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Bell Island Submarine Miner
Excerpts From
September 1954


General Plant News

A.V. CORLETT Professor of Mining Engineering, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, recently visited Bell Island on a tour of inspection of the mines for the Mines Branch of the Department of Mines and Resources

Don GOSSE and family spend their holidays visiting brother Garfield, who is employed at the Sydney Steel Plant

Arthur BLACKMORE and Peter COSTELLO, members of the Dominion Volunteer Fire Brigade, recently completed a two week’s training course in fire fighting and maintenance of equipment in St. John’s

"Mac" HARVEY, Mechanical Office, received quite a surprise on August 26th, when he received a Christmas card from a friend in Fort Henry, Ontario, which had been mailed on December 14th, 1953.

Ray MURPHY, popular young Bell Island athlete, sustained a broken foot in a motorcycle accident on the Placentia Highway during the month of August. Ray returned to his home a short time ago after a three week’s stay at St. Clare’s Hospital.

Gerald REES, Shops Superintendent, entered the Montreal Neurological Institute on Aug 30th for an operation. Latest word is that the operation was successful and he has recovered to the extent that he is allowed up for a short period each day.

Congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Reid PROUDFOOT who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sept 5th.

Congratulations are also extended to Mr. and Mrs. H.M. STARES who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sept 7th.

The stork visited the homes of the following employees during the months of August and September:
Lawrence FITZGERALD, a boy on Aug 6th
Michael FLYNN, a girl on Aug 6th
John KENNEDY, a boy on Aug 30th
Edward KENNEDY, a girl on Aug 14th
Ted BUTLER, a girl on Sept 6th
Thomas SWEENEY, a girl on Aug 27th
Lloyd KING, a girl on Aug 7th
Freeman MERCER, a boy on Aug 24th

William HAMMOND who was employed with this company before leaving Bell Island in 1912 to take up residence on the mainland visited Wabana during the month of August. It was his first visit in 25 years.

Bill KENNEDY, son of Mr. Dolph KENNEDY, No. 6 Mine employee, is studying engineering at St. Jean Military College, Quebec.

Congratulations are extended to Patrick Joseph DUGGAN, son of Mr. Edward DUGGAN No. 6 Mine employee, on winning the King George V Jubilee Scholarship. Patrick entered Memorial University this fall to study engineering. Also, 15 year old son Peter NEARY, son of Peter NEARY, Sr., of the Traffic Department, on winning the District Scholarship with 516 marks out of a possible 600.

Douglas HARNEY, son of Mr. Herbert HARNEY, successfully passed a summer school course at Memorial University and has since accepted a teaching position at Twillingate

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John McLEAN, West Mines, who celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary on Aug 23rd

Leo BUTLER, son of Mr. Tom BUTLER, No. 3 Mine employee, recently visited his parents whilst on leave from the Royal Canadian Navy. Another son, Gordon, is now in Quebec City where he is trying out with the Quebec Frontenacs hockey team.

Sympathy is extended to Don TUCKER, Section Foreman, No.3 Mine, on the death of his mother on Aug 26th.

Captain HODGESON, Master of the S.S. "Durham Trader", which has taken several cargoes from Wabana this year to the U.K., paid a compliment to the boys at Scotia Pier for the fast turnanbouts his ship received this year. The Captain said that Wabana, was without doubt, one of the most efficient ore loading ports in the world.

Birthday greetings are extended to the following pensioners of the Company:
Thomas JOY, 74 on Aug 3rd
George CLARKE, 70 on Aug 5th
Thomas C. MORGAN, 69 on Aug 6th
Patrick SKANES, 67 on Aug 8th
John ROSE, 68 on Aug 8th
Walter McLEAN, 68 on Aug 9th
Richard WALSH, 79 on Aug 10th
Albert DICKS, 71 on Aug 12th
Edward PECKHAM, 63 on Aug 13th
Reuben BUTLER, 71 on Aug 15th
Jim RYAN, 67 on Aug 15th
Henry BOONE, 70 on Aug 18th
Walter PARSONS, 70 on Aug 18th
Fred RIDEOUT, 65 on Aug 23rd
George WARREN, 61 on Aug 23rd
William BARRETT, 71 on Aug 24th
Michael F. HAWCO, 65 on Aug 25th
John HUNT, 73 on Aug 26th
Benjamin BUTLER, 77 on Aug 27th
Peter F. KENT, 65 on Aug 28th
Abe FILLIER, 70 on Aug 31st

Mr. Joseph PENNEY, who came here from Lithuania in 1925 and who went on pension in October 1953, has now moved to Gardner, Mass., where he will take up residence with his son Gidomenus.

