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Bell Island Submarine Miner
May 1956


General Plant News

The much disliked Arctic ice-flow who visited Bell Island from the Mainland for several weeks last Spring, obligingly passed by the mouth of Conception Bay this year without entering. The people of Bell Island were greatly relieved when the ice-blockade did not materialize.

The stormy winter winds with snow continued to howl during the early part of May. On going to press, we are happy to report that the weather has cleared and is now warm and seasonable.

A great many of our employees own gardens and plant vegetables during the Summer. Since the arrival of Spring weather, there is much activity, preparing the soil for planting potatoes and other vegetables. The forty-hour work week, in force here at Dominion Wabana Ore, Limited, affords employees who wish to do so with more time for looking after their gardens, then when the working hours were much longer.

Fred LAHEY, who received treatment at the Grace Hospital in April, has returned home and is feeling fine

Mike FITZPATRICK entered hospital in St. John's for an operation during April. Mike has returned to work and is feeling much better.

Pat SWEENEY, who was on the sick list for several months, is back on the job and feeling fine.

Arthur RICHARDS received medical treatment at the Grace Hospital in St. John's in April. He is back on the job now and feeling fine.

Joe MASON was off the job through illness in April. He is back at work now and feeling fine.

John, the 9 year old son of Mr. Rivlyn STARES, was operated on for appendicitis at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, in April. He is feeling fine.

Gerald CONWAY, Personnel Department, entered St. Clare's Hospital, St. John's for a medical checkup in April. He is back at work and feeling fine.

Doug NEIL, Construction Department, who underwent an operation at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, in April has returned to work and is feeling fine.

Cecil SPENCER returned home from hospital in St. John's during April, he has not returned to yet.

Corbett PITTS, Timekeeping Department, who underwent an operation in hospital at Boston, U.S.A., twelve months ago, returned there for a medical check-up recently. He has returned home and is feeling better.

Fred GEORGE, who was obliged to remain off the job, due to injury, is feeling fine.

John MOORE, who returned home from the Grace Hospital, St. John's, is feeling better

Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max STARES, entered the Grace Hospital, St. John's for treatment in April.

Congratulations to Gerald REES, Master Mechanic with the company, who was married on April 10th. Gerald was married in the United Kingdom. The newly married couple returned to Bell Island recently and will take up residence here. We wish Mr. and Mrs. REES health and happiness in married life.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of:
Amos MoQUINN, employed here with a Contracting Company, who lost his life during a fire at Bell Island, on May 20th.
Mrs. Jeanette CLARKE, who passed away in hospital at St. John's during April
Mrs. Joan EZEKIEL, who passed away at St. Clare's Hospital, St. John's on April 20th.
Mrs. James LANE, who passed away in the General Hospital, St. John's, during April.

Congratulations to the following employees, who celebrated anniversaries during the month of April:
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon PHELAN, 18 years married on April 18th.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo FOWLER, 21 years married on April 22nd.

The Bell Island Kiwanis Club recently held a house to house sale of flower seeds and bulbs, in aid of Kiwanis Welfare projects. One thousand packages were put on sale and many residents took advantage of the opportunity to secure some flower seeds to help beautify their gardens.

One hundred and fifty Bell Island children visited St. John's to compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival in April. The Bell Island group made a good showing at the festival.

The Bell Island Lions Club will hold a broom sale, as a fund raising campaign, in aid of the Canadian Institute for the Blind. On June 1st, seven hundred and fifty brooms will be put on sale, in a house to house campaign.

Dr. Walter TEMPLEMAN, Medical Department and Mrs.TEMPLEMAN, recently returned from vacation in the U.S.

A.T. BONNELL, Chief Accountant and Mrs. CONNELL also returned recently from vacation in the U.S.

Steve NEARY made a tour of Canadian and United States cities in April.

The stork visited the home of:
Ted SKANES' on April 3rd, leaving a daughter
Mike FITZPATRICK's with a son in April
Ray KENNEDY's on April 3rd, leaving a son.

Congratulations to the following Pensioners on the occasion of their birthdays during the month of May:
Dennis MURPHY, 80 on the 31st
Joseph PARSONS, 78 on the 10th
Peter FOWLER, 74 on the 27th
John GUNN, 70 on the 15th
Michael HICKEY, 67 on the 25th
Harvey KITCHEN, 67 on the 20th

We are pleased to hear from George JANES, School Teacher at Carbonear, requesting a copy of each month's issue of our Plant Magazine. George tells us that he has seen an occasional copy of the "Submarine Miner." brought along by pupils whose fathers are employed with Dominion Wabana Ore Ltd. He finds our magazine very interesting. The Safety Page, he said, is excellent. We hope George that our Plant Magazine will continue to be of educational value to the pupils of your school.

We were also pleased to hear from Sheila MURPHY, a former employee of the Company, now residing at Corner Brook. Sheila is pleased with our Plant Magazine and likes to receive it regularly. She sends her regards to all the Main Office, especially the girls.

Some of the older residents of Corner Brook, she tells us, were employed here at one time and are very much interested in the improvements that have been made in mining methods at Wabana.

Our old friend, former Bell Islander, Dick BUGDEN, now residing at Toronto, dropped us a line also and we were pleased to hear from him. He tells us that he finds reading of former old acquaintances of his, very interesting. Their names bring back to him, memories of the years he spent on Bell Island. We are glad you continue to enjoy our magazine, Dick. We are glad to hear from you and others who read our Plant Magazine.

Ed O'QUINN, who was operated on at St. Clare's Hospital, returned home recently and is feeling fine.

The play-offs for the Bell Island Senior "B" hockey championship took place during the last week of April. It proved to be a hard fought series, with the St. Kevin's team winning out in the final in a best of three series. The old hockey arena was officially closed on April 29th and the work on taking down the old building began on May 5th, when 90 men turned out to contribute a day's work toward the new Stadium project. On going to press, the work of taking down the building is completed. Construction work on the new Arena is expected to begin soon.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives of the following employees, who died recently:
Samuel GEORGE, Pensioner, who passed away at his home, The Front, Bell Island, on May 12th, in his 73rd year, following a long illness.
Alexander PARSONS, Pensioner, who passed away at his home, The Front, Bell Island on May 12th, in his 73rd year following a long illness.
Harry STARES, Pensioner, who passed away at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, on May 15th, in his 76th year following a short illness.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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