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Obituaries for Trinity Bay District
from The Advocate (1940 - 1949)

The Advocate was published under several names (The Morning Advocate, The Evening Advocate, The Fisherman's Advocate, etc.). The obituaries appear here as they appeared in those papers at the time of publication. For the convenience of researchers, they are listed in chronological order starting with the first publication of The Advocate in 1918. Not all the obituaries from this paper are presently included, however, every effort will be made to complete this list, in the meantime. if someone has an obituary which does not appear here, please contact Jim Butler by u sing the CONTACT button at the bottom of every page.

The obituaries are listed in chronological order.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, May 3, 1940)

The Funeral of the Late William Pardy

As noted in last week's issue of the Advocate, the death occurred here on Friday evening last, at about 7 o'clock, of Mr. William Pardy, who had been for a number of years foreman of the Fisherman's Union Trading Company's cooperage loft here. He had not been in good health for some months, but just a few weeks previous to his death showed signs of improvement. He suffered a relapse, however, and the end soon came. His passing proved somewhat of a shock to his family, relatives and friends.

The funeral, which took place on sunday afternoon last was one of the largest ever seen in the twin towns of Catalina and Port Union, and scores of people could not gain admittance in the S. A. Citadel at Catalina, where the funeral service was held. The service was conducted by Major Porter, S. A., of Bonavista, who had come over from Bonavista specially for that purpose. Major Porter delivered a very able funeral address, talking as his text from the 55th verse of St. Paul's first Epistle to the Corinthians - "O death, where is thy sting?" Major Porter paid tribute to the character of the deceased and felt that he must have been a citizen of good moral character, or so large a number of people would not have turned out to follow his mortal remains to their last resting place. A large number of L.O.A. brethren, of which Society the deceased was a member, was in attendance at the funeral as was also the S. A. Band.

At the home of the deceased, before the funeral procession left for Catalina, the Hymn "Safe in the arms of Jesus" was sung, and at the Citadel the hymns "Lead kindly light" and "Forever with the Lord" were sung. "Lead kindly light" was the favourite hymn of th deceased. At the interment ceremony, in the S. A. cemetery the hymns "Shall we gather at the river?" and "When the roll is called up yonder I'll be there" were sung.

The beautiful casket was adorned by a profusion of wreaths and flowers. Among the wreaths was one from the co-workers of the deceased of the cooperage staff, anther (sic) from the fish loft staff of the F. U. Trading Company and another from the office workers and shop staff of the same Company. The wife of the deceased was deluged with telegrams , cards and letters of sympathy from friends in Newfoundland, Canada and the U.S.A., all testifying to the high esteem in which the late Mr. Pardy was held.

Had the late Mr. Pardy lived he would have been 44 years of age on Sunday, May 5th. He is survived by his wife (nee Belle White, daughter of the late Nathaniel and Mrs. White, at Catalina), two children Florence, who will be four years of age on Sunday next, and baby Carolyn aged 6 months. Two sisters, viz. Mrs. Thomas Russell, of Catalina, and Mrs. Eli Rose, residing in Cambridge, Mass, U.S.A., also survive. The late John Pardy, who died some years ago as a victim of an elevator accident on the Trading Company's Plant some years ago was his brother.

Mrs. Pardy has the deepest sympathy of all in the early death of her husband. It is a sad blow to her, as the young couple were just beginning to develop a comfortable home.

"Billy" Pardy, as he was known to all, has gone to rest after much suffering. May light perpetual shine upon him and may God comfort and sustain his widow in the days that lie before her.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, December 20, 1940, page 6)


John Manuel
(East Point, Catalina)

On Friday night, November 29th, there passed away a well known citizen of East Point in the person of John Manuel.

Mr. Manuel had not been well for some time and it was finally decided to remove him to the Bonavista Cottege Hospital, but in spite of all that could be done for him he passed away. The body was brought back here for interment, and a large crowd attended his funeral on the afternoon of Sunday, December 1st. The S.U.F., of which the deceased was a member for some years, paraded at the head of the cortege. Internment took place in the C. of E. cemetery. Rev. R.F. Mercer officiated.

Mr. Manuel had been an active fisherman and banker for a number of years. Before his final illness he had been active and smart and usually in excellent health. On one occasion, while fishing on the Grand Banks he spent eight days and nights adrift in a dory.

He is survived by five sons, John, Victor, Joseph and Stewart at home and Samuel in the U.S.A.

His death means the passing of another link with the past. The Advocate would extend to the bereaved sincere sympathy on behalf of the community.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, December 20, 1940, page 6)


Richard Albert Lodge

On Sunday morning, December 1st, there passed away at his home in Catalina a well known and prominent citizen in the person of R. A. Lodge.

