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Bell Island Submarine Miner
November 1957

General Plant News

CONGRATULATIONS to the following Pensioners of the Company, on the occasion of their birthdays, during Oct and November (1957)
J.T. LAWTON, 97 on Oct 20th
Michael EZEKIEL, 82 on Oct 18th
William KAVANAGH, 79 on Oct 4th
A.W. REES, 79 on Oct 24th
John HUGHES, 75 on Oct 4th
William LINDSAY, 74 on Oct 26th
William JOHNSTON, 74 on Oct 7th
Thomas FORD, 74 on Oct 4th
Patrick MYERS, 75 on Oct 21th
Reuben BUTLER, 75 on Oct 15th
Mike HIBBS, 73 on Oct 27th
William THISTLE, 71 on Oct 30th
George LAHEY, 71 on Oct 3rd
William MURPHY, 71 on Oct 27th
Leonard BUTT, 70 on Oct 27th
Charles PEDDLE, 69 on Oct 31st
Ralph REES, 6 on Oct 6th
Israel PENNEY, 68 on Oct 10th
Joseph BURSEY, 66 on Oct 21st
John DWYER, 84 on Nov 15th
John KENT, 81 on Nov 22nd
Allan HUSSEY, 79 on Nov 17th
Thomas KAVANAGH, 79 on Nov 3rd
Joseph LYNCH, 78 on Nov 8th
Nathan SHEPPARD, 75 on Nov 19th
John McLEAN, 74 on Nov 20th
George CURTIS, 73 on Nov 29th
Ben PENNEY, 72 on Nov 13th
Tim SNOW, 71 on Nov 14th
Mike MURPHY, 70 on Nov 20th
David NOLAN, 68 on Nov 20th
Israel PENNEY, 68 on Nov 5th

News from employees and members of their families who are on the sick list:
A great many employees of the Company were confined to their homes during recent weeks, due to the "flu" epidemic
- Gail, 6yr old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan CHURCHILL, was operated on at the Grace Hospital recently.
- Personnel Manager E.J. MURPHY, who was hospitalized at Sydney, N.S. in September is back on the job and feeling fine
- Kirk, son of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan HIGGINS, Bell Island, was operated on at the Toronto General recently for a serious heart ailment. Kirk has now returned home and his friends will be glad to know that he is feeling fine.
- Reuben GEAR, the Valley, Bell Island, entered hospital in St. John's recently to receive treatment for a painful arm injury, suffered in a non-plant accident.
- Pat O'BRIEN is home from hospital and doing fine. His friends hope to see him in action with the Senior All Star hockey team again this winter.

Sympathy is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Peter CANTWELL, Mercer St, on the death of their 2 month old son John, in a St. John's hospital, on Oct 1.
Also, to Mr. and Mrs. William MOORE, The Front, on the death of their 11 year old son Kevin, who passed away on Oct 28.

Sympathy is also extended to the relatives of the following people who have recently passed away.
- Patrick DUNNE passsed away at his home, South River, Conception Bay, on Sept 28 in his 68th year.
- Isaac NEIL, passed away at his home in Spaniard's Bay in his 80th year.
- Jack CANTWELL, Bell Island, passed away on Nov 24, in his 32nd year.

CONGRATULATIONS are extended to the following employees on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries.
- Pensioner Martin and Mrs. DWYER, Beach Hill, 50 years married on Sept 25th
- Pensioner Mike and Mrs. HIBBS, 37 years married on Oct 29th
- Mr. and Mrs. Jerry DALTON, 7 years married on Oct 20th
- Mr. and Mrs. Vincent BICKFORD, 8 years married on Oct 5th
- Mr. and Mrs. James DOHERTY, 3 years married on Oct 3th
- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur COLE, 26 years married on Oct 23rd

Representatives of Mining and Metallurgical Congress On Commonwealth Tour
Visited Wabana October 7th.

On Monday, Oct 7th, 44 members of the Minand and Metallurgical Congress from Commonwealth Countries, as well as from the United States, Mexico, France, Finland and Sweden, visited Wabana.

The party arrived here at 8:45 a.m. and were met by representatives of Dominion Wabana Ore Division of DOSCO. The visitors were escorted first to the Wabana Boys' Club, where they viewed the Town Planning Exhibition. Here they were briefed for a tour of the underground mining operations by Works Manager, V.J. SOUTHEY. Mr. SOUTHEY was assisted by the Company's Supervisory staff.

The visiting mining officials were conveyed to the Foremen's change house where they were equipped with miners' hats and lights for the trip undderground.

Some of the party who did not wish to go underground, including the visiting ladies, were conducted on a tour of the surface operations. They also visited the Bell Island Curling CLub after which they rejoined their fellow travellers at the Canadian Legion Club.

