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The Northern Pen Births

The Northern Pen is the main source for information on what's happening on the Great Northern Peninsula and in Southern Labrador. Comprehensive news and features are written about the resource industries, education, local and provincial politics, economic development and the people who live here.

Filed chronologically as published for the year 2000



Chloe Naomi Diamond
Born: January 17, 2000 PARENTS: Hank & Nancy Diamond Nameless Cove GRANDPARENTS: Rendell & Abigail Diamond Wallace & Thamsie Parrill Nicholas & Marjorie Hughes

Kassidy Elsie Joan Russell
Born: January 25, 2000 PARENTS: Allister & Paulette Russell Mary's Harbour GRANDPARENTS: Aubrey & Pauline Russell Joan & the late Harvey N. Rumbolt Maxwell & Margaret Biles Sisters: Kimberly and Kelly

Danielle Skye Burden
Born: January 24, 2000 PARENTS: Kevin & Thresa Burden Griquet G RANDPARENTS: Norm & Glenda Young Alan & Shirley Burden



Michaela Natalie Hillier
Born: February 18, 2000 PARENTS: Tara & Michael Hillier St. Anthony GRANDPARENTS: Len & Joyce Budgell Graham & Joan Hillier


MARCH 2000

Chelsea Morgan Burden
Born: March 9, 2000 PARENTS: Bernie & Michelle Burden Fort McMurray, Alberta GRANDPARENTS: Gilbert & Lucy Pilgrim Fred & Ethel Burden

Skyla Margaret Leah Cull
Born: March 12, 2000 PARENTS: Norma Cull & Travis Taylor Fort McMurray, Alberta GRANDPARENTS: Margaret & Norman Cull Great Brehat Leah & Willis Taylor St. Anthony Bight

Jagger Pierre Genge
Born: March 30, 2000 PARENTS: Pierre & Jackie Genge Anchor Point GRANDPARENTS: Baxter & Mona McLean Montrose & Una Genge


APRIL 2000

Evan Lawless
Born: April 12, 2000 PARENTS: Myrtle & Jock Lawless Flowers Cove GRANDPARENTS: Rosie & Micheal Lawless Wilfred & Mary R. Doyle

Mackenzie Jean Plowman-Taylor
Born: April 16, 2000 PARENTS: Barry Taylor & Paula Plowman Port au Choix GRANDPARENTS: June & Garland Taylor Joseph & Leona Plowman

Dustin Maxwell Carroll
Born: April 20, 2000 PARENTS: Andy Bussey & Darlene Carroll, Cookís Harbour GRANDPARENTS: Herbert & Mamie Carroll and Carl & Ivy Bussey GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: William & Jane Carroll

Carter Hancock
Born: April 24, 2000 PARENTS: Cassius & Nicole Hancock Herbert, Saskatchewan GRANDPARENTS: Grant & Anne Hancock Roddickton


MAY 2000

Megan Ella-Jean Andrews
Born: May 4, 2000 PARENTS: Terry & Sandy Andrews High Level, Alberta GRANDPARENTS: Augustus & Jean Andrews Alonzo & Loretta Bessey

Alyssa Morgan Sheppard
Born: May 6, 2000 PARENTS: Wayne & Tracy Sheppard Bird Cove GRANDPARENTS: Mike & Irene Myers Derek & Selina Sheppard

Megan Danielle Dredge
Born: May 7, 2000 PARENTS: Melissa & Stanley Dredge Black Duck Cove GRANDPARENTS: Allister & Selina Genge Augustine & Daniel Dredge

Dustin Richard Patey
Born: May 30, 2000 PARENTS: Nadine & Deon Patey Great Brehat GRANDPARENTS: Alice & Boyce Hedderson Garrett & Gillian Clarke Randy Pittman & Daisy Kean


JUNE 2000

Brandon Fudge
Born: June 1, 2000 PARENTS: Sabrina & Terry Fudge Cookís Harbour GRANDPARENTS: Allan & Wavey Loder Lloyd & Elsie Fudge

