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The Daily News
1924 Year End


The tale of the Sea



28       Barquentine Czarina, Capt. Colin Taylor, lost off Cape Race, crew rescued by the S. S. Cairnmonia from England to Portland, and landed there on January 3rd, 1924




2       Schooner Albert S Moulton, en route from Channel to Port aux Basques, with general cargo runs ashore on a sand bar, Total loss

4       Gloucester schooner Donald L Silver, Capt. Hackett, herring laden from Bay of Islands, wrecked in previous week's gale. Bodies of Captain and crew of five recovered at different times and places.

13       S. S. Eskbridge, 3196 tons, gross, bound to Philadelphia arrives from Fowey, with steering out of order and other damages.

14       S. S Falkirk reports by wireless rescue of officers and crew of disable schooner Annie Payer in lat. 44.37N; long. 49.40W. Schooner spitfire returns to port after two day terrible experience. and is brought in, when almost sinking by Steam Tug John Green. Capt. Colin Taylor and crew of the schooner Czarina, lost on Dec. 28th, arrive by S. S. Sachem. Crew of schooner Annie M. Parker from Oporto to St. John's sailing on Dec. 7th rescued by S. S. Grvotendyk

22       Schooner R. J. Dale Bugden, driven ashore at Riverhead St. Mary's and abandoned.

25       Bucksport schooner Hazel Y Hynes with 800 brls herring driven ashore at Carter's Point, Woods Island.

29       S. S. Acadien strikes rocks near Petty Harbour Motion, considerable damaging forepeak.



1       Schooner President Coaker reported lost off Shoe Cove, near Cape Ballard. Wreckage picked up five days later confirms report.

7       Schooner Hazel Y Hynes which went ashore at Wood's Island refloated by S. S. Curiew.

19       Capt. Hollett and Cook Hoben of the lost schooner Annie M Parker arrive at North Sydney from Rotterdam, via Halifax bound to Burin.

26       Crew of the schooner Ethel M. Bartlett of Burin, 70 days from Oporto, reported rescued by S. S. Calgylight and landed in France. Vessel abandoned in mid-ocean.



2       S. S. Glencoe, Capt. Blandford, discovers abandoned schooner Gordon E. Moulton of Burgeo, on fire 70 miles from Burgeo.

3       S. S. Obernai with "cargo of rails" from Halifax to Humbermouth abandoned at sea. Crew rescued previous Sunday and taken to Halifax by S. S. Kingsholm. Five Newfoundlanders aboard.

10       Schooner Roy Bruce of Burin, Capt. R. F. Hollett, reported by S. S. Huronian, cut down in mid-ocean on January 15th, crew missing, three from Grand Bank

11       Danish schooner N. Hansen, Capt. Christiansen which left St. John's on January 3rd for Lisbon, given up for lost.

28       Six vessels drift out of Bay Roberts in strong gale, their moorings being cut by heavy Arctic ice.

30       Five of the six Bay Roberts vessels recovered.



22       Schooner David C Ritcey reported abandoned in lat. 40.10N long 57.07 W was bound for Rosiru, Placentia Bay.



6       Schooner Reginald B Moulton seized in Straits of Canso on charges of violating Canadian immigrations laws.

15       Schooner Ida of fortune lost off New Waterford

19       Schooner Jean E Bullen of Harbour Breton rammed and badly damaged by Car Ferry, Prince Edward Island, off Halifax.
Schooner Evelyn reported lost at sea. Wreckage sighted by schooner John W Miller on the 8th 1924. Frederick Hollett, Spencer's Cove ; John Yarn, English Harbour; Peter Mullett, Wesleyville; Donald Burton, St. John's and Ernest Pilgrim, Carbonear, with Danish Capt. Nelson, wife and Kristian Jenson of Denmark lost.

21       Schooner Pandors, Capt. John Dicks, total loss at Mariners' Cove, St. Mary's.



2       Schooner Bessie McDonald of Burin capsizes. Two lives lost.

3       Cunard Steamer Verbenia London to Montreal, puts in for repairs.

8       Schooner Gannet of Paradise Placentia Bay, ashore in Placentia Roads

17       Schooner St. Helena belonging to James Strong, Limited, bound from St. John's to Little Bay Islands, a total loss at Stag Harbour

19       S, S, Metagama, Capt. Henderson, 12420 tons, from Glasgow to Montreal in collision with steamer Clara Camus, Montreal to Harve, 7030 tone, seven miles S. E. of Cape Race. Both ships badly damage. Both reach St. John's under their own steam. No lives lost thought two men were reported missing for a time. These were picked up by the schooner Bluenose of international racing fame.

