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The Newfoundlander 1842.
Miscellaneous News Articles

The first issue of the Newfoundlander appeared in August 1827, and the paper continued in weekly and biweekly form until late 1884. Published successively by various members of the Shea family (John, William Richard, Ambrose and Edward D. Shea qqv), it contained local news, court and legislative reports, shipping news, fishing reports and extensive foreign news. The paper remained politically neutral until the 1840s, when it began to decry rural poverty and to oppose the proposed establishment of denominational education. With the introduction of the Amalgamated Assembly in 1843, the Newfoundlander advocated a return to representative government. After Ambrose Shea won a seat in the legislature in 1848, Edward Shea's was the dominant voice in the paper. For the remainder of its life (with the exception of the period 1869-73) at least one, and frequently both, of the Shea brothers were prominent members of the legislature. By 1865 the paper had become the main confederate newspaper, opposing the administration of Charles Fox Bennett from 1869 to 1874. After 1874 the Newfoundlander supported the Carter and Whiteway governments. (From The Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador.)


Thursday, January 6, 1842

At a late hour on Thursday evening last, the body of a man was

discovered lying dead near Bell's Farm , on the Portugal Cove Road, and the same

having been reported to the Coroner, A.Hogsett, Esq., two persons were

dispatched to bring in the deceased to the town; and on Friday morning an Inquest

was held on the body, when it was found, in evidence that the unfortunate

man was a Swede named JOHN RYAN, and that he had died from exhaustion and

expose of the inclemency of the weather. -Veridct accordingly. - Ledger


Thursday, January 20, 1842

Died, on Thursday last, Mrs. ELEANOR BOGGIN, relict of the late Mr. JOHN



Thursday, January 27, 1842

Died, on Wednesday night the 19th inst., aged 81 years, Mr. FRANCIS TREE.


Died, at Harbor Grace on Sunday night, the 16th inst. THEODORE BAYFIELD,

aged one year and five months, the youngest son of JOHN STARK, Esq.,

Chief Clerk and Registrar of Northern Circuit Court.


Died, at Halifax, in the Province of Nova Scotia, on the 28th December,

aged 24 years, JANE FRANCES, wife of GEORGE RENNIE YOUNG, Esq., Barrister at

law, and eldest daughter of THOMAS HOLDSWORTH BROOKING, Esq., of London.


Thursday, February 3, 1842

Died, on Sunday morning, after a lingering illness, Mr. JOHN FRY, a

native of Exeter, aged 70 years. His funeral will take place this day.


Died, on Tuesday evening, after a short illness, ELIZABETH ANN, eldest

daughter of Mr. HENRY LANGLEY, aged 15 years.  The funeral will take

place on Saturday morning.


Thursday, February 17, 1842

Died, on the 18th of November last, at Little Placentia, after a long

and painful illness, Mr. JOSEPH TUCKER, aged 61 years.


Died, on the 9th of Dec. last at Great Placentia, in the 77th year of

her age, MARGARET, relict of the late JOSIAH BLACKBURN,Esq.


Died, on the 24th ult. At Harbor Grace, Mr. J. SHARP, for many years

High Constable - aged 50 years.


Died, on Friday morning last, (at the residence of her son, PARICK KOUGH

Esq.) in the 86th year of her age, Mrs. JORDAN, after a lingering

illness of several years.


Thursday, April 14, 1842

Died, at Catalina, on the 19th January last, Mr. JOHN THOMSON, of that



Died, on the night of Monday last, Mrs. ELIZABETH SHEARS, aged 83.


Died, on Saturday morning, LOUISA JANET, infant daughter of JOHN H.

WARREN, Esq., merchant.


Died, on Monday last, Miss ELIZABETH CANTWELL, aged 45.


Thursday, April 28, 1842

Died, on Tuesday, the 19th inst., in the 60th year of his age, after a

lingering and painful illness, Mr. PATRICK HUIE.


Died, suddenly at Bonavista on the 18th inst. Mr. ROBERT COLLINS, aged

26 years, - a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland.


Died, on Monday morning last, after a short illness, MARY, eldest

daughter of Mr. JOSEPH TOWAN, of this place, aged 20 years.  Her funeral will

take place tomorrow.


Thursday, May 5, 1842

Died yesterday morning at Riverhead, Mrs. HARDING, wife of Mr. MICHAEL

HARDING.  Her funeral will take place tomorrow (Friday).

Died in Burin, on Saturday afternoon, the 23rd April, in her 36th year,

after a protracted illness of the greatest severity, ELIZABETH, second

daughter of Mr. HENRY BUTLER, Esq., J.P., and wife of Mr. FREDERICK

ROWDEN PAGE, merchant, of that place.


