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Bell Island Submarine Miner
April 1956


General Plant News

Another Bell Island winter has passed into history. It was a long and stormy one, but in spite of that, the various activities of this busy industrial center continued in a normal manner.

Some history making events, as far as Bell Island is concerned, occurred during the winter months.
The Wabana Boys Club Building was officially opened in February
- The Bell Island Senior "B" hockey team successfully defended its hockey crown in that division and for the third year in succession won the trophy
- Production from the mines rose to the new high of 12,000 long tons for a full day, on March 28th. The previous high for a full day's production was 11,980 log tons, attained on March 21st
- Negotiations for a new Working Agreement for 1956, between the Company and Local 4121 (USA), CIO., AFF Concluded and the terms of the Agreement were accepted by the Union membership through secret balloting at the Union Hall during the first week in April.

Congratulations to Arnold BENNETT, Accounting Department, who was married on Tuesday, April 3rd. We wish Arnold and his bride many years of married happiness in the years that lie ahead.

The Bell Island Senior "B" hockey team visited Corner Brook and Gander during the first week of April, for exhibition games with teams from those towns. The Bell Island team won one and lost one at Corner Brook. At Gander, the local team won both games. The members of the team, All-Newfoundland Champions in the Senior "B" Division were guests of Monsignor G.F. Bartlett, at a dinner given in their honor in St. Michael's Hall on Tuesday night, April 10th following the dinner, the young hockeyists were guests at the dance in St. Michael's. Trophies and Individual Awards to team members were made at midnight.

The stork visited the homes of the following employees during March and presented to:
Mr. and Mrs. Fred PYNN, a son on the 2nd
Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Pitts, a daughter on the 12th
Mr. and Mrs. Edward BOLAND, a son on the 18th
Mr. and Mrs. William FEWER, a daughter on the 31st.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of Mrs. John VICKERS, Bell Island, who passed away at hospital in St. John's, on March 28th in her 69th year.

Alec STANFORD has returned from hospital in St. John's and is back on the job

John BROWN who has been on the sick list during the past few months, is feeling better and expects to return to work soon.

Philip LAHEY is still a patient at the Grace Hospital.

Seven-year-old Hubert KENNDEY underwent a tonsillectomy operation at the Grace Hospital in St. John's during the month of March, he is the son of James KENNEDY, No. 3 Slope.

Edward BRAZIL entered hospital in St. John's during March for treatment.

Nine-month-old Marguerite, daughter of Edward ETHRIDGE, entered hospital in St. John's during March, suffering from pneumonia. She has reurned home and is feeling fine.

William STONE entered St. Clare's Hospital, St. John's in March. He underwent an operation there, he is home now and feeling fine.

Bert STARES of the Accounting Department entered hospital at St. John's in March for a check-up.

Rhody HISCOTT re-entered hospital on March 3rd for treatment.

John NEARY, of the Accounting Department, who has been on the sick list for the last several weeks, has returned to work and is feeling fine.

Brian POWER who received an eye injury during the junior hockey championship playoffs is now feeling fine.

William POWER, General Surface Department, is back on the job, following an absence due to hospitalization.

The Bell Island Branch of the Cancer Society are holding a house-to-house campaign for funds to be used in the fight against the dreaded disease.

The Bell Island Branch of the Red Cross and Institute of the Blind completed campaigns for funds in March.

Congratulations to the following employees on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries:
Mr. and Mrs. William CANTWELL, 36 years married on Mar 24th
Mr. and Mrs. Richard IVANY, 35 years married on Mar 24th
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence KENT, 26 years on Mar 17th
Mr. and Mrs. John KING, married 10 years on Mar 17th
Mr. and Mrs. Sam NOLAN, 7 years on Mar 17th

Rosalie, daughter of Mr. Donald GOSSE, who received injuries in a motor accident last Fall, is still a patient at the General Hospital, St. John's, but is reported to be improving

Sympathy is extended to the relatives of:
Mrs. James LANE, who passed away recently, in her 71st year
Mrs. Gordon ETHRIDGE, who passed away recently following a short illness
Mr. and Mrs. Henry CRANE, on the passing of their daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Dan HYNES on the death of their infant son, Gregory

We heard again from Pensioner C.M. FOOTE, who now resides in St. John's. Previous to retiring on pension, Mr. FOOTE was employed as Storekeeper with the Company. He lived on Bell Island for over 52 years and witnessed many great changes in the history of the Island during that time. When Mr. FOOTE first came here the rate of pay was 12 cents per hour. He is glad to see this Island town enjoying its present prosperity and expresses the wish that it may long continue. Mr. FOOTE is pleased with our Plant Magazine. He finds it very interesting. Since retiring he has been busy at painting and writing poetry and has won awards at both. We are pleased to hear from you at any time, Mr. FOOTE.

The newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold BENNETT, were somewhat surprised recently, when Mr. BENNET's co-workers from the Pay Office Department called in and presented them with a beautiful electric lamp. The presentation address was read by Mr. Peter PITTS and responded to by Mr. BENNETT.

