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Bell Island Submarine Miner
September 1956

General Plant News

This month of August brought the fine summer weather that we had been hoping for earlier. It was especially good during the last two weeks of the month. During that period we enjoyed continuous days of sunshine. Employees and members of their families took advantage of every opportunity to enjoy those fine days out of doors. The West Dam, located near West Mines, in a country section of Bell Island, is now a favourite bathing and picnic spot for Bell Islanders. At the site of the old dam, which will be remembered by former Bell Islanders as a water reservoir to conserve water, which previously drained from the Island, into the sea, was constructed by the Company in 1954. Although the water from the reservoir is not used directly for a domestic supply, it is used for fire lines and industrial use. It also created a natural supply of water in the ground, which prevents wells from going dry as in previous years. It was to this spot that hundreds of people came daily to bathe and relax in the sunshine during the past summer.

Felicitations are extended to the following pensioners, on the occasion of their birthdays in September:
Henry MERCER, 82 on the 28th
Arch CURNEW, 80 on the 1st
Tom CONWAY, 79 on the 26th
Bern BARRON, 78 on the 20th
Henry POTTLE, 77 on the 17th
Peter KENT, 75 on the 1st
Noah POTTLE, 75 on the 12th
Thomas P. MURPHY, 74 on the 27th
Leonard PARSONS, 73 on the 15th
John DWYER, 71 on the 15th
Luke ROBERTS, 70 on the 18th
Dennis SHEEHAN, 68 on the 10th
Obediah BUTLER, 67 on the 12th
George SOMERTON, 66 on the 18th
Alexander LAHEY, 65 on the 26th
James J. FITZGERALD, 64 on the 9th
Walter BARNES, 52 on the 10th
Elsie WHITE, who celebrated her birthday on the 13th


Catherine O'NEILL Grade XI student at the Immaculate Conception Convent School, Bell Island, was awarded second prize in the Bell Island Kiwanis Club essay competition, "Wabana Mining Operations". Miss O'NEILL was presented with a cheque, at a Kiwanis meeting, by Mr. A.T. BONNELL, Chief Accountant with the Company, on behalf of the Dominion Waband Ore Limited. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. O'NEILL, Town Square, Bell Island.


We heard again from our old friend, John J. HUNT, a former Bell Islander, now residing at Dedham, Massachusetts. John receives our Plant Magazine. He and other former Bell Islanders in Dedham read with interest in recent issues of the "Submarine Miner", of the progress that this community has made in recent years.

Our Boys' Club, swimming pool, water safety teaching, the work done by our Welfare Clubs. They were thrilled to read in a recent issue of our Plant Magazine of the rescue from drowning of little Tommy HYNES, by Ronnie PEDDLE and Bob CRANE. He and Mike DOBBIN, who is also a former Bell Islanders, send their best regards to all their former old friends on Bell Island. We are always pleased to hear from you, John, or any former Bell Islander now residing elsewhere.

We heard also from Margaret HUTCHINGS. Previous to leaving Bell Island, Margaret was employed in the Personnel Office. She receives our Plant Magazine every month and looks forward eagerly to its arrival. Mrs. HUTCHINGS is proud of the progress made with the various community projects, particularly so in regard to the Wabana Boys' Club and the new hockey arena. Margaret is now residing in Quebec. She sends her best regards to old friends on Bell Island.


Sheila PUMPHREY, Grade XI student at the Immaculate Conception Convent, Bell Island, was awarded 3rd prize in the Bell Island Kiwanis Club essay competition, "Wabana Mining Opeartions". Miss PUMPHREY was presented with a cheque at a Kiwanis meeting, by Mr. A.T. BONNELL, Chief Accountant, on behalf of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac PUMPHREY, West Mines.


Sympathy is extended to the relatives of:
Mrs. Rose Ann SPRACKLIN, who passed away at her home, Bell Island, on August 16th, in her 64th year
Mrs. Max PIERCEY, Bell Island, who passed away at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, on August 30th, following a long illness, in her 63rd year
Albert MERCER, who passed away at his home in Bay Roberts, Conception Bay, in his 59th year. Mr. MERCER, a veteran of the 1914-18 conflict, had been in failing health for many years.

The stork visited the homes of the following employees recently:
Mr. and Mrs. James KENNEDY, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Dan MURPHY, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Leo HAMILTON, a daughter
Mr. and Mr. Pat EZEKIELS, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin HUSSEY, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Pat KING, twin boys
Mr. and Mrs. Richard NEIL, twin boys

Mr. J.M. LeDREW, Pay Office Department, who was on sick leave for a few weeks, is back on the job and feeling fine.

