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Newfoundland Government Bulletin
November 1944


This Bulletin is published monthly to provide information on various subjects dealt with by Government Departments which are of general interest and importance to the public. The articles appearing herein have been prepared by the Departments which are mentioned, and any correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary of the Department concerned. The Bulletin is sent free to any address in Newfoundland. Distributed by the Publicity Officer care Department of Finance. In this issue:
     War Savers Bulletin (Dept. of Finance)
     Defence News (Dept. of Finance)
     Social Services (Dept. Public Health & Welfare)
     Agricultural Topics
     Co-operative News (Dept. Natural Resources)




Surnames included in these articles are:

Abbott, Beecham, Bennett, Beson, Bessey, Brown, Butler, Butt, Clarke, Dalton, Domalain , Duder, Evans, Flanagan, Forsyth, Gaulding, Goodridge, Haines, Harris, Harvey, Hayward, Healey, Herder, Hodgins, Holmes, Hunt, Hynes, Job, Lake, Latham, Lorenzen, MacGrath, Manuel, March, Mercer, Millicent, Moore, Moulton, Murphy, Murray, Myers, Peattie, Peyton, Perchrd, Poole, Rendell, Robertson, Sharkey, Sharpe, Sheppard, Simms, Sinnott, Stewart, Sweetapple, Taylor, Terry, Tucker, Watson, Wigh, Willar, Winter, Wiseman, Wood




(The following is transcribed as written in the newspaper.)

Defence News - News from London:

Flight Lieutenant John WATSON, R.C.A.F., who was formerly employed in the Customs Department in St. John's, has lately arrived in England. For the past two and a half years he has been an Instructor in Navigation in Canada. He has had 800 hours flying experience. Flight Lieutenant Gerald WINTER and Flight Lieutenant Hubert HERDER are Instructors in Flying with the R.C.A.F. in Canada. Both have about 2,000 hours flying experience.

Flight Lieutenant John WOOD, R.A.F. is now on leave in London. He has been in the R.A.F. for four years and most of his service has been with heavy bombers. He took part in the beginning of the systematic pounding of German heavy industry in the Ruhr in 1942-1943. He has had fifty-three operational flights and about seven hundred hours flying experience. In 1943 Wood was married to Miss Anne PEATTIE of Clumbus, Ohio. Mrs. Wood is now working in an aircraft factory in the United States.

Nurse Marjorie LORENZEN, a cousin of Lieutenant Evelly Lorenzen of the 59th Regiment, has come to England to take up nursing. Miss Sylvia WIGH who came over with her hopes to take up teaching in London.

The infant daughter of Major Martin MILLICAN, R.A., the Commanding Officer of the Newfoundland Holding Unit, and Mrs. Millicent died of pneumonia on September 20th.

Able Seaman Patrick HEALEY of Grand Falls is engaged to be married to Miss Gwen GAULDING of Alton, Staffordshire. Miss Gaulding is serving with the W.A.A.F.

Able Seaman Alec WATSON is engaged to Miss Patricia TERRY of London.

Major Joseph BEECHAM, R.A., the former Adjutant of the 166th (Newfoundland) Field Regiment, and Captain the Rev. William HODGINS, C.F., the Chaplain of the Regiment, have been made Officers of the Order of the British Empire (Military Division) and Sergeant Ernie MANUEL has been awarded the British Empire Medal (Military Division) "in recognition of Gallant and Distinguished services in Italy."

Major Ian FORSYTH, R.A., Sergeant Eric HARVEY, Lance Bdr. Joseph B. BENNETT and Lance Bdr. Harold LAKE have been mentioned in Despatches.

Signaller Edward FLANAGAN of the 166th (Newfoundland) Field Regiment and Corporal Duncan J. MERCER who was serving with the Canadian Army have been killed in action. Pilot Officer Kevin J. EVANS and Sergeant Walter SWEETAPPLE, both serving with the R.A.F., have been killed in air accidents. Gunner Frederick ROBERTSON died on September 15th at a Military Hospital at Shrewsbury. Seaman Michael DOMALAIN of the Royal Navy Rescue Tug Service was killed in a motor accident at Southampton on September 14th.

Information received from the International Red Cross Association quoting a German source discloses that Pilot Officer John HARRIS, RCAF who was listed as missing, was killed. He is now classified as "missing believed killed."

Flying Officer Albert POOLE, RAF, who was reported missing, is now safe in Italy. Flying Officer Carl ABBOTT, RAF who was also reported missing is back in England. Trooper Bernard HYNES of the Canadian Army was reported missing in action on August 31st. Information has now been received that he is safe and well.

Captain Alan GOODRIDGE, R.A. has been seriously wounded in Italy.

Herbert MURRAY, Stanley MacGRATH, Walter RENDELL and Malcolm WILLAR have been commissioned 2nd Lieutenants of the Royal Artillery.

Captain 'Paddy' DUDER has come to England to serve with AMGOT.

Able Seaman Fred SIMMS is to be married on October 14th at Treeton Baptist Church to Miss Joyce STEWART of Sheffield who is serving with the WRENS. Several of his friends have arranged to go to Treeton, Yorkshire, for the wedding. Private 'Arch' TAYLOR, who is serving with the Canadian Army, has married Miss Irene LATHAM of Southport, Lancashire.

