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Bell Island Submarine Miner
October 1955


General Plant News

The Governor of St. Pierre, Monsieur SICAUD, accompanied by his Aide de Camp and Monsieur MORREU, the French Consul at St. Johns, visited Bell Island recently.

Upon arrival here the party was met by Mr. Bob DEVLIN who escorted them on a tour of the underground operations at No. 6 Slope, following which the French Governor and other members of the party were guests for lunch at the Companyís Staff House.

In the afternoon the party was taken on a tour of the Surface operations and all were very much impressed by what they saw, both underground and on the surface. At 4 p.m. the party returned to St. Johnís.

We recently received a letter from the Service Club Director at Pepperrell Air Force Base, thanking us for copies of our Plant Magazine, which contained photographs of some of the Base personnel during tour of the underground operations here last summer. The people at the base were very much impressed with the appearance and layout of the "Submarine Miner."

Congratulations to:
Mr. And Mrs. A.W. REES, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sept 23rd. Previous to retiring on pension, Mr. REES was Mechanical Superintendent at the Piers Department.
Mr. And Mrs. Ernest VERGE, celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary during the month of August.
Mr. And Mrs. Augustus CONNORS, celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on Sept 7th.
Mr. And Mrs. Roy MUGFORD, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on July 28th
Mr. And Mrs. Thomas SKANES, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Sept 26th.
Mr. And Mrs. John V. McLEAN, celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on Aug 7th.
Mr. And Mrs. Bert STARES, celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary on Sept 11th.
Mr. And Mrs. Clifford CANTWELL, celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on Aug 15th.
Mr. And Mrs. Patrick POWER, celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary on Aug 25th.
Mr. And Mr. Hugh CONNORS, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary on Aug 22nd
Mr. And Mrs. Gerald CONWAY, celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on Aug 1st.
Mr. And Mrs. John KITCHEN Jr., celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on Sept 2nd.
Mr. And Mrs. George MARTIN, celebrated their 1st anniversary on Sept 10th.

During September we heard from former Bell Islander, Allan SQUIRES, who now resides at Melrose, Mass. Allan received some copies of the "Submarine Miner." recently and is very much impressed by our magazine and enjoyed reading about the great changeover to modern mining methods that has taken place since he was employed here. He was also pleased to see photographs of Lt.-Col. H.G. LAMBERT, D.S.O., Croix de Guerre in our August issue. Allan is an ex-member of the 166th Field Regiment, RA., and served under the command of Lt. Col. LAMBERT for 5 years.

Congratulations to Peter NEARY Jr., who won a high scholarship award recently. Peter was a student employee with the Company during the past summer. He is now taking a pre-medical course at Memorial University, St. Johnís.

Gerald HUTCHINGS who is serving in the Canadian Army was home on leave in August.

Richard ATKINS who is serving with the Royal Canadian Air Force, was also home on leave during September.

Vincent McGRATH, who served with the Canadian Forces in Korea was home on leave during August.

Donna, the 3 yr old daughter of Brose BROWN, was hospitalized as the result of being knocked down by a motor vehicle, near her home on Bennett St. on August 23rd.

Members of the St. Kevinís Army Cadet Corps who were taking courses at Camp Pettawawa, returned home in August. The pass-out parade for attending Cadets was led by Patrick HAMILTON of the St. Kevinís Corps.

The new ferry "Elmer Jones" began trial runs between Bell Island and Portugal Cove in Oct.

One hundred and fifty Bell Island children were taken on an outing to Bowring Park, St. Johnís, in September by the Boysí and Girlsí Committee of the Kiwanis Club here.

The following employees were visited by the stork during recent months and were presented with:
Fred FITZGERALD, a daughter, on July 22nd
Herbert REID, a son, on July 22nd
William CONWAY, a daughter on Aug 22nd
Harold LINTHORNE, a daughter on Aug 31st
Kevin SWEENEY, a daughter on Aug 11th
Clifford REESE, a daughter on Aug 10th
David KENNEDY, a son on Aug 18th
Angus GOSSE, a son in August
Donald GOSSE, a daughter on Aug 28th
Leo GALWAY, a son on Sept 10th

Norman NOSEWORTHY, Watchmanís Department, is home from hospital and feeling fine

Isaac PUMPHREY, Watchmanís Department, is still receiving treatment in hospital at St. Johnís

Jake CHURCHILL who suffered a knee injury is back on the job.

