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Bell Island Submarine Miner
January 1959

General Plant News

All- Star Basketball Team Picked
      The team is as follows: Pat Normore, Valentine Whalen, Roland Warren, Gerald Lahey, Kevin Clarke, Frances Power and Alex Coombs. Our congratulations to these boys on being picked, and with it goes the hope that they will play hard and fair in all their games.
      It is hoped that basketball teams will be picked shortly, and all leagues will be operating by February 2nd.

Kiwanis Club Installs Officers
      At Wednesday night’s regular meeting of the Bell Island Kiwanis Club, the Directors and Executive officers for the coming year were inducted into office. The Immediate Past President B.W. Tucker was in the chair when the meeting opened.
      Following the luncheon, President Bert turned the proceedings over to the Lieut. Governor of Kiwanis District 12, Lo. Pike, of Harbour Grace, who acted as installing officer.
      The following Kiwanians were inducted as members of the Board of Directors: Reid Proudfoot; J.G. Archibald; Walter Templeman; P. Myers; L. Proudfoot; N. Alcock. The Immediate Past President B. W. Tucker, automatically becomes a member of the Board of Directors.
      The following executive officers were inducted: President, E.J. Russell; 1st. Vice President, Bob Cohen; 2nd Vice President, Gord Martin; Secretary, Bob Cardwell; Treasurer, Don Templeman.
      Walter Templeman, M.D., a Past Lieut. Governor of Kiwanis District 12, paid tribute to the Immediate Past President B.W. Tucker, who brought the Bell Island Club through one of its most successful years in the seven-year history of Kiwanis on Bell Island.
      The President elect, E.J. Russell, thanked the members for their confidence in electing him as president of the Club for the coming year.
      The newly elected President gave a report on the club rating for November 1958; 91.1%, which is a very high average, as club percentages go.

Anniversary greetings are extended to the following employees on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries.
      Pensioner Norman and Mrs. Noseworthy, West Mines, forty-one years married on November 29th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. William Craig, twenty-nine years married on November 10th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Power, twenty-seven years married on November 17th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Barrett, fifteen years married on November 19th, 1958.
      Pensioner Walter and Mrs. Parsons, Scotia Ridge, fifty-three years married in December 1958.
      Pensioner Robert and Mrs. Davis, Harbour Grace, forty-three years married on December 20th, 1958.
      Pensioner Thomas and Mrs. Conway, thirty-eight years married on December 30th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Neil, twenty-seven years married on December 27th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fowler, twenty-five years married on December 8th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Clem Ezekiel, twenty-three years married on December 8th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hickey, seven years married on December 4th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. William Clarke, twenty-two years married on December 3rd, 1958.
      Pensioner and Mrs. Harry Mercer, St. John’s, Newfoundland, sixty-two years married on December 30th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. John C. Vokey, thirty-three years married on December 29th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Anthony, thirteen years married on December 27th, 1958.
      Pensioner George and Mrs. Lahey, forty-seven years married on November 15th, 1858.
      Mr. and Mrs. James Butler, East End, thirty-one years married on November 28th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shaw, twenty years married on November 15th, 1958.
      Mr. and Mrs. Max Rees, thirteen years married on November 28th.

On The Sick List
The following employees or members of their families were on the sick list during recent weeks:
      Miss Rosalie Gosse entered the Grace Hospital for treatment on December 4th.
      Corbett Pitts, Timekeeping Department, who entered hospital in Boston, U.S.A., for an operation last November, has returned home and is back on the job.
      Linda, the three-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Curnew, entered hospital in St. John’s during December, with a fractured leg.
      Nine-year-old Ruth Delaney, Church Lane, Beach Hill, entered the General Hospital, St. John’s, during December, as the result of a motor accident.
      The six-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robbins, entered the Grace Hospital, St. John’s, for Treatment.
      Diane O’Quinn, seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Quinn, Lance Cove Road, returned home from hospital in St. John’s in December, after spending six-months in the institution as the result of a motor accident last year.
      Baby Tony Jarvis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jarvis, Wabana, entered hospital in St. John’s for an operation during December.
      Selby Warren, Engineering Department, is back on the job after several weeks under the doctor’s care.
      Madonna, ten-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kent, Beach Hill, entered St. Clare’s Hospital, St. John’s, for treatment.
      Pensioner Alexander Lahey, Lance Cove Road, is reported to be feeling better. He was confined to his home as the result of an injury received when hit by a motor vehicle a few weeks ago.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of the following people, who died recently.
      Mrs. Albert Whelan, Freshwater, Bell Island, who passed away on November 5th, 1958, in her thirty-sixth year, following a long illness.
      Mrs. William F. Parsons, who passed away at her home, the Valley, Wabana, during the month of November, in her sixty-sixth year.
      Ted Wallett, who was accidentally killed at Elliott Lake, during December, 1958, in his thirty-sixth year.
      Arneil Stewart, who passed away in the United States, on December 8th, in his fifty-sixth year.
      Mrs. Alice Galway, who passed away at her home, West Mines Bell Island on December 14th, 1958. In her seventy-third year.
      Mrs. Elizabeth Butler who passed away at the home of her niece, Miss Annie Murphy, the Front, Bell Island, in her eighty-sixth year.

Presentation Night At The Wabana Boys’ Club

      The annual presentation night at the Wabana Boys’ Club took place on December 4th, 1958.
      The program opened with an introduction by E.A. Cotton, Executive Director.
      The Boy of the Month Award was presented to Valentine Whelan.
      Physical fitness certificates were presented to a group of Club members, who gave a physical fitness demonstration for the benefit of those present.
      There was a demonstration in St. John Ambulance First Aid by a team of Boys’ Club members and a presentation of Special St. John Ambulance Certificates. Junior St. John Ambulance Certificates were also presented to members who qualified.
      Trophies were presented to the Midget, Junior and Intermediate basketball Boys’ Club league champions. A 10-minute basketball exhibition was given by the Junior and Intermediate champions.
      James Peddle, Chairman of the Bell Island Branch of St. John Ambulance and First Aid Instructor at the Wabana Boys’ Club, was presented with the St. John Ambulance Label Award which is the highest Instructor’s Award given by St. John Ambulance.
      The Referee’s Trophy was presented to Gerald Crane.
      The presentations were made by Mr. V.J. Southey, Magistrate T.J. Wade, Dr. W. Templeman and Mr. Peter Nixon.
      The President of the Boys’ Club Board of Directors, Mr. V.J. Southey, addressed the gathering, pointing out the good that has been accomplished by the Boys’ Club to date, under the organization of E.A. Cotton.
      The Club, he stated, needs more financial and voluntary assistance and in order to run the Club as it must be run, Mr. Cotton needs a full time assistant.
      At least another $10,000.00 year is needed to make all this possible. A campaign to secure further financial aid he said, will open in March of 1959. We need more help, Mr. Southey continued and we must have it to carry on with this work.


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A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
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