Born on the south side of Catalina, Mr. Lodge had long been identified with the commercial life of this community. As a boy he entered the firm of P. Templeman at Bonavista and later returned to Catalina and rose to be manager of the Catalina branch of P. Templeman's business here.

Some years ago he resigned from P. Templeman's firm and founded the business of Lodge and Elliott. Later he continued as the firm of R. A. Lodge. During the past few years he has lived in virtual retirement, suffering from ill health and while at times his condition was serious, the end came as a surprise to the community.

Apart from being a prominent business man, the late R. A. Lodge was prominently identified with church work of the United Church here in Catalina.

The late Mr. Lodge was a member of the L.O.A. and members of the society paraded at his funeral. Interment tok (sic) place in the U.C. cemetery on Tuesday, December 3rd. Rev. F. D. Cotton officiated. During the funeral service Mrs. Wm. Coleridge sang the beautiful "After".

He leaves to mourn three daughters Millicent, Muriel and Marjorie and tow (sic) brothers, Mark in the U.S.A. and George at Port Union. To all of whom the Advocate extends sincere sympathy.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, October 30, 1942, page 6)


(Editor, Fisherman's Advocate)

DEAR SIR - On October 14th the horrors of this terrible war were brought nearer to this community when the news was flashed that the S.S. Caribou had been torpedoed by a German submarine and that Robert Butler, a resident of this place, was among the missing passengers, and later to be informed that his body had been recovered.

Robert is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Butler. About 18 months ago he left our shores in company with his uncle to seek employment in Canada. After working in Toronto for some time he was transferred to Halifax and later to Sydney. Having completed his work there he was on his way home to spend a few months with his parents before returning to Toronto when he was attacked by a murderous enemy and by him lost his life.

He leaves to mourn his sad loss a father, mother, one sister, Mrs. Ernest Osbourne of Trinity, to whom the hearts of the whole community go out in sympathy in their hour of bereavement.

Robert was a bright, active and industrious young man, a dutiful son and a loving brother; he was liked by all who knew him and a favourite with his chums.

On Monday, the 19th, his body arrived home and the following day was laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery by the side of his sister Mary, who predeceased him about four years ago, there to await the final call.

				Sleep on beloved, sleep, and take thy rest,
				Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour's breast;
				We loved thee well, but Jesus loved thee best,
				Good night, good night, good night.

	Yours respectfully,
	Trinity East,
		October 24th, 1942

(The Fishermanís Advocate, December 24, 1943, page 8)

Tragic Death of Wm. Gullage

Death struck down suddenly a man in the prime of life when William Gullage of Catalina was accidentally shot in St. Johnís last Thursday. To quote from the Evening Telegram:

ďIt was officially announced Thursday night by Naval Headquarters of the Newfoundland Command, that William Gullage, of Catalina, carpenter foreman, on a Naval dock, was accidentally hilled in an unfortunate accident on the Southside of St. Johnís. The death of the victim was due to the accidental discharge of a Sten gun carried by a sentry. It appears that the sentry, holding the gun by a strap over his left shoulder, was stooping to get a drink from a tap when there was a burst of shots. At the time, Mr. Gullage had come around the corner of a building and three of the bullets entered his body, causing injuries from which he died almost instantly. The sentry had a narrow escape as one of the bullets ripped through the pocket of his coat.Ē

The body arrived in Catalina by Sundayís train, accompanied by Miss Juanita, one of Mr. Gullageís daughters, and Mr. Noah Blundon.

The late Wm. Gullage was 52 years old. He was a well-known and highly respected man and the news of his death threw a pall of gloom over the entire settlement. His funeral, which took place on Monday afternoon, was largely attended, and his casket was covered with a profusion of floral tributes. Parading at the head of the long funeral cortege was the L.O.A. of which the deceased was a loyal member. The funeral service was conducted in St. Peterís Church, by the rector, Rev. S. G. Spurrell, and the remains were interred in the C. of E. cemetery.

\the deceased is survived by his wife, three daughters, Mrs. Henry Norman and Misses Juanita and Sylvia, one son Robert, and one sister, Mrs. Fanny Diamond. Mr. S. Elliot, of Catalina, is a first cousin.

To the grief stricken mourners the Advocate extends sincere sympathy.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, Mar 21, 1944)


(Editor, Fisherman's Advocate)

DEAR SIR - Please allow me space in your highly esteemed paper to record the death of my sister-in-law, Mrs. Annie E. Butler of Old Bonaventure, who departed this life on February 29th, 1944, at the age of 45 years, and also her daughter Mildred, aged 17 years, who predeceased her on January 28th, 1944. She leaves to mourn one daughter, Ruby, aged 9 years, and one brother, William Stone living in Canada. Her husband also predeceased them some five years ago by drowning near Trinity Harbour in the schooner "Marion Rogers."

