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Bell Island Submarine Miner
Excerpts From
July 1954

General Plant News

John REES of the Cable Department is presently visiting friends and relatives in the United States while on vacation

Gordon MEADUS and Patrick SKANES, both veterans of the Korean War, were discharged from the army recently and are now employed with the Company

Congratulations are extended to the following employees who were married recently:
Charlie HAWCO, June 12th
Edward O'BRIEN, June 22th
Louis COSTELLO, Jun 23rd
Henry LANE, June 23rd
George HYNES, June 26th
Brendon FITZGERALD, June 29th
Clifford REES, June 30th
Steve MURPHY on July 2nd

Mr. A.R. PROUDFOOT who retired last month, was honoured on June 14th by a group of his friends and associates when they tendered him a testimonial dinner in the CLB Armoury. Mr. Riv COTIGAN read an address to mark the occasion and Mr. C. PEDDLE, a life long friend of Mr. PROUDFOOT's presented him with a gift on behalf of those assembled.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. James BYRNE, Sr., of Lance Cove, who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, June 26th. Prior to his retirement, Mr. BYRNE was employed at the Power Plant, Dominion Pier.

The stork made a visit to the homes of the following employees during the months of May and June
Andrew NOREMORE, a girl
William BUTLER, a girl
J.J. MURPHY, a boy
William KAVANAGH, a boy
John D. KENT, a girl
William TREMBLETT, a girl
Albert LEWIS, a girl
George KELLY, a boy
Garfield BARTLETT, a boy
Salva Gauci (aka Sm Gouchy) a boy
Gerald McCarthy, a girl
Leo EZEKIEL, a girl

John TARRANT, of the Shipping Department spent his vacation visiting Sydney, Toronto and other cities on the mainland.

The month of June brought the return of the Dutch ship "Stad Vlaardingen", in command of Captain DE HERR, to the shippig trade at the Scotia Pier loading dock. The "Stad Vlaardingen" is one of the best known ore carriers among those calling at this port at the present time. She first came here in 1922 and, with the exception of a period during World War II, has been taking Wabana iron ore across the Atlantic ever since. Captain DE HERR has been in command of the ship since 1925. When war broke out in September, 1939, the "Stad Vlaardingen" accompanied by three other Dutch ships was on the anchorage near Little Bell Island, and remained there for three weeks following the outbreak. It was thought or a while that the ships would spend the winter in Newfoundland but orders came for them to sail and they crossed the Atlantic to assist in the allied cause. During the war the "Stad Vlaardingen" was torpedoed by a German submarine off the coast of Scotland. With great skill, Captain DE HERR was successful in saving his ship by beaching her. She was later re-floated and returned to active service. Following the war, she returned to the ore shipping trade.

James McCARTHY, former No. 4 Mine employee, has accepted a position on the mainland

Riv COSTIGAN, chief chemist of the Company, is presently visiting the United Kingdom and Germany on Company business.

Dr. Walter TEMPLEMAN, Chief Medical Officer of the Company, and Mrs. TEMPLEMAN returned to the Island recently after an extended visit to the British Isles and Europe.

Arthur BENNETT, No. 3 Yard Foreman, is convalescing at home after having undergone an appendectomy at the Grace Hospital, St. John's.


Wilson Gray, Welding Foreman, is convalescing at home after having undergone several operations. At the time the photo was taken, Wilson was feeling quite fit and cheerful and was looking forward to returning to work before very long. We join with his many friends in wishing him a speedy recovery and we know that his co-workers will be pleased to see him back on the job before many more weeks have passed.



Mr. Cecil SMITH, Superintendent of Lands and Titles for the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Limited, Sydney, N.S., visited Wabana recently on Company business.

Louis HANN, Engine Driver, No. 3 Mine, has returned to work after a period of convalescence following an operation at the Grace Hospital on May 7th.

On June 30th, several members of the Dominion Volunteer Fire Brigade called at the home of Mr. Reid PROUDFOOT for the purpose of showing their thanks and appreciation for the assistance and support he rendered to the Brigade down through the years. A formal address was read following which Mr. PROUDFOOT was presented with a gift as a token of the high esteem in which he was held by the members of this organization.

Mr. Paul MALLES, Economic and Labour Writer, International Service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Montreal, paid a visit to Wabana recently and while here was taken on a tour of the plant. Mr. MALLES was concluding a fact-finding tour of Canada in connection with his work and was greatly impressed by what he saw and learned about the operation here at Wabana.

Mr. Alfred CAHILL, Medford, Massachusetts, is presently visiting his brother, John CAHILL, Town Square. This is Mr. CAHILL's first visit to his birthplace in over 15 years. He is a former employee of the Company, having worked in No. 3 Mine over 34 years ago.

Miss Elsie White was honoured by her co-workers on June 4th when they gathered in the Accounting Office to mark the occasion of her retirement. A glowing tribute was paid Miss White by her close associate, Miss Annie Murphy, following which a gift was presented to her on behalf of the gathering. Miss White joined the Company on August 27th, 1917, as a stenographer and upon retirement held the position of Secretary to the Vice President and General Manager. By her kindness and sincerity, Miss White made many friends and the Submarine Miner joins with them in wishing her the very best of healt and happiness in her retirement.

Sympathy is extended to Dick TAILLON, Purchasing Agent, on the death of his father who passed away recently at Fort William, Ontario.