A son has been born to Bdr. and Mrs. Robert PERCHRD. Mrs Perchrd was in the WRENS. Her home is at Southborough, Kent.

On September 7th a son was born at Glasgow to Able Seaman and Mrs. Walter BESON.

It was announced in the London Gazette" of September 22nd that Squadron Leader Ian MARCH, R.C.A.F., and his Observer have been awarded the D.F.C. "These Officers have completed very many sorties as Pilot and Observer respectively, against a variety of targets. They have displayed the highest standard of courage and resolution and have destroyed three enemy aircraft." March commands a Flight in a Canadian Night-Fighter Squadron. He became Squadron Leader at the age of 22.

Flight Lieutenant Robert HAYWARD, R.C.A.F., has been awarded the D.F.C. "This Officer has participated in a large number of varied sorties. He has displayed a high degree of skill and courage and his example has been most inspiring. He is a bold and resolute fighter, and has shot down four enemy aircraft."

Herbert TUCKER has been commissioned a Pilot Officer in the R.A.F.

Flying Officer peter HOLMES, R.A.F., who has been listed as missing from air operations since last April is now reported to be safely back in England. Speaking of the time Holmes was hiding in France in the house of a French woman the "Daily Mirror" of September 27th said: " The German Officers she entertained believed Madame was a sympathizer. They didn't know the 21-year-old apprentice photographer sitting with them at her parties was a British airman she was hiding, who had parachuted down into occupied territory with 48 shrapnel wounds in his legs. " The night Paris fell", says the airman, Flying Officer Holmes of Newfoundland, "we had a party until four or five o'clock in the morning. Gestapo Headquarters was right next door.

Flight Lieutenant Noel MURPHY, R.A.F., has returned to the 125th (Newfoundland) Squadron to resume his duties as Medical Officer after a long absence owing to illness.

Mrs. Edith H. JOB, O.B.E., Chairman of the Newfoundland War Comforts Committee, who has been seriously ill for some months past is reported to be much better and hopes to be able to resume her committee work soon.

Leading Aircraftsman George HAINES of Kelligrews, who is serving in the R.A.F., has three brothers and two sisters in the Services. Charlie, Earl and Hedley are with the Royal Navy. Maxie and Hilda are serving in the C.W.A.C. in Canada. This is the first case brought to our notice of six of one family serving with the Forces.

Able Seaman Dan DALTON of Conception Harbour, who is serving in the Royal Canadian Navy, was married on August 24th, to Miss Sarah SHARKEY of Eglinton Place, Londonderry. Leading Aircraftsman Augustus BUTT has married Miss Elizabeth SHARPE of Oakley, Fifeshire.

On July 17th a daughter was born to Mrs. MYERS, wife of Able Seaman Edward Myers of Bell Island. A son has been born to Mrs. BESSEY, wife of Able Seaman William Bessey. Before her marriage Mrs. Bessey was Miss Triffina Bessey of Millertown. Able Seaman and Mrs. Richard MOULTON also have a daughter "Geraldine Jessie." They were married in Newfoundland by the Rev. Edmund Hunt the father of Sergeant Edwin HUNT. Before her marriage Mrs. Moulton was Miss Blanche SHEPPARD of Tilton. Mrs. PEYTON who was formerly Nurse Ruth WISEMAN of Little Bay Island, Notre Dame Bay has had a daughter. Her husband is serving with the Canadian Army.

Newfoundland Memorials

Mr. "Bill" BROWN who was the Caretaker of the Newfoundland Memorials in France and Belgium until the German invasion of the countries in 1940, when he escaped to England with his wife and child, has heard that the log cabin at Beaumont-Hamel Memorial Park which had been his home for 16 years was found to be looted and partly destroyed. The Memorial at Courtral in Belgium has been inspected by a Newfoundland Officer serving in the Canadian Army and is reported to be in good condition. There are four Newfoundland Memorials in France and one in Belgium. They are at Beaumont-Hamel, Gueudecourt, Masnieres, Monchy-le-Preux and Courtrai.


Information has been received from the Air Ministry that NFD798676 Warrant Officer William English MOORE, RAF of St. John's Nfld., (reported missing after air operations night 12/13 August, 1944) was commissioned as Pilot Officer with effect from 26th July 1944. His new official number is NFD182035.
His parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Moore reside at 101 Springdale Street, St. John's.

Information has been received from the Air Ministry that NFD798607 Warrant Officer Lawrence Maxwell BUTLER, RAF of Bonavista, has been commissioned as Pilot Officer with effect from 14th April 1944. His new official number is NFD182570.
His parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Butler reside at Bonavista.

Information has been received from the Air Ministry that NFD138020 Flying Officer Herbert Bond CLARKE, RAF of St. John's, Nfld., has been promoted to Flight Lieutenant with effect from 18th September, 1944.
He is the son of Mr. Wilson Clarke of 183 Gower Street, St. John's, Newfoundland.

Information has been received from the Air Ministry that NFD798576 Warrant Officer John Dierney SINNOTT, now Pilot Officer, RAF, of St. John's, Newfoundland has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. This appears in the London Gazette dated 17th October 1944.
He is the son of Mrs. Margaret and the late John J. Sinnott, 12 Queen's Rd., St. John's, Newfoundland.


Page Contributed and Transcribed by Maxine Edwards (March 2003)

Page Revised by Craig Peterman (March 2003)

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