy"", H. NEWMAN, master, arrived to Messrs. WATERMAN & Co., on Saturday evening last from the French Shore with 200 qtls.

Ship Accident

The steamer ""European,"" Capt SIMPSON, from Liverpool to New York, put in here between 10 and 11 o'clock this forenoon for the purpose of repairing damages, sustained by collision with the barque ""Racer"" of Christiansand, Capt. AANE..SEN. It appears that at half-past 1 on the afternoon of Tuesday last, when near the Flemish Cap, and during a dense fog the steamer ran into the Racer, striking her about midships and cutting her nearly in two. The crew of the barque immediately jumped on board the European, and the Captain, who rushed to the cabin to save his log-book, &c., was subsequently taken off by a boat from the steamer. The Racer - 747 tons - sailed from Mirimachi on the 3rd inst., with a cargo of deals, and was only a few days out when the collision took place. The officers and crew, on landing, were carefully looked after by the German Consul, B. PROWSE, Esq. - St. John's Telegram, Aug. 12.


The American whaling brig ""Abbott Lawrence,"" Capt. J. MOSHER, of New Bedford, put in here this morning leaking badly. She left Hudson's Bay on the 29th. ultimo, have secured only 30 barrels of oil and 800 lbs. bone. Captain MOSHER reports the brig ""Isabella"" with 200 barrels, the ""Abbey Bradford"" with 420 barrels and the barque ""George and Henry,"" Captain SHERMAN, clean. Captain MURPHY, of the Abbey Bradford died on consumption on the 5th. April last. On the 1st. August, two of the Hudson Bay Company's four ships were signaled bound in. Whales, it seems, were plentiful in the Bay, but it was found impossible to capture them in consequence of an unusual quantity of ice. After repairing damages the Abbott Lawrence will proceed to New Bedford. -- Ibid, 13th.

Birth "GRAY, -- At Twillingate North Side on the 10th inst., Mrs. GRAY of a daughter.


NOONAN. WINSOR.-- At All Saint's Church, Exploits Burnt Island on Wednesday, August 17th. by the Rural Dean of Notre Dame Bay, John NOONAN, Esq., of the Customs, St. John's, to Annie A. second daughter of Thomas A. WINSOR Esq. of Exploits.

Married "McCOLM. NEWMAN.-- Last evening by the Rev. T.W. ATKINSON, Mr. Robert McCOLM of Hall's Bay, to Miss Jane NEWMAN of Twillingate.


August 25, 1881

Knight's Home, 173 Water Street. The Subscriber, having succeeded the late Proprietor of the above Establishment, has Improved in every particular, the internal arrangement of the House. He assures Visitors to St. John's or Permanent Boarders that, by judicious management and careful provision for their comfort they will find this an agreeable, as well as the most Central Hotel in the City. Hot and cold baths for the accommodation of visitors can be obtained Jas. MELLIS, Proprietor. August 4.


HERBERT. -- At Nipper's Harbor on the 11th August, Charles Montague, beloved son of Horace and Sarah HERBERT, aged three and a half years.


REDDICK. -- At Herring Neck on the 11th inst., James, son of Mr. John REDDICK, aged 29 years, leaving a wife and three children to mourn their loss.

Church Picnic

The annual Picnic in connection with the Methodist Sunday Schools will be held, weather permitting, on Wednesday or Thursday next. We also understand that the Church of England schools will hold theirs on the following week.

Survey Ship

H.M. Surveying ship ""Gulnare"" has been around our Island for some time past, making a survey of different portions of the Bay. On Sunday last she was in port and remained here until the following Wednesday morning.

The Fishery

The schooner ""Paragon"", owned by M. OSMOND, Esq., J.P., of Morton's Harbor came here on Thursday last with a cargo of dry fish, having been previously engaged in a trading venture. The Paragon was built on the premises of the owner the past winter, is well found with the best material, and is in every respect a most suitable craft for the general trade of the country. The ""Presto"" also owned by the same, also arrived at Morton's Harbor on Friday from the French Shore, where she had been similarly engaged the last few weeks. The Presto was as far as Quirpon and reports that the fishery thereabouts has been good; but there had been such a continuance of wet disagreeable weather that fish curing operations were entirely retarded.


Captured (Link to Article)

The Railway

Railway Work Commenced, -- The following telegram which was received at Bett's Cove on the 16th inst., concerning the Railway, has been kindly sent us by a friend. St. John's, August 16th. The Railway was formerly opened today by Chief engineer, Mr. BOLLAND. Shortly before noon the first sod was turned. Proceedings, as far as I can learn, were undemonstrative and free from gust. Several squads of men were put to work grading the road to Freshwater Valley. Mr. BLACKMAN, on his arrival, by next boat, proceeds immediately to New York to organize a complete staff and survey the whole route immediately. The date for the completion of the whole line, decided by the Syndicate is two years from this date. Ming's Bight gold has a wonderful effect on New York.

The Fishery

A correspondent writing from Fortune Harbor says that the fishery has improved there of late, and bait has been plentiful. He also states that Mr. Matthew GLAVEEN in the schooner ""Sacheon"" has arrived from the Straits well fished. Reports fish plentiful when leaving and bait scarce.


To R.D., Betts Cove: your favor received with thanks. Shall also be glad to send Sun to Tilt Cove as requested.


We are pleased to note the arrival per last ""Plover"" from St. John's of J.W. OWEN, Esq., who was on a visit to the old country.


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