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Bell Island Submarine Miner
June 1955


General Plant News

The following students have returned to Bell Island and have secured employment with the Company during their holidays:
Donald T. SKANES

Felicitations are extended to the following Pensioners who celebrated birthdays during May:
John GUN, 69 on May 20th
Joseph PARSONS, 77 on May 10th
Harvey KITCHEN, 66 on May 20th
Michael HICKEY, 66 on May 24th
Peter FOWLER, 73 on May 27th
Dennis MURPHY, 79 on May 31st

We regret to report that Stan JACKMAN and Henry KING were admitted to hospital in St. Johnís during May because of injuries received in underground mining accidents. Their many friends will be pleased to know that on going to Press, latest reports indicate that both employees are well on the road to complete recovery.

Edward SHAW, No. 3 Slope, who was off the job because of illness, entered the Grace Hospital in St. Johnís during May for treatment, has now returned to his job and is feeling fine.

Congratulations are extended to Pensioner:
Charles and Mrs. WHITE, on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary in May
Mr. Albert MILLER Sr., and Mrs. MILLER, 41 years married in May
Mr. And Mrs. Gideon ROBBINS, 39 years married in May

Congratulations to the following employees who celebrated marriage anniversaries during the month of May
Mr. And Mrs. Ralph SKANES
Mr. And Mrs. Harry TUCKER
Mr. And Mrs. Ernest KING
Mr. And Mrs. Michael McGRATH
Mr. And Mrs. William BLACKMORE

In spite of low visibility caused by fog and drizzle, the Stork was airborne during the month of May
George BROWN, a daughter on May 2nd
Clarence HIBBS, a son on May 8th
Harry LANE, a daughter on May 7th
Sam NOLAN, a son on May 9th
John DUGGAN, a son on May 10th
John RYAN, a daughter on May 10th
Dan DWYER, a daughter on May 15th
Thomas LAHEY, a daughter
We extend congratulations to the proud parents

Gerald CONNORS, Dominion Pier, stalwart defenceman with the Bell Island Senior "B" hockey team, was voted the teamís most valuable player in the Eastern and all Newfoundland play offs during the past winter. A trophy for that distinction was donated by the Bell Island Lionsí Club.

Miss Jean SELLARS, formerly of the Accounting Department was recently appointed Stenographer with the Engineering Department

Gerald KAVANAGH, formerly clerk a No. 3 Slope, is now with the Engineering Department

Leo COLE, formerly employed in No. 3 Slope is now employed as draftsman with the Engineering Department

Deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives of the following Bell Island people who passed away during the month of May
Mrs. Melvina NOSEWORTHY, May 14th, in her 89th year
Mrs. Roy BADCOCK, May 23rd, in her 36th year
Mrs. MUGFORD, May 11th, in her 89th year
Richard T. KENT, May 21st, in his 83rd year

Congratulations to Arthur CUMMINGS, No. 4 Slope, who was married on May 28th. We wish him and Mrs. CUMMINGS many years of happiness together.

It is with regret that we record the sudden passing of Toby SALO. Mr. SALO was Construction Foreman with Fraser Brace Company and spent from June to November of 1953 at Wabana, supervising construction of the Companyís Warehouse and the dynamite magazines.

Congratulations are extended to Gerald CONNORS, Dominion Pier, who was married on May 28th.

The Shipping season got away to a late start on May 8th because of the ice conditions which held the Swedish ore carriers M.S. "Rautas" and "Sarek" immovable on the anchorage near Little Bell Island, where they had arrived on April 30th, when the ice slacked off the coast for a few hours. The S.S. "Arthur Cross" and a number of foreign ships were also held waiting off the coast for several days. Since the opening however, there has been a steady flow of shipping to and from this port and the shipping crews at Scotia Pier have been kept busy since the opening date. Many of the ore carriers which have visited Bell Island this season are newcomers, but some of those well known in local shipping circles are also back in the trade. The 16,500 ton British Motor Ship "River Afton" in command of Captain J.P. JOHNSON, which moved over 170,000 tons of Wabana ore to the foreign markets in 1954, has already taken three cargoes across the ocean since shipping began on May 8th.

The British S.S. "Zinnia" Captain IRVINE, has also arrived back for another season in the local ore trade. In May, the "Zinnia" was diverted to another port when ice conditions prevented entry into Conception Bay upon arrival of the Newfoundland Coast. Crew members of "Zinnia" received copies of the SUBMARINE MINER during the months they were away from the local trade and were to a great extent kept up to date on activity in this community during the winter.

The veteran Dutch ore carried S.S. "Stad Vlaardingen" Captain P. De HERR also returned to the ore trade here during recent weeks. The "Stad Vlaardingen" with Captain De HERR, has been taking ore cargoes from Wabana since 1925, except for a period during the second world war.

** In June 1954, the first issue of the "Submarine Miner" appeared



Robert Davis, Senior employee in the Engineering Department. "Bob" as he is familiarly known amongst his co-workers, was born at Harbour Grace in 1891 and began work with this Company in 1906 and has been employed here since that time.



Sincere sympathy is expressed to the bereaved relatives of the following employees who died recently: -
Pensioner Dennis Dwyer, Bell Island, who passed away at the General Hospital, St. John's, on May 31st, in his 78th year, after a lengthy illness.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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