Kianna Sydney Mitchelmore
Born: June 16, 2000 PARENTS: Sidney & Gail Mitchelmore Green Island Cove GRANDPARENTS: Myrtle & George H. Mitchelmore Lambert & Mamie E. Mitchelmore

Dylan Damian Wilcox
Born: June 23, 2000 PARENT: Gwen Wilcox Englee GRANDPARENT: Wanda Wilcox


JULY 2000

Rianna Gill
Born: July 2, 2000 PARENTS: Keith & Sharon Gill Englee GRANDPARENTS: David & Mae Gill Ralph & Wynita Randell

Alex Percy Gerard Gilbert
Born: July 7, 2000 PARENTS: Dena Rumbolt & Darren Gilbert St. Anthony GRANDPARENTS: Maisie & Gerard Rumbolt Percy & Dorothy Gilbert GREAT-GRANDPARENTS: Helena Hughes John & Dorothy Rumbolt

Congratulations to Tina Hickey and Claude Cornick on the birth of their baby boy. Cameron Thomas was born at the Royal Columbia Hospital in New Wesminister, British Columbia at 1:02 p.m. on July 15, 2000. He weighed 9 lb. and was 23 inches long. Proud grandparents are Laura and George O'Keefe of Port au Choix and Alex and the late Mary Hickey of St. Jacques, Fortune Bay. Cameron has a large number of aunts, uncles and cousins he can't wait to meet.

Jessica Moir
Born: July 28, 2000 PARENTS: Tammy & Darren Moir Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia GRANDPARENTS: Bill & Nellie Larkham Williamís Harbour David & Shirley Moir Halifax, Nova Scotia

Braden Hynes-Kennedy
Born: July 31, 2000 PARENTS: Coleen Hynes & Kerry Kennedy Port au Choix GRANDPARENTS: Hilda & Edmund Hynes Port au Choix Mary & Peter Kennedy Port Saunders



Lena Dredge and Jacob Humber are pleased to announce the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie Hope, on Aug. 16, 2000 weighing 7 lbs., 2.5 oz. Mackenzie was born at the Fort St. John Health Centre in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Proud grandparents are Marion and Wallace Dredge of Black Duck Cove, Dulcie and the late Jacob Humber of Forrester's Point.

Skye Gena Genge
Born: August 20, 2000 PARENTS: Nina Genge & Sheldon Mitchelmore Anchor Point GRANDPARENTS: Harris & Jessie Genge Calvin & Wavey Mitchelmore

April Gibbons of Forrester's Point is very proud and excited to announce to the world the birth of her baby sister, Alexis Kiara Pynn, daughter of Valerie Pynn and Darryl Rose. Alexis was born on Aug. 29, 2000, weighing 7 lbs., 15½ oz. at Fort St. John Health Centre in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Proud grandparents are Zelda Pynn and the late Francis Pynn of Quirpon, and Linda and Elwin Rose of Flowers Cove. Uncles are Danny Rose and Dawson Pynn. Godparents are Emma Coates of Edmonton, Alberta, Dayna Hedderson of Quirpon, Kenneth Rose of Edmonton, Alberta and Jason Parsons of Fort St. John.



Alisha Yvonne Simms
Born: September 3, 2000 PARENTS: Trent & Treena Simms St. Anthony GRANDPARENTS: Henry & Verna Rose Neil & Joy Simms Brother: Dilan

Mackenzie Susan Gould
Born: September 11, 2000 PARENTS: Martin & Myrtle Gould Spruce Grove, Alberta GRANDPARENTS: Isaac & Edith Dredge Clyde & Ethel Gould

Savannah Angelina Pilgrim
Born: September 24, 2000 PARENTS: Annalee Locke & Mario Pilgrim Main Brook GRANDPARENTS: Pearce & Ella Pilgrim Glen & Annie Locke



