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Bell Island Submarine Miner
July 1956

General Plant News

Another year has passed and it is summer vacation time again. As we go to press, hourly paid employees are enjoying a week’s holidays with pay. The Mine closed about this time each year, so that employees may take advantage of the summer weather for a vacation. Those who are due three weeks holidays will be granted another week at a convenient time and a week during the Christmas holidays.

During this vacation period, only necessary repair and Maintenance work is to be carried on in the mine. Pier and Stockpile employees will be required to work when necessary.

A number of employees resident on the Island, spent the vacation period touring the Avalon Peninsula and visiting relatives or friends there.

Those employees from Conception Bay towns and other places on the local mainland, leave for their homes to spend the week with their families and visiting points of interest around the peninsula.

Theophilus PICCO, who underwent an operation in the Grace Hospital, St. John’s, has returned home and is feeling better.

John KITCHEN, senior employee in the Traffic Department, underwent an operation in the Grace Hospital and is reported to be improving

Edward Shaw is receiving treatment in a St John’s hospital

John M. LeDREW, Pay Office Department, entered the Grace Hospital, St. John’s for a check up

Hugh CONNORS, Accounting department, is back on the job

Alex STANFORD spent a few days in hospital during the month of June, he is back on the job now and feeling fine.

Norman, 12 year old son of Joseph JACKMAN, received minor injuries when he fell twelve feet into the sea, from a ledge of rock on the back of the Island, where he and a teenage companion Clarence CLARKE, had been jigging. Norman was almost drowned when his companion threw him the fishing line which he grasped and was pulled ashore to safety.

Esther SULLIVAN, 7 yrs old, was saved from drowning by a fishing line also. She fell from a wharf at the Beach late in the evening, the only ones to witness the accident were 11 year old Archie DURDEL and 8 yr old Ambrose PEDDLE. One of the boys threw a fishing line which she grasped and was pulled to safety.

The most outstanding life saving feat was performed here recently, by two 14 year old boys, Bob CRANE and Ronnie PEDDLE, when 8 year old Tommy HYNES fell into a pond at West Mines and disappeared beneath the water. The CRANE and PEDDLE boys, who received water safety training at the community pool last year, under the direction of Red Cross Swimming Instructor George DICE, recovered the boy and brought him ashore, then applied artificial respiration, and after application, were successful in bringing the HYNES boy back to consciousness.

Sympathy is extended to the relatives of the following people, who passed away recently:
- Mrs. Catherine HUNT (nee O’TOOLE), at her home, in her 29th year
- Miss Anne KENT, at her home, in her 74th year
- Mrs. Charles TAYLOR (nee Bridget BARTLETT), at her home, in her 54th year
- Captain Leo C. MURPHY passed away on July 7, in his 64th year. Captain MURPHY, a veteran of the First great War, worked here with the Company in the early days. During that time, he took an active part in the social life of this community and will be remembered by former Bell Islanders now residing elsewhere. The body of the late Captain MURPHY was brought to Bell Island for burial.

Greetings to the following employees on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries recently:
Mr. And Mrs. Stan COBB, 30 years married on May 24th
Mr. And Mrs. Max STARES, 28 years married on June 20th
Mr. And Mrs. William EZEKIEL, 20 years married on June 1st
Mr. And Mrs. Edward DUGGAN, 19 years married on June 1st
Mr. And Mrs. Lewis REES, 15 years married on June 12th
Mr. And Mrs. Arch DROVER, 11 years on June 26th
Mr. And Mrs. Aiden POWER, 6 years married on June 10th
Mr. And Mrs. Ray LITTLEJOHN, 6 years married on June 30th

Congratulations to the following employees, who were married in June:

Algy Tucker, Jr., Time Office Department, and Miss Patricia Cull, formerly Secretary to the Vice-President and General Manager of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited, who were married at Ilford, Essex, England, in June. Mr. And Mrs. Tucker have now returned to Bell Island, where they will reside in future.

Miss Jean Penney, Accounting Department, and former Bell Islander, John Sweeney, now serving with the R.C.N., who were married at Halifax in June. Mrs. Sweeney has returned to Bell Island and John is still serving in the R.C.N.

Peter Gushue, Trans-Island Conveyor, who was married in June.

We wish them all, many years of health and happiness throughout the years that lie ahead.

The engagement was announced in June, of John Parsons, Compensation Clerk with the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.

The Stork visited the homes of the following employees in June, and presented to
Mr. and Mrs. William Bursey, a twin - son and daughter;
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gendreaus, a daughter; and
Mr. and Mrs. John Whelan, a son.

