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Bell Island Submarine Miner
August 1956


General Plant News

The annual week's vacation with pay, for hourly paid employees, ended during the last weekend of July - Mining operations closed for the vacation period at 8 a.m. on July 21st and were resumed at 8 a.m. on July 30th. In addition to the regular 5 day vacation, employees had the advantage of two week-ends, which allowed ample time for those who left the Island for the week to leave and return without any of their actual vacation days.

Former Bell Islander, Reginald John CLARKE visited Bell Island in July. Mr. CLARKE left Bell Island 33 years ago and since then has resided in the United States. Before leaving Bell Island he was employed in No. 2 slope. After visiting relatives here, he visited Conception Bay towns and Grand Falls before returning to his home at Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The prefabricated material for the new Bell Island hockey arena arrived during the last week of July. Work was immediately started on assembling the material and actual construction of the steel frame building, which covers a regulation artificial ice surface, began the first week in August. It is expected to have the new arena completed for the coming hockey season. Bell Island first entered Inter-town hockey competition in 1831, won the Conception Bay Championships in 1938, for the first time. In 1941 and 1944 the local all-starts won the all Newfoundland Championship and during the past three years the Bell Island all-star hockey team won and successfully defended the all Newfoundland hockey crown in the Senior "B" Division. In the past Bell Island hockeyists were handicapped by a small ice surface.

Sympathy is extended to the relatives of Mrs. William BURGRESS, who passed away at her home in Burin, Nfld on July 14th, in her 69th year, after a long illness.
Mrs. John HUGHES, who passed away at her home, Bell Island, on August 1st in her 73rd year, following a long illness.

Theophilus PICCO, who underwent an operation at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, in July has returned home and reported to be feeling better.

Edward SHAW received treatment in a St. John's hospital in July. He is back on the job now.

John M. LeDREW, Pay Office Department, has been on the sick list for the past few weeks, he is reported to be feeling better.

Eight-year-old Wallace DROVER, Upper Island Cove Conception Bay, who broke his arm while visiting here in July is reported to be improving.

Wayne, 8-year-old son of Lawrence FITZGERALD was in hospital for an appendectomy operation in July.

Richard TOBIN suffered a slight concussion while vacationing on the local mainland in July.

Herbert PYNN re-entered the Grace Hospital, St. John's, for treatment in July.

Brendan, the 8-year-old-son of James REARDON was taken to the Grace Hospital for treatment, in July.

Rita, daughter of Thomas E. FLYNN received treatment in a St. John's hospital, in July.

Fred TREMBLETT is recovering from an injured foot.

The month of July brought camping - 57 members of the Junior Training Corps, Bell Island, camped in Harbour Grace for a week - over 40 members of St. Kevin's Army Cadet Corps left for Camp Aldershot for training and 40 of the personnel of 214 Bty, 166th Field Regiment, R.S.A. spent the last week of July, in training at Petawawa. All returned home in good health and sporting real suntans.

William J. SOMERTON, who received slight injuries in a motor accident, while vacationing on the mainland has returned home and is reported to be feeling much better.

Thomas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred NEWTON, spent leave with his parents on Bell Island in July. Tom is leading seaman on the H.M.C.S. St. Laurent, which escorted the Royal Yacht "Britannia" with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth aboard, on a state visit to Sweden this summer. He had the privilege of shaking hands with Her Majesty.

The stork was airborne again in July and that busy bird visited the following employees:
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent HOWARD, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DWYER, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward FEWERS, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Leo NEARY, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. John DWYER, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MacDONALD, a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. George KELLY, a son
Mr. and Mrs. Edward GLEMENTS, a son

The Dominion Volunteer Fire Brigade has kept quire busy during the past weeks. On several occasions, sometimes late at night, members of the Fire Brigade answered the alarm when bus fires, which proved a threat to this community, were reported. The services of the Brigade are entirely voluntary and on many occasions the members are out fighting fires, late at night, when most of us are resting comfortably in our beds.

Leo, son of Thomas BUTLER, Bell Island, serving in the Royal Canadian Navy is a crew member at the H.M.C.S. Labrador, now on a northern cruise. Leo is the only Bell Islander serving on the ice breaker.

Bob PETRIE, who was employed at the Ore Concentrator Plant this year, was married in July. The wedding took place on Bell Island. Following a honeymoon on the local mainland Mr. and Mrs. PETRIE left for the Canadian Mainland where they intend to reside in future. We wish them health and happiness in married life.

Mundon WILCOX, employed with the Mechanical Department before retiring on pension, earlier this year, left recently for Toronto with his family where he intends to reside for awhile.

Greetings are extended to the following pensioners on the occasion of their birthdays, in August:
Richard WALSH, 81 on the 10th
Benjamin BUTLER, 78 on the 27th
John ADAMS, 73 on the 15th
William BARRETT, 73 on the 24th
Albert DICKS, 73 on the 12th
Abe FILLIER, 72 on the 31st
Walter PARSONS, 72 on the 18th
Henry BOONE, 72 on the 16th
George BABCOCK, 70 on the 23rd
John ROSE, 70 on the 8th
Jim RYAN, 69 on the 15th
Pat SKANES, 69 on the 6th
Peter F. KENT, 67 on the 28th
Fred RIDEOUT, 67 on the 22nd
Mike F. HAWCO, 67 on the 25th
William PARSONS, 67 on the 29th
Nathaniel LODGE, 67 on the 15th
Edward PECKHAM, 65 on the 13th
George WARREN, 63 on the 23rd

John KITCHEN, Traffic Department, has returned home from the hospital in St. John's and is reported to be feeling better.

