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The Daily News
1929 Part 3





8       Thomas Fitzgerald, 62 , of Little Paradise, P. B. , drowned by falling over wharf.

9       William Hart, aged 7 years, of Island Harbour, Fogo, accidental shot dead by 13 year-old lad named Simeon Heath.

14       Wallace Meade, Fox Roost, Near Port au Basques, accidently shoots himself to death while bird hunting.

30       Rhoderick Bourne, pinchard's Island, drowned while bird hunting. John Speraling, Fogo, accidentally shot and killed while bird hunting at Hare Island.



5       Llewellyn Bugden of Petley Smith sound, accidently killed when tree fell on him while logging near Shoal Harbour.

6       Man named Butt falls from considerable height at paper mill, Corner Brook, dies few hours later

17       During the past five days fifty persons have died from cold in Belgium


MARCH 1929

2       George Lineham drowned while bird shooting at John's pond, St. Mary's Bay

3       John Anthony, 19, St. john's, washed overboard and drowned from schooner Jean Wakely.

11       Charles Denis of Curling fatally injured when struck by express in Crow Gulch, dies, aged 50, married. John Osborne, Frenchman's cove, F.B. loses life in blizzard.

19       William Dewland and his son Job of Pushthrough drowned when sea swamped boat in which they were setting trawls.

22       William Harvey, Rose Blanche, missing from schooner Mahasca, sunk off Nova Scotia by French trawler.

27       Body of William Myler, 49, found in Harbour.

28       George Yarn, Port au Basques, dies on sealing steamer Vedas.


APRIL 1929

1       Kenneth, 2 year old son of Louis Davis, Port au Basques, drowned by falling over wharf.

8       Arthur Keough, Petries, dies after being run over by express which severed his two legs.

13       Body of William Anderson, found in unoccupied lumber camp, 5 miles from Deer Lake.

16       Leslie Reid, unmarried, of Little Catalina, killed by accidental discharge of his gun.

24       Isaac House washed overboard and drowned from schooner Ronald M. Douglas.

30       Charles Hunter Brown, 8½, killed by slovan on LeMarchant Road.

Little girl named Rose , drowned at Corner Brook, aged 4.


MAY 1929

6       Stanley Best, 16, drowned at Spencer's Cove.

14       Willis Vokey, aged 33, drowned at British Harbour.

25       Baxter Thistle, 21 , of Harbour Grace, accidently killed following blast set off in pulpwood jamb.


JUNE 1929

3       John Bullen and Harry Blagdon washed overboard from schooner Dixie at Bay De L'ean

8       Neil Maher, 45, killed by falling from coal gangway on premises of W. H. Hynes.

10       Herbert Dalley, 26, William Dalley, 20, drowned off Twillingate when motor boat swamped.

11       Martin Collins falls from motor truck and fatally injured

12       James Leo Fitzpatrick, 23, run over by electric shovel at Bell Island and killed

John Priddle, native of Victoria , Newfoundland, killed at Glace Bay.

14       Lionel and Andrew Clarke, formerly of Carbonear, killed at Dayton, Ohio.

15       Body of Samuel Butt of Rocky Harbour, picked up at Ferrole point, St. John's Bay

18       Edward Kane of Salmonier knocked overboard from schooner, Florizel at Point Lance and drowned.

20       Pilot C. S. Caldwell , well known locally , killed with two others when plane strikes wire over St. Lawrence River.

22       Randell Garland, 27, of Lower Island Cove, drowned when boat in which he was fishing was cut down by motor skiff.

27       William Hedge, Carbonear, drowned at Francis Harbour, Labrador.

Annie Cooper, 4 years, accidently killed by motor car.

28       Patrick J Shea, fatally injured when small buggy in which he was riding was hit by steam coach at Waterford Bridge.

31       Ralph Tuff, Scott Street, loses his life by drowning at Long Pond.


JULY 1929


27       John Warren killed instantly by explosion of dynamite while excavating on Pennywell Road

28       Max Strickland of schooner Myrtle parsons of Hermitage drowned by upsetting dory at Ile au Bois



4       John King fatally injured at Dawe's Mill , Western Arm, when clothes caught in machinery.

Ernest Howlett of Beaumont N. D. B. , fatally injured by falling over cliff at East Groais Islands.

6       James Glynn, formerly of St. John's , accidently killed at boston.

7       Mrs. Elizabeth Pynn Quinpon, fatally injured.

9       Larry French, formerly of St. John's, drowned at Seattle.

11       Thomas Cochrane, formerly of Newfoundland, drowned at Canso, N.S.

13       Dorothy Snow, aged 6, of Griquet, drowned.

15       Clifford Thompson, formerly of St. John's, killed by auto at Port Hope, Ontario.

Richard Griffin, 21, killed at Liverpool, N.S.

16       James Bragg of Cape La Hune drowned by upsetting dory.

19       Ambrose Collins falls from tender of engine at Argentia and fatally injured.



2       Frederick Joyce fatally injured when struck by motor.

Mrs. John Pearcey killed at Ammons cove, near Davis Inlet by accidental explosion of gun.

4       William Abbott, 54, killed by falling off L. S. P. U. excursion train from Ferryland.

6       Body of William Watts, 11years, found floating in harbour.

8       Samuel Moulton, formerly of pouch cove, killed at Ballington, Mass, in motor accident.

9       Robert Kennedy , formerly of Newfoundland, killed by falling from high building, Boston.

11       Samuel King, Perry's cove, killed by lighting.

14       Two brothers named Hewlett, belonging to La Scie, drowned at Gull Island, Cape John

16       James Butler, Gear Street, instantly killed through his head coming in contact with telephone pole while riding truck

17       William Walsh, 22, of Salmonier , instantly killed when wheels of truck pass over his body.
Arthur Irwin Warren, 2 years old, drowned at Glovertown by falling into well.