Alex EVELEIGH, formerly employed at Scotia Pier, has left Bell Island to reside in Scotland.

Ronnie, 10 yr old son of Ronald FITZGERALD, entered hospital in September. He received a deep gash in his leg when he fell from the roof of a shed onto a fence paling.

Ernest HIGGINS, No. 3 slope, is home from hospital and feeling much improved.

The womenís Work Committee of the Bell Island Branch of Red Cross resumed activity in September.

The Bell Island Kiwanis Club sponsored a performance by Rubinoff on September 14th.

Former Bell Islanders Robert and Granville NORMAN accompanied by their families visited their parents, Fire Chief and Mrs. Robert NORMAN in September.

Leo POWER who underwent an operation in St. Clareís hospital is home and feeling fine.

Former Bell Islander Tom FITZPATRICK, who now resides in St. Johnís, visited the Island in September. Before leaving here Tom was employed with the Electrical Department.

We extend sympathy to the relatives of the following who passed away recently:
Mrs. Jonathan GEORGE, at home in Parsonville, in September
Brian DOYLE, 8 year old son of Bernard DOYLE, passed away in September
Richard KENT, Sr., passed away at his home in Lance Cove on Oct 1st
William PROUDFOOT, LL.B., passed away at his home in St. Johnís, Oct 11th
George HEDD, passed away in hospital at Sydney during October
Mrs. May V. WHITE (nee BOWDRING) of Bell Island, passed away at her home in Boston.
Benny WARFORD and Mrs. WARFORD, on the passing of their infant daughter on Aug 7th

Congratulations to John DWYER, Traffic Department, and his bride. The wedding took place in August. Also to Lorne PROUDFOOT, Surface Timekeeping Department and Jean LeDREW, R.N., Medical Department, who were married on Sept 15th.

Birthday greetings to the following Pensioners on the occasion of their birthdays in September:
- Harry MERCER, 81 on Sept 28th
- Thomas CONWAY, 80 on Sept 26th
- Arch CURNEW, 79 on Sept 1st
- Bern BARRON, 77 on Sept 20th
- Henry POTTLE, 76 on Sept 17th
- Peter KENT, 75 on Sept 1st
- Noah POTTLE, 74 on Sept 12th
- Thomas P. MURPHY, 73 on Sept 27th
- Leonard PARSONS, 72 on Sept 15th
- Luke ROBERTS, 69 on Sept 18th
- Dennis SHEEHAN, 67 on Sept 10th
- Obediah BUTLER, 66 on Sept 12th
- George SOMERTON, 65 on Sept 18th
- James FITZGERALD, 64 on Sept 9th
- Walter BARNES, 51 on Sept 10th

Sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved families of the following employees, who died recently
- Liger BLACKMORE, Pensioner, at his home, Dominion Range, Bell Island on Sept 21st, in his 85th year
- George POTTLE, who passed away at his home, Bell Island, On Sept 24th in his 82nd year
- Alphonsus HAWCO, Jr., who passed away as the result of an accident, on Sept 26th, in his 21st year.


Mr. J. T. Lawton, B.A., celebrated his 95th birthday on October 20th. He is Bell Island's oldest citizen. Mr. Lawton was born at King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, on October 20th, 1860. In 1890 he graduated from the Royal University of Ireland. He taught school in Northern Ireland from that time until 1899, after which he returned to Newfoundland and was attached to the teaching staff at Harbour Grace for the next eight years. From there he moved to St. John's to take up a position as Editor of the St. John's Evening Herald. In 1910 he came to Bell Island and eventually he joined the staff of the Tenements and Watchmen's Department. On the death of the Department Superintendent, he was appointed as its Head, a position he held until the date of his retirement, May 1st, 1945. The "Submarine Miner." joins with Mr. Lawton's wide circle of friends in wishing him many more years of health and happiness.



"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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