25       Schooner Antia C. , Capt. McDonald, ashore on the North Head of Cuslett, Cape Shore.

28       French banker, Fleur de France arrives in a leaky condition



11       S. S. Metagama strikes on Cathills Rock in the Narrows, when outward bound.

12       S. S. Metagama pulled off at 3 a.m. high tide, by S. S. Silvia and steam-tug, little damage done. S. S. Keilhaven arrives with four feet of water in her fore-peak, due to striking a sunken rock when en route from Hare Bay to Clode Sound, carrying pit-props



5       S. S. Glencoe ashore at Dog Cove South of Brig Bay; is refloated the following day and proceeds to Humbermouth

27       Hurricane from southern states to Labrador causes many wrecks and casualties. Schooner Magno, Levi Bagg, Master, from Sydney to Port aux Basques lost with all hands numbering 5.
Schooner Lucille B. Creaser, lost off South coast.



2       Danish pulpwood steamer Kinsien Jelsen on fire at Silverdale N. D. B. Considerable damage done.

6       Schooner Little Gem, Stoyles, Master, off Hillview founders off Henley Harbour, Straits of Belle Isle. Crew escapes but everything aboard lost.

8       Schooner Lucille B Ceaser, picked up at sea by the Canadian Government patrol steamer Arras brought to Bay Bulls.

26       Schooner Pioneer off Cape Broyle towed in by steamer Tug Hugh D badly damaged through squalls in Freshwater Bay.

29       Schooner Manilia 22 tons, Joseph young, ashore at Codroy, and total wreck. was bound from North Sydney to Humbermouth with coal and dynamite.



8       The Dominion Steel company tug Douglas H Thomas, registered in Newfoundland, strikes Ingouish Shoals in a fog and sinks . S. S. Nawcopie from Hudson Bay stations returns.

9       Schooner Esther Hankinson with salt from Cediz to St. John's lost. The crew were rescued by the Greek schooner and brought to Monte Video Boatswain Drowned while trying to rig a new rudder,

10       Schooner Montague, John Dominy, Master, fish laden from C-?  Island to St. John's driven ashore at Herring Neck Rock and sank.

13       Earl of Devon at Assizes Harbour Labrador temporarily disabled

22       Schooner L and S, Carbonear bound home from Francis Harbour, Labrador, disabled and wrecked. Her 27 passengers were rescued by the S. S. Mount Clay.

25       Italian steamer Monte Bianco 14 days out from Rotterdam to Montreal in Ballast puts in with engine trouble. She is of 6968 tons gross and a sister ship of the Clara Camus.

30       Schooner Dorothy B. , driven ashore at Bonavista. Total wreck



4       Schooner Inspiration, Capt. William Doyle abandoned in mid-ocean. Was bound from Pernambuco to St. John's. Crew rescued by R. M. S. Cardiganshire.

7       Auxiliary schooner Aviator from Gloucester to Wood's Island beached three miles west of Sandy Point and abandoned. Crew saved.

10       Schooner David Morris, Capt. Elgar Burke, driven ashore on Turks Island and lost. Crew saved

12       S. S. Rosworth, Montreal to Hamburg enters port to land Chief Engineer for Hospital treatment.

18       S. S. Prospero Capt. Field ashore on Green Island, Bonavista at 5.30 a.m. refloated fourteen hours later with assistance of the Susu Malakoff and Senef, and proceeds to King's Cove under her own steam. Carried 116 viz:- 80 passengers and crew of 36.



3       Crew of schooner Freedom which left Brigus for North Sydney on October 17th, arrives in ships boats in Barbados after a run of nearly 550 miles in two open boats.

4       Schooner James Arnold, Captain Wakeham from Harbour Buffett, total loss in Chance Cove. Capt. Doyle and crew of wrecked schooner Inspiration arrive from Liverpool by S. S. Digby

8       S. S. Bjornstein Bjorrsen arrives, 18 days from Rotterdam to Bell Island for repairs to machinery after stormy passage.

14       S. S. Malakoff, Capt. Blackmore, arrives at Summerville, B. B. with rudder and rudder-post damaged, and is towed to St. John's by S. S. Sagona

18       Capt. Samuel Noseworthy and six of the crew of the schooner Freedom reach Halifax.

19       Schooner Beatrice K., Capt George Roberts abandoned 7 miles off Red Island, Placentia Bay, after collision with floating spar.

28       S. S. Pilar de Lorringar, 7406 tons gross with 11,000 tons of cotton aboard from Galvestone to Manchester, puts in for coal.