23       Arthur Hunt Shute, Nova Scotia novelist killed when plane crashes into Lake Manitoba.



8       John J Penney falls over Bowring's wharf and drowns.

12       William and Clara Parsons, aged 3 and 5 years, respectively, children of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Parsons, Carson Avenue, burned to death when their home was destroyed.

17        John Edwards, engineer auxiliary schooner Iolanthe, killed on Labrador.

18       Squadron Leader A. Jones-Wil

27       George Young, aged 18, accidently killed at Humbermouth when helping to discharge coal from steamer.



9       Stewart Thornton drowned from schooner Nicotina off fortune Head.

11       Andrew Hynes, English Harbour East, 21 , drowned.
Isaac Carter and Edgar LeValliant drowned when motor boat swamps near port au Basques .

14       Joseph Locke, 55, Tizzard's Harbour , died suddenly at logging camp Great Rattling Brook, Bishop's Falls.
Henry G. Barnes , English Harbour, washed off rocks whilst bird shooting and drowned.

16       Four men washed overboard from ore steamer while on her way to Sydney.

21       Peter Noel, 5 Alexander Street, fatally injured when hit by motor car.

Body of George Dawe, missing for some days found on the Witless bay Line.



1       Pilots Noseworthy, Vallis and Walsh lost in storm outside narrows rendering assistance to steamers.

2       Oliver Osmond, South Brook, electrocuted while working on electric line, Deer Lake to Corner Brook

6       Five men, Absalom Tucker, Ronald Tucker, George Roberts, Solomon Croucher, Allan Hillier, who left Lane Pidgeon, near Cape Bauld, in motor boat missing and believed drowned

13       James Rendell, Flower Hill, found dead on board Dr. Rendell's yacht.

15       Veronica Hynes of Griquet and Nellie Murphy of Conche, drowned by falling through the ice in Quirpon Harbour.

16       Thomas McEachern of Jefferies, drowned while crossing over ice on Crabbes River.

18       Squadron Leader, A. Jones Williams and flight-Lieut. Jenkins, killed in crash of their plane at Tunis in attempting non-stop flight from England to Cape Town.


It is just as difficult to do something with people without brains as it is to operate a car without gasoline.



Dec. 30th, 1928- John LeDrew, Harbour Grace



1       Donald Case, Salmon Cove, Carbonear District, 26
Rev. G. S. Chanberlain, Catalina.
Mrs. Bridget Sheehan, Harbour Grace, 83

2       Mrs. Mary Smith, Dunville, 93

3       Dorothy Gilbert, Twillingate.
Fred Smith, New Perlican

4       Mrs. Lydia Anstey
Dennis J.  Scott

5       Mrs. Mary Hackett, 41
Morris Murphy, 74

6       Edward Snow, Bay Roberts.
John Rees, Lance Cove, Bell Island,
Mrs. Abbie Charlton, 87 of Halifax, formerly of Heart's Content
Willis L. Penney, Carbonear, 70.
Mrs. Mary Duff, formerly of Carbonear, at Halifax, 84.

7       Maud Hall Neyle, Devonshire, England.
William Delaney, Broad Cove, B. D. V. , 72

8       Jonah Avery, Grate's Cove, 76.
John Brennock, 65.
Jermiah Colemen, 57

10       James Dove, formerly of Newfoundland, at Toronto, 73

11       Hannah Codner.
Mrs. Emma Bond, formerly of Newfoundland, at Sydney
Mrs. Ellen Kavanagh, 57

12       William Morgan, Burnt Head, 68

13       George T. Oliver, 82
Joseph Basha, Bell Island, 68

13       Peter power, Dunville.
Miss Eliza Pike, 83, Carbonear.
John Rose, Western Bay, 77.

14       Mrs. John Thomey, Harbour Grace, 83.
Mrs. Lavinia Cousens.
James Shirran, Bonavista, 78 .
John Kearney, 40.
James Meaney, Avondale, 93
Florence Adams, 19 .

15       Charles McCure, Maryvale, 70
Mrs. Louisa Hodder, Main Point, gander Bay, 84

16       Mrs. May Griffiths.
Patrick J. Barron, Dunville.
Miss. Bessie Pike, Carbonear.

18       Matthew H. Pope , 67.
Michael Hynes, Placentia, 59.

19       Mrs. J. W. Dewling
John Lacey, 78.
Ellen O.Brien, 79.
Mrs. Florence L. Taylor at Brooklyn, formerly of St. John's

20       Moses Dicks, Bell Island, 73
Capt. W. A. Bartlett, Brigus, 75

21       Mrs. Margaret Taylor.
Mrs. Celia Standford, Adam's Cove, B. D. V.

22       Mary Conception Walsh, 3.
James Squibb, Carbonear, 70.

23       Norah Staunton.
James Royal, Job's cove, 23.
Eli Milley, Job's Cove, 23.
Mrs. Mary Greene, Point Verde, 88

24       Helen Isable Courtney, 5.

25       Patrick Brown, 30.
Myrtle J. Gosse, Tilton.
John Frampton, Harbour Grace, 75

26       Alex Lindsay, 75.

27       Frederick Wallace Brown, 4 months.
Mrs. Maria Ryder, Bonavista, 83.

28       John Kennedy, 80.

29       Mrs. Eliza Forbes, 80
Edward parsons, Harbour Grace, 75
Captain Charles Power, Brigus ,74.
Frank Sheehan, 20.
Thomas Cook, Avondale, 103.