			We cannot say, and we will not say,
				That they are dead, they are just away,
			With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand
				They have wandered into an unknown land.
			Do not ask us if we miss them,
				There is such a vacant place,
			But we fancy we can hear them
				And can see their smiling face.

	Inserted by

(The Fisherman's Advocate, September 7, 1945, page 3)

In Memoriam

There passed peacefully away at Port Rexton after an illness of only 4 months, Stanley Butler, at the age of 30 years. He was the only son of Mrs. Mary and the late Daniel Butler (who was killed at Port Union 27 years ago). Left to mourn his passing are his mother, and two sisters, Nellie, Mrs. C. Penny of Champneys West, and Daphne, Mrs. S. Drover (Ranger) of Lamaline, and many relatives and friends.

He was a member of the L.O.A., the R.B.P., and the Blackledge Club, and was one of the most promising of our young men. Energetic and industrious he filled a worthwhile place in the community.

He was laid to rest on July 22nd. The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Henry Ploughman, a chaplain in the Royal Canadian Navy, who was home on leave. The funeral cortege was preceded by the L.O.A. and a large number of mourners attended to pay their last respects and the church was filled to capacity.

The hymns were as follows: At the Church, "On the Resurrection Morning,7quot; "Who knows how near our end may be". At the cemetery, "Abide With Me". At the home, "How bright these glorious spirits shone", and "There is a blessed home".

The family wish to thank all friends who in any way assisted them during their bereavement and the following for:

Telegrams: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Drover, Sr., Hodges Cove; Dr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald, Port Rexton; Mrs. Graham Day, St. John's; Capt. Sam Drover, Lamaline; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Geo. Penny, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Jones, Trinity East; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Randell, St. John's; Mr. and Mrs. George Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Penny, English Hr.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bannister, Miss Louise Miles, Trinity East; Miss Marjorie Randell, St. John's; Mrs. Baxter Barbour, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hogarth, Trinity East; Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ivany, Gander; Mr. and Mrs. Colin Butler, Windsor; Mr. and Mrs. William I. Barbour, Ohio, U.S.A.

Letters: Trinity L.O.L., No. 113, The BlackLedge Club, Trinity R.B.P. No. 650, C.E.W.A., Port Rexton; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel King, Port Union; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Penny and family, Mrs. William Bailey, Trinity; Miss Florence Moody and brothers, Mrs. amy C. Hookey, Miss Louie Mills, Mrs. Gladys Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hookey, Mrs. Ralph Plowman, Mr. Max Rex, Mr. and Mrs. George Keats.

Cards: Blackledge Club, Mr. Israel Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Butler, Mrs. and Mrs. George Butler and family, Mrs. Clara G. Butler and family, Mrs. Emily Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller and family. Mrs. Alberta Butler and family, Mrs. Susie Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Brown, Mr. and Mrs. M.S.Day, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ploughman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Randell and family, Mrs. Peter G. Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Mate and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ryan and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, Mrs. Julia Ryan, Mr. and Mr. Garland Bannister, Mr. and Mrs. Olindo Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dewling and family, Mr. Samuel Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Warrick Piercey, Jr., Mrs. Walter Cole, Mr. and Mrs. George Goldsworthy, Mrs. Amy Ann Piercey, Mr. and Mrs. James Day and family, Mr. Harvey Mate and Blanche, Miss Madeline Ash, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Rec, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. John Rex, Miss May Randell, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Penny and family, Miss Alethia Butler, Miss Annie B. Brown, Miss Evelyn Barnes, Mr. Ronald Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth Piercey, Mrs. George Bannister, Mr. and Mrs. James Wells, Mr. and Mrs. John Randell, Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Fowlow, Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Randell, Champneys, Mr. and Mrs. mark Goldsworthy, Mr. Charles Penny and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Piercey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ash and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Bannister, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Randell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Randell, Mr. and Mrs. Elam Rex and family, Mr. and Mrs. Colin Freeman and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Morris, Miss Jennie Butler, Mr. Charles Randell, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Penny, Mr. and Mrs. Lewllyn Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Randell and family, Mrs. Hannah King and family, Mrs. Laura Randell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Randell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shelley, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rex and family, Mr. and Mrs Ray Adams, Mrs. Katie Hanlon and family, Mrs. Richard Barbour and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Porter, Mrs. Martha Barbour and family, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rex, Jr., and family, Mr. and Mrs. George Guppy, Mr. and Mrs. Sam White, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Piercey, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rex, sr., Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Way, Mr. Alex Butler.