Greetings to the following Pensioners of the Company, on the occasion of their birthdays, in July
Albert BUDGELL, 80 yrs old on July 27th
John LITTLEJOHN, 78 on July 16th
Jonathan GEORGE, 78 on July 10th
Steve FITZGERALD, 75 on July 11th
John VICKERS, 73 on July 11th
Willis SPENCER, 72 on July 23rd
Fred J. BURKE, 71 on July 22nd
Naaman RYAN, 70 on July 12th
Mike REID, 69 on July 5th
William G. PARSONS, 69 on July 6th
Algernon TUCKER, 68 on July 21st,
Nelson SHAVE, 68 on July 16th
Patrick T. MURPHY, 67 on July 23rd
John CAHHILL, 62 on July 20th

Sympathy to the relatives of
- Mrs. Michael MURPHY who passed away in St. Clare’s Hospital, St. John’s after a long illness.
- To the relatives of Edward WISEMAN, who passed away at hospital in St. John’s on July 20 in his 19th year.

Annual Memorial Day
July 1st
Observed On Bell Island

Down through the years residents of Bell Island have gathered at the War memorial, to pay tribute to the heroes of both Great Wars and the Korean conflict, especially those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

Again this year, hundreds of residents were present at the Remembrance Day Service. Representatives of Church and State, next of kin, Canadian Legion, Fraternal Organizations, Service Clubs, Union and The Dominion Wabana Ore, Limited, took their places inside the enclosure. Lieut. B. W. Tucker was Master of Ceremonies.

Following Kipling's Recessional Hymn, by the Band, wreaths were placed at the base of the War Memorial, in the following order: Canadian Legion, Next-of-kin, 214 Bty. 166 Field Regiment, R.C.A., St. Kevin's Cadet Corps, Church Lads' Brigade, Boy Scouts, Red Cross, Wabana Town Council Local 4121, U.S.A.), C.I.O., A.F.L., Local 264, OEIU, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Fraternal Organizations, The Dominion Wabana Ore, Limited, and members of the general public.

The Firing Party then fired three volleys, following which the Bugler sounded the Last Post.

The Firing Party presented arms as the flag was hoisted from half to full-mast.

The playing of God Save The Queen brought to a close the thirty-seventh Annual Memorial Day Service at the Bell Island War Memorial.


Sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives of the following employees:
David Fitzgerald, accidentally drowned on July 14th while fishing near Bell Island. In his fifty-second year.
Hedley Morgan, who passed away at his home, West Mine, Bell island, in July. In his thirty-second year.

Activities at Community Swimming pool
Swim Instructors
Teaching Averts Tragedy

Recently, on Bell Island, a young life was saved, because a fourteen-year-old boy remembered what he was taught last year. Here is the story as told by one of the boys to Swimming Instructor George Dyce.


Ron Peddle

Ron Peddle and Bob Crane, of West Mines, had been at West Gully, but decided to go over to West Dam for a swim. After going about half way, a boy rushed after him and told them that young Tom Hynes had fallen into the Gully and gone down. The boys ran back, and found a crowd around the spot where little Tommy was on bottom. He had been crossing the pipeline and fell in at a spot where the water was about 12 feet deep but had managed to get almost to shore when his strength failed and he sank to the bottom in about 5 feet of water.


Bob Crane

Ron jumped in at once, fully clothed, and swam to the spot. Bob Crane threw out a tube, which Ron held onto as he ducked under the water and reached down with one hand to grab Tommy by the hair and haul him up. Tommy was sitting upright on the bottom, so Ron was able to reach him. When he got him to the surface, he put him on the tube and, with Bob's help, got him to shore. These boys had not learned how to tow a body in water, and the use of the tube shows that they were thinking fast, at a time when they could have panicked.


Little Tommy Hynes had been in the cold water for more than five minutes, his face was blue, and he seemed to be dead. This did not stop the two boys; they had been taught to give artificial respiration at once. Ron worked on Tommy, using the Schaefer Prone Pressure system, and after about 15 minutes, Tommy started to move his arms and gulch.

Following what he was taught, Ron had sent for the Doctor. By the time Dr. Templeman arrived, young Hynes was able to talk.


Red Cross Swimming Instructor at the Kiwanis swimming pool, George Dyce and 8-year-old Tommy Hynes who was rescued by Bob Crane and Ronnie Peddle.


Tommy is just eight, and because a boy took time out from play last summer to learn artificial respiration and when to use it, he is alive today.

Instructor George Dyce taught almost a hundred boys and girls all ages how and when to use artificial respiration, last summer at the Bell Island Kiwanis Pool, and many more during the past winter at the Kinsmen Pool and Prince of Wales College. George feels that the many hours he spent as a boy learning how to teach all phases of swimming and life-saving, and the thirty years he has spent teaching has paid off in saving the life of Tommy Hynes of West Mines, Bell island.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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