30       Mrs. Mary Ellen Myler.
Mary Agnes Merner, 20 .
Mrs. Silas follerr, Western Bay, 51.

31       Elizabeth Rose, Western Bay, 53.



1       Mrs. Agnes wood at Brooklyn New York.
Edward Smith formerly of Newfoundland at North Sydney, 68.
Mrs, Wm. Butt, formerly of Newfoundland, at Whitney Pier, 55.

2       Mrs. Bridget Galway, 83.

3       Mrs. Mary Martha Whalen, Placentia, 67.
Sister Mary Ligouri O'Leary , New York.

5       Mrs. Mary Jane Perry, Western Bay, 86

6       Leo Hennebury, Lories, 35.
Mrs. Grace Ebsary.
Robert Haines, late Royal Nfld. Regt., at Hillingdon, England.

7       Mrs. Charlotte Clarke, Carbonear.
James R. Steele, formerly of Newfoundland, at Montreal.
Francis Walsh, Bell Island.

8       Mrs. Mary Picco.
Thomas Doheney.
George Mallard, 25.

9       Mrs. Frank Coleman, Glace Bay.

10       Fred C. Brien.
Mrs. Gretchen Hathway power.
Dorothy Lester, 4.

11       Mrs. Mary Ann Buchanan, 76.
Ernest Jones, 38.
James Francis Power, 29.

12       Maxwell Charles Barnes, 19.
Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper, 77.

14       Mrs. Harry Gover, Bell Island.
Thomas Shave, Montreal General Hospital, 23.

16       Mrs. Julia Dewling Murphy , 40.
George A. Buffett, Grand Bank.

17       Mrs. Caroline Adams, Harbour Grace.
Alfred G. Williams, Sr. , formerly of Heart's Content, at Queen Village, N. Y.

18       Mrs. Fanny Davey.
James Yarn, Mose Ambrose.
Sister Mary Patrick Doyle.
Mrs. Emma sooley, Haert's Content.
Vincent Flynn, Bell Island.
Mrs. Priscilla Bishop , Custlet, P. B.

19       Thomas Croucher, late of Point Verde, Placenti, at Athol Mass.
Mrs. Robert Fry, Portugal Cove.

20       Mrs. Martha Butt , Bell Island, 88.
John Greenland, Bareneed, 64

21       Evelyn Dicks, Bell Island, 13.
George Blackwood, Carmenville.

22       Captain Edward English, 48.
Mrs. M. B. Ryan, Bonavista.
James Hutchings, Botwood, 93.
Mrs. Catherine Phelan, St. John , N. B.

23       Mrs. Mary Ann Sheppard, 87.

25       Mrs. Honorah Carey Caul.
Mrs. Agnes Ronayne Buckingham.

26       James H Carter
Mrs. Margaret Roche Cowan
Mary Webber.
Mrs. Timothy Broderick, Tilting, 84
James Gosse, Spaniard's Bay

27       Mrs. Eleanor A Thompsons.
Mrs. Mary Grace Parsons.

28       Rev. Fr. John J. Lynch, Central City, North Dakota.
Mrs. Mary Clancy Murphy.
Mrs. Brigid D. Ryan, 90.


MARCH 1929

1       James Hustins, 65

Captain Daniel Connolly, Carbonear, 86

2       Mrs. J. M. Cook, Twillingate.

Mrs. Lucy Sullivan.

Ambrose Marshall, Carbonear, 86

3       Henry Powell, Carbonear.

Ella Butt, Blackhead, B. D. V.

4       Frederick Garland, 80.

Mrs. Bridget Tracey.

Mrs. Michael Tracey, Kilbride.

5       Mrs. Eleanor C Pittman.

6       Mrs. Mary Dahlmann, 70.

Mrs. Evangeline Louis, Lower Island Cove, 66.

7       Mrs. T. R. Voisey.

Cornelius Buckley, 73.

Patrick E Healey, 30

8       Myrtle Gosse, Tilton, 15.

10       Mrs. Emma Hoyle Withers, at Southsea, England.

11       Mrs. Elizabeth Norman Makinson, at Harbour Grace, 86.

John Greene, 82

14       Mrs. Catherine, St. John's.

George Day, 78.

Alex J. Garland. Lower Island Cove, 82.

15       William Druken, 75

16       Captain Paul Young, Corner Brook.

Mrs. Emma jane Neil, Bryant's Cove, 86.

17       Ewen S. Hennebury, 70

19       James Caravan, Bonne Bay, 82.

20       Peter Byrne, 58.

Mrs. Edward Lahey, Bell Island, 33.

Patrick Riggs, Bay de Verde.

22       George Easton, 66.

23       Thomas Janes, Broad Cove, B. D. V. , 72

Mrs. Ellen Breen.

Mrs. M. F. Collins, Placentia, 63

24       James Ellis, 88.

Mrs. R. T. McGrath.

25       Mrs. John O'Flaherty.

Florence Flynn, formerly of Avondale, at New York.

26       Mrs. Emma Best.

Mrs. Catherine Barbarick at Newtoen, Mass.

27       Mrs. E MacNaB AT Montreal.

Margaret Dunn, 18.

William T. Vatcher, 75.