Thursday, June 2, 1842

Married, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. Forristal, Mr. GEORGE G.

GEDDES to MARY, eldest daughter of Mr. MORRIS CUMMINS, both of this



Died on Thursday morning last, after a long and severe illness, Mr.

MICHAEL DUNN.  His remains were interred on Sunday last.

Died, on Saturday morning last, after a lingering illness, aged 47

years, Mr. PATRICK MACKEY, for many years a leading Sealing Master out of this

port.  His remains were interred on Tuesday, attended to the grave by

the Naïve's Society and a large number of respectable inhabitants.


Thursday, June 23, 1842

Married, last evening by the Rev. W.S. Ward, W. WARREN, Jun., Esquire,

merchant, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of H. WINTON, Esq., Editor of the

Public Ledger.


Thursday, June 30, 1842

Died, on Saturday last, after a short illness, aged 87, Mr. GEORGE

BRACE, a native of this country.


Died, on the 23rd January last at Sydney, New South Wales, after a few

days illness of bilious fever, WILLIAM HART GADEN, Esq., Belgian Consul for

the Colony and formerly of St. John's, Newfoundland and Liverpool.  To his

widow and eight young children his loss is irreparable. - Sydney Herald.


Thursday, July 14, 1842

Married, on Thursday evening last, at Portugal Cove, by the Rev. Mr.



WM. DONNELLY, Esq., merchant of Spaniard's Bay to ISABELLA, daughter of

the late JOHN FERGUS, Esq., merchant of Bay Roberts.


Married, on Wednesday, 15th June by the Rev. Dr. McCaul, Principal of

Upper Canada College, Lieut. Col. FURLONG, Commander H.M. 43rd Regiment of

light Infantry to SOPHIA, second daughter of H.J. BOULTON, Esq., of Holland

House, in this city, later Chief Justice of Newfoundland. - Toronto paper.


Died, on Sunday morning of measles, BURTON JEFFARES, infant son of Major

BINDON, Royal Newfoundland Companies - aged 2 years.


Died on Monday morning last, ANASTASIA, infant daughter of JOHN KENT.


Thursday, July 21, 1842

Married, on Saturday, the 9th inst. by the Right Rev. Dr. Fleming, Mr.

MICHAEL HARDING, to MARY, relict of the late Mr. JAMES HALLY, both of

this town.


Died, on Saturday last, aged 52 years, Mr. NICHOLAS DEMPSEY, cooper.

His funeral took place on Monday last.


Died on Sunday last, Mr. JOHN MOLLOY, carpenter, aged 22 years. - His

funeral took place on Tuesday last.


Died on Monday last, at Brigus, Mr. WALTER WHELAN.

Thursday, July 28, 1842

Married on Tuesday by the Rev. T.F.H. Bridge, Mr. ROBERT HUNT, to

ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of JAMES BRINE, Esq., of this town.


Died yesterday morning, ALEXANDER, son of Mr. DANIEL HILL, aged 22



Died on Tuesday night last, aged 12 years, EMMA, daughter of Mr. WILLIAM



Thursday, August 4, 1842

Died, on Sunday morning last, after a protracted illness, aged 60, Mr.

JAMES BRINE, a native of this place.  His funeral took place yesterday morning

at 8 o'clock.


Died on Monday morning last, aged 30 years, JOHN, third son of the late

ROBERT DOOLING. His funeral took place yesterday.


Died, on Tuesday last, WILLIAM JOHN, eldest son of Mr. JOHN BARRON, aged

14 years and 9 months.  His funeral will take place this evening.


Died, on Wednesday 27th July, after an illness of 3 weeks, aged 3 years,



Thursday, August 25, 1842

Married, at St. Thomas's Church, on Thursday last, by the Right Rev. the

Lord Bishop of the Dioceses, R. TALBOT, Esq., of the Royal Regiment of

Artillery to HENRIETTA, eldest daughter of the REV.  CHARLES BLACKMAN.


Married, at Harbor Grace on the evening of Tuesday week, by the Rev. T.

Anguin, the REV. SAMUEL SPRAGUE, Wesleyan Missionary, to JEAN MANSON,

eldest daughter of Mr. JOHN CURRIE, of that place.


Died, on 17th July last, in Dublin, Capt. H. MOORE, of the full-pay

retiredlist of Royal Marines, after 37 years of public service - aged 53 years,

and brother of EDWARD L. MOORE, Esq., of Her Majesty's Customs at this port.


