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Bell Island Submarine Miner
February 1959

General Plant News

The heaviest snowstorm ever known to this part of the country struck Bell Island and other parts of the Avalon Peninsula on Sunday night, Feb 15th.

Snow began falling at 7:00 pm and continued through the night, dumping 22 inches on the Avalon Peninsula. Drifts were piled high by winds with a velocity of 135 miles per hour.

The intense storm caused a power failure, which completely disrupted industrial activity. In this community thousands of dollars worth of damage was caused when several large plate glass windows were broken, chimneys toppled, roofs torn from buildings and, in one case, a newly constructed home owned by Walter HIBBS, unoccupied, was completely demolished. There were no fatalities locally.

Sunday night’s storm brought the total amount of snow that has fallen this winter to 134 inches.


Joshua RYAN, Wabana, retired on pension January 22nd. Mr. RYAN’s former co-workers at No. 3 Deckhead presented him with a purse of money. Mr. RYAN was employed with the Company for almost 40 years.

Competition at the Bell Island curling rink for the right to represent Bell Island in the All Newfoundland curling playoffs at Grand Falls was keen. The rink, skipped by J.G. ARCHIBALD won the contest from the rink skipped by Mike STOYLES, by 18-3. The other members of the winning rink were: Frank BICKFORD, Steve LAHEY and Harry ROSE.

The Bell Island rink visited the paper town during the first week of February, and competed in the British Consols series. The Corner Brook rink won the series and the right to represent Newfoundland in the Dominion playoffs.

Activity in the Girl Guide movement was stepped up in January, when 20 Guiders from St. Edward’s and Immaculate Conception Academys were enrolled in the Association by Mrs. E. JENKINS and Miss A. CHAPWOOD. Girl Guide trainees from St. John’s, Mrs. Sidney BOWN, Mrs. Bride MURPHY were also enrolled.

Following the enrollment, training was conducted at St. Edward’s Academy. Brownies and Guides were also on hand for the training classes.

It is expected that a great many more will be enrolled during this month.

The Bell Island Branch of St. John Ambulance is conducting a house to house campaign for funds during the month of February.

Ernest MILLER, Bell Island, was recently appointed to the position of Chief Steward at the Canadian legion Memorial Building here.

The Inter-Town Curling Championships are scheduled to be held on Bell Island some time during the month of March. Curling teams at the Bell Island Club are presently engaged in a play-off series.

The Bell Island Junior All-Star hockey team visited Gander on February 13 and 14 for two exhibition meets with the Junior team in that town. The Bell Island team won both games.

The Bell Island team was airlifted directly from the airstrip here to Gander, due to ice conditions between Portugal Cove and Bell Island. Return to the Island was made via Torbay.

The name Captain Mark SAUNDERS or Mark SAUNDERS has been recommended by the Wabana Town Council as a fitting name for the new Bell Island ferry. Captain SAUNDERS, now retired, was master of the ferry M.V. Maneco for 25 years and on two occasions transported Royalty, visiting Newfoundland.

Mrs. Dorothy RIDEOUT, Secretary of the Works Manager, and Constable Paul STALLKNECHT of the local detachment of the RCMP were united in marriage at the Salvation Army Citadel here, on Saturday, Feb 8th.

The engagement was announced recently of Gerald KAVANAGH, East End, to Miss Mildred FIFIELD, Wabana. Jerry is employed with the Engineering Department.

Greetings are extended to the following employees on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries:
Pensioner Robert and Mrs. NUGENT, 59 years married on Jan 6th
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert HARNEY, Theatre Ave., Wabana, 37 years married on Jan 9th
Mr. and Mrs. George PITTS, 38 years married on Jan 9th
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert CHURCHILL, Beach Hill, 19 years married on Jan 24th
Mr. and Mrs. Edward SEARLE, Beach Hill, 42 years married on Jan 31st
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas SWAIN, Quigley’s Line, 15 years married on Jan 1st.

Sympathy to the relatives of:
Bridget HAMILTON, who passed away at her home, Theatre Avenue on Feb 13th, in her 75th year
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald YOUNG, West Mines, on the death of their 3 month old son recently
Robert BISHOP, Scotia Ridge, who passed away on Dec 28th, 1958 in his 82nd year

Rita, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. FLYNN, the Front Bell Island, has returned home from the Grace Hospital and is reported to be feeling fine.

Tony, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank JARVIS, Wabana, entered hospital at St. John’s for treatment recently.

Lillian, 13 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin SWEENEY, was operated on at the Grace hospital, St. John’s recently, and is reported to be improving.

Leo FOWLER, Security Department, has been on the sick list recently. He is reported to be recovering.

Gerald McCARTHY is home from hospital and reported to be feeling fine

Peter, son of Mr. and Mrs. William DOYLE, is home after spending 3 months taking treatment in hospital in St. John’s.

Roger BLACKMORE underwent a successful operation at Toronto on February 16th for a heart condition.