11       George Warr, Springdale N. D. B. 94


17       Richard McGrath, Patrick's Cove, 82
Edward Brothers, Point de Verge, 52

24       Mrs. Alfred Janes, Broad Cove, B. D. V

25       Mrs. Minnie Jones, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 39

26       W. F. Willar, at Brooklyn, N.Y.

27       Joseph Burke, Carbonear, 70

29       Mrs. Walter T Udell

30       Mrs. Catherine Howell, Carbonear, 86
W. Ashton, Mews, 40

31       Edgar Parsons, 51
Allan English, 49




1       Miss Jeanette Manuels, 53

2       Charles Pelley, George's Brook, T. B. 75
William Ernest Luscombe, 25
John F Flynn

4       George Parsons, Pennywell Road, 68
Thomas Brennan, Topsail Road, 68
Thomas Smyth, 51

5       Mrs. Ellen Veitch, Holyrood

7       Mrs. Sarah Roach, 56
Charles A. J. Cobb, 20
Francis Flynn, Barhaven, at Deer Lake.

8       William James, Brigus
Mrs. Julian Nash, Branch, P. B. 88
Samuel Fogwell, Carbonear, 50

11       Richard G. Lewis, H. M. C. 72
Mrs. Emma K Pynn, formerly of Harbour Grace at Brooklyn, N.Y. 82

14       Samuel Johanna Mercer, 85

15       Robert Miller, formerly of topsail, at Melrose, Highlands, U.S.A. 83
Philip Froud, 58
Levi Barnes, 67

18       Miss Mary A Doody, Placentia,
Mrs. Mary Hartery at Halifax

20       Mrs. Laria Janes, 78

21       Kenneth Pike, 11
John Norman Leamon, Brigus, 74

23       John Butler, Chamberlains, 90
Caleb Tuck, J. P. Shoal Harbour

24       Francis J Ryan, 19
Joseph Fitzgerald

25       Agnes Peter Neville, 78
Mrs. John Waugh, 54

27       Mary Kane, 9
Mrs. Henry J Earle, Fogo, 74

28       Hugh Carter, 57
John Francis Furlong, 44
Michael McGrath, Patrick's Cove, P. B. 78

29       Mrs. Bridget Mullins, 73
Edward Fleming, 53

31       Tasker P Cook, 25
John Cole, Bell Island
Miss Margaret Murphy, Carbonear, 23



3       Mrs. Stephen Dillon
Mrs. Susan Western

4       Mrs. Emma Robertson, 75
Rev. W. S. Mercer, Fogo

5       Miss May Tilley
Lawrence Power, Bell Island, 69

6       Mrs. Patrick Sweeney, Bell Island, 26

7       Andrew Brynoldson, 15
Mrs. Frederick Snow, East Wabana
John Howell, Herring Neck, 63
9       Mrs. W. S. Dunphy
Mrs. Ann Hickman of Grand Bank at Dartmouth, N.S. 97
Eli Evans, Adam's Cove at York Harbour, Main, U.S.A. 75

10       Mrs. Bridget Baird
Mrs. Mary A Horwood, Curling, 65

12       Geoffrey Peddle, Brigus, 78
Mrs. Mary Carberry

14       Mrs. Francis Pippy
Mrs. Edward Duff

15       Ex-Pte Albert Billard, 25
Mrs. Marion Roberts, Wesleyville, leaving 192 descendants,
Joshua Ash, Carbonear, 93

16       Norman N Bradley, 67
Mary Byrne, 15
Abraham Collins, Spaniard's Bay, 91

17       Joseph Johnson, 58
George Murcell, of Little Bay Island, at East Milton, Mass. 70

18       John N Sterling at Sydney
Peter Quirk at North Sydney, 73

19       Miss Irene Culter, Herring Neck, 18
Rev. Sister M Agnes Baker, at the Convent of Mercy, Seattle

20       Mrs. Thomas Stewart
Mrs. Thomas J Bailey at Canso
Mrs. Edward Peckman, Bell Island

21       Mrs. George Burden, Sr. Carbonear. Mrs. John Ezekiel, East Wabana

22       John Hammond, East Wabana 91

23       Frederick Hibbs, Portugal Cove
Leo Chafe, 25
Aaron Forsey, Fortune, 81

24       George Manuel, Lewisporte, 78
Vincent Carcey, Conche, 27

25       Joseph F Rose, 34

27       William Patrick Dalton, Gallipoli Veteran, 27

29       Mrs. Edward Wills.



1       Thomas H Lawrence
Miss Stella Shea
Ex-Inspector William O'Brien, 74

2       Peter Canning, Presque, S1

3       John O'Neal, 54

4       Mrs. Garland Tucker, St. Philip's, 70

5       John Charles Marshall, 57
Richard Glavine, South Side, Harbour Grace, 75

6       Donald M Ivamy, 18

7       Mrs. George Rideout
Alfred Pike, 49

8       James Power, 27
Miss Kathleen Woodford, Woodford's Station, 22

10       Patrick Dempsey, 75
Ambrose Dwyer, Bell Island, 12

11       John J Murphy, 36
Mrs. (Rev) Phelps at Iffley, Oxon

12       Sir William Duff Reid at Montreal, 56
Mrs. Norah Walsh, Point Verde, 19

13       Errol Pike, Harbour Grace, 73

14       Mrs. William Hill, East Wabana, 85
Mrs. O. W. Laing Champneys West, T.B.

15       Mrs. Frank Barron
Rev. J. B. Heal at Liverpool, N. S.

16       Mrs. (Rev. ) J. S. Adams, nee Winnie Jardine, Bay Roberts
Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell, Queens Road, 80
Margaret Connelly, 12
Mrs. May Stanford, 32
Mrs. Mary O'Reilly, Carbonear

