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The Newfoundlander 1841.
Miscellaneous News Articles

The first issue of the Newfoundlander appeared in August 1827, and the paper continued in weekly and biweekly form until late 1884. Published successively by various members of the Shea family (John, William Richard, Ambrose and Edward D. Shea qqv), it contained local news, court and legislative reports, shipping news, fishing reports and extensive foreign news. The paper remained politically neutral until the 1840s, when it began to decry rural poverty and to oppose the proposed establishment of denominational education. With the introduction of the Amalgamated Assembly in 1843, the Newfoundlander advocated a return to representative government. After Ambrose Shea won a seat in the legislature in 1848, Edward Shea's was the dominant voice in the paper. For the remainder of its life (with the exception of the period 1869-73) at least one, and frequently both, of the Shea brothers were prominent members of the legislature. By 1865 the paper had become the main confederate newspaper, opposing the administration of Charles Fox Bennett from 1869 to 1874. After 1874 the Newfoundlander supported the Carter and Whiteway governments. (From The Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador.)



Thursday, January 14, 1841

Died, Thursday evening last, aged 69 years, ANN, relict of the late Mr.

PHILIP BEENLAN, Merchant, of this place.  Her remains were conveyed to

the grave on Tuesday last.


Thursday, January 25, 1841

Married, on the 7th December last, at Langton, Isle of Purbec, by the

Rev.Jsoeph Kenworthy, JOHN BINGLEY GARLAND, Esq., of Leeson-house, Langton,

to Miss READ, daughter of T. READ, Esq., of Poole.


Died, on the 31st instant, onboard the brig Ann Joanston, on her passage

from Demerara to this port - Captain JOHN DUNCAN, Master of said vessel,

aged 28 years.


Died, at Harbor Grace, on Tuesday the 14th inst. of Typhus Fever, after

a few days illness, aged 14 years and 8 months, DELPHINE SUSAN WENTWORTH,

daughter of JOHN STARK, Esq., Chief Clerk and Registrar of the Northern

Circuit Court.


Died, on Tuesday evening last, after a short illness, Mr. WILLIAM

HEANEY, Constable of this district, aged 60 years.


Thursday, March 11, 1841

Caution to Parents: - An inquest was held on Monday last before Aaron

Hogsett, Esq., and a Coroner's jury, on view of the body of JEFFERY

LENNARD, an infant of three years old, who having been incautiously left alone on

Saturday last while the mother, a widow, residing in Gower Street, went

to a neighbouring well for a pail of water, approached too near the fire,

when its clothes ignited, and the poor child was so dreadfully burnt as to

survive the accident only a few hours.  Verdict accordingly. - Ledger


Thursday, April 11, 1841

Married, at St. John's Church, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. the

Dean of Trinity, JAS. BRYAN WOOD, Esq., merchant, to JESSIE, only daughter of

JAMES CLIFT, Esq., merchant, all of this place.

Died, on Monday evening last, ELIZA, eldest daughter of Mr. RICHARD

HOLDEN, aged 20 years.  Her funeral will take place tomorrow, Friday, from his

residence on the Barrens.


Died, at Harbor Grace, on Sunday the 28th ult., after a long and painful

illness, aged 23 years, ELIZA, eldest daughter of ALFRED MAYNE, Esq.,

Barrister at Law.


Thursday, April 29, 1841

Birth - This morning, to the Lady of the Hon. JAMES TOBIN, of a son.


Thursday, May 6, 1841

Melancholy Accident - We regret to learn that on Saturday last, Mr. JOHN

NORMAN, sen., of Brigus, met with a severe accident whilst gunning at

Long Pond, about four miles from his residence.  The twig of a bush

Accidently caught the hammer of the gunlock while he was in the act of passing a

rivulet, and the gun exploding, lodger the whole of its contents in his

right foot. Some persons who were within hearing conveyed the

unfortunate man, who is in the 75th year of his age, to his home; where the foot was

found to have been so much shattered as to render amputation below the

knee necessary, and this was accordingly performed by Messrs. Surgeons Allen

and Dow. - Ledger


Thursday, May 13, 1841

Married, on the 5th November last, at St. Peter's Church, Twillingate,

By the Rev. J. Chapman, Mr. GEORGE P.M. PLOMER, of Hewish Cottage, Dorset,

To Miss LOUISA HISCOCK, of Bell Isle.