Edmund Patey, St. Anthony, 69

28       Mrs. Bridget Byrne, Billingsley.

John A. Hand, 53

29       William I. Learie, 19.

Mrs. Catherine Murphy, Harbour Grace, 77.


APRIL 1929

1       Job Barefoot, dies on Sagona at icefields.

George Penney, Remea.

4       John Brown.

5        Joseph Davis, Colinet, 86.

Captain Thomas Doyle, 80.

6       Robert Gordon Taylor Christian, 13 months

Mary Nelson, 38.

7       Hon. Dr. John A. Robinson, 66.

Thomas Bird, 78.

Arthur Russell Hopkins, Heart's Content, 4 months.

8       Gladys Sparkes, 24.

9       Mrs. Mary Barnes, 80.

10       David Steele.

Herbert William Smith, 24

William Earles, 60.

12       Catherine Clancy, 4 months.

Mrs. Johanna Carew.

14       Frederick Charles Willar.

John A. Squires, 78.

15       Walter Tucker, formerly of Port de Grave, at New Aberdeen, 43.

16       Mrs. Sinnott, Placentia.

17       Mrs. Mary Murray O'Quinn.

Thomas Payne, O.B.E. , at Channel Islands.

18       Robert E Chambers.

19       Charles Prowse, 28.

Mrs. Mary Holloway, Harbour Grace, 76.

Mrs. John Webber, Caplin Cove, Harbour Grace.

20       Mrs. Johanna Walsh.

Mrs. Ray Winter, Burin.

James Froude, Old Perlican, 54.

Leo Moore.

Mrs. Charlotte Spracklin.

Mrs. Hazel Collins, Spaniards Bay

21       Mrs. Alica Beauchamp Blackburn Thompson. at Kingston, Ontario, 78.

22       Elizabeth Wiseman, 77.

George J Fardy, Carbonear, 32.

Dora Marie Crocker, Mall Bay.

23       Mrs. Eliza Hopkins, Old Perlican, 84.

Mrs. Charles Thomey, Harbour Grace, 69

Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe, Carbonear, 74.

24       Henry Gosse, Spaniard'S Bay

27       Frank J Butler , at Sumerville, Mass.

28       Philip J Hanly

Mrs. Bridget Bennet, 48.

29       Mrs. James Powell, Carbonear, 63.


MAY 1929

1       Thomas Spracklin, 80.

Mary Moore, Holyrood, at Carbonear.

2       Mrs. Mary Balfour.

James Kennedy.

Mrs. Thomas Spracklin

3       Mrs. William Pierecy.

4       Catherine Madden, 17.

5       Hezekiah MacDonald, 72.

Mrs. Minnie Fitzgerald, Carbonera, 70

Rev. James Wilson, 80.

6       Mrs. Margaret Hatfield.

Mrs. Agnes Elizabeth Pearson, Toronto, 60.

7       Miss Martha M. Grant, of Conbin, P. B.

8       William Ring, 81.

Miss Mary Browning.

James Leary.

9       Mrs. G. Pollard.

Katherine Howley, 83.

Mary E. Hackett.

10       Joshua Rodgers, 75.

11       T. Joseph Connors, 5½

Annie White.

Stella victoria winsor, 17 ½ .

13       Mrs. Eva Comben Hamlin.

14       Francis E Rendell.

Richard Edwards, Lawn, P. B.

Mrs. Catherine Carberry.

Mrs. Mary Joy.

15       Jabez Moores, Blackhead, 81.

Annie Fintaine, goose cove

19       John Duff, 66.

21       John E. C. Gardner, British Harbour, T. B. , 47.

22       Michael S Sullivan, M. H. A.

25       John Anderson, 58.

Mrs. Rhoda Elliott, Port Albert.

26       Mrs. Walter B Williams, 80.

Clarence Buckler, 21

27       Mrs. Bridget Dunphy Martin

29       Captain Robert Henry Parsons, 75.

30       Harry Reelis, 75.

Mrs. Mary Martin, Harbour Grace.

Bridget Callahan O'Toole, 50.

31       John D Daley, St. Joseph.


JUNE 1929

1       R. G. Winsor, M. H. A

Thomas Leary, formerly of Renews, at Boston, 82

2       John Bishop, Salmonier.

3       Mrs. Jemima Ollerhead, formerly of Heart's Content, at Montreal

4       Stbil Dorothy Cheeseman, 12.

Kathleen Smith, 15.

Edward Stamp, 45.

Miss Naomi Munn, 71.

5       Mark Thistle, 62.

Raymond Walsh, 8 months.

Albert George, Dildo, 86.

Joseph Ryan, 43

6       Daniel Tricco, 21

Mrs. Nellie Kelly, 30.

8       Robert Edwards Hughes.

9       William P. Cleary, at Sydney, N. S. 67.

Mattew Peckham, 79.

James E McDonald, 32.

Johnson Skinner, 14, Ochre Pit Cove.

Timothy Whalen Colliers, 73.

Isaac Morgan, Coley's point, 81.

Gong Ham, 23.

Willie Peckham.

10       Mary Donnelly.

Mary Skinner, Ochre Pit Cove.

Mrs. mary Jocelyn.

11       Mrs. philip Hunt, Bell Island.

13       Cyril Kennedy.

Mrs. Elizabeth Thistle, Harbour Grace.

14       Sir Patrick T. McGrath, K.B.E.

Mrs Katherine Kennedy

15       Mrs. Bridget Neville, 76.

Mrs. Johanna Scanlan of Harbour Grace, 79.