18       James Hefferton, Newtown, 67
Mrs. Mary Ellen Conway at Boston, Mass.

19       Mrs. Bella M Mare, 65
Lady Alice Winter, 66
Robert Kelly, 78

21       Maisie B Chambers, 12
Viola Hawkins
Daniel Oliver, Burnt Point N.D.B.

22       William Mills, Shoal Harbour

23       J. J. Foran, 48

24       Mrs. Sarah Ainsworth of Trinity, 83
Joseph Moore, Clark's Beach, 80

27       Mrs. Eric Cobb, West Wabana, 23

28       Patrick Shelly
Miss Amelia Nooman
Peter Hollaway, Bloomfield, B.B.

29       Edward Foley, Grand Falls

30       William Henry Beck, Sound Island, 56

31       James Deveraux, Ferryland.



1       Mrs. Mary Ann Manning

2       Mrs. Emily Taylor, 72
Mrs. (Sergt) A Stapleton, 36
Mrs. Henry Roberts, Brigus, 83

3       Mrs. Catherine Bradshaw, 73
Arthur S Hayward, 68
Charles Henry Calpin, Bay Roberts, 84

4       Richard T McGrath, Barrister, 39

5       Mrs. (Rev. ) G. S. Chamberlain, Catalina, 64
Abraham Davis, Port Union, at Humbermouth, 65

6       Charles J Vavasour, World War Veteran, 30
Dr. John Carroll, Glace Bay
Rev. Mother Mary Bernard O'Donnell, Presentation Convent, Witless Bay, 95

7       Mrs. Joseph Byrne, 25

8       Mrs. W Lever, 33
James Brace, 75
May Martin, 13
William Norris, 72

9       James Walsh, Harbour Grace, 42

10       Mrs. Patrick J Myers, Chapel's Cove. William Green, Musgravetown, B.B. , 80

11       James Goodchild, 76
Mrs. Mary Hollett, Great Burin

12       Mrs. Elizabeth Whalen
Col. Frank Morris, S. A. , at Regina

13       Mrs. A Mullally, formerly of Torbay at Montreal, 63
Mrs. Francis Wiseman, 46
Mrs. Thomas Arnott.

14       Mrs. John S Squires, 45

15       Mrs. Amelia Abey, Bell Island, 74
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Bennett, Witless Bay, 67

16       Miss Helen Barbara Lilly at Toronto

17       Mrs. R. I Garber (nee Goldstone) at New York

18       Peter P Power, 66

20       Mrs. Annie Bennett, 64
James Edstrom, Renews

22       Mrs. Edward Fitzpatrick, the Goulds, 58
Thomas Morris, New Melbourne, 75

23       Mrs. Abram Richard, 45
Aileen Louise Ryan, 10
W. W. Harris, 60

24       Hon. Donald Morrison, K.C. , at Hollywood, California, 67

25       Vincent Breen, Shipwright. Sister Mary Angela Christopher, St. Michael's Convent, 32

26       Capt. Leander Pike, Carbonear, 62
Andrew O'Neil, West End Fire Department

27       Mrs. Oliver Bennett, Bell Island, 40

28       J. J. Langley, Liverpool, 88
Mrs. Jane B Good, Jacksonville at New York
John Lake St. Kyran's, 88

29       Miss Rita Earle, Carbonear

30       Joseph White, Irish Town, Carbonear
William Bennett, Wood's Island, 50



1       Mrs. M. A. Doody
Jeremiah Penney, 42

2       Alexander Fleet, 28

3       Thomas K Cooke, 84

4       Mrs. James J Fillier, 34
Henry Cranford Freeman, a native of St. John's, who served with Admiral Charles
Beresford on H. M. S. Condor, died in Montreal

5       Mrs. Catherine Conway, 70

6       John Howell, South Side, Carbonear, 68

8       Mrs. Joseph Burke, 37

9       Clement L Benning, 11
Mrs. Harriet Godden, Harbour Grace, 84
Ambrose Churchill, Portugal Cove, 55
Michael Mitchell at Chicago

