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Bell Island Submarine Miner
August 1954


General Plant News

Salvi GAUCI (aka Sam Gouchy), Drag Driver, No. 4 Mine, accompanied by his wife and children left recently for Malta to visit his parents whom he has not seen in over 15 years. During World War II, Salvi served in the Merchant Marines.

Ray GENDREAU spent some time in Quebec province in July visiting relatives and friends.

Congratulations are extended to the following pensioners of the Company who celebrated birthdays during the month of July:
John Pitts, Former Section Foreman, No. 3 Mine, 70 on July 10th
Albert BUDGELL, former Supervisor, No. 6 Mine, 7 on July 27th
John LITTLEJOHN, former No. 3 Mine employee, 6
Jonathan GEORGE, former employee of the Mechanical Department, 76 on July 10th
Stephen FITZGERALD, former Construction Foreman, 73 on July 11th
John VICKERS, former driller, No. 2 Slope, 71 on July 11th
Willis SPENCER, former employee of No. 4 Mine, 70 on July 23rd
Naaman RYAN, former Overman of No. 3 Mine, 68 on July 12th
Nelson T. SHAVE, former Chief Cost Clerk, 66 on July 16th
Algernon TUCKER, St., former Paymaster, 66 on July 21st
Peter F. KENT, former Shovel Operator, 65 on July 23rd
John CAHILL, former employee of Stores Department who was 60 on July 20th

Bill BABB, Material Foreman, No. 3 Mine, and an active correspondent of this publication has resigned his position with the Company and left for the mainland where he has secured a position with a manufacturing firm. With him goes our best wishes for every success in his new job.

Bill ANDREWS of the General Surface Department is presently in the United States visiting relatives and friends

Dr. Bernard J. EGAN left recently for Ireland on a holiday where he joined his wife and two young daughters who have been visiting there for some time.

Congratulations are extended to the following employees who welcomed new arrivals during the month of July
Clarence ATKINS, a son on July 1
Roland ATKINS, a daughter on July 9th
John J. MURPHY, a daughter on July 20th
Peter A. FITZGERALD, a daughter on July 21st
Edward Power, a son on July 21st

We are pleased to learn that after lengthy illnesses Dennis HENNIFORD and William MUGFORD returned home from hospital on Saturday, July 24th and Monday, July 26th respectively.

George NORMORE of the Record Office spent his holidays visiting relatives and friends in the U.S.A.

It is interesting to note that motor vehicle registration figures released by the Department of Public Works reveal that in 1954, 498 motor cars were registered on Bell Island as against 230 in 1951, an increase of 268. In 1954, there were 261 trucks licenced as compared with 198 in 1951, a gain of 63, up to July 20th of this year a total of 79 cars and trucks were registered - an overall increase of 56% since 1951.

Peter SWEENEY, Frank FRAN and Matthew PENNEY, who recently received their discharges from the Armed Forces, are now working in No. 3 Mine.

It is with sincere regret that we learned of the accidental death in Germany of Charles RYAN, who was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. To his widow, his father and mother (Mr. and Mrs. Naaman RYAN) and to other members of his family, we extend deepest sympathy.

The following employees went on pension July 1st:
Richard MERCER
Josiah JONES

Sincere sympathy is expressed to the bereaved families of the following employees, who died recently:
George PARSONS, painter who died suddenly at his home in Freshwater, on Aug 20th, in his 65th year;
Arthur P. REES, pensioner, former Shops Superintendent who passed away at his home in Portugal Cove, on Aug 25th in his 69th year.

Peter Whalen, No. 4 Slope, who received injuries in an underground accident in June is reported to be feeling much better.

Edward Hussey, No. 3 Slope, received hospital treatment in St. John's during the month of June.

John Pynn, No. 4 Slope, has returned to work following treatment in hospital and is reported feeling fit.

William Penney, No. 4 Slope, entered hospital for an operation during June.

John Dominos, No. 4 Slope, after a period of two weeks convalescence in hospital is reported to be feeling fit and is once again up and around.

Reuben LeGrow was taken ill during June and was confined to bed.

Eloil Mercer, formerly employed with this Company, has moved to Goose Bay where he intends to reside in future.

Leo Fowler, Construction Department, is up and around again after being confined to his bed through illness during June.

Fred Rose, No. Slope, is receiving treatment in the Grace Hospital, St. John's.

Edward O'Quinn, Traffic Department, took his infant daughter to hospital in St. John's for treatment in June.

Dennis Hanniford entered hospital in June to receive treatment for an injury sustained several months ago.

