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The Evening Telegram Weddings & Anniversaries
January - March 1926


January 2, 1926

Wedding - A quiet wedding ceremony was solemnized at Gower St. Parsonage on Thursday night by Rev. Hammond Johnson, when Miss Winnifred H. READER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reader of Musgrave town, was united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony to Alton B. SCEVIOUR, customs official of Deer Lake. The bride was assisted by her sisters, Mrs. Chas Garland, and the groom was ably supported by Mr. Grouchy, brother-in-law of the bride. The bride was prettily attired in a dress of honey dew georgette over silk with hat to match, after the ceremony the bridal party proceeded to the home of Mr. Grouchy where the wedding supper was held. The groom’s present to the bride was a cheque, to the bridesmaid a handsome silver manicure set and the best man a pair of fur lined suede gloves. The bride and groom were the recipients of many useful and costly presents, thus showing the high esteem in which both are held. Mr. and Mrs. Sceviour left by Thursday’s Express for Deer Lake, their future home, taking with them the best wishes of their many friends for a happy voyage over the matrimonial sea. –Com

January 5, 1926

Wedding - A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the R. C. Cathederal on Sat., Jan 2, when Albert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick WADMAN of Bar Haven and Agnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm GAULTON of Isle Valen, were united in Holy Bonds of Matrimony. The officiating clergyman being Rev. Mons. Wm. Dermitt.,VE. The bride was handsomely attired in grey canton crepe and white fox fur, with hat to match. She was attended by her cousin Miss Lizzie Garrell who wore blue satin with black picture hat. White Const. Albert Shea, also cousin of the bride, ably supported the groom. After the ceremony the wedding party drove to the residence of the bride’s uncle, Mr. J. Shea on Water Street, where supper was partaken of by the guests, and the toasts customary to the occasion duly honoured. The bride, who is favorably known in the city, was the recipient of many valuable presents including gold pieces. The young couple leave by the 9:45 train on Thursday for their future home Bar Haven.

Wedding - Spaniards Bay was the scene of very pretty wedding on Tuesday, December 22 when Miss Mildred SEYMOUR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Seymour was united in holy matrimony to Harry GOSSE, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Gosse, by Rev. E.C. Clinch, while the wedding march was being played by Mrs. Clinch the bride entered the church leaning on the arm of her father and looked very nice in a dress of cream satin with bridal veil, and carried a bouquet of white carnations and maiden hair fern. Miss Elsie Gosse, sister of the groom, being bridesmaid, wore Gray Canteen Crape with a black picture hat and carried a bouquet of white roses. The groom was supported by Mr. Norman Seymour, brother of the bride. While little misses Marjorie and Annie Gosse acted as flower girls. After the ceremony the bridal party motored to Bay Roberts, then to the groom’s parents, where supper was partaken of. The health of the newly wedded couple was duly honoured by mom Young, to which the groom ably responded. The bride was the recipient of many useful and valuable presents, including a gold piece from the groom. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gosse wish them many years of Happiness

January 7, 1926

Wedding - A quiet but pretty wedding was solemnized at St. Patrick’s Church on Jan. 3rd when Margaret LYTHGOE, of this city, was united in Holy Bonds of Matrimony to Thomas LUBY of Tor’s Cove. The ceremony being performed by Rev Monsignor Kitchier. After the ceremony the wedding party drove to the residence of the bride’s parents where supper was served and the usual toast honored. The bride who is well known in St. John’s was the recipient of many valuable presents. Mr. and Mrs. Luby left by Monday’s train for Tor’s Cove, their future home, and took with them the best wishes of their many friends.

January 8, 1926

Anniversary - On the 23rd December, at 27 Cook Street, our respected residents of St. John’s, Mr. and Mrs. William GODDEN, celebrated the Golden Jubilee of their marriage, which took place in 1875. The nuptial ties were performed by Rev. Mr. Hoyles, assisted by the Rev. John Godden, brother of the bridegroom, at St. James Church, Carbonear, and they had issue four sons, and one daughter and at present there are 26 grandchildren to keep up the good old stock. Both himself and his wife are descendants of the oldest and most respected families in Newfoundland, his wife being Emma FORWARD of Carbonear, whose ancestors away back in the past century were noted for their energy, enterprise and integrity –who prosecuted the seal and cod fisheries in their own vessels with success, and who carried on for over 100 years an enterprising mercantile business in the above town. The Godden family are also too well known for me to make any extended reference thereto. All our older people remember the Rev. John Godden, and also Mr. Joseph Godden, for twelve years one of the members for Harbor Grace, and well and faithfully did he perform his duty towards his country and constituents. In years gone by the father of Wm. Godden conducted a large and enterprising business, and was owner amongst other ships, of the Royal William and the Shannon, which prosecuted the sealfishery with success for many years. We extend to Mr. and Mrs. Godden our heartiest congratulations, and with them many more years of happiness in their married life. Although confined to his room, Mr. Godden takes deep interest in civic affairs, having occupied the position of appraiser in Municipal Council, always courteous and consider towards our citizens, and honest and conscientious in the performance of his public duties. For years he was clerk of the Church of England Cathedral, but retired sometime ago.

