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Bell Island Submarine Miner
December 1958

General Plant News

The following employees celebrated Wedding Anniversaries recently:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward SHAW, 20 years married on Nov 15th
Mr. and Mrs. James BUTLER, 31 years married on Nov 23rd
Mr. and Mrs. George LAHEY, 47 years married on Nov 15th
Mr. and Mrs. Max REES, 13 years married on Nov 28th

Congratulations to the following employees who were married recently:
Patrick STOYLES and Mary NORRIS
Dr. Rufus DOMINIC and Eleanor THISTLE (photo of Eleanor and her co-workers)

New Canadian Legion Memorial Building Officially Opened

The new Canadian Legion Memorial building was officially opened on Monday, Nov 10th, with an impressive ceremony which was attended by a number of out of town and Bell Island guests, as well as members of the Bell Island Branch of the Canadian Legion; and their wives or lady friends.

Sir Leonard OUTERBRIDGE, Patron of the Canadian Legion in Newfoundland, cut the ribbon to declare the new building officially open, while a two-minute silence was observed in memory of those Bell Islanders who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, in two world wars and the Korea conflict.

Previous to declaring the new Memorial building officially open, Sir Leonard addressed the gathering briefly but impressively. He praised the Legionaires for the fine work done in providing such an exceptionally fine Club. He also had praise for those who had provided the old building, which had served the community for a number of years.

Lady OUTERBRIDGE accompanied her husband to Bell Island and was present at the ceremony. Her Ladyship was presented with a bouquet by the Canadian Legion Women’s Auxiliary. The Presentation was made by Mrs. Harold S. BUTLER.

The following are the Legion officers:
President .......................................... William REES
1st Vice President ............................. Cyril A. MOAKLER
2nd Vice President ............................. Lloyd ROSE
Treasurer .......................................... Jack REES
Secretary .......................................... Lorne E. PROUDFOOT
Asst. Treasurer ................................... Peter REES
Asst. Secretary ................................... Peter SWEENEY
Sgt. At Arms ....................................... Rene PERLE
Executive – Frank B. SQUIRE, James STEWART, Hubert BENNETT, W. T. JARDINE, H.P. CONNORS, John VOKEY.

A Safe and merry Christmas

As everyone prepares to enjoy the festive season, let’s do all in our power to ensure it is a merry one. Safe practices in our homes as well as on the job are good common sense.

Keep the base of your Christmas tree in water to help keep it fresh. Take it down before the needles start to fall.

Put the tree in a cool part of the house, away from the radiator, television set, or fireplace.

Use fireproof ornaments of metal or glass. Never use paper decorations.

Check lights for frayed cords, bad sockets, loose connections. Don’t put too many strings on one outlet. Never use candles on a tree.

Turn off the tree lights when leaving the house

Don’t let waste paper accumulate dispose of it as soon as it is discarded.

A Safe and Merry Christmas to Everyone

Thirty-five new members enrolled in the 40 year club and 12 in the 25 year club

Employees of Dominion Wabana Ore Division with 40 years service or more and those with 25 years and less than 40 years, were guests of the Company at a social held in the C.L.B. Armoury on November 18th.

Certificates were presented to the new members by Mr. V.J. SOUTHEY and pins were presented by Mr. H.S. HASLAM, General Superintendent.

Previous to making the presentation, Mr. SOUTHEY addressed the gathering, he welcomed the new members.

Mr. A.C. PATTERSON, Superintendent of Public Relations Dosco, Montreal, visited here for the occasion. Mr. PATTERSON addressed the gathering he brought greetings from Mr. A.L. FAIRLEY, the executive vice-president of Dosco.

The members enjoyed a social evening. Entertainment was provided by Ernie LINDELL Show, following which, refreshments were served.

40 Year Club – 1958
3 Michael FUREY 121 William ROSE
2312 John NOSEWORTHY 276 Louis HANN
632 Robert JARVIS 1099 Albert ATKINS
1101 Peter POWER 1454 William SOMERTON
1487 John DEAN 1493 James COUSINS
1506 John MUGFORD 1543 John Sweeney
1575 Thomas MUGFORD 1582 Harold MILLER
1666 Richard WALSH 1681 Elias WARREN
1787 William CRAIG 1831 Allan HEDD
2012 Edward REES 2415 Michael MOORE
2433 Patrick SWEENEY 2539 Kenneth HEDD
2802 Cornelius POWER 3509 William FUREY
4326 Thomas J. DWYER Weekly – Adrian REES
Weekly – Bert RIDEOUT Salary – Stan CRAIG
Salary – Fred Hammond Salary – Jacob NOSEWORTHY
Salary – Leo O’BRIEN Salary – Ron SULLIVAN
Salary – Ambrose STOYLES Weekly – Duncan HIGGINS
Additions – 25 year Club
68 Robert LOCKE 1416 Patrick DWYER
1668 Frank ADAMS 2011 Wilson GRAY
Salary – William REES 3507 Henry NOSEWORTHY
169 Llewellyn BICKFORD Salary – John CONNORS
Salary J.J. MURPHY 176 William SKANES
297 Edward SHEPPARD 3027 Walter COSTELLO

Mr. Peter PITTS returned from Boston Friday where he had been with his son Corbett since he underwent a major operation at New England Baptist Hospital, Oct 31st. This was Corbett’s fifth operation for the same trouble and his ninth trip to the United States for treatment. Corbett’s many friends will be pleased to learn that he is coming along remarkably well and expects to be home soon.

The Bell Island Lions Club held their regular meeting on Tuesday night. It was the first to be held in the new Canadian Legion Memorial building which was officially opened November 10th by Sir Leonard OUTERBRIDGE. There was a full attendance of members with Lion President Jack KENT in the chair.

The guest speaker was Mr. Ken Donald, Chief Geologist, Dosco, Dominion Wabana Ore Division. Mr. DONALD spoke on mining operations of Port Randium, Northwest Territories and also showed a number of interesting slides. He was introduced by Frank SQUIRE, and thanked by John GOVER.

Greetings are extended to the following pensioners on their birthdays in December.
Pat HICKEY, West Mines, 79 on Dec 18th
Bernard HAWCO, Lance Cove Rd., 76 on Dec 16th
Josiah GOSSE, Wabana, 75 on Dec 2nd
Bert GOSSE, Dominion RANGE, 72 on Dec 25th
Walter LAHEY, Lance Cove Rd., 70 on Dec 10th
Arch ROSE, No. 6 Rd., 68 on Dec 10th
Norman NOSEWORTHY, West Mines, 67 on Dec 19th
Stephen HICKEY, the Front, 67 on Dec 20th

The new Canadian Legion Building, which replaces the one which burned down on March 8th of this year, during the sleet storm, was officially opened by the Patron of the Canadian Legion, B.E.S.L., in Newfoundland, on Monday, Nov 10th.

Captain P. DE HEER, veteran of the Wabana iron ore trade, visited here in November, in command of the Dutch ore freighter M.V. "Stad Gouda."

Captain DE HEER first came to Wabana in 1922 and since 1925 has been Captain of Dutch ore freighters engaged in the ore trade between Bell Island and European ports.

While in port Captain DE HEER requested the "Submarine Miner" to extend Christmas and New Year Greetings to all his friends in Wabana and to thank the officials of Dominion Wabana Ore Division, especially in the Shipping Department, for their co-operation.

Previous to taking command of the new M.V. "Stad Gouda", Captain DE HEER, commanded the Dutch freighter "Stad Vlaardingen" for over thirty years.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
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strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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