16       Mrs. Pearl B. Hollett, Great Burin, 29.

Augustus Sparkes, New Melbourne, 66.

17       Mrs. Mary Maud Fowler.

Elizabeth Roche, 97.

Mrs. Susan Bruce Wright.

18       Miss Annie Brown, 76.

Charles W. Davis, Freshwater, Carbonear, 64.

20       Edward J Devereaux.

Mrs. Sarah Hollohan, 86.

Mary Carmel Gaul, 16.

John Evelley, 64.

21       Charles F. Bishop, Burin, 58.

22       Jacob Moss, Pinceton, 97.

Mrs. John Butler.

Mrs. George Shea, Carbonear, 71.

23       James Murphy, 68.

24       Wilford Hudson, Adam's Cove, 22.

25       Michael Merney, 56.

26       Edward T. Sweeney, Wabana, 33.

28       Miss Elizabeth Willey.

Sr. M. Loyola Whalen.


JULY 1929

1       William English, 80.

Sadie Butt, Perry's cove.

2       Dr. William Henry Parsons, 48.

William Kelly, Job's Cove, 71

3       James A Walsh, 48

Benjamin S Andrews, 62.

11       Mrs. Jane Sophia Duder at Chicago.

13       John Mahon, 73.

14       Mrs. Joshue Matthews, Grand Bank

Mrs. Mary Baker, 86.

John Forsey, Grand Bank, 91.

16       Benjamin Wooden, Grand Bank, 89.

16       Mary Nolan, 28.

18       Michael Gallivan, 84.

Rebecca U. Earle, Sharestown, 29.

19       Mrs. Emily Barron Blackie, Cape Broyle.

21       Stella Day, Old perlican.

23       Mrs. Edward Lee, Riverhead, St. Mary's, 86

25       George Turner, 15

Ambrose Critch, 92.

28       Edward Doyle

Samuel Boland, Low point, B. D. V. , 70

29       Anna Kennedy, 22

Willis Spurrel, 16.

30       Liberius J Browne, 75.

31       Charles D Chetwynd at Ocean Park, Maine.

Harold Lindsay, 35.

John English, Job's Cove, B. D. V.



1       Johanna Maher, 90.

Alethea M rose.

Adam McCoubrey, 82.

Mrs. Mary Casey.

3       Solomon Johnson, 48 at Cambridge, Mass.

4       Mrs. Annie McCubrey Way.

Mrs. Mary Leonard, 36.

Mrs. Wm. J Cross at Sauble Beach, Ont.

Garfield M Foote, Lamaline, 15.

Edward Colbert, Job's Cove, B. D. V., 63.

6       John Ghent.

Mrs. Ellen Byrne.

Mrs. Mary Pittman, 94, at Trinity.

Mrs. Elizabeth Annie Hibbs, Samuelson.

7       R. J. Bonnell, Lamaline.

8       Mrs. Elizabeth Coffin, King's Cove.

Mrs. Joanna O'keefe.

9       Hunter Stentaford, of Carbonear, at New Glasglow, 20.

David Stott, late superintendent postal Telegraph

10       George Grimes, M. H. A. , dies suddenly.

11       Fred Flynn, formerly of St. John's , at Cambden, N. J. , 32.

Mrs. Maud Butler Sullivan Brent Cove.

13       Capt. Richard Neil, Spaniard's Bay , 80.

Mrs. Margaret Hogan Casey, Harbor Grace.

Mrs. Bridget Browne.

Dorothy May Snow , St. Leonard's, P. B., 6

15       Charles Chafe , 80.

John Hudson, Adam's Cove, 73

Mrs. Janet Pike, South Side, Carbonear.

16       John Hayse, 72.

17       Mrs. Jane Champion, Job's Cove, B. D. V.

18       Mother Mary Francis Phalen, Presentation convent.

20       Mary Clare, 63.

Rosslie Ellen Powell , Carbonear, 27

John Rockwood, formerly of Newfoundland, at Sydney.

21       Susie Irene Pehey, Hant's harbor, 81.

22       William Harris, 80.

24       Elizabeth Browning.

William J Darcey.

Thomas Reid , Barr'd Island, 17.

26       Mrs. Alexander Burden, Carbonear, 57.

27       William Frederick Carter. 69.

30       Miss Mary Quigley, Bell Island 89,

Jacob Martin, formerly of Grates Cove, at St. John, N. B



1       Mrs. Elizabeth Constantine McGrath

Mrs. Susanna Billings, 76

3       Mrs. Francis Mary Russell, Bay Roberts, 51

Joan Seward , Lewisporte, 4½

3       James F Bancroft, topsail, 74.

Mrs. Margaret White, Carbonear.

Mrs. Julia Marshall, Carbonear, 78.

5       John Reardigan, 58

Josiah Goose, Spaniard's Bay, 73.

7       Mrs. Mary S Miller . 68.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Gosse, 76.

Mrs. Theresa B Ireland, Grand Falls.

Thomas Brown, King's Cove, 69.

8       Mrs. Elizabeth Pittman

10       Rosanna Kean

Miss Mary J Pendergast

Michael J Darcy

Josephine Cooney, Harbour Grace.

13       John Hopkins Rowe, at Sydney 64.

15       Thomas Ashley, 93.

Mrs. Emma G Godden , 77.

John Aylward, 26.

16       Mrs. Sarah Snowball Anderson, Heart's Content, 82.

Jebez LeGrow, Broad cove, B. D. V. , 86.

Mrs. Agnes Geary Gustafson, 74.