10       Mrs. Elizabeth Mitcham, 77
William A. K. Ford, 33
William McLennon, S. E. Arm, Placentia, 78

11       Isaac Hynes, 80
Robert Francis Shute, 70
Michael Duggan, Riverhead, Harbour Grace, 89

12       Denis O'Brien

13       Mrs. Adelaide Squires, Topsail, 75
Miss Eliza Ellia, 18

14       Mrs. Elizabeth Pack, 72

16       James Bond, Grand Falls. Patrick Judge Wadden, 72

18       Robert W Miller

23       Walter Stafford Pope.

24       Mrs. Ellen Smyth
Andrew Hollett, 23

25       Francis P Houlahan, 29

26       Mrs. Robert W Facey, 77

27       Miss Gertrude Isabella Parsons, Forest Road

29       Mrs. Mary Fennell at North Sydney, 83

31       William Taylor, South Side, 65
Mrs. Georgina Petrie, Grand Falls, 75



1       Miss Mercedes Power, 23
Kathleen Smithwick, 11
Mrs. John Connolly

2       Peter Power
Miss Julia Mary Lamb, 28

4       Mrs. Margaret O'Brine, 56

5       Henry Coffin at Detroit

7       Jack Murphy, 21
Mrs. Florence O'Neil, formerly of Harbour Grace, at Sydney, 70
George F Moore, Heart's Content, 47

8       Peter Powell, 48

9       Richard F Goodridge, 47
Mrs. Mary Ann Sutton

10       Miss Mary Florence Morris

11       Mrs. Sophia Bartlett, Bay Roberts, 77
Mrs. Jessie E Seymour, at the Rectory, Petty Harbour, 67

12       Mrs .Mary J Broaderick

13       Daniel Noah, 15
Mrs. Janet C Davidson

14       Eric C Peters, 27
Richard Joseph Colford, formerly of Carbonear, 68

19       William H Jackman, 20

20       John J Moyst, 60
Miss Annie Druken, Torbay, 16

22       Mrs. James Fitzgerald, Bell Island, 80

23       Mrs. Herman Reid, Grand Falls, 28

25       Henry John Vasey, 69

26       Mrs. William Frew, 69

27       John P Shea, 68
James Sutton, Carbonear

28       William Luther

29       Mrs. Ernest Kelly, formerly of Bay Roberts at Allston, Mass, 26



1       James Tobin at Tewkesbury, Mass, 39
Mrs. Eliza Coates, Upper Gullies, 73
Mrs. Rebecca Murphy, formerly of Oderin, in New York
Mrs. John Calder
Mrs. Charles Barrett, Old Perlican, at Medford, Mass.

2       James Manning, Torbay, 28
Dermot Spratt, 6
Stanley Cantwell, Cape Spear
John T Croucher, J. P. , Battle Harbour, 68
Mrs. Emily Ford
Mrs. Robert Stockwood, Gull Island, 36

3       Michael Gwynne Dyer, 18
James Wells, 56

6       John Calder, 79

7       William Kent Sr. , Lance Cove, Bell Island, 74

8       Mrs. Jennie Cave LeDrew
Patrick Ryan, at Roxbury, Mass. 38
Abraham Street, War Veteran, 28
Mrs. Mary Woodrow, Northern Bay, 75
Mrs. J S Baggs
Mrs. Edward Hicks, Musgrave Harbour, Fogo