Mackenzie Veronica Scanlon
Born: October 8, 2000 PARENTS: Iris Tatchell & Brian Scanlon, Jr. Castor River North GRANDPARENTS: Imelda (Tatchell) Coles & Wallace Coles Mary & Brian Scanlon, Sr. GREAT-GRANDFATHER: Walter Scanlon

Kendra Kennedy
Born: October 8, 2000 PARENTS: Kay & Paul Kennedy Port Saunders GRANDPARENTS: Heber & Phyllis House Mary & Peter Kennedy

Sarah Denise Hynes
Born: October 11, 2000 PARENTS: Vernon Hynes & Nadine Decker Devon, Alberta GRANDPARENTS: Laverne & Willis Hynes Patsy & Bob Elliott

Destiny Penney
Born: October 20, 2000 PARENTS: Danica Penney & David Reid Hawkes Bay GRANDPARENTS: Dennis & Josie Penney Rennie & Patsy Reid GREAT-GRANDPARENTS Viola Payne & Harriett Penney

Noah Gilbert Russell
Born: October 31, 2000 PARENTS: Tanya Russell & Gilbert Pye Mary's Harbour GRANDPARENTS: Paul & Theresa Russell Gordon & Martha Pye



Joshua Troy MCCarthy
Born: November 13, 2000 PARENT: Patricia MCCarthy Goose Cove GRANDPARENTS: Agnes & Jerome MCCarthy Cindy & David Simms

Sydney Pauline Russell
Born: November 16, 2000 PARENTS: Shandy Russell & Brendon Smith Mary's Harbour GRANDPARENTS: Aubrey & Pauline Russell Jordon & Clara Smith

Mervin and Cheyann Parrill of Edmonton, Alberta are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Zachary Mervin. He was born on Nov. 18, 2000 at Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton at 11:14 a.m., weighing 7 lb., 3 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Stewart and Juanita Parrill of Eddies Cove East and Christopher and Shirley Hughes of Green Island Brook. Zachary Mervin is now waiting for his first trip to Newfoundland.

Estelle and Melvin Alyward of Port au Choix are proud to announce the birth of their first child, David Melvin, on Nov. 22, 2000. He weighed 9 lb., 11.5 oz. and was born at 4:16 p.m. at Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook. Proud grandparents are David and Ivy Kelly and Patrick and Johanna Alyward of Port au Choix.



Nicholas Christian Patey
Born: Dec. 1, 2000 PARENTS: Teena & Larraine Patey St. John's GRANDPARENTS: Wallace & Edith Rose Allan & Flo Patey

Born at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital on Dec. 5, 2000 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, a baby boy, 7 lb., 10 oz. to Deanna Reardon of St. Anthony and Roy Brown of Little Harbour, Placentia Bay. Given names Austin Gordon. Proud grandparents are Rosalind and the late Gordon Reardon of St. Anthony and Percy and Alice Brown of Little Harbour. Best wishes and we send you all lots of love.

Born to Tammy and Sandy of St. Anthony on Dec. 7, 2000, a boy, 10 lb., 7 oz. Given names Timothy Michael.

Roxanne Spearing and Ted Rumbolt of Mary's Harbour, Labrador are pleased to announce the birth of their second child, their beautiful baby girl, Kristina Evelyn, on Dec. 8, 2000, weighing 8 lb., 12 oz. Kristina was born at Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony at 8:59 p.m. Kristina's big brother Morley is very happy to have her home along with her proud grandparents Evelyn and Edward Spearing and Olive Rumbolt. We would like to thank midwives Jillian and Helen for all their help with Kristina's arrival.

Born to Stacey Dyson and Merlin Campbell of Charlottetown, Labrador on Dec. 14, 2000, a boy, 7 lb., 12½ oz.

Born to Tracy of Brig Bay on Dec. 30, 2000, a girl, 7 lb., 11 oz. Given names Megan Stephanie. A little niece for Stephanie.

Megan Stephanie Mahar
Born: December 30, 2000 PARENT: Tracy Mahar Brig Bay G RANDPARENTS: Mable & Ivan Mahar Aunt Stephanie & Aunt Kristine



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