Miss Nellie Forward, former Matron of the Staff House and now retired, visited friends on the Island during July and has since returned to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Deepest sympathy is extended to the relatives of Mrs. William Fitzpatrick, who passed away at St. Clare's Hospital on July 3rd, in her thirty-ninth year. Mrs. Fitzpatrick was a former resident of Bell Island and have been residing in Dunville, Placentia Bay previous to her passing.

Hugh Connors who formerly held the position of Timekeeper at Scotia Pier has been promoted to Shipping Clerk and "Mac" Harvey who held a position in the Machine Shop Office has now moved to the office at Scotia Pier. Congratulations are extended to both Hughie and "Mac".

Corbett Pitts is back on the job and feeling fine after returning Boston, U.S.A., for a check-up. He underwent a heavy operation there a few months ago.

The Stork visited the homes of the following employees in June and presented to the Leo Gormans, a daughter on the 4th;
to the Thomas Powers, a son on the 8th;
to the Edward Ethridges, a daughter on the 14th,
and to the Charlie Hawcos, a daughter on the 22nd.

Congratulations are extended to:
Mr. And Mrs. James Byrne, who celebrated the fifty-first anniversary of their marriage on June 21st. Previous to being retired on pension, Mr. Byrne was employed as Mechanic at the Piers.
Mr. And Mrs. Peter J. Fitzgerald, who celebrated their forty-sixth wedding anniversary on June 29th. Mr. Fitzgerald was employed in the Shops Mechanical Department previous to being retired on pension.

The following employees also celebrated anniversaries in June:
Mr. And Mrs. Max Stares, on the 19th;
Mr. And Mrs. Herb Gosse, on the 16th;
Mr. And Mrs. James Quinlan on the 22nd;
Mr. And Mrs. Fred Hammond, on the 18th;
Mr. And Mrs. Peter O'Brien, on the 26th;
Mr. And Mrs. Patrick Cole, on the 24th;
Mr. And Mrs. Joseph Byrne, on the 26th;
Mr. And Mrs. William Ezekiel, on the 1st;
Mr. And Mrs. Frank Jarvis, on the 8th;
Mr. And Mrs. Ron Ethridge on the 7th;
Mr. And Mrs. Eddy O'Brien on the 22nd,
and Mr. And Mrs. Brendan Fitzgerald on the 29th.
We wish them all many more years of health and happiness in married life.

Congratulations are extended to the following Pensioners who celebrated birthdays in July:
Albert Budgell, seventy-nine on the 27th;
John Littlejohn, seventy-seven on the 20th;
Jonathon George, seventy-four on the 11th;
John Vickers, seventy-two on the 11th,
Fred J. Burke, seventy on the 22nd;
Willis Spencer, seventy-one on the 23rd;
Naaman Ryan, Sixty nine on the 12th;
Mike Reid, sixty-eight on the 5th;
William P. Parsons, sixty-eight on the 6th,
Algernon Tucker, sixty-seven on the 21st;
Nelson T. Shave, sixty-seven on the 16th;
Patrick T. Murphy, sixty-six on the 23rd;
and John Cahill sixty-one on the 20th.
We wish them all many years of health and happiness in retired life.

Miss Carol LeDrew, formerly of the Cost Department, was appointed Secretary to the Personnel Manager on June 1st.

Pensioner John Cahill recently underwent an operation at the General Hospital, St. John's, and latest reports indicate that he is feeling fine.

Walter Butler, Traffic Department, who was injured recently in a non-plant accident, has returned home from hospital in St. John's and although unable to work as yet, is feeling much better.


Charles E. Hunt, Q.C., one of Newfoundland's most prominent barristers and a Director of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation Limited, who passed peacefully away at his residence, 32 Circular Road, St. John's, at 3:30 p.m., on Tuesday, July 27th.

John Churchill, Pensioner, former employee of the General Surface Department, who passed away at his home at Galt, Ontario, on Wednesday, July 21st.

Austin Bennett, Watchman, who passed away after a lengthy illness at the Grace Hospital, St. John's, on Thursday, August 5th.



Mr. Thomas P. MURPHY one of our most senior and esteemed employees. Mr. MURPHY, who has been compressor operator for over 30 years, began work with this Company in 1900 at the age of 16 and has worked steadily since that date. Now at the age of 70, Mr. MURPHY, who is a native Bell Islander, is hale and hearty as evidenced by the act that over the past year and one half, he has been absent from work for only 4 days.


***The following Photo and caption is what prompted me to submit these publications a photo and wee blurp about my DAD.


Shown is CON MURRIN of the Mechanical Department who last month successfully completed a course in diesel mechanics with I.C.S. Con started the course shortly after joining the Company in May, 1952 and is to be congratulated for his fine showing, initiative and resourcefulness.



"Reprinted courtesy of The Submarine Miner"
A publication for the employees of the Dominion Wabana Ore Limited.
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