10       Mary Agnes Cahill, 6
Mrs. Richard Hamilton, Grand Falls, 27
Alexander Rose, Belleoram, 80

11       John McGrath, 41
Martin Wickens, 12

12       Mrs. James Lorenzen, Garnish, 63

13       Miss Mary Ann Kelly
John Miller, Veteran R. N. R.

17       Mrs. Denis Gorman
Mrs. Isabella Baggs, 67

19       Thomas Broderick, formerly of Grates Cove, at London, England

20       James D Lockyer, J.P. formerly of Herring Neck and Trinity, 68
Joseph L Oates, Carbonear

21       Esau LeGrow, Broad Cove, B. D. V.

22       Mrs. Winnifred O'Toole, 78

23       Mrs. Ellen Mahar Cunningham

24       G. H. King, Ayr, Scotland "A friend of Ours."

25       James P Callanan, 50
Mrs. Malkin, Glynn Mill Inn, Corner Brook

27       John Hann, Petite Forte

28       Mrs. Margaret Moore, 66

29       Hugh MacLellan, 70
Capt. William Roberts, 34

30       Miss Mary MacLellan, S. E. Arm, Placentia.



2       Joseph Trickett, Spout Cove, Bay de Verde, 59
John J Penney, of John Penny and sons, Ramea at Halifax, 63

3       William Murphy, Postmaster, Bell Island, 72

4       John Sage, Cabman

6       Miss Hilda Watson at Toronto, 19

7       Ernest Kosh, 53

8       Mrs. BRIDGET CARTY, Harbour Grace, 101

9       Sister M Aloysius Doyle, Presentation Convent, Cathedral Square

10       Charles Knight, G. P. O. , 63

11       William Ryan, George Street, 48
Hubert J Bayly, at Edmonton, Alberta, 53

12       John Pike, South Side, Carbonear, 42
Stephen Melvin, at Olympia, Washington, 70

13       Mrs. Margaret Dalton, 65
Lawrence Ewart G. Winsor, 24

14       Mrs. Katherine Walsh Fitzgerald
Miss Margaret F Chaytor, 19
Miss Hilda Moore, Heart's Content, at Lynn, Mass. 31

15       Ensign Robert Butt

17       Joshua Burt, 59
Thomas Smyth, 50

18       Richard J Buckley, 62
Mrs. Jermima Facey Warren, 64

20       William Mallard, Quidi Vidi, 75
Mrs. Margaret Casey (Dr. ) Charlton, at Dover, England

21       Benjamin Murphy, 74
Mrs. Dinah Maidment Crocker, 78
Edward Howell, formerly of Carbonear, at Halifax, 81
Thomas Collins, at Stellarton, N.S. 52
Nellie Matthews, Charleston, B. B. 9

22       James J Mayo, 75
Samuel K LeDrew, Bell Island, 67
S. M Brookfield, Halifax, 77

23       Mrs. William Griffiths, 75

24       Mrs. Janet Hogg, Cobb, Harry's Brook
Mrs. Mary Rendell
Mrs. Ellen Dooley, Carbonear 82

25       Robert Crosbie 45
James Wadden

26       Noah Burry, 60

27       Mrs. Mary Stowe, formerly of Harbour Grace, at New Orleans, 83
Mrs. Louis Burry, 36
James Peddle, Victoria, 21

28       George J Brocklehurst, Carbonear
Mrs. Jessie Boorne, Greenspond

29       Robert Martin, War Veteran
A G. Marshall, Carbonear, 80
Mrs. Rosing Nixon, 70

31       Peter Roche, Middle Cove
Donald Morrison Stein, at Brooklyn N.Y. Mrs. Sophie Gillespie, Carbonear.



4       Mrs. Archelaus Taylor, South Side, Harbour Grace.

5       John Locke, 64
James Dower, Conche

6       Mrs. William Sparkes, Bell Island, 76
Sister Edward Murray of Bell Island at St. George Convent of Mercy

7       Samuel C Thompson Asst. Superintendent of Church of England Schools, 54
Mrs. Mary Alyward, 80
Mrs. Mary O'Leary, 84
James MacDonald, Bay d'Espoir in Hamilton Hospital, Sydney, 54

8       Mrs. Eliza A Noel, widow of the Rev. Canon Noel, Harbour Grace, 80

10       Patrick Molloy, St. Lawrence

11       Mrs. Charles Frederick Earle, Change Island, 68
Herbert H Whitten

12       Mrs. Allen Thistle, 26
Miss Annie Johnson

13       James Kavanagh, Bell Island, 17

14       Hezekiah Martin, Southport Trinity Bay, 51

15       Mrs. George Herald, 75
Mrs. Lemuel J Simmons, 80
Mrs. Joseph Habegard (nee Golder, Harbour Grace) at Vancouver
Joseph Wall, Grand Falls,19

16       Mrs. James Whalen, 56

17       Capt. Peter Cullen, Carbonear, 73
James Smith, Musgrave Harbour, in camp near Grand Falls, 52

19       Dr. John Murphy, 32

20       James Fitzgerald, Bell Island, 80
James Kavanagh, Bell Island, 17

21       Mrs. James Barter
Martin Christopher, at Sydney, 78

22       Miss Margaret McDonald, 19
Edward A Nugent, Kelligrews

23       James Warren, 79

24       Mrs. (Rev. ) John Reay

25       Mrs. John T Halfyard, 68
William Seward Crossman, 84

26       Mrs. Bernard Cousens, 23

27       Payson J Kinsella G. P. O.
Patrick Donahue, 75
Joseph Patrick Timmins
Mr. Warren , Harbour Grace, 81
Mrs. William Crane, Upper Island
William Hancock, Brooklyn, N. Y. 90
Dr. Clinton B. Parker, N.Y. Well known Nfld. Sportsman, 67

28       Miss Catherine May England, 21
George Curtis, East Bay, C. B. 48

29       Miss Elsie Beatrice Reid
Mrs. Annie Purcell, 67
Alfred Pike, Harbour Grace, 78
William T Boone, formerly of Port de Grave and Clark's Beach, 78

30       Mrs. Joseph Kirby, formerly of Burin, at Halifax, 84, Celebrated Diamond Wedding last April.

31       John Connors, 82



1       Mrs. Susan Peyton Temple at Bromley, Kent England. Mrs. Gladys M Pack McNairn 32
Beatrice Jean Nixon 15
Mrs. Joseph Bursey, Griquet.