John Perrett, mount Moriah, 68.

Samuel Moores, Blackhead, B. D. V. , 75

Andrew Clooney, K. C. at Halifax.

Mrs. Laura West at Brooklyn , New York.

Esau Badcock of French's Cove, at Ship Harbour, Labrador, 56.

William Lever, 78.

17       Peter J Scott.

Chesley Milley, Burnt Point, 24.

18       John T. Garland, 69½

19       Ambrose F Janes, J.P. Glovertown, 82

20       Daiy May Hibbs, 23.

22       Emma Isabella Pike.

Peter J Pack.

23       Mrs. Gertrude Hillier, Wesleyville, 41.

24       Mrs. Mary F Lee, Carbonear , 47

Mrs Mary Anne Peyton, at angle Brook, 88

25       Bridget Whalen.

Jacob Higgins, Hodges Cove, Random, 88.

27       James Byrne.



1       Mrs. Viloet Murphy, 26.

3       Susan Keeping; formerly of English Harbor, W., 48

Mrs. Catherine Jervais , formerly of Oderin, 61.

Mrs. Elizabeth Collins, 35.

5       James R. Rowsell, Port Blandford 78.

6       William Brennan, 57.

Thomas Llewellyn Shaw, 23.

Henry Gallop, 78.

Mrs. Anne Downs Ellis.

8       Mrs. Theresa O'Neill, Harbour Grace.

10       John J Henley, 22

Sarah Morris, 83.

Jasper Wicks, Burnt Point.

12       Edna Isabel Janes, 16.

Mrs. Emma King, Broad Cove B. D .V. 84

13       Lillian Brocklehurst, 16.

15       Mrs. Laura Aitken, 72.

16       Hazel Heath, 25.

Michael F Harrington

18       Alicia M Power, 22, at New York.

Mrs. Emily Skinner, formerly of St. John's at Tacariqye.

19       Mrs. Margaret Holden, 84.

George E Davis, Freshwater, 70.

20       Dr. William Whalen, Bay Bulls.

Captain John Dawe, Coley's Point, 82.

22       Mrs. Margaret Ann Taylor, Carbonear, 79.

Mrs. Helen Ryan.

Mrs Susannah Foote, Carbonear.

23       Margaret Doyle, St. Bride's

25       Patrick Connors, 82.

Mrs. Monica Shortall.

26       Mrs. (Rev.) F. G. Willey.

27       Inspector O'Reilly.

Frederick B Parsons, Toronto, Ont.

28       Hon. S. D. Blandford.

Simeon Barrett, 89.

29       Mrs. Johanna Neal Sheeham, 89

30       Mrs. Job Kean, Brookfield.

31       Mrs. Catherine Phalen

Frederick Fifield, 74.



1       Mrs. Annie way.

2       Harry Duff Reid, 61

E. R. Burgess

William O'Neill, 4

3       Margaret Murphy, 1½ years

L. J. O'Keefe

Wm. T. H. Salter, at Milton Mass. 59.

4       Miss Rosanna Rodgers, 68, Carbonear.

5       John Jenkinson

Annie Stapleton, Carbonear, 76.

7       Calvin Joseph Pike.

8       Francis Pippy.

Mrs. Caroline Milley, Burnt Point, 56.

10       Mother Mary Raphael McCarthy.

John Hearn, Carbonear, 27

11       Matin Phalen , 68

Mrs. Margaret J Newell, Dock, C. B. 80.

12       Marion Isobel Rendell white

13       Walter Nash, Branch

15       Sarah Anne Gosse.

Mrs. Maria Nicholl, 84, Carbonear.

16       Ester Parrell, 22.

17       Mrs. Elizabeth Mallard, 76.

James W. Peach, Small Point, B. D .V. 62.

Miss Edith M Bell, formerly of Grand Bank, at Calgary.

18       Joseph D Halfyard, 68.

19       Charles Benedict Redgley, 15.

Mrs. Patience Earle, Carbonear, 86.

20       Edwin Whiteway, 79.

Miss Elizabeth Bennett formerly of Cupids, at Sydney.

22       Ronald Murphy, 17½

Robert S Caplin at Mattapan, Mass., 56.

23       William B Fitzgerald.

M. T. Murphy, Keels, B.B.

24       Francis Murphy.

Francis P Ryan, 17.

Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald

Mrs. Jane Pearce, 80

Alexander Pelley, formerly of Hant's Harbor, at Modiste California.

25       Mrs. Cecilia McDonald, Grand Falls.

26       Rita Marie Walsh

Tobias Greene

Thomas Walsh, 78

John D Gushue at Port Arthur 56.

27       Mrs. Margaret Concepta Rolls , at St. Mary's Convent, Little Rock , Arkansas

John Lawlor, 45

Mrs. Sarah Anne Squires, 53.



1       Frank Noseworthy, Clark's Beach 81.

Anita Woodley

John P Scott

Mrs. J. C. Worth, formerly of Newfoundland, at Halifax.

2       Eli Sellars, Western bay

Miss Annie Neary, Bell Island, 16.

Raymond Turner, Happy Adventure.

3       Jermiah O'Donnell, 57

Andrew Connors, 93

John Thomas Field.

Mrs. May Penney, 38 Bell Island

4       Mrs. Bridget Sullivan Mahoney, 72.

Nicholas J Whelan, 23

6       Michael J Dalton, 77.

Mrs. Robert Norman Wabana.

7       Mrs. Elizabeth Forward, Carbonear.

8       Robert Granter, Greenspond.

9       Charles F. Stevenson

William Reynolds, Small Point, Carbonear, 85.

