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Bell Island Submarine Miner
December 1954


General Plant News

During the past few months, letters were received from two former Bell Islanders, Richard BUGDEN, residing at Toronto and John J. HUNT at Dedham, Mass., U.S.A. Both were employed with the Company previous to leaving here in 1922. They were glad to receive copies of the Submarine Miner recently and remember most of the people whose names have appeared within the pages of our magazine as former old acquaintances. Mr. HUNT stated in his letter that he found the article "Northward with Peary" very interesting and relates of a recent visit to another former Bell Islander, "Paddy" JOYCE now residing at Charleston, Mass. Still hale and hearty at 74. JOYCE was a crew member with rear-admiral Donald MacMILLAN during his Artic expeditions in 1908-09.

We extend birthday greetings to the following Pensioners, who celebrated the occasion during November
Thomas KAVANAGH, 75 on Nov 3rd
Hubert LeGROW, 67 on Nov 7th
Joseph LYNCH, 75 on Nov 8th
William HEDD, 86 on Nov 11th
George POTTLE, 80 on Nov 12th
Leonard REES, 69 on Nov 13th
Tim SNOW, 68 on Nov 14th
Matthew POWER, 74 on Nov 14th
John DWYER, 81 on Nov 15th
Allan HUSSEY, 75 on Nov 17th
Nathaniel SHEPPARD, 72 on Nov 19th
David NOLAN, 65 on Nov 20th
Michael MURPHY, 67 on Nov 20th
John KENT, 78 on Nov 26th

We extend sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Harold PARSONS on the death of their eleven year old daughter, who passed away on Nov 26th.

Captain J.P. JOHNSON, master of the 16,500 ton British motorship, "River Afton," employed in the ore trade this season, reports that the weather was unusually bad on the Trans-atlantic crossing during October and November. On arrival here early in December the ship proceeded to St. Johnís for re-fueling.

The six year old son of Harry NOSEWORTHY, No. 3 Slope employee, was hospitalized during November a the result of injuries received in a motor accident On Bell Island.

The stork was busy again in November and visited the homes of the following employees.
Philip LOCKE, a boy on Nov 5th
Douglas CLARKE, a girl on Nov 11th
Owen Fitzpatrick, a boy on Nov 13th
William MURPHY, a girl on Nov 10th
Wallace HARNEY, a girl on Nov 10th
John BENNETT, a boy on Nov 10th
Peter NOLAN, a girl on Nov 26th
Vincent HOWARD, a girl on Nov 29th

Captain P. DE HEER, master of the veteran Dutch ore carrier, S.S. Stadvlaardingen, engaged in Bell Island trade this year, completed his Charter for this season in November. He expressed his appreciation of the good work of the boys at Scotia Pier, for their cooperation in giving his ship fast loading turns throughout the season. He extends Christmas and New Yearís greetings to his many friends on Bell Island.

Calvin RIDEOUT who is serving with the R.C.A.F. spent leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George RIDEOUT, during November.

Congratulations to the following employees who celebrated wedding anniversaries during November:
Peter FOWLER, Sr., Pensioner and Mrs. FOWLER, 48 years on Nov 7th
James BUTLER of the Electrical Department and Mrs. BUTLER, 27 years on Nov 23rd
James HUNT of the Mechanical Department and Mrs. HUNT, 30 years on Nov 10th
Gregory NOFTALL and Mrs. NOFTALL, 30 years on Nov 10th
William CRAIG, No. 6 Slope and Mrs. CRAIG, 26 years on Nov 19th
Edward Shaw and Mrs. SHAW, 16 years on Nov 19th.

Arch CURNEW, No. 6 Slope employee, who entered the General Hospital in Sept with a leg injury, has returned to the Island and is able to get around again.

Leo EZEKIEL, No. 6 Slope employee, who was hospitalized in November, with an arm injury and is now back on the Island.

We also extend congratulations to Nicholas BYRNE, No. 4 Slope employee, and Mrs. BYRNE, who celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on Nov 23rd; Robert POWER, an employee with the Company, and Mrs. POWER on the occasion of their 24th wedding anniversary, Nov 23rd.

Bill WERMUTH who was associated with the installation of electrical equipment for the new belt conveyor system at No. 3 Slope, came to the Island on a short visit during the last week of October and met several old friends while here. Bill told us that he never misses an opportunity to listen in to the Dosco Bulletin and on some occasions he has been successful in hearing it as far away as Seven Islands, Labrador.

Peter NEARY, Jr., son of Peter NEARY of the Traffic Department, has been awarded the Governor Generalís medal for highest marks in his group in the Grade XI C.H.E. exams this year. Peter also won the Electrical District Scholarship for Grade XI this year, with 516 marks.

Mr. H.C.M. GORDON, Vice President and General Manager of Dominion Coal Company, visited Wabana recently, while here Mr. GORDON was conducted on a tour of the Plant.

John FIFIELD, Section Foreman at No. 3 Slope, entered the General Hospital in St. Johnís for treatment during November.

We wish to extend best wishes to the following employees and their brides who were married recently
Fred REES, Sr., Mechanical Foreman at Piers, married on Oct 30th
James CUMMINGS, No. 3 lope employee, married on Oct 31st
John MILLER, No. 6 Slope employee, married on Nov 13th
"Rene" PEARLE, No. 3 Slope employee, married on Nov 27th
Patrick MILLER, Senior employee at Scotia ore loading Pier, who was married on Nov 27th

Mr. Arthur HOUSE, Resident Superintendent of Dominion Limestone Limited, who passed away at Aguathuna on Nov 29th in his 79th year, was Assistant Manager at Wabana in the early 1900ís.

The late Mr. HOUSE was born at Poolís Island, Bonavista Bay, Nfld. He began his lengthy career with the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Limited in 1898 when he went to work in the Steel plant at Sydney, N.S. He came to Wabana around 1902 to take the position of Mine Captain and was later appointed Assistant Manager, a position he held until he was sent to the Port au Port region on the West Coast of Nfld on Oct 19th, 1910, to explore the limestone deposits there to determine if they might have a future supply source for the Sydney Steel Plant.

In December of 1910, he was transferred to Aguathuna and resided there up until the time of his death. Among the Foremen Mr. HOUSE appointed to construct the loading pier at Aguathuna were the late Messrs. Andrew MURPHY and Thomas REES of Bell Island

Many of the late Mr. HOUSEís friends are still living on Bell Island and with the "Submarine Miner" joins with them in extending deepest sympathy to his bereaved family.


On Tuesday, December 7th, personnel of the Main and Record Office and Purchasing Department met to say farewell to Mr. J. A. Turner, Office Manager and Chief Accountant of Dominion Wabana Ore Ltd., who will be leaving Wabana in the very near future to take up a position with the Dominion Coal Company. A farewell address was read by Mr. A. E. Stares and the presentation of a traveling bag was made by Miss Eleanor Thistle on behalf of her colleagues.


"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
Any monetary or commercial gain from using this material is
strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.



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