2       Lance R Andrews
Thomas Bennett, South Side, 77

3       Chesley Lane, Portland B. B. , 18

6       Mrs. Sarah Ann Willar
Mrs. Janet Davenport, 90

7       Mrs. Naomi Chase, Salmon Cove, B.D.V. , 31
Mrs. A. J. Waghorne at Melrose, Mass.

8       Mrs. Margaret Dobbin, 60
Joseph Hickey, Wabana

9       Miss Bridget (Bride) Teresa Moore. Archibald Button, Sibley's Cove, T. B. 23
Mrs. Emma A Cook, Heart's Content, 74

10       Miss Margaret Shirran, Macduff, Scotland, 94

11       James Carrigan, 73
Stephen Caldwell, 76
Mr. W. H. Pike, Bell Island.

12       Rev. Fr. Martin Sears, in California, 44
Mrs. Edward Kavanagh, 62
Patrick Collins, 70
Henry Francis (Frank) Snow, Topsail

14       Edward Kearney, 67
John Murphy, Dunville, P.B. , 53

15       Mrs. Thomas Dean

16       Miss Irene Evans, 20
Jonas Soper, formerly of Cape St. Francis, at Grand Falls, 74

19       John Tucker, 83
Peter Sinnott, 72
Mrs. Mary Sophia Cook, 87
Mrs. Enos Reid, Green Harbour

20       Mrs. Thomas Hillier, 65
James Clarke, 78

21       William Frew, 82
John Crane

23       George Lambert 69

25       Mrs. Roger T Tobin, at Heart's Content
Harry Dwyer, 51

26       Mrs. Solomon (Janet Ross) Diamond, 45
Philip Woodford
Mrs. Peter Slaney, St. Lawrence

28       William Sinnott 63

29       Miss Irene Kennedy at New York, 23
Capt. Job Knee, at Badgers Quay

30       Ebenezer R Knight, 70
Mark McCormack, 63
William Collings, formerly of Trinity, at Halifax, 72

31       Myles Fitzhenry
Mrs. James Gill at Cornwall, Ont.



1       Thomas H Escott, 59
Mrs. Frank McIssac, Grand River

2       James Ryan, 66
Miss Netta Torraville, Victoria Cove, Gander Bay

3       Mrs. N McGuire
William Joseph Yabsley, 44
? Kennedy Lance Cove, Bell Island, 64
Mrs. George (Dorcas) Butler, 79
Miss Sarah S Dryer
Mrs. M F. Wadden at Long Island, Brooklyn, N.Y.

4       Mrs. Catherine Power, Military Road
Colin Cameron, 63

5       Miss Laura Bell Bartlett, 23

6       John Baker of Broad Cove, Fortune Bay, Whilst fishing in his dory, 65
Capt. Saul Bonnell, formerly of Petite, at North Sydney
Miss Amelia Eales, South Side, Carbonear, 16

7       Miss Bridget Stamp, 21
Mrs. Mary Gouley, 71
Mrs. Jessie Barnes at Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. John Butler, Clark's Beach 94
James O'Reilly, Placentia

8       Miss Alice Kelly
Henry J Watts, H. M. C. , 76

10       Miss Helen Peyton Thompson

11       Mrs. Sarah James, Georgetown, Brigus, 89
Samuel S Howell, 55
13       Mrs. Mary McCarthy Shortall, 70

15       Mrs. James Livingstone (nee Avery) at Bronx, New York city

16       James Oates of Carbonear, suddenly at Deer Lake, 19

18       Mrs. James O'Reilly, Placentia, 60

20       Henry Hollett, Great Burin, 75

21       Joseph Noftall, Painter
Columbus Murphy, Argentia, 10

22       Patrick Spry, 14
John T Kelly, Stonecutter
Miss Ellen Mary DeBourke
Rev. Dr. James Henderson at Montreal, 75
Thomas Collins, formerly of Flat Islands, P.B. at Toronto.