Mr. Ralph ANDREWS, Deputy Minister of Welfare for the Province of Newfoundland, visited the Island last month and while here was taken on a tour of the operation. Mr. ANDREWS is a former employee of this Company having worked in the Survey department for several years. He was very much impressed by the many changes that have taken place both in mining methods and equipment since he worked here.

In a letter to radio station CJON recently, Mr. G.C. ALLEN of 24 Wiltshire Road, Thorton Heath, Surry, England, stated that on April 10th, he heard the DOSCO News at his home and enjoyed it every much.

Jim FARRELL is back on the job after an appendix operation at St. Clare's Hospital, St. John's.

Jack FRENCH of the Electric Shop has acquired a 14 foot boat with a 5 h.p. outboard motor and is looking forward to good fishing and sailing this summer.

It is interesting to note that a little over 12% of our employees have not missed a single day's work since the beginning of the year.

Wabana Flashbacks

The first telephone cable between Bell Island the local mainland was laid in November, 1922. In November, 1930, a power cable was also laid across the tickle and hydroelectric power was used on Bell Island for the first time January 13th, 1931.

On September 12th, 1929, Middleton Avenue was officially opened by Sir John MIDDLETON, the Governor of Newfoundland, after whom the road was name.

Two of His Majesty's battleships, the "Repulse" and "Hood", and the cruiser "Adelaide" which were on a tour of the Commonweath, arrived in Conception Bay on September 7th, 1924, and anchored near Little Bell Island. The M.S. "Pawnee", which was engaged in the ferry service on the tickle at that time, and several motor boats provided regular service to and from the ships for local resident. Many hundreds of people visited the famous ships while they were at anchorage.

The familiar siren, known locally as the "bull-dog", was installed at No. 2 Sub Station on March 24th, 1924. It was later moved to No. 3 Main Hoist and still continues to sound the time of day.

On January 14th, 1937, one of the most disastrous fires in Bell Island History occurred when nineteen business houses and dwellings wee destroyed on Town Square. During the fire a strong S to SSW wind raged bringing sleet and rain making it almost impossible for firemen to check the sweeping blaze.

Move got underway in October 1931 to explore the possibility of building a children's playground on Bell Island. A committee was formed consisting of Rev. Fr. G.F. BARTLETT, Messrs. A.R. PROUDFOOT, Jim CONNORS, C. MOORE and J.J. CAREW. Several meetings were held with the Manger of the Company, Mr. C.B. ARCIBALD, and as a result of the committee's efforts definite plans were made to commence work on the playground.


PICTURE OF Mr. William PARSONS, Tending Hoist Operator, No. 2 Loader is shown just prior to boarding the man trams at No. 3 Mine to start another shift. "Billy", as he is familiarly known, is one of our oldest and most valued employees having an unbroken record of over 51 years of service with the Company. The gentleman in the photo with Mr. PARSONS, is KARSH, the world famous photographer.

**Transcriber's Note: The photo shown in this issue, is the same photo which was used to paint the mural of Mr. PARSONS on the side of the Bell Island District Vocational School. If KARSH is in the photo, I wonder who took this one.

***An email message from Helena Highmore answers the above question. She was born & grew up on Bell Island, the daughter of Alphonsus P. Hawco who was Editor of The Submarine Miner as well as  the official photographer and Reporter for "DOSCO". The photos in the magazine were taken by him. In the July 1954 issue re the picture of Mr. William Parsons and the famous photographer Karsh my father Alphonsus Hawco was the photographer.


Sincere sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives of the following employees who died recently
James TAYLOR, Mechanical Department, who passed away on June 9th.
Llewellyn LUFFMAN, No. 3 Mine employee, who died suddenly at home on June 12th.
Samuel LITTLEJOHN, Pensioner, former carpenter, who passed away at home on June 30th.
Thomas J. GRAY, Pensioner, former captain, No. 3 Mine, who passed away suddenly at the Grace Hospital on Saturday, July 3rd.

Dominion Day observed July 2nd

By mutual agreement between the Company and the unions, Dominion Day was observed on July 2nd, instead of Thursday, July 1st. All mines and departments ceased operations at 8:00 a.m. on Friday and reopened the following Monday, thus affording the majority of employees the opportunity of enjoying a three day holiday.

Many employees took advantage of the long weekend by taking their families on an outting to the local mainland while others chose to get in a day or two of fishing at their favorite pond or stream. Mainland employees enjoyed the long holiday with their families and friends at home, returning to the Island Sunday evening.

Memorial Day Service Held


On Sunday, July 4th, the annual Memorial Day Service was held. Ex-service men of the World Wars I and II and of the Korean War members of the Army Cadet Corps, the Church Lads Brigade accompanied by the bugle bands of the Cadet Corps and the C.L.B and the brass band of the Loyal Orange Association paraded to the war memorial where hundreds of citizens had gathered to take part in the service which was held in respect of those who died in the cause of freedom.

Shown are a group of ex-service men who made up the Firing and Colour Parties: Kneeling: left to right, John Fillier; Frank Ryan; Hubert French; Rene Pearle. Standing: left to right, Gerald Tucker; Peter Rees; Grandville Martin; Ernest Miller and Michael Lawlor, M. M.


Plant Safety Committee

Shown above are members of the Plant Safety Committee in session at one of their regular fortnightly meetings. Seated, from left to right are Albert Slade, No. 4 Mine; Jacob Squires, Machine Shop, Fred Skanes, No. 3 Mine; John Kent, Electric Shop. Standing Fred Tremblett, No. 6 Mine and John Parsons, Secretary Clerk. Absent When the picture was taken was Dan Stoyles, Scotia Pier.

"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.


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