We also heard for the first time, from another former Bell Islander, Ralph MARTIN, who now resides at Atikokan, Ontario. Previous to leaving here, he was employed with the Company. He received a copy of the "Submarine Miner." recently and was very much impressed by it and quite interested in the many improvements in mining methods since he left here 13 years ago. We are pleased to hear from you Ralph - drop us a line at anytime.

Felicitations to the following Pensioners, on the occasion of their birthdays in April:
Michael SWEENEY, 76 on the 8th
Henry PARSONS, 75 on the 26th
Mark GOSSE, 69 on the 16th
William PURCELL, 66 on the 12th

The Bell Island Junior All-Stars hockey team was unsuccessful in its defence of the All-Newfoundland Championship this winter. The team suffered several casualties during the season, this coupled with the fact that some of the Juniors had to be used with the Senior "B" team weakened the Junior aggregation considerably. The local team was eliminated from the all-Newfoundland Play-Offs by the St. John's Juniors in a best of three series. The Final game was played in the St. John's Stadium. The second was played on Bell Island. St. John's won both games.

An Account in Verse of Mr. TASMAN's Visit
To Newfoundland During the 1930's

I promised to tell you in some sort of manner
Just how I got on, on my trip to Wabana
And now that that trip is a thing of the past
At keeping my promise I'm starting at last
The trip was a good one I'm thankful to say
And highly successful in every way
As you'll see, if this lengthy epistle you read
And if my attempts at description succeed

Five passengers went on the "Selje" to sea
They were Allister, Bill, young Stanley and me
Likewise Father CURTIS, a sturdy young priest
Who is named at the last, but was surely not least
It was cold and quite foggy, but not all rough
So at meal times all hands could be "doing their stuff"
In spite of the smell of Norwegian cheese

Arrived at Wabana, all thought 'twas a pity
To waste time in work, so I went to the City
And there I first met with my Guardian Angel
Who the trip had arranged, and he sure could arrange well
Loading his car with the stuff that we needed
Such as food, drink and blankets, we gaily proceeded
And waving farewell to each fair bonnie lassie
We left old St. John's for the Bay of Trepassey
We sped past Bay Bulls not a moment would stay
To visit the people in fair Witless Bay
La Manche and Cape Broyle had no charms in our sight
For far must we travel e'er coming of night
The barrens and ponds spread afar on each hand
And swiftly we traveled to sweet Ferryland
And e'en aqua Forte and its beautiful views
Could charm us no more than FEMEUSE and RENEWS

No doubt there is many a beautiful maiden
Who dwells by the sea down in fair Cappa Hayden
And if we had stopped there, who knows but perchance
I might be recording a hectic romance
But alas, of romance we did not even think
And stopped only when we had need of a drink
Or a bite, and the rest of the time swiftly drove
Till we stopped for the night down at Portugal Cove

Next morn, once again we set on our way
And passing around by the wide Biscay Bay
O'er hill and o'er valley, by Bay and by Lake
To Trepassey Bay we our journey did take
At last to the stream we were seeking we came
North West River, they call it, not much of a name
And there we discovered the Angelic shack
Which we learned to call home, till again we went back

And there we resided for three happy days
A time that I'll always refer to with praise
With nothing to worry and nothing to vex
But a few million flies, and the loss of my "specks"
Which fell from my grasp in the swift flowing stream
And vanished as fast as the sunset's last gleam
But another poor fish may those glasses be wearing
And be caught in the future, some fisherman scaring

Now as to the fishing, I have to admit
That I did not achieve what I'd call a great hit
For most of the salmon that rose to by fly
Remain in the stream to be caught bye and bye
For while in that river they do not run large
When caught on light tackle, they surely take charge
And he who could catch them some time should devote
In watching the style of a young mountain goat

For you'll find that the pools are surrounded by flocks
Of sharply edged outcrops and slippery rocks
And a salmon when hooked is unwilling to stay
To allow the bold angler to pick out his way
So it isn't as easy as some folks might deem
To capture a fish in the swift running stream
And it often occurs that however you may try
Your fish will desert you without a good-bye

At the end of three days our provisions grew low
Both solid and liquid, so we had to go
And bidding farewell to the shack by the river
Once more we embarked in our trusty old flivver
And back to St. John's once again we returned
Well bitten by black flies and deeply sunburned
But deeply contented and feeling no pain
And hoping some day to come back there again

Of the rest of the trip there is not much to say
I went to Wabana the very next day
And there I my time very earnestly spent
In doing the job upon which I'd been sent
And Allister joined me as also did Bill
And we spent all the time very pleasantly, till
The "Selje" again on her voyage did set on
And we bade them good-bye and went back to Cape Breton

Now all you bold fisherman, heed what I say
If you to Newfoundland a visit would pay
Unless to a tragical end you could come
Take plenty of fly dope and plenty of rum
For the flies are ferocious and hungry and bold
And you find that the weather is apt to be cold
And no one can go there in comfort and ease
Unless they're supplied with some good "anti-freeze"


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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