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The Star & Conception Bay Journal
Carbonear and Harbour Grace
July 1834-December 1834
MF 4981


Some pages in the original contain flaws and other defects which appear on the film.

Some issues are missing and some are too faint to read.


Conception Bay  Printed and Published by JOHN T. BURTON, at his Office, Carbonear


Wednesday, July 2, 1834

Married last evening, by the Rev. J.G. Hennigar,Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. GEORGE RICE, to Miss RACHEL YOUNG, all of this town.


Wednesday, July 9, 1834

Married on Tuesday, 1st of July, by Rev. F.H. Carrington, JOSHUA GREENE, Esq., Sub-collector of H.M. Customs at Port de Grave, to CATHERINE MARY ROBERTSON, youngest daughter of George BAYLY, Esq., Comptroller of H.M. Customs, at St. John’s.


Married at Philadelphia, at Christ Church, by the Right Rev. Bishop White, PEIRCE BUTLER, Esq., of that city, to Miss FRANCES ANN KEMBLE, daughter of Chas. Kemble, Esq., of Bloomsbury, London.


Died at Hr. Grace yesterday, after a short illness, CATHERINE KEEF, aged 21 years.  Her funeral will take place tomorrow from the residence of Mr. James Fox.


Wednesday, July 23, 1834

Died, Thursday last, Mr. WILLIAM BUTT, aged 73 years.


Died at Mount Stewart, P.E. Island, on the 22nd June, JOHN STEWART, of Mount Stewart, Esq., in the 75th year of his age.  At the time of his death, Mr. Stewart held the situations of the Marshall of the Court of Vice Admiralty at St. John’s, Nfld. and collector of his Majesty’s quick rents of this island.  P.E. Island Gazette


Wednesday, August 13, 1834

Died at Poole, on the 7th July, JOHN GOSSE, Esq., aged 70 years, of the firm Gosse, Pack & Fryer of this town.


Died at Toronto on the 31st ult. in the 28th year of his age, of a disease of the lungs resulting from inflammation, Rev. WM. BOULTON, B.A., ofe of the classical masters of the United Church College.  The deceased was the youngest brother of the present Chief Justice of Nfld.  Kingston U.C. Gazette, June 14th.


Wednesday, August 22, 1834

Died on the 26th inst., MELVINA MOLLOY, aged 6 years and on the following morning, FRANCIS MOLLOY, aged 6 months.  Both are the children of P.E. Molloy, Esq., Surgeon, of this town.  On the late melancholy occasion , a worthy Catholic priest performed the last offices to mortality within the burying ground of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  This is a proof that a tolerant and a Christian like spirit pervades our little community.


Wednesday, October 8, 1834

Married at Truro, N.S., 17th September last, EDWARD M. ARCHIBALD, Esq., son of the Hon. the Speaker of the House of Assembly, N.S., to CATHERINE, youngest daughter of Andrew RICHARDSON, Esq., of Halifax.


Married at St. John’s on the 5th inst., by the Right Rev. Dr. Fleming, Mr. MICHAEL KAVANAGH, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of Michael MEEHAN, of that town.


Died on Wednesday last, ROBERT AYLES PIKE, aged 18 months, youngest son of Mr. John Pike of this town.



Wednesday, October 15, 1834

Married by the Rev. J.G. Hennigar on Sunday last, Mr. ROBERT PEARCE, of Twillingate, to CHARLOTTE, youngest daughter of Mr. William Hayward TAYLOR, of this town.


Died at Ochre Pit Cove on Friday last, ELIZABETH, widow of the late John EDGECOMBE, of that place, aged 68.


Died at Western Bay on Sunday last, WILLIAM WHITEWAY, aged 98, a native of the west of England, and a resident of that place upwards of 78 years.


Wednesday, October 22, 1834

Died at Hr. Grace on the 13th inst., MARY ANDREWS, aged 91 years.


Died at Brigus on the 12th inst., aged 6 months,  REGINALD CALVER, second son of Mr. William GILL, merchant.


Wednesday, November 5, 1834

Melancholy accident at sea in a gale of wind on the 29th September last. Fell from the yard arm of the brig Comet, cole master, on his voyage from Liverpool bound to Brigus, Mr. WILLIAM BRADBURY, aged 26 years, second son of Mr. William Garland Bradbury, of this town.  Mercury, Oct. 31.


Married at St. John’s, the 25th ult, by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Mr. PHILLIP DODD of Sydney, C.B., to SUSANNA WESTON, second daughter of the late Mr. Alexander HAIRE, of that town.


Died at St. John’s, on the 21st ult., after a short illness, Mr. WILLIAM ZIEGAR SAUNDERS, a fine young lad, aged 16 years and 8 months, eldest son of Lieut. Saunders. R.B.C.


Wednesday, November 12, 1834

We Regret to state that a melancholy accident happened on the night of Sunday week, about the schooner Bellisle, belonging to this port. GEORGE PYNN, master, on her return from the Labrador, being a little inside the Gull Island and the wind blowing very hard, a tremendous sea struck the vessel amidships and washed the unfortunate master overboard, without the possibility of the crew rendering him the slightest assistance.  Capt. Pynn was a young man, about 26 years of age and bore a most excellent character.  He has left a distressed young widow and four helpless children to mourn the unhappy event.  The Ledger, Nov. 7.


Wednesday, November 19, 1834

Died at St. John’s on the 7th inst., Mrs. SARAH HARRIS, relict of the late Mr. John Harris and daughter of Nicholas GILL, Esq., formerly Chief Magistrate of this island, in the 76th year of her age.


Died at Hr. Grace on Friday last, Mrs. NEWELL, aged 55 years.