23       Mrs. Thomas Dunphy, Jersey Side, Placentia
Captain James Kemp at Montreal 69

24       James Joseph Wadden, 70
Mrs. Anastasia Sparks, Topsail East, 74
Miss Gerturde Pafford, North Harbour, P. B. , 21

25       James MacDonnell, B. A. formerly M. H. A. for St. George's, 34
Samuel Clarke, Crocker's Cove, Carbonear, 83

26       Mrs. Martha E Crosbie, 86
Mrs. Abel Courage, Catalina
Mrs. Charles Reid, Mundy Pond Road
John Hickey, Presque, 71

27       Patrick Hickey, Little Paradise P. B. 77

28       Mrs. Mary Ann Hiscock, 71
Andrew Stares, Port Blandford.

30       Rev. Canon Lockyer, Trinity, 67
Sister Gerard of the Presentation Order (Miss Josephine King of Fox Harbour) 30



1       Mrs. Sarah Louis (Rev. R. W. )  Freeman, Lower Island Cove.

4       Lilly Power, 13
Mrs. Joseph Struckless, Twillingate Arm
Michael F Power, in New York. Miss Bride Conway, Bell Island, 23

6       James Norris, Three Arms, 74
Miss Margaret Edney, 16

7       Mrs. Mary Baldwin, 78
Miss Mary Mercedes Callahan
Miss Annie Howley, 79
Capt. Emilio Couillard, 73
Mrs. Mary Green, Point Verde, at Cambridge, Mass.

8       Miss Eilen Mary Gleason, 76
Martin Allen, East Wabana, 50
Edward J Murphy, formerly of Harbour Grace, 76

9       John Saunders, Carbonear, 64
Mrs. Dorcas Andrew, 70

12       Ernest R Hiscock, 29

13       Mrs. Michael Hanlon, 39
Mrs. James Butt, Caplin Cove, B. D. V.

17       Mrs. Mary Ann Barrington
Miss Emma Burry, of Greenspond. 79

18       James Francis Parker, 76
John J Norris, Conche, 45

19       Mrs. George Bartlett (nee Finn) at Brooklyn, N.Y.

20       Mrs. Catherine Tracey, 90
John Lester, Mt. Pearl Road.

22       Capt. James Lynch, 81

23       Thomas Downey, 50

24       Mrs. Mary A (John) Furlong
Mrs. Annie Flynn, 83
George Bishop 31
James Forward, Carbonear, 57

25       Mrs. Laura Annie Bowring, at Sefton Park Liverpool
John Cotter
Joseph Stanley, Kilbride

26       Rev. Dr. Humphrey Pickford Cowperthwaite, 86
Mrs. Mary P Miller
William Knight Pratt in New York

27       Mrs. Mary E Pearce. South Side, 81
Miss Mabel Isabella Short, Hant's Harbour, at Halifax, 15
Philip   Putt, 62

28       Mrs. W. J. Bursey "White House"

30       Miss Elizabeth Tracey, Sister Mary Dominic Doyle Convent of Mercy,
Levi Moores, Blackhead, B.D V.


Fatalities of the Year


5       Seventeen year old son of W. H. Norris, of Heart's Ease drowned while skating near his home. Herbert Robbins, Battery Road Missing

14       John Kennedy, Petty Harbour, fireman on the S. S. Meigle drowned at Argentia

19       Three Children of Mrs. Charles Chaytor, North Side, Norris Arm, N. D. B. burnt to death. Mother seriously injured.



1       Man named Pius of Patrick's Cove, drowned whilst out shooting.

4       Rev. W. S Mercer, Fogo perished in severe blizzard one mile from his home

10       Albert George, Cook on the schooner David C Ritchey, lost over board in a storm

15       Daniel March, Hickman's Harbour, accidently killed by falling from cliff 100 feet high.

18       Robert Lewis, Conception Harbour, found dead from exposure at Colliers.

25       John Babb of Carbonear, killed by falling of a huge rock at Victoria Mine, Glace Bay
Henry Buffett of McCallum, Fortune Bay, perished in severe blizzard. Body found a fortnight later.

28       Margaret Fitzgerald badly burned in a fire at the house of Mr. Levis, Topsail Road, dies in hospital the following day from injuries received.



4       Denis Hyde of Red Head Cove, B. D. V. missing. His body recovered a week later

7       William Quinton Sr. Red Cliff, B. B. , 60 drowned through ice.

10       Sealing steamer leaves Harbour. Whilst helping to haul the S. S. Terra Nova through the ice twelve men fall through. Three drowned, David Whalen, St. John's; Maurice Brien, Ferryland; and Hubert Hiscock, Champneys.

11       Cecil Parsons, Lush's Bight, Mail Courier, drowned though dogs and slide breaking through the ice.

17       Lawrence Barron, 62 Holyrood killed by train

27       George Drake, Millers Passage, Fortune Bay, 21 and Frank Lynch, Curling, 19, washed overboard, from schooner electric flash off Shelburne, N.S. and drowned.

29       George Butt, young lad, son of Mr. Charles Butt of Bay Roberts, killed by fall from a cliff.



14       Mrs. Sarah Roberts, Hermitage found drowned.

17       Matthew Wakeham shot dead, 41
Two young men Culter and Rogers of Fair Island, B. B. 21 and 27 perished on the ice whilst seal hