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Bell Island Submarine Miner
March 1955


General Plant News

We wish to acknowledge letters received during February, from former Bell Islanders, Dick BUGDEN, at Toronto, Ontario and Allan WHEELER at Galt, Ont. Both expressed the fact that they were delighted to receive a copy of the "Submarine Miner" each month. Mr. BUGDEN was pleased to see pictures of former acquaintances and happy to know that they are still active.

Allan WHEELER is also quite enthusiastic about our Plant Magazine. Reading through the magazine, Alanís mind was brought back to his former home town and the happy days he spent here. He too was glad to see pictures of Bell Islanders that he knew while here and is pleased to know that some of them are doing so well. He was also impressed with the evidence of the many changes which have taken place locally and expressed hope that this Island Community will continue to enjoy prosperity in the future.

Sincere sympathy is extended to pensioner Walter Parsons, on the death of his mother Mrs. Martha ANTHONY, in her 96th year, at her home, Pilleyís Island, Nfld.

Sympathy is also extended to John MERCER, No. 4 Slope, on the death of his mother, Mrs. Flora MERCER at his home Upper Island Cove in her 60th year, during February.

Sympathy to James and John Whalen on the death of their brother Walter, who passed away at his home, Chapels Cove, in his 64th year. The late Walter WHALEN was employed with this Company before leaving here to reside at Chapels Cove several years ago.

The following pensioners celebrated birthdays during the month of February:
J.B. GILLIATT, 75 on Feb 1st
Joe CRANE, 75 on Feb 2nd
William REARDON, 81 on Feb 13th
John ANTHONY, 80 on Feb 18th
Michael BURKE, 74 on Feb 18th
John SKANES, 65 on Feb 21st
Thomas FOLEY, 71 of Feb 24th
J. J. CAREW, 68 on Feb 24th

John PARSONS, Dominion Pier, discovered a six and half inch lobster crawling ashore on the beach near the pier, during the cold period in mid-February.

Congratulations to the following employees and their wives, who celebrated wedding anniversaries during February:
Mr. and Mrs. Albert MORGAN, 42 years on Feb 1st
Mr. and Mrs. James BICKFORD 25 years on Feb 15th
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas POWER, 25 years on Feb 22nd
Mr. and Mrs. Peter COSTELLO, 16 years on Feb 19th
Mr. and Mrs. Jack REES, 9 years on Feb 21st
Mr. and Mrs. Algernon TUCKER Sr., 43 years on Feb 8th

John BENNETT, No. 3 Slope was on the sick list in February. He entered the Grace Hospital in St. Johnís for treatment, but has now returned home

Norman, son of Joseph JACKMAN, Mechanical Department returned home from the General Hospital in February.

Lawrence TOBIN, No. 6 Slope, has returned to work after being confined to his home through illness for several weeks.

William DELANEY, No. 4 Slope, returned to work in February after an absence from work, due to an injury received while working underground.

Milton WARREN, No. 3 Slope was on the sick list during the month of February.

Arthur PROUDFOOT was also on the sick list in February.

Pensioner Dennis DWYER is still in the General Hospital and up to press time we regret to report that his condition has shown little improvement.

The engagement was announced during February of Miss Sheila MURPHY, Stenographer with the Engineering Department, to Dr. Robert Clemens HEIM, a geologist with the Company.

The engagement of Edward QUIGLEY, No. 3 Slope was also announced in February.

The stork visited the homes of the following employees during February
Mike RYAN, a daughter on Feb 4th
William MILLER, a daughter on Feb 6th
Patrick KELLY, a son on Feb 16th
Gregory PENNEY, a son on Feb 4th
Kevin HAMMOND, a son on Feb 16th
Gerald MYERS, a son, their 7th, on Feb 25th

Leo LITTLEJOHN, No. 3 Slope, was married on February 19th. To Leo and his bride, we extend very best wishes, with the hope that they will enjoy long years of married life filled with happiness.

Walter JACKMAN, No. 3 Slope, was married on February 17th. We extend to Mr. and Mrs. JACKMAN, our very best wished for happiness throughout the years that lie ahead.

Gerald KAVANAGH, Clerk to the Superintendent at No. 3 Slope, recently enrolled with the International Correspondence Schools, for a course in Junior Accountancy. We wish Gerald every success with his studies.

During the month of February, we received a letter from former Bell Islander, pensioner C.M. FOOTE, now living in St. Johnís congratulating us on our effort in producing the "Submarine Miner". Previous to retiring on pension Mr. FOOTE was employed with the company for 52 years. He stated in his letter, that he is still deeply interested in matters relative to this Island, and never misses an opportunity to listen to the Dosco News Bulletin which is a nightly feature on C.J.O.N. Radio Station.

The many friends of Ted SMALL, Peter CANTWELL, George SWAIN and James MERCER, who were hospitalized in St. Johnís since December as the result of 3rd degree burns received in a flash fire under ground at that time, will be pleased to learn that all four were released from hospital during February and have returned home where they are receiving treatment from their local doctors.

Eight year old Robin, son of Vincent KENT, who was hospitalized in St. Jonís for several weeks was recently taken to Montreal, where he entered the Montreal Neurological Institute for an operation.

Peter PITTS, Pay Officer left recently by T.C.A. with his son Corbett who was to enter hospital in Boston, U.S.A., for an operation.

The ore shipping season came to a close in February, after what was the busiest year since the first cargo of iron ore was shipped from this port in 1895. A total of 2,144,731 tons were shipped in 1954 and since the beginning of the year 89,170 tons were shipped.

James LAHEY, employed with this Company has enrolled for a course in Accountancy with the La Salle Extension University.

Wabana Flashbacks

On February 17, 1938, the main hoist building at No. 4 Slope was completely destroyed by fire. Zero weather and strong winds made it extremely difficult to combat the flames. All electric motors and transformers in the building were either damaged or destroyed. Operations at No. 4 Slope had to be suspended until repairs could be effected. By March 1st, a temporary hoist was made ready and production at No. 4 Slope was resumed on a reduced scale. A new building was completed on May 23rd and it was then possible to carry on with full scale production.

Hale and hearty, at the age of 80 is Mr. John ANTHONY, retired section foreman of this company, who still enjoys the odd session of skating. Mr. ANTHONY was born at Hallís Bay, Springdale, N.D.B., Nfld on Feb 18th, 1875.

Mr. John C. Vokey who is the senior employee in the General Surface department. Mr. VOKEY was born at Spaniardís By, Nfld., on July 30th, 1899, and has been employed with this company since 1912, a total of over 43 years of service without a break.

Hale and hearty at the age of 80 is Mr. John Anthony, retired section foreman of this company, who still enjoys the odd session of skating. Mr. Anthony was born at Hall's Bay, Springdale, N.D.B., Nfld., on February 18th, 1875.




John C. Vokey is the senior employee in the General Surface Department. Mr. Vokey was born at Spaniard's Bay, Nfld., on July 30th, 1899, and has been employed with this company since 1912, a total of over 43 years without a break in service.




"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
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