Thursday, May 20, 1841

Married, at St. John's Church, on Wednesday the 12th instant by the Rev.

The Dean of Trinity, ELIAS RENDELL, Esq., Sergeant-at-arms, to the late

House of Assembly, to ELIZABETH MARY, eldest daughter of the late DAVID HOWE,

Esq., of Halifax, N.S.


Married, on the 24th February, at the Cathedral in Waterford, by the

Rev.R.Ryland, RICHARD FADE GOFF, Esq., Manager of the National Bank of

Ireland, Nonagh, (formerly of P.E. Island), to CHARLOTTE, youngest

Daughter of the late JOHN STRANGMAN, Esq., of Summerland.


Died, at Brigus, Conception Bay, on Monday the 10h inst. aged 76 years,


Thursday, May 27, 1841


Died, on Thursday morning last, after a long and protracted illness, Mr.

DENIS HANIGAN, many years a master mason in the Royal Engineer

Department of this station.


Thursday, June 10, 1841

Died, at Clonmel, on the 15th ult., after a long and trying illness,

MICHAEL KAVANAGH, Esq., of the firm of Dunscomb & Kavanagh, Merchants, of this



Died, on Saturday last, after a short illness, which he bore with becoming resignation, aged 71 years, Mr. H. BISSET, a native of Kirealdy, in Fifeshire.  His funeral took place on Tuesday last, attended by the

Scotch Society, of which he was a Member.

Thursday, June 17, 1841


Married, on Friday last, at St. John's Church, by the Rev. W. Bullock,

The REV. W.B. BOND to ELIZA, daughter of R. LANGLEY, Esq.


Thursday, July 8, 1841

Inquest - On the morning of Tuesday last, an inquest was held at the dwelling

House of the Rev. William Jeynes, on the body of THOMAS SAXBY, the

Superintendent of the Newfoundland Society's Schools, who only a short time ago had

arrived from England.  The deceased retired to bed at an early hour on the night

preceding, apparently in perfect health, and it pleased the Lord to

remove him from this scene of misery in a fit or apoplexy. - Verdict of the

Jury - "Died by the visitation of God."  His funeral will take place this day.




 - On the morning of Sunday last, an inquest was held at the Military

Hospital, before Aaron Hogsett, Esq., and a Coroner's Jury, on view of

the body of EDWARD FITZGERALD, late a Corporal in the Royal Veteran

Companies who died in a fit of apoplexy at Signal Hill about 9 o'clock on the

preceding evening.  A post mortem examination of the body was held by

Drs. Pink and Sall, the medical men of the corps, who deposed that the

Deceased had died from the cause above stated, and the jury returned a verdict



Died suddenly at Demerara, on the 24th day May last, aged 29 years, Mr.

GEORGE WIEBURGH, eldest son of Captain WIEBURGH, Fort Major at this



Thursday, July 22, 1841

Married, last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Waldron, Capt. T.W. BRIDLE, of

The brig Vestal, to FRANCES ANN, third daughter of Mr. D. DWYER, of this



Died, yesterday morning, after a long and painful illness, MARY, only

daughter of Mr. SIMON MORRIS, of this town.


Thursday, August 26, 1841

Married, at Himley, Staffordshire, on the 20th ult., by the Rev. William

Dalton, A.M., T.D. ARCHIBALD,Esq., of the middle Templeson of the Hon.

S.G.W.  ARCHIBALD, L.L.D. of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to SARAH, only

Daughter of RICHARD SMITH, Esq., of Himley.


Married, on Wednesday evening the 18th inst. by the Right Rev. Dr.

Fleming, Mr. PATRICK MULLOWNEY, to Miss ELLEN SHEA, both of this town.

Married, at Portugal Cove, on Thursday morning, by the Rev. C. Blackman,

ALFRED MAYNE, Esq., Barrister, to ANN S. CAWLEY, relict of the late J.F.