10       Rev. Hammond Johnson, formerly Pastor of Gower St. United Church, dies at Montreal.

11       Thomas O'Leary

13       Henry Somerton, portugal Cove.

14       Mrs. eliza O'donovan Sclater.

15       William Donnelly, 77

William F Doody

17       Ernest Peach, New York.

Elizabeth Winslow.

20       George Skeffington, 81

22       Mrs. Frances Jane Reynolds, Small Point.

23       William J Veitch at New York

Ellen Tobin, 74

24       Ernest James Moore, 41

25       George B Williams, 65

Edith Fisher, Corner Brook, 18

26       Mrs. Grace E Butler Barnes, Grand Rapids , Michigan.

27       Miss Minnie Viguers.


The man who writes the poorest poetry is the man who says writing poetry just comes natural to him.

The true worth of many a man is never recognized in his life-time; and a cat is only a cat until it dies and becomes a sealskin.


Marriages of the year


1       Alex Lahey and Miss Nellie Whalen, Bell Island,

Thomas Jackman and Miss Mollie O'Brien, Bell Island.

2       Ronald Howard, Daniel's Cove, and Marcellia Duggan, Grate's Cove, at Carbonear.

4       George Nelson Peircey, of Newfoundland and Miss Georgina Piercey, of Sydney Mines, at Sydney Mines.

5       Russell Bradford Harding, of Stamford, Vermont, and Miss Lillian Jessie Kelly , formerly of Lance Cove, Upper Gullies, at Newtown, Mass.

9       William J Peddle, Georgetown, Brigus, and Miss Annie J Delaney , Cupids.

23       Fred V Parsons and Miss Helena Squires, both of Harbor Grace.

24       William Duff and Miss Eva Peach, Carbonear.

28       A. M. Clarey and Miss Mary Warren



1       Augustus Bursey and Miss Evelyn M. Hopkins, both of Old Perlican

7       George Wilford Benmore and Miss Phyllis Auckinlech

11       Thomas M Fitzpatrick and Miss Nellie F. Dawson, both of Bay Roberts.

12       Thomas Noseworthy and Miss Lillian Kennedy

Edgar Rennie Bowring and Miss Douglas Bruce.

Herbert Leslie Picot of London, England, and Miss Maria Delores Hutton of St. John's at Halifax

16       Kenneth Douglas Hall of Elizabeth N. J., and Miss Hilda Maria Hancock, of St. John's

27       Dr. Ralph T Stick and Miss Eugene Parsons


MARCH 1929

11       A Newham Johnson and Miss Edna Marie Matthews at Springfield Mass.


APRIL 1929

1       Hugh Garland and Miss Mary Gibbs, at New york

4       William Melvin, LaManche and Miss Mary O'Brien , Cape Broyle.

8       Moses Sheppard, Harbor Grace , and Miss Lily James , Upper Island cove, at Harbor Grace.

11       Thomas French, Harbor Grace, and Miss Fanny Parsons, Bryant's Cove, Carbonear.

13       James Reynolds, Jr. , of Riverhead, Hr, Grace and Miss Mary Hicks, Avondale, at Harbor Grace.

14       James Tracey and Miss Alice Murphy, both of Old Petty Hr. Road

17       Robert Douglas Gosse and Miss Muriel Margaret Vavasour.

18       John Hutton Clouston to Miss Raphael Maud Blandford  Duder.

20       Bernard Dawson Parsons and Miss Marjorie Grace Graham

Jabez Robbins and Mrs. Elsie Gillingham Reid, both of Lower Island cove, at Carbonear.

23       Roger Tredwell, United States Consul at Hong kong and Miss Metta Louise Orr.

24       Ethelbert Maloney, Bay Bulls, and Miss Julia Murphy ,St .John's

Alfred Harold Pierpont and Miss Lilian Blanche Spooner.

27       John Evans Manuel and Mrs Rosetta M Thompson.

29       Herbert Reay Bridger and Miss Frances Patricia O'Neill


JUNE 1929

5       Charles E Conway and Miss Mary Cook

John Eddy, formerly of Clarke's Beach and Miss Elizabeth Ash, formerly of Carbonear, at Saganaw, Mass.

9       William T Garland , of Boston, and Miss Mary C. Caldwell, formerly of St. John's, at Arlington, Mass.

14       John B D'Arud and Miss Cynthia Marshall.

16       Hon. Philip J Lewis and Miss Ella R Roche , Corner brook

18       Strephen I hall and Miss Mabel Florence Cox, Bell Island.

19       Max Dunford and Miss Nellie Dixon at Fortune.

20       George C Neal and Miss Ethel Hancock

John Murphy, Jersey City, and Miss Mollie Keough, Carbonear, at Jersey city.

21       Andrew Roy Martin and Mrs. Mary A Cram, Flat Islands.

22       G. m. Greene and Miss Mary Meade, both of placentia

27       James Organ and Miss Elizabeth Dobbin.

30       William Holden and Miss Catherine Bernnan.


JULY 1929

2       Edgar C Duff formerly of Carbonear and Miss Miriam F. Ayers of Charlottetown P. E. I. at Charlottetown

4       Joseph Ridout and Miss Winnie Brown of Bell Island, at Harbor Grace.

10       Frank McNamera and Miss Isabel Kennedy.

James Henry Brophy and Miss Isabel Nolan, both of mount Pear.