Wreaths and Sprays: Mrs. Mary D. Butler (mother), Mrs. Charles Penny (sister), Mrs. Samuel Drover (sister), Mr. and Mrs. Mark Moody, Miss Florence Moody and brothers, Miss Phebie Day, Miss Alice Ash, Miss Lena Plowman, Miss Mary M. Butler, Mr. and Mrs. M.S.Day, Mrs. and Mrs. Wm. Day, Mr. and Mrs. James Day, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Day, Mr. and Mrs. Levi Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Miller, Mrs. Amy Ann Piercey, Mrs. Joseph Butler and family, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Butler, Mr. and Mrs. George Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Randell, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Randell, Mr. and Mrs. W.K.Randell, Mrs. Pierce Randell, Mrs. Norman Randell and family, Mrs. Martha Barbour and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ploughman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butler, Mrs. C.G.Butler and family, Mrs. Israel Jones, Mrs. Robert Bannister, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Bannister and family, Miss Sally King and mother, Mrs. Vincent Brown, Miss Margaret Randell, Mr. and Mrs. John Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Elam Rex, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Randell and family, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Penny, Mrs. Lucy Penny and family, Mrs. Robert Bannister, Trinity East; Mrs. Gladys Freeman, Mrs. Robert Rex and family, Master Harold Piercey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Randell, Blackledge Club.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, February 1, 1947, page 6)


Mrs. Miriam King
(Port Union)

The death occurred at the home of her son, Mr. Daniel King, Port Union, on Wednesday night, January 29th, of a well known and respected citizen in the person of Mrs. Miriam King, widow of the late John King.

The deceased, who was in her 78th year, although sometimes in poor health during past years, was up and around up until the time of her death. Leaving to go upstairs at her usual bedtime on Wednesday night she fell back into the arms of her grandson, Dan, Jr., just as she reached her bedroom door and died a few minutes afterwards.

The late Mrs. King is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Thos. Miller, New Bonaventure; two sons, Daniel and Jack, Port Union, and an adopted daughter, Mrs. Roy Bailey (Louie Miller), Long Island, New York.

Interment took place at the C. of E. cemetery yesterday, Friday, January 31st, Rev. S. G. Spurrell officiating.

To the bereaved the Advocate joins with their many friends and acquantances in extending deepest sympathy in thier sorrow.

"Now the labourer's task is o'er;
Now the balttle day is past;
Mpw upon the farther shore
Lands the voyager at last.
Father, in Thy gracious keeping,
Leave we now Thy servant sleeping".

(The Fisherman's Advocate, January 30, 1948, page 2)


(Editor, Fisherman's Advocate)

DEAR SIR - Please grant me space in your esteemed paper to record the passing of my dear husband, Abram Bailey, aged 62. Two abnd a half years ago he was ordered by his medical doctor to go to St. John;s for an operation. He entered the General Hospital and for a while his case looked serious but he came through the operation and after three months there he was sent home but never fully recovered and in November was sent in for another opertion and after spending another month there was sent home the same. The following year he entered the Cottege Hospital at Bonavista and had a finger amputated nd then in August past he entered the General Hospital again for another examination and after spending two weeks there was discharged as being incurable. A week after he came home he was confined to his bed. The suffering he went through during these two and a half years can be appreciated only by those near and dear to him. On November 9th the Angel of Death came and called him to his eternal rest where all is joy and peace. He was laid to rest in the C. of E. cemetery, the Rev. H. Bennett officiating. The casket was preceded tot he graveside by the L.O.A. and the R.B.P., both societies of which he was an ardent member of many years standing. I shall miss him but God knows what's best for us, and then the consolation of knowing that some day we shall meet again where partings are no more.

Sleep on dear Abram in perfect sleep,
It is sweet to breathe your name.
In life I loved you dearly,
In death I do the same.
Morning, evening and all day through
I'm sad and lonely thinking of you.

n - Inserted by his loving wife.
Port Rexton,
January 20th, 1948.

(The Fisherman's Advocate, July 31, 1948, page 6)



There passed away at New York on June 21st, 1948, Naboth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gibbons, leaving to mourn his wife, one son William, one brother, James at St. John's, four sisters, Mrs. Wilfred North of Halifax, Mrs. William Coats of Dartmouth, Mrs. Harry Hayward and Mrs. Douglad Duffett of Port Union, and a large circle of relatives and friends.

The cause of his death was heart failure. He was all ready to come home by plane, had his clothes packed and tickets bought for the morrow's flight. He said "I will go down to the Union Hall to see Mr. Green and pay my dues and if I have any time left I will go to the park and have a row." He went out in the row boat and one of the policeman on shore noticed a man in a boat rowing with one oar. He turned his head a moment when someone yelled "man overboard." He jumped in his boat and quickly reached the spot. He had to dive eight times in order to find and recover the body. Artificial respiration was aplpied (sp) for 45 minutes, when the doctor pronounced him dead.

The parents of the deceased wish to thank all kind friends who sent letters, telegrams and cards of sympathy to their house of sorrow in their sad bereavement.



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