Thursday, September 1, 1842

Died on Friday last, after a painful illness, Mrs. CATHERINE HARRIS,

aged 54 years.  Her funeral took place on Monday last.


Died on Monday last, after a few days illness, Mrs. CUSACK, beloved wife

ofMr. JOHN CUSACK, merchant, of this town.  Her funeral will take place

this evening.


Thursday, September 8, 1842

Married, at St. Thomas's Church on Monday, September 5, by the Lord

Bishop of the Diocese, HENRY JOHN HARVEY, Esq., Lieut. Royal Navy and second

son of his Excellency Major Genreal Sir JOHN HARVEY, K.C.B. & K.C.H. (Governor)

and the Hon. Lady HARVEY, grandson of General the 1st Lord Lake and nephew

of the present Viscount to ELLA LOUISA, eldest daughter of AUBREY GEORGE,

Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, grand-daughter of WILLIAM, son of the Right Hon.

Lord CHARLES SPENCER and cousin to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough.


Married at McNab's Island on the 24th August by the Rev. John Scott,

JAMES S. CLIFT, Esq., merchant of St. John's, Newfoundland to ELIZABETH, third

daughter of JOHN LIDDELL, Esq., of this place. - Halifax paper


Thursday, September 15, 1842

Died on Tuesday morning last, after a protracted illness, aged 24 years,

ELLEN, fourth daughter of Mr. PATRICK BRAZIL of this town.  Her funeral

will take place this evening.


Thursday, September 22, 1842

Married on Tuesday evening at St. John's Church, by the Rev. T.F.H.

Bridge, Mr. WILLIAM LILLY of H.M. Customs to EUNICE ISABELLA, eldest daughter of

the late GEORGE P. HOLBROOK, Esq., R.N. Surveyor General of this Island.

Married at McNab's Island, N.S., on Thursday the 8th inst., HUGH W.

HOYLES, Esq., Barrister of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland to JEAN, fifth

daughter of JOHN LIDDELL, Esq., of Halifax, N.S.


Married at St. Peter's Church, Upper Island Cove, on the 13th inst., by

the Rev. John Kingwell, Mr. RICHARD HAMLIN of this town to ELIZA, second

daughter of the late Mr. GEORGE CRANE of the former place.


Thursday, September 29, 1842

Married on Sunday morning last by the Rev. Dominick Murphy, Capt.

WILLIAM STANTON of the brig (Lady Stafford) of St. John's, Newfoundland to Mrs.

MARIA FLANAGAN, second daughter of Mr. MICHAEL MAHONEY, architect of

Grattan's Hill in this city. - Cork Examiner


Married on Tuesday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Forristal, Capt. P.

CULLETON to CATHERINE, second daughter  Mr. JOHN LONG, builder, of this town.


Thursday, October 6, 1842

We regret to hear that a very lamentable occurrence has taken place

within these few days past which has plunged a numerous family in the utmost

distress.  Mr. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, who is well known and respected here,

left St. John's a few days since for Burin, when shortly before the boat

entered harbor, Mr. CAMPBELL was knocked overboard by the jibing of the

boom and although every effort was made to save him.  He was unfortunately

drowned. - The Ledger, Sept. 30.


Died recently at Harbor Grace, Mr. WILLIAM S. COMER, late editor of the

Conception Bay Mercury.


Thursday, October 27, 1842

Married at Glasgow on the 26th September last, at St. Peter's Church, by

the Rev. W. Arnott, Mr. FREDERICK RENNIE, merchant of St. John's,

Newfoundland, to CATHERINE THORBURN, only daughter of Mr. W. McNAB, accountant,



Thursday, November 24, 1842

Died on Sunday last aged 70 years, Mr. THOMAS SUMMERS, taylor.


Died at Laura, near Plymouth, on the 28th ult, after a severe and

painful illness, MARY BECKFORD, the beloved wife of Capt. BOWKER, R.N.


Thursday, December 1, 1842

Died on Thursday morning last, Mrs. JOHN KELLY. Her remains were

interred on Sunday last.


Died on Monday last, aged 83 years, Mr. JOSEPH WOODS, a respected

native, Shipwright.  His funeral took place yesterday.


Thursday, December 8, 1842

Died on Sunday evening last of consumption, Miss MARGARET CULLEN.  Her

funeral took place on Tuesday last from the residence of her

brother-in-law, P. KOUGH, Esq.


Thursday, December 15, 1842

Died on Thursday last after a short illness at the residence of her

son-in-law, the Hon. William Thomas, ANN, relict of the late WILLIAM

JEFFERY DIXON, Esq., of Naples.  Her funeral will take place this day.


Thursday, December 29, 1842

Too faint to read.

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