CAWLEY, Esq., Magistrate.


Thursday, September 2, 1841

Married, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. K. Walsh, JOHN RANDOLPH

SPENCER, Esq., of Bermuda, to ELLEN, third daughter of Mr. MICHAEL

MEEHAN, of this town.


Thursday, September 23, 1841

Died, on Tuesday morning last, after a lingering illness, CATHERINE,

Beloved wife of Captain WILLIAM STANTON, in the 35th year of her age, her

Funeral will take place this day.


Died, at Harbor Grace, on Saturday last, Mr. GEORGE P. JILLARD, Clock

and Watch maker.


Thursday, September 30, 1841

Died here on Tuesday last, after a protracted illness, the REV. MR.

BERGAN, Parish Priest of Tilton Harbor, aged 32 years.  His funeral will take

place tomorrow, Friday.


Thursday, October 14, 1841

Married, on Tuesday last, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Lord Bishop of


daughter of AARON HOGSETT, Esq., Spanish Consul, and Coroner for the

district and grand-daughter of the late JOHN BROOM, Esq., Supreme

Surrogate for the Island of Newfoundland.


Thursday, October 28, 1841

Died, on Saturday last, after a long and severe illness, LOUISA MARY,

eldest daughter of the late JOHN BUNTING, Esq., Surgeon R.N., aged 23 years.

Her funeral took place yesterday.


Thursday, November 4, 1841

Died, at Paris, in September last, Lieutenant General JOHN MURRAY,

formerly Governor of Demerara and one of the founders of the Benevolent Irish

Society of this place.


Thursday, November 18, 1841

Married, on Saturday evening last, at St. Thomas's Church, by the Rev.

C. Blackman, Mr. WILLIAM STEARS, to ELIZABETH ANN, daughter of Mr. ANDREW

M' COUBREY, all of this town.


Married, on Saturday last, by the Rev. W. Faulkner, Mr. MOSES MOORE, of

Heart's Content, to ANN HOWELL, daughter of the late J. HOWELL of



Died, at George Town, Demerara, on the 29th Sept. after some weeks

severe suffering from liver complaint, in his 31st year - JAMES, eldest son of

Mr. HUIE, of this town.


Thursday, December 2, 1841

Married, on Tuesday the 23rd ult., by the Right Rev. Dr. Fleming, Mr.


MORRIS, of this place.


Died, on Saturday last, after a lingering illness, MARY, the beloved

daughter of PATRICK KOUGH, Esq.


Thursday, December 9, 1841

Married, on the 2nd. Inst. at St. Thomas's Church, by the Right Rev. the

Lord Bishop, Mr. EDWARD EARL BROWN, Sub-Collector of her Majesty's

Customs of Harbor Grace, to FRANCES CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of JAMES BAYLY,

Esq., First Clerk and Warehouse Keeper of the Customs at this Port.


Thursday, December 23, 1841

Died, at Little Bay, Fortune Bay, on the 5th inst., after a short

illness, aged 26 years, Mr. ANDREW BLAIKIE, second son of the late JAS. BLAIKIE,

Esq., many years a Magistrate of this town.


Thursday, December 30, 1841

Melancholy Occurrence - We regret to learn by letters from Placentia

Bay, that two Western boats, which left this late in October, bound for Beau

Bois, have not since been accounted for.  They were owned by

respectable, industrious planters, named THOMAS  and DANIEL FARRELL, who with two or

three married sons, and four or five other persons - nine in all - were

returning home with their winter supplies.  Their loss will be much felt

in the little community of which they were respected members, but most

particularly by their families, who, by this visitation of Providence,

have been reduced from independence to a state of extreme destitution.

Married, on Monday evening last, by the Rev. J. Snowball, Mr. ROBERT Q.

HARRIS to MARGARET, third daughter of Mr. WM. DAVIDSON, and of this



Died, on Wednesday the 22nd inst. after a painful illness, MARIA, third

daughter of Mr. J. PYNE  of this town, aged 20 years.


Died, on Christmas Day, EDWARD BULLEN, the beloved child of the Hon.

JAMES TOBIN, aged 8 months.

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