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Bell Island Submarine Miner
August 1955


General Plant News

The British ore carrier "Southwick," Captain G. ROBERTS, visited this port in July and loaded a cargo of iron ore for a United Kingdom port. The "Southwick," arrived here during a period of foggy weather. Captain ROBERTS proved to be a very interesting person. When asked if he considered the fog very thick he said that it was not as bad as he had experienced in London during the 1920’s and related that at the time he was serving on the Police force there and being a new member was not familiar with the streets of London. One night while on duty, during a real "Pea Souper," he lost his bearings and had to get a civilian to guide him back to the Police Station. Captain ROBERTS happens to be an authority on poetry and poets of the Victorian age, and takes pleasure in discussing that subject.

Jean SELLARS and Eleanor THISTLE of the Main Office personnel are back at work after an enjoyable vacation, which they spent touring cities in the United States and on the Canadian Mainland….

Edward CORBETT, No. 6 Slope, visited his daughter who resides in Galt, Ontario, during his vacation time…..

Dr. Walter TEMPLEMAN is home, following a vacation touring Scotland. He was accompanied on the trip by Mrs. TEMPLEMAN.

The Bell Island Kiwanis Club sponsored a Sports Meet on Dominion Day, July 1st. The proceeds of the event were donated to help promote the newly formed Boys’ Club here. The weather was not absolutely perfect, but the rain which threatened at times during the day, held off and the large number of people that did attend obviously enjoyed the day’s entertainment of field and trace events, also the various side shows which were set up on the Sports Field. The Bell Island Kiwanis are to be congratulated upon their splendid effort in supporting such a worthwhile community project.

John PARSONS, Safety Office and Hubert SKANES, Time Office, crossed the Atlantic during their vacation period. They spent a week in Paris where John’s sister resides. On the way home they spent a few days in London and witnessed, among other attractions of the big city, the changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

We heard again this month from former Bell Islander John J. HUNT of Dedham, Massachusetts. Mr. HUNT is quite enthusiastic about our Plant Magazine, the contents of which keep him informed on the many improvements which are taking place at Wabana, his former home town, in which he states, he is always interested and pleased to hear about. He tells us in his letter that he recently visited Mike DOBBIN who is also a well known former Bell Islander and now resided in Boston. John and Mike intended making a visit here this summer, but owing to other commitments were unable to do so. No doubt their many friends hope that they will be able to make it next year.

Jack CHURCHILL was confined to his home during July, with an injury received in a non-plant accident. He is reported to be doing fine.

Herbert HARNEY, who was receiving treatment in the Grace Hospital returned home in July.

Henry WHELAN recently returned from Hospital in St. John’s.

Fred ROSE, who spent several weeks in the Grace Hospital, has returned home and is feeling much better but has not returned to work yet.

Peter CANTWELL has now returned to work.

Jim BOLAND is, going to press, still receiving treatment and has to remain off work.

Dennis HANNAFORD who suffered an arm injury several months ago went to St. John’s recently for an X-ray.

Edward BUTLER returned home in July from St. John’s. He is feeling much better.

Mike KELLY has recovered from a leg injury received some weeks ago and is now employed with the Pilot Office staff.

George YARN, who was formerly Chief Officer on the S.S. "Arthur Cross," is now Harbour Master at Wabana

Raymond HARNEY who has been residing in Scotland for the past few years visited his parents here this summer.

Stan KEOUGH, Mechanical Department entered hospital in St. John’s recently. He underwent an operation and, on going to press, is reported to be doing as well as can be expected.

Pensioner Peter FOWLER recently received word that his brother Michael, passed way in his 80th year at Grand Falls. Michael is the fourth of Mr. FOWLER’s brothers who have passed away during the past 6 months leaving him the only member of that family still living. We extend sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Bert TUCKER, who is at present on vacation, is expected back before the end of this month. Bert is presently in England, where he joined Mrs. TUCKER, son Ivan and daughter Janice, who have been visiting relatives since early in June. They are expected to return home together.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to the following Pensioners who celebrated birthdays in August:
Richard WALSH, 80 on the 10th
Benjamin BUTLER, 77 on the 27th
George ADAMS, 72 on the 15th
Thomas JOY, 75 on the 3rd
John HUNT, 74 on the 26th
William BARRETT, 72 on the 24th
William LINDSAY, 72 on the 12th
Walter PARSONS, 71 on the 18th
Henry BOONE, 71 on the 16th
Abe FILLIER, 71 on the 12th
George CLARKE, 71 on the 5th
George BADCOCK, 69 on the 18th
Thomas C. MORGAN, 69 on the 5th
John ROSE, 69 on the 8th
Patrick SKANES, 68 on the 6th
Jim RYAN, 68 on the 15th
Fred RIDEOUT, 66 on the 22nd
Peter F. KENT, 66 on the 15th
Nathaniel LODGE, 66 on the 15th
William F. PARSONS, 66 on the 29th
Michael F. HAWCO, 66 on the 25th
Edward PECKHAM, 64 on the 13th
George WARREN, 62 on the 23rd

A well- known former Bell Islander, Arch POWER, who was employed with the Engineering Department here during the 1920’s, visited his old home town in July. He was accompanied by Mrs. POWER, who is also a former Bell Islander. Mr. POWER now holds a position with the Federal Government in Ottawa.

Another visitor to the Island this summer, was Dean N.S. NOEL, who was Rector of the Church of England Parish, Bell Island, from 1937 to 1944, and is now Dean of Qu-Appele, Saskatchewan, and Rector of the Pro-Cathedral, Regina.

Caleb REYNOLDS, Salmon Cove, a 3rd year student at Memorial University, is the winner of the I.F. PERLIN Scholarship. Caleb is the son of Thomas REYNOLDS, No. 3 Slope. We offer Congratulations.

Wallace Vokey, Mechanical Department, entered hospital in St. John's for treatment recently.


Ninety per cent of Newfoundland's population live in some 1300 communities along 6000 miles of shoreline … that the Province has some 704 miles of railroad track … that the value of factory shipments of Newfoundland's manufacturing industries exceeded 105 million dollars in 1952 … that St. John's is the 16th largest city in Canada.

There are 8,870 more men in Newfoundland than women. The male population of this Province is 185,143 and the female population is 176,273.


Sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives of the following employees who died recently:
Pensioner George E. Rees, who passed away at his home, Lance Cove Road, Bell Island, on August 2nd, in his seventy-third year. Previous to being retired on pension, the late Mr. Rees was Car Shop Foreman.
Pensioner Maurice Gorman, who passed away at his home, Bell Island, on August 4th, in his ninety-fourth year, after a long illness.
William Jackman, who passed away at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, on August 14th, in his fifty-fourth year, after a short illness.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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