Thomas BUTLER, Security Department, was receiving treatment under the doctor’s care recently, he is reported to be feeling fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred ROSE, West Mines, a daughter on Jan 21st
Mr. and Mrs. Aiden FITZGERALD, a daughter on Jan 8th
Mr. and Mrs. Michael FLYNN, a son on Jan 7th

Hockey coach Joe BYRNE has entered teams in all three divisions for the All Newfoundland Championships this winter: Senior A, Senior B and Junior.

The Quarter finals between the Island team and St. John’s, in the Junior Division, with the first game taking place in the Bartlett Memorial Arena here, was to have taken place on Feb 16th, but was postponed due to a disruption in transportation facilities caused by the intense snow storm.

Bell Island Players Competing in All Newfoundland Hockey Championships

Senior "A"

Senior "B"
Joe SOMERTON, George SHEPPARD, Graham HIGHMORE, Frank O’BRIEN, William MERCER, Albert ASH, Raymond FORD, Peter COLE, George SKANES, Mike NORTHCOTT (should be NORCOTT), James STONE, John MANSFIELD, Philip LACKIE, Gerald TAYLOR, Joe PENNEY.


23 Employees Retire on Pension During Past 8 months

Michael DWYER, July 1, 1958 46 years service
Daniel F. FOWLER, July 1, 1958, 45 years service
Mark KELLOWAY, July 1, 1958, 28 years service
James PITTS, July 1, 1958, 45 years service
John WHELAN, Aug 1, 1958, 47 years service
Charles OKE, Aug 1, 1958, 44 years service
John J. KING, Aug 1, 1958, 51 years service
Richard H. GOSSE, Sept 1, 1958, 45 years service
Harold S. Butler, Oct 1, 1958, 36 years service
Walter EZEKIEL, Oct 1, 1958, 45 years service
John J. HAWCO, Oct 1, 1958, 48 years service
James BYRNE, Nov 1, 1958, 53 years service
Adrian REES, Nov 1, 1958, 50 years service
James W. REID, Dec 1, 1958, 45 years service
Patrick J. MILLER, Dec 1, 1958, 53 years service
Walter MARTIN, Jan 1, 1959, 54 years service
John YETMAN, Jan 1, 1959, 36 years service
Michael J. BOWDRING, Jan 1, 1959, 43 years service
Patrick DOOLING, Jan 1, 1959, 51 years service
Augustus CONNORS, Feb 1, 1959, 45 years service
John W. DROVER, Feb 1, 1959, 39 years service
Joshua RYAN, Feb 1, 1959, 38 years service
Herbert HEDD, Feb 1, 1959, 46 years service

*****Photo with the following caption
Walter MARTIN and Patrick DOOLING were presented with electric clocks on the occasion of their retirement by Shop’s Foreman, George HISCOCK, on behalf of their former co-workers.

Premier J.R. SMALLWOOD at the opening of the House of Assembly made a report on the forthcoming royal visit. Her Majesty and the Prince Philip, he said, would arrive Thursday afternoon, June 18 and drive from the airport via LeMarchant Road, Cornwall Ave, Road de Luxe, Waterford Bridge Road and either New Gower or Water St to Government House.

On Friday forenoon Her Majesty will hold a reception at Government House for one hour. Later Her Majesty, after driving through the streets of the city, will officially dedicate Confederation Building. From there Her Majesty will go to the Airport and board the same British jet to fly to Gander. This trip, not originally scheduled (but mentioned in a Daily News editorial and presumably this had bearing on the change in plans) will enable Her Majesty to open officially the new Gander Terminal and see residents of the outlying areas such as Grand Falls, Badger, Bishop’s Falls, Buchans, etc.

Later Her Majesty will board a smaller plane and fly to the airstrip at Deer Lake. Here again many residents in outlying districts will be able to congregate there to see their Queen. Afterwards Her Majesty will drive to Corner Brook and following that will motor to Strawberry Hill and the home of Sir Eric BOWATER where Her Majesty will spend the night. The next morning Her Majesty will motor to Deer Lake and board a plane for Ernest Harmon Air Force Base for a visit to Stephenville and Stephenville Crossing. Later Her Majesty will board a plane for Shafferville or Knob Lake, home of the famous Quebec-Newfoundland and Labrador iron mines. Her Majesty will also fly over the famous Hamilton (or Grand Falls) where Brinco is developing the hydro electric.

The Premier said that in this schedule Her Majesty will be able to see two thirds of the residents of Newfoundland. He explained the difficulties encumbent upon the Federal Government in arranging the all Canadian tour and of the problems involved for each province. Hon. J.R. CHALKER, Minister of Public Works, is in charge of the planning in Newfoundland and has met with the federal authorities and finalized the arrangements mentioned by the Premier.

A five year old boy, Wayne SHEPPARD, who lives at West Wabana, barely escaped drowning recently.

The little fellow was playing near the edge of the dam with several companions. He was prodding the ice with a stick. He lost his balance and fell into the open water.

Mr. Arthur CLARKE, who was a short distance away, saw Wayne’s plight and although unable to swim, he waded into the water and up to his neck. He grabbed the little land and struggled to shore with him. The rescue was effected with the aid of Mr. CLARKE’s son.

The child was black in the face and unconscious. Mr. CLARKE used artificial respiration and revived the little fellow.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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