Wedding - A very pretty wedding took place on Wednesday, Jan. 6th, in St. Andrew’s Church, Bunyan’s Cove, B.B., when Thomas ELLIOTT was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Anknie GILLINGHAM, C. of E. teacher. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Geo. Hall, M.A. The bride looked charming in a dress of pale blue silk with hat to match. After the ceremony was performed the happy couple drove to the home of the bridegroom where a very enjoyable reception was held. We wish Mr. and Mr. Elliott much future happiness.

Married - Mr. Harold RUSSELL of Tickle Cove was married to Miss Mary A. PHILPOTT of Plate Cove today. The ceremony was performed in the C. of E. Church at Red Cliff, Rev. L. Goddon being the officiating clergyman. We wish the newly wedded couple much luck.

Januray 11, 1926

The marriage of Mr. J. W. ALLEN, of the Furness Withy and Co., Ltd., to Miss Alice M. GILLIES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Gillies, takes place on Thursday next. Congratulations.

January 12, 1926

Married - On Jan. 6th at St. Joseph’s Church, by the Rev. Fr. Pippy, Agnes O’LEARY to Daniel MCCUE, both of Fox Harbour, P. B.

January 15, 1926

Wedding - On January 6th, the wedding took place in New York of Elizabeth Victoria, the oldest daughter of Rev. Canon and Mrs. BOLT to Charles Edward, son of Rev. E.K.H. CALDWELL, and Mrs. Caldwell, formerly of Brigus, but at present residing at Rochester N.Y. The ceremony took place in the British Chapel of Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and was performed by Rev. Canon Bolt. Both bride and groom have a host of friends in the city and the Telegram joins with them in wishing the newly married couple many years of happiness.

Wedding - The Oratory of the Sacred Heart Mercy Convent, Military Road, was the scene of a pretty wedding at 4 p.m. yesterday, when Mr. J.W. ALLEN , of the Furness Withy Co’s staff, led to the alter Miss Alice M. GILLIES, 58 Gower Street. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Carter in the presence of many friends of the contracting parties. The bride who was given away by her father, looked charming in fawn stenciled georgette dress, with fur coat and hat of hatter’s plush. She was attended by Miss Florence Delgado, who was prettily attired in turquoise blue georgette with black picture hat. Both carried beautiful bouquets of pink carnations and roses. The groom was supported by Mr. Gordon Bearns, cousin of the bride. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride’s parents and the customary toasts duly honoured. At 6 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Allen left for Donovan’s, where the honeymoon will be spent. The telegram joins with the many friends of the happy young couple in wishing them many years of wedded bliss.

January 16, 1926

Married - At St. Patrick’s Church, on Jan 12th, by Rt. Rev. Kitchen, Bride F. KIRBY to Francis D. FOGWILL, both of this city.

January 20 1926

Married - On January 9th, at the Holy Trinity Rectory, West 83rd Street, New York City, by the Rev. Charles J. Breslin, Elsie DOYLE, of St. John’s, Nfld. to Alfred Henry YOUNG, of Trenton, Ont., Canada.

January 22, 1926

Married - At St. Mary’s on Jan. 6th by S. O’Driscoll P. P., Austin HALLERAN of St. Vincent’s to Katherine ROWSELL of St. Mary’s

January 25, 1926

Wedding -The marriage took place on Friday at New York, of Mr. Charles Warren BOWRING, Jr., son of Mr. C.W. Bowring, senior director of Bowring and Company, of New York, to Miss Mary Lorna BOYD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Boyd, Staton Island, New York, the ceremony being performed at St. George’s Church. It may be of interest to state that Mr. Bowring is the fifth descendant from the founder of the Bowring interests in Newfoundland. He is the son of Charles W. Bowring, the grandson of Hon. Charles Bowring, great-great-grandson of C. T. Bowring, and the great-great-great- grandson of Benjamin Bowring. The honeymoon will be spent at Bermuda.