The appointment of William LINDSAY as Foreman in charge of all Surface Mechanical Equipment and Compressors effective as of Aug 10th was announced by Mr. J.M. BRACKE, Assistant Manager, last month. Bill held the position of Compressor Foreman prior to his new appointment and we join with his many friends in offering congratulations on his promotion.

The many friends of Selby WARREN are pleased to see that he is now back on the job after an absence of over a year because of injuries received in an accident in No. 3 Mine.

Sympathy to John, Samuel and Ambrose DEAN, employees of this Company, whose mother passed away on September 14th.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. TURNER, are presently visiting Montreal, New York and other cities on the mainland.

William ANDREWS of the General Surface Department returned to the Island recently after visiting relatives and friends in Boston and New York.

Wabana Flash Backs

At noon hour on Sept 5th, 1942, three boats, the S.S. "Lord Strathcona", S.S. "Saganaga" and the Free French ship the P.L.M. 27, with cargoes of iron ore destined for Sydney were lying at anchor between Little Bell Island and Lance Cove. Without any warning whatsoever, the "Saganaga" was rocked by a terrific explosion and sank within three minutes. It was immediately realized that the explosion was caused by a torpedo from an enemy submarine which had entered Conception Bay without being detected. Of the crew of 43, only 14 survived. The crew of the "Lord Strathcona", realizing that they would probably be the next target, quickly abandoned ship and reached shore safely. This action on their part proved to be a wise one as one half hour later a torpedo struck their ship sinking her in a matter of minutes. The P.L.M. 27, escaped attack on this occasion. The S.S. "Evelyn B" which was engaged in the coal trade managed to escape attack when her master, Captain GUY, who is now chief mate of the S.S. Wabana, hoisted anchor and steamed out of the danger area.

Assistant Chief Accountant Appointed


Kenneth R. MacLeod, formerly of Dominion Coal Company, was appointed Assistant Chief Accountant of Dominion Wabana Ore Limited effective July 1st, 1955. He was born at Sydney, Nova Scotia on July 13th, 1922, was educated at Sydney Academy and began working with the corporation in 1940. In 1941 he was transferred from Dominion Iron & Steel Company to the Accounting Department of the Dominion Coal Company in 1941.

During World War II, he served in the Canadian Army from October 1942 to September 1946. Following his discharge he rejoined the Coal Company where he remained until his transfer to Wabana.


Mrs. MacLeod is the former Sylvia Mingarelli of Sydney. Married in Sydney in September of 1948, they have two sons, Paul, two, and David, six months of age.

The "Submarine Miner" welcomes Mr. MacLeod to Wabana and we trust that his stay here will be an enjoyable one.


Mr. Fred J. BURKE, highly esteemed and popular telegrapher with the company, was honoured by his co-workers on Friday, Sept 10th, when a presentation was made to mark the occasion of his retirement. Mr. P.T. MURPHY read an address expressing sentiments and good wishes of all those present after which Miss Annie MURPHY made the presentation as shown in the photo. Mr. BURKE was born at St. Jacques, Fortune Bay, on July 22, 1885 and commenced work with this Company in May 1907. Except for a break in service when he served with the Marconi Company of Canada during the First World War, Mr. BURKE has worked continuously with the Company since he was first hired. The "Submarine Mines" joins with his legion of friends in wishing him continued good health and happiness in the years that lie ahead.



Mr. James RYAN, senior employee of No. 6 mine, who commenced work with this Company at the early age of 10 as a "nipper". Mr. RYAN who was 64 years of age in June past, now has over 54 years of service to his credit. His only break in service occurred during the First World War when he served in the Royal Navy.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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