John KITCHEN, who underwent an operation at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, is confined to his home.

Dennis MURPHY, 80 year old pensioner, who underwent an operation in St. John's hospital recently, is getting around again and reported to be feeling fine. Mr. MURPHY is probably the only person now living on Bell Island who was a crew member with Admiral PERRY, on his expedition to the North Pole.

Ron FARRELL has been off the job for the past few weeks, with an injured hand.

David TAYLOR, who underwent an operation at the Toronto General Hospital in July, has returned to his studies at Memorial University, St. John's.

Harold MILLER, who received severe injuries when he fell from the scaffold while working on his home, is back from hospital, but is still in a cast, and is reported to be making good progress.

Anniversary greetings to the following employees:
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest VERGE, 54 years married on August 29th
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard NORMORE, 30 years married on August 1st
Mr. and Mrs. William SULLIVAN, 33 years married on August 22nd
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick POWER, 18 years married on Aug 25th
Mr. and Mrs. Philip FITZGERALD, 19 years married on August 7th
Mr. and Mrs. Walter HAWCO, 19 years married on August 7th
Mr. and Mrs. William FITZGERALD, 19 years married on Aug 7th

Right Reverend Monsignor G.F. Bartlett
passed away on September 22nd

At 10:15 on Saturday night, September 22nd, Right Reverend Monsignor G.F. BARTLETT passed away. Although his passing had been expected for some weeks previous, all Bell Islanders were shocked and saddened when the sad news came.

The late Monsignor spent the past thirty-two years amongst us on Bell Island. He was loved by all.

In addition to full-time Ecclesiastical and Parish affairs, he found time to provide athletic facilities that were made available to all youth of Bell Island. His was a worthwhile contribution to the community.

The high regard and esteem to which he was universally held were justified by a nobility of character and a remarkable integrity which, coupled with his great ability, earned him prominence as an administrator. He had a charming personality, deep, human sympathy, and an abiding faith in the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

The "Submarine Miner" extends sympathy to the relatives of the late Right Reverend Monsignor.


Stella KENNEDY was awarded first prize in the Kiwanis Club essay contest, "Wabana Mining Operations." She was presented with a cheque for $25.00 by Mr. A.T. BONNELL, on behalf of the Dominion Wabana Ore, Limited. The essay will be published in a future issue of the "Submarine Miner."



Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of the following employees who passed away recently:
William CANTWELL, who passed away suddenly at his home, Dominion Range, Bell Island, on September 16th, in his 58th year.
Jack KITCHEN, who passed away at his home, Dominion Range, Bell Island, On October 2nd, in his 64th year, following a long illness.

First Year, Grades IX, X and XI Bell Island Students
Win Company's Educational Award
in the Public Exams

The Dominion Wabana Ore, Limited, Educational Award, a free trip to Sydney, Nova Scotia, with a three-day stop over and conducted tour of the Sydney operations and other points of interest in Nova Scotia, was offered this year to the three first year candidates of Grades IX, X and XI, securing highest marks in the mathematical subjects.

June HISCOCK, Grade XI, secured 84 percent in Mathematics to win the award in that division. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George HISCOCK, Lance Cove, Bell Island. Mr. HISCOCK is Supervisor in the Shops Department. Miss HISCOCK, who is a pupil at the Anglican Academy, Bell Island, is also winner of the Electoral Scholarship for the District of Bell Island. She is attending Memorial University at St. John's this year.

In Grade X, Robert REES secured 95 percent in Geometry, Algebra and Arithmetic, to win the award in that Division. Robert, who is a pupil of the Anglican Academy, Bell Island, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy REES, Middleton Avenue. Mr. REES is employed as Safety Inspector with the Company.

Margaret PEPPER, with 98 per cent in Geometry, Algebra, and Arithmetic, won the Grade IX division. Miss PEPPER, also a pupil at the Anglican Academy, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.D. PEPPER, B.A., Bell Island. Mr. PEPPER is Assistant Principal at the Anglican Academy here.

The three award winners made the trip to Sydney on the DOSCO Ore-carrier S.S. "Arthur CROSS", in a command of Captain J.N. WILLIS. All speak highly of the kind attention shown them by the captain and crew during the voyage.

Upon arrival at Sydney they were conducted on a tour of the Sydney operations and various parts of Nova Scotia, including the Cabot Trail. They covered six hundred miles on the tour.

They were pleased too, with the hospitality of the people they met throughout the tour. They returned to Newfoundland by T.C.A.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
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