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Bell Island Submarine Miner
December 1955


General Plant News

The British Ore Carrier "Baron Elphinstone", of the Hogarth Line, whish is engaged in the Iron Ore trade between Bell Island and United Kingdom ports this year, had a rather nasty experience during a voyage from Wabana to Glasgow, Scotland, this Fall, with 8,500 tons of Iron Ore cargo on board.

From Wabana to a position four hundred miles south of Greenland, the "Elphinstone" enjoyed normal Atlantic weather conditions. At this point, as the ship’s English Officers and Indian crew were having their tea, one of the Killer ladies, which swept the Atlantic seaboard during the hurricane season, stuck suddenly.

Within a short time the decks were awash, as huge waves, some of which were forty feet high, pounded at the sturdy ship.

The storm lasted for 46 hours and during that time Captain T.D. DRYSDALE and his Officers were continually on the bridge fighting the swell. There is little doubt that their expert seamanship brought the ship safely through that tough Atlantic ordeal.

In the height of the storm, the canvas covering of one of the hatches ripped. The Indian seamen showed their courage by turning out to repair the damage.

While repairs were being made to the hatch covering, a huge wave broke over the deck, scattering the seamen. One of them almost lost his life, when he was dashed against the ship’s rail. He suffered a fractured jaw, injured nose and a deep gash in the face. To make matters more awkward, the huge wave had crashed into the hospital cabin, soaking most of the medical gear. Enough was salvaged, however, to give the injured seaman first aid.

Upon arrival at Rothesay Dock, the ship was met by a Doctor, and ambulance, to convey the injured seaman to the Royal Infirmary. A survey of the damage was made when the storm had blown itself out. It was found that part of the top bridge, and navigational bridge, were washed away. The starboard motor lifeboat was smashed and two of the deck ventilators were gone. Two of the ship’s bulkheads were stove in, some of the portholes and cabin doors were also smashed. That is the story of the voyage of the "Baron Elphinstone" according to reports from Glasgow, Scotland.

Former Bell Islander, Terry FRENCH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy NORMORE, is now serving with the Canadian Paratroop Forces. He is stationed in France.

Deepest sympathy to the relatives of Mrs. James RYAN, who passed away at her home, Theatre avenue, Bell Island, on November 30th, after a short illness.

To Mr. and Mrs. William PITTS, Bell Island, on the passing of their infant daughter on November 25th.

To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph MERCER, Upper Island Cove, on the passing of their daughter, Nov 2nd.

Deepest sympathy is also extended to the relatives of Mrs. George CASE, Bell Island, who passed away at the Grace Hospital on December 2nd, in her 59th year, after a prolonged illness.

Herb PYNN entered the Grace Hospital in November for treatment.

Isaac PUMPHREY is home from hospital and feeling much improved.

John CAHILL is still in hospital and reported to be feeling as well as can be expected.

Stan JACKMAN, who was injured in an underground accident, several weeks ago, has re-entered hospital in St. John’s for treatment.

14-year-old Don CORBETT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward CORBETT, entered hospital in St. Jon’s recently to receive treatment for injuries received when the horse he was riding was hit by a motor vehicle. The accident occurred at the intersection of Theatre Ave and Compressor Hill.

Fred EARLE is home from hospital and back on the job. He is feeling fine.

George KING, No. 5 Mine, suffered a fractured leg a few months ago, in an unusual accident, which happened in his own garage. Mr. King was standing in front of a truck in the garage, when his 8-year-old son, who was sitting inside, turned on the ignition and stepped on the starter, the truck was in forward gear and began moving ahead. There wasn’t room to get out of the way, so he jumped onto the front bumper. The vehicle continues forward, passing through the end of the garage, across the yard and through a fence, finally stalling when it crashed into a pile of scrap. George was still on the bumper when the truck stopped. He is not back on the job and considers himself lucky not to have been more seriously injured. The boy was unhurt.

George HIGGINS is home from hospital and back on the job. He is presently with the Personnel Department. He was formerly employed in the Shops Department.

Gerald POWER, formerly Clerk at the Company’s Warehouse, has taken a position with the Shops Department.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John KENT, Scotia Ridge, Bell Island, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Nov 29th. Mr. KENT is a Pensioner of the Company. Before retiring on pension he was employed as Foreman at the Cable Shop.

Congratulations also to Mr. and Mrs. Norman NOSEWORTY on their 39th wedding anniversary on Nov 15th. Mr. NOSEWORTHY is employed as Watchman with the Company.

Congratulations to
Mr. and Mrs. William CRAIG on the occasion of their 27th wedding anniversary on Nov 10th.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert POWER, 25 years married on Nov 17th
Mr. and Mrs. Robert POWER, 25 years on Nov 17th
Mr. and Mrs. Jams BUTLER, 28 years on Nov 23rd
Mr. and Mrs. Cyril BARRETT, 13 years on Nov 19th.

The following employees were visited by the Stork in recent weeks:
Mr. and Mrs. Granville O’BRIEN, a daughter on Nov 15th
Mr. and Mrs. Lemoine BISHOP, a daughter on Nov 15th
Mr. and Mrs. Richard TOBIN, were presented with a son and a daughter recentlyth.

Congratulations to the following pensioners on the occasion of their birthdays in December:
John HEDD, 77 on Nov 15th
Pat HICKEY, 77 on Nov 18th
Bernard HAWCO, 74 on Nov 16th
Josiah GOSSE, 73 on Nov 2nd
Bert GOSSE, 75 on Nov 25th
Walter LAHEY, 68 on Nov 10th
A.?? ROSE, 66 on Nov 10th

It was learned recently, that Atle ARSUND of Norway, a fifteen year old deck boy aboard the Norwegian ore-carrier "Sally Stovel" which is engaged in the iron ore trade from Bell Island to the United Kingdom this year, lost his life by drowning, when he fell from the ship into the water at Rothsay Dock, Clydebank, on Sept 28th. The ship was docked there with a cargo or iron ore from Bell Island.

Walter BUTLER, who received a leg injury in a non-plant accident, several weeks ago, is reported to be feeling much improved.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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