Wednesday, November 26, 1834

Married by the Rev. J.G. Hennigar on the 19th inst., Mr. GEORGE OATS to Miss JANE PIKE.


Married on the 26th, Mr. GEORGE ROWE to Miss SUSAN WATTS.


Married on the 22nd, Mr. HENRY DEAN to Miss ELIZABETH PIPY.


Married at Hr. Grace on the 16th inst. by the Rev. Wm. Murray, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. WILLIAM PARSONS  to Mrs. LOUISA BARNES.


Died at St. John’s on the 13th inst., Mrs. THOMSON, relict of the late Mr. John Thomson, shopkeeper, aged 38 years.


Wednesday, December 3, 1834

Married on the 27th inst., at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, by the Rev. James G. Hennigar, Mr. JOHN BRITT to Miss MARY CLARK, both of Freshwater.


Married on Saturday last, by the same, Mr. SAMUEL DOWLAND to Miss SUSAN COSS, both of this town.


Married at Hr. Grace on the 21st inst., by the Rev. Wm Murray, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. ADAM MULLEY, of Cape St. Francis, to Miss SUSANNAH MERSER, of Upper Island Cove.


Married on Monday evening last, by the Very Rev. C. Dalton, Mr. JOHN FENNELL, to Miss MARTHA LAMPEN, daughter of Mr. Thomas WOOLFREY, both of this place.


Married at St. John’s on Saturday last, by the Rev. John Haigh, Mr. JOSEPH BARTER, cooper, to HANNAH, eldest daughter of Mr. John SNOW, both of that town.


Married on Monday last, by the Rev. F.H. Carrington, Mr. JOHN STEPHENSTON, of that place, to MARTHA, youngest daughter of Joseph TUCKER, Esq., of Placentia.


Wednesday, December 10, 1834

Married at English Hr. on the 29th ultimo, by the Rev. Adam Nightingale, Wesleyan Minister, Mr. JAMES TOCHER of Aberdeen to Miss IVAMY, daughter of Mr. Martin Ivamy, of English Hr., Trinity Bay.


 Died at Portugal Cove, on Friday last, Mrs. CATHERINE DOOLEY, aged 70 years.


Wednesday, December 17, 1834

Died at St. John’s on Thursday last, after a lingering illness, Mrs. ELIZABETH SILVEY, aged 81 years.


A Supreme Court closed its sittings on Saturday last, previous to the rising of the Court , the undermentioned prisoners, convicted during the term of the crimes, sat opposite their names, received sentence as follows:

JOSEPH ROSE – larceny – 3 months hard labor & imprisonment

JOHN ROURKE – larceny – do – do – do

MICHAEL DUNN, JAMES TIPS & PATRICK TOBIN – larceny, 7 years banishment

WILLIAM TAYLOR – larceny – 3 months hard labor & imprisonment

THOMAS CANFIELD – larceny – do – do –do

JAMES SCANLON – assault, 1 month imprisonment & to find sureties of peace for 2 years.

JOHN FLOOD – assault & larceny – sentence of death recorded

PATRICK BERRIGAN & DANIE BERRIGAN – assault, 1 month imprisonment and to pay a fine of 5 pounds each

EDWARD MEAGNER – larceny – 3 months hard labor

                                                                                                            Gazette, Dec. 9


Wednesday, December 24, 1834

Married at Perlican on 27th ult., by Rev. Thomas Anguin, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. JOSEPH MARKS to Miss MARY DAY, both of that place.


Also by the same, Mr. THOMAS MILLS to Miss LOADER, both of that place.


Married on the 11th inst. at Island Cove, by the Rev. Thomas Anguin, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. JOSEPH JOHNSTON to ANN SNELGROVE.


By the same, at Island Cove, Mr. JOHN DAY to Miss GRACE WHEELER.


On the 12th inst., at Joal’s Cove, Mr. JOSEPH JOHNSTONE to Miss ELIZABETH WEBSTER, of Ochre Pit.


At Island on the 5th inst., by the same, Mr. ISAAC SNELGROVE to Mrs. MAY.


At Hant’s Hr., by the same, Mr. THOMAS PIPPY to Miss KING.


At Perlican, by the same, Mr. JOHN PENLEY to Miss JANE ELLIOTT, of Hant’s Hr.


At Blackhead, on the 3rd inst., by Rev. John Smithies, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr.BESNET BRITT to Miss JULIA NOFTELL.


By the same, on the 13th inst., Mr. WILLIAM NOFTELL to Miss JANE KING.


At Ochre Pit Cove, by Rev. Fletcher Bent, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. WILLIAM COISH to Miss CATHERINE SKINNER.


At Western Bay, by the same, Mr. THOMAS EPSWORTH to Miss MARY WALAN.




By the same, on the 27th inst., Mr. JOSEPH DELANEY to Miss SARAH KING.


By the same, Mr. JOHN NICHOLLS to Miss JANE PARRY.


At Broad Cove, by the same, Mr. THOMAS PARRY  to Miss MARIA KING, of Bradley’s Cove.


In this town, on Sunday last, by the Rev. J.G. Hennigar, Wesleyan Missionary, Mr. JOHN PIKE to Miss SARAH PIKE, both of this place.


Wednesday, December 31, 1834

Married on the 25th inst., by the Rev. James G. Hennigar5, Mr. JAMES ROSE to Miss ANN BAULDON.


Married by the same, on the 23rd inst., Mr. FRANCES POWELL to Miss ELIZABETH HOWELL, both of this town.


Died at Hr. Grace on Thursday last, Miss ANN PRENDERGAST, fourth daughter of Mr. James Prendergast, aged 30 years.


Page Transcribed by Maxine Edwards (September 2001)
Page Revised by Don Tate (December 2001)

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