The underground party proceeded down under Conception Bay, into the mine, by way of No. 4 Main Slope. On arrival underground, the party was conducted on a tour of the various mining operations.

The visitiors expressed themselves as being deeply impresssed with the reserves in the mine here and with the modern mining methods being used.

The party returned to the surface through No. 3 Main Slope and after a clean up at the Change House, were conveyed to the Canadian Legion Club, where they were guests of the Company at luncheon.

Dr. Carl BERGLUND, Superintendent of Planning Production and Safety at the Kiruna, Sweden Iron Ore Mines, was the only visitor to speak, due to the close schedule.

Dr. BERGLUND said that his visit to Wabana was for him the climax of the whole tour. It was nothing short of fantastic, he said, to find such an immense mine underneath the sea. The magnitude, production capacity and potential of the submarine mine at Wabana, is amazing, he said. Dr. BERGLUND was pleased to find many similiarities to Sweden here in Wabana with the warmth and hospitality of the people.

97th Birthday

Mr. J.T. LAWTON, B.A., celebrated his 97th birthday on Oct 20th. He is Bell Island's oldest citizen. Mr. LAWTON was born at King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, on Oct 20th, 1860. In 1890 he graduated from the Royal University of Ireland. He taught school in Northern Ireland from that time until 1899, after which he returned to Newfoundland and was attached to the teaching staff at Harbour Grace for the next 8 years. From there he moved to St. John's to take up a position as Editor of the St. John's Evening Herald. In 1910 he came to Bell Island and eventually he joined the staff of the Tenements and Watchmen's Department. On the death of the Department Superintendent, he was appointed as its Haed, a position he held until the date of his retirement, May 1, 1945.

New Dosco Head
Visits Wabana


Allan C. MacDonald, Executive Vice-President, Industrial A. V. Roe, Canada, Limited, who is responsible for the operation of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation, its subsidiaries and associated companies, accompanied by E. G. Burgess and B. Glover, arrived in Wabana, Monday, November 18th. On the following day, Mr. MacDonald and party visited the underground and surface mining operations at Wabana.


On Tuesday evening an informal reception was held in the lounge at the new Company staff house, which afforded Mr. MacDonald an opportunity to meet the Department heads of the Company and leaders of this mining community.

Mr. MacDonald who has been President and Managing Director of Canadian Car Company Limited, is responsible for the operation of the following Companies in addition to Dosco: Canadian Car Company, Limited; Canadian Steel Foundries, (1956) Limited; Canadian Thermo Control Company, Limited; Canadian Steel Wheel Limited, and Canadian General Transit Company, Limited.

Mr. MacDonald was born in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, February 6, 1914, and joined Canadian Pacific Railway on July 2, 1929 in the Portage Division office at Winnipeg.

Rising through successive positions in the hotel, purchasing and operating division, he was appointed secretary to the vice-president at Montreal in 1942, and in 1944 was named assistant to the vice-president at Montreal in connection with special duties with the Combined Production and Resources Board.

In 1945 he became Superintendent of the Trenton Division, and, one year later, Superintendent of the Farnham Division. In 1947 he was named assistant to the president and a year later, executive assistant to the president.

In 1951, he was loaned to the Canadian Government as Director Shipping Division, Department of Defense Production, and later that year became Deputy Co-Ordinator of the Production Branch.

Mr. MacDonald married the former Jane Louise KIRKLAND of Vancouver. They have four daughters. He is a member of St. James's Club, Montreal.

General Superintendent Guest
Speaker at Kiwanis Club


The General Superintendent of Dominion Wabana Ore Division of Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation, Limited, H. S. Haslam, was guest speaker at a recent meeting of the Bell Island Kiwanis Club.

Mr. Haslam gave an interesting and detailed account of the Springhill, Nova Scotia coal mine disaster and of the rescue operations. He illustrated his address with blackboard drawings.

Kiwanis Club members were impressed with Mr. Haslain's address.


New Production Records Established
At The Wabana Mining Operation
In October And November

On October 24th, production from the Wabana Iron Ore Mine rose to a new high.

On that date, No. 3 Slope produced a total of 7680 tons.

Total production from No. 3, No. 4 and No. 6 Slopes for the sixteen-hour day was 13,864 tons, 496 tons higher than the previous record of 13,386 tons. An average daily production of 12,147 tons was maintained throughout the month of October.

Again on November 15th, No. 3 Slope produced 7776 tons, 96 tons higher than the October 24th record of 7680 tons.

The total production from all three Slopes on November 15th was 13,872 tons. This amount was eight tons higher than the record of 13,864 tons established on October 24th.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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