Onslow Marmaduke Brown and Miss Susie Winnifred Weed Grand Bank

17       James Lang and miss Jean Gosse.

22       Thomas L Mullins and Miss Fanny Mullins, both of Recontre, at North Sydney

27       John Parnell and Miss Eunice Lelliott Pinkham Ellis, both formerly of St. John's, at Vancouver.

31       Stephen Cramm and Miss Miriam Taylor, at Green's Harbor.



1       Philip Janes, Broad Cove , B. D. V., and Miss Pearl Halfyard, Ochre Pit Cove, B D V at Halifax

6       Walter Leslie Thistle and Miss May MacDonald Hutchings.

7       Geoffrey Milling of Franlwood, Lancashire, and Miss Dorothy Baird.

8       Dr. Patrick O'Kelly , Avondale, and Miss Kathleen Josephine Hyde, cork, Ireland

10       Cecil J Godden and Miss Ada May Thistle.

12       Fred Shortall and Miss Alice L. Peyton.

14       Frank Walsh and Miss Bride Murphy.

Rev. Robert Miller, of Lynn, Mass., and Miss Ella C. B. Hemmeon.

15       John McMillan Carleton, Picton, N. S. and Miss Ella Maud Crosbie.

17       Thomas J Morris and Miss Elizabeth Counsel Pippy.

21       Joe Arnold and Miss Jane Diamond, both of Glovertown.

24       Henley Munn and Miss Gertrude McNell.

Frank S. Rendell, formerly of Heart's Content and Miss Evelyn Bond of Sydney, N.S. , at  Brooklyn , N.Y.

27       Bertram Taylor to Miss Nellie Ferguson.

Gillespie Carew and Miss Kathleen Barrett, Grand Falls.

29       Campbell Pollett Ward and Miss Lillian May Dwyer.



3       James L Burke and Miss Rose E. Fitzpatrick, both of Bay Roberts.

Henry Miffin, Port Union , and Miss Hilary Barrett of Curling, at Curling.

5       Arthur Landley of Gateshead, England, and Miss Edith Hollett, of Pouch cove, at Montreal.

7       James MacDonald Oldford, formerly of Musgrave Town, and Miss Hazel White, formerly of Bonne Bay at Watertown, Mass.

James A Nobel and Miss Helen G Miller, formerly of St. John's, at Dorchester, Mass.

9       Lloyd Courage and Miss Gertie Frances Carter, Catalina.

10       Robert Frank Oakley and Miss Lucy Pearl Strong.

Captain W. J. Long and Miss Ada Augusta Wills.

Cyril Frederick Horwood and Miss Emma Winifred Martin.

12       Llewellyn Noseworthy, Westeyville, and Miss Gladys Hewitt St. John's.

Jabez Moran and Miss Florence Curtis both off Blackhead B. D .V.

13       James Lawrence Hannaford and Miss Ruth Frances Shapleign , Grand Falls.

16       P. Grouchy and Miss Evelyn Baird, at Angle Brook.

25       John Leo Coleman and Miss Kathleen Mary Power.

28       William Mitchell and Miss Isable Campbell.

30       Thomas Tremblett and Miss Josephine Whalen, Bell Island.

David Boland and Miss Vera Tremblett, Bell Island.



2       Stephen Garland , of St. John's, and Miss Madge Harris , of Bonavista, at St. John's.

Frank Fitzgerald and Miss Rose Murphy, Bell Island.

16       Menaston Breakey , of Breakeyvile, Quebec, and Miss Marguerite Furlong, of St. John's at Montreal.

Abraham Budgen, and Miss Louise Granter at Grand Falls.

Bryan W. Potts , millertown and Miss Ada Leslie, St. John's, at Truro N. S.

22       Frederick Dowden Press of St. John's and Miss Jessie Dicks, Clarenville.



2       Chester E smith and Miss Alice Lillian George, Bay Roberts.

6       John Bursey and Miss Gertrude Bursey, Old Perlican

8          William G Barrett and Miss Etha Peckford, of St. John's, at Topsail

15       Moses Chipman , Spaniard's Bay and Mrs. M Harris, of Dark Cove, Gambo, at Middle Brook

19       John Cantwell and Miss Madeline Byrne, Bell Island.

23       Edward Lawlor and Miss Kitty Coleman.

24       Andrew MacDonald and Miss Mary Sinnott, Kilbride.

Nicholas Byrne and Miss Mary Galway, Bell Island.

25       Richard Finn and Miss Mary Ryan, both of Spaniard's Bay.

Gordon G. Hibbs and Miss Kathryn Saunders at Carbonear.

28       John Costello and Miss Molly Lahey, Bell Island

Albert Atkins and Miss Mary Mercer, Bell Island.

30       Alex Hall and Miss Alice M Butler.



11       Aaron Bailey of Port Union and Miss Ella Hester Coaker.

25       Arthur Harvey Monroe and Miss Helen Rogerson at Montreal.


Sunday January 1 1929


LAVANAGH-Died suddenly at 10.30 o'clock on January 11th, Ellen aged 57 years, beloved wife of James Kavanagh; leaves to mourn their sad loss husband, 4 daughters, 2 sons, 15 grandchildren, a brother and sister and a large circle of friends. Funeral takes place on Sunday, at 2.30 p.m., from her late residence, 33 LeMarchant Road.

MORGAN- Passed peacefully away at 2 o'clock this morning William Morgan, of Burnt head, aged 68, at his son residence, 5 Kickham place, leaving three sons , one daughter and four sisters. Funeral on Monday morning to Railway Station for 8.45 o'clock train.



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