January 26, 1926

Wedding - Cochrane Street Parsonage was the scene of a very pretty wedding on January 20th, when Henry G. EDGECOMBE, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Edgecombe, Upper Battery Road, was united in Holy Bonds of matrimony to Lillian MORGAN, only daughter to Mr. George and the late Mrs. Morgan, of Seal Cove, C.B. The ceremony was performed by the Pastor, Rev. E.C. French. Mrs. George Cave and Miss Florence Edgecombe acted as bridesmaids, while the duties of best man were ably performed by Mr. W.R. Dawe, brother-in-law of the groom. The bride, who was attired in white silk bridal veil and orange blossoms, was given away by her brother, Mr. Willis Morgan. The Parsonage was filled with friends, while many well wishers remained outside to greet the happy couple after the ceremony had been performed. Arriving at the Battery, the bride and groom were met by many friends who gave them a hearty reception, over eighty guests were then entertained, dancing and games being kept up until the wee small hours. The bride was the recipient of many valuable presents, testifying to the popularity of the happy couple.

January 28, 1926

Married - A very quiet wedding took place last evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney WOODS, when their daughter, Evelyn Alice, was married to Mr. Stanley SMITH. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Hammond Johnson, Pastor of Gower St. Church.

February 11, 1926

Married - At St. Mary’s Church, by Rev. Goodland, Laura, daughter of T.M. and Mrs. WILCOX, Bell Isld., C.B., to Alfred MURRAY of Hr. Grace.

February 15, 1926

Married – At the Presentation Convent, on Feb. 11th, by Rt. Rev. Msgr. MacDermott, Alice M. COUGHLAN to Wm. C. PECKHAM, both of the city.

February 16, 1926

Married - At the Wesley Parsonage, on Friday, Feb 12th, by Rev. J.G. Joyce, Ella PARSONS of Bonne Bay, to Bennett BURTON of Twillingate. Mr. Noel, of Hr. Grace, gave the bride away, and Mrs. Sparkes, aunt of the groom, was matron of honour. After the ceremony they drove to the residence of Mrs. Sparkes, Springdale Street, where a reception was held.

Married - On Feb 15th, at St. Columbia’s Presbyterian Church, Pont Street, London, by Rev. Archibald Fleming, D.D. George HAWES, of St. Michael’s Manor, St. Albans, to Helen Paterson, daughter of H.D. REID, Esq. and the late Mrs. Reid.

February 18, 1926

Married - On February 15th, at the R. C. Cathedral, by the Rev. Mons. McDermott, V.G., James J. MULLETT of Oderin, to Lucy O’KEEFE, of Colinet.

February 20, 1926

Married - On Feb. 16th at St. Joseph’s Parish, by Rev. Joseph Pippy, Miss Catherine F. MURPHY, daughter of Joseph Murphy, marine engineer, to William P. DUFF, motor mechanics, son of Mr. John Duff, Mundy’s Road.

Married - At St. Michael’s Church, on Tuesday, Feb. 16th by the Rev. Edwin Nichols, Eli BISHOP, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bishop, to Ida HACKETT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hackett, both of this city.

March 5, 1926

Married - On Wednesday, Jan 20th, at Knox Manse, Saskatoon, by Rev. Dr. Wylie C. Clark, Allison HANN of St. John’s Nfld, to Harold TURNER of Perdue, Sask.

March 27, 1926

Wedding - A very pretty wedding took place at Wesley Parsonage on Thursday March 25th, by the Rev. Joyce, when Miss Charlotte M. POWELL of Happy Adventure and Mr. Noah E. PIERCY of Winterton T. B., were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. The bride wore a dress of fawn crepe de chene with hat to match and carried a bouquet of carnations and maidenhair fern. Miss Gertrude A. Piercy, sister of the groom acted as bridesmaid and Mr. Frank Moore as best man. The reception was held at 38 McFarlane Street, where a most enjoyable time was spent. The bride received many valuable presents, testifying to the esteem in which the young couple was held.


Transcribed by members of the Family Tree Group.
Typed by Ruby Patey, April 2007 for the Family Tree Group,
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL.



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