Brian QUIGLEY, East End, Bell Island, threw the javelin 148 feet and one and one half inches, to establish a new juvenile record during the A.A.U. championship sports, held at Bell Island, on August 11th. Brian is the son of Peter QUIGLEY.


William A. MacDONALD, 27 Main Street, Sydney, has been appointed Manager of the Seaboard Power Corporation Limited.

Mr. MacDONALD's appointment as Manager of the fast growing organization which supplies electrical energy both for industrial and domestic purposes in Cape Breton, was announced here today by Mr. C.M. ANSON, General Manger of Seaborad as well as Vice President and General Manager of Dominion Iron and Steel Limited. The appointment became effective July 1st.

William Arthur MacDONALD was born at Glace Bay and is the son of Mr. and the late Mrs. D.W. MacDONALD. A graduate of Sydney Academy, he attended Mount Allison University where he obtained his engineering certificate in 1927 and obtained his Degree in Electrical Engineering from Nova Scotia Technical College in 1929. After 5 years of service with the Northern Electrical Company in Montreal and the Nova Scotia Department of Highways, Mr. MacDONALD began working for DOSCO in 1934 and after a brief term at International Piers on a special assignment, became a member of DOSCO's Electrical staff. He was appointed Field Engineer in 1942 and was prominently associated with the engineering and construction of the more ????? units added to Seaboard's expanding facilities.

An active member of the Y's Men's Club of Sydney, W.A. MacDONALD is also a member of the Engineering Institute of Canada and Registered Professional Engineers Association of Nova Scotia. Mrs. MacDONALD is the former Margaret MacDONALD, daughter of Mrs. And the late Mr. D.G. MacDONALD.

Dan Scouler, Jr.
Appointed Assistant Chief Engineer

Dan SCOULER Jr., a native of Halifax, N.S., has been appointed Assistant Chief Engineer of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Limited, with headquarters in Montreal.

Mr. SCOULER's appointment was announced earlier today and becomes effective immediately.

A graduate of Nova Scotia Technical College in 1948 with a degree in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Mr. SCOULER was first employed with Dominion Bridge during College vacations and also served with the R.C.N.V.R.

He joined Halifax Shipyards upon graduation as a Maintenance Supervisor and in 1952 was appointed Plant Engineer for both the Halifax and Dartmouth Plants of Halifax Shipyards Limited.

Mr. SCOULER is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia, the Engineering Institute of Canada. The Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron and the Waegwoltic Club of Halifax.

Mrs. SCOULER is the former Miss Kathleen ERNST of Halifax and they have three children, two sons and one daughter.

Neil Gillis
Resident Manager At Aguathuna

Neil GILLIS, a native of New Glasgow and more recently Mine Superintendent at Wabana for DOSCO, has been appointed Resident Manager of Dominion Limestone Limited, Aguathuna, Newfoundland

Appointment of Mr. GILLIS to succeed the late Arthur HOUSE as Resident Manager of DOSCO's Limestone - quarrying operations, was announced at Sydney by General Manager C.M. ANSON, who is also Vice President and General Manager of Dominion Iron and Steel Limited and became effective July 1st.

Born at New Glasgow, N.S., the son of Mrs. Margaret and the late Leo GILLIS, Neil GILLIS received his elementary and high school education here, graduating from St. John's Academy. Enlisting in September of 1939, he served with the West Pictou Highlanders, the West Novies and the Cape Breton Highlanders, being discharged on September 1st, 1945 and four years overseas.

Upon return from overseas, he enrolled at St. F.X. University, Antigonish, where he obtained his Engineering Certificate and continues his studies at Nova Scotia Technical College, Halifax, obtaining his degree in Mining Engineering in 1951.

Mr. GILLIS immediately joined DOSCO as a Junior Engineer in the employ of Dominion Wabana Ore Limited, eventually was promoted to the position of Asst. Mine Supt. and for the past two years was Mine Superintendent.

A member of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and Mr. GILLIS is also active in the affairs of the Canadian Legion.

Mrs. GILLIS is the former Emily MacNEIL, R.N., daughter of Mrs. Dan A. MacNEIL and the late Dr. Dan MacNEIL of Glace Bay.

Another Life Saved
By Bell Island Girl

On Tuesday, July 24th, at Freshwater Pond, Carbonear, Ruby GOSSE, fifteen, of Bell Island, saved Sam PENNEY of Freshwater, Carbonear from death by drowning.

PENNEY and another boy were on the pond in a canvas fold-boat. They showed no regard for water safety rules. They were standing up and fooling around in the boat, the boat tipped and they found themselves in the water. PENNEY could not swim, the other boy could swim a little and managed to get to shore. PENNEY sank four or five times and each time he came up he called for help.

Lucky for PENNEY, Ruby GOSSE was on hand. She was the only swimmer there at the time. With disregard for her own safety, she kicked off her shoes and plunged in fully clothed to do what she could do to save him. PENNY was fighting too much for Ruth to go near him, so she had a young boy throw her an inner tube. She pushed it towards PENNEY, he grabbed it and she was able to tow him to shore. When reaching shore, PENNEY was quickly sick and went home at once, wiser, we hope, from his close brush with death.

Ruby GOSSE was trained at the Bell Island Kiwanis Swimming Pool last summer, by Instructor George DYCE. She qualified as a Red Cross Intermediate Swimmer. She deserves a lot of credit. But for her quick action, the number of drownings may have increased by one.


Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of the following employees who died recently:
William LAHEY, Bell Island, who passed away in a St. John's hospital, on August 17th, in his 49th year, after a prolonged illness.
Ernest BISHOP, Upper Island Cove, who passed away in hospital at St. John's, on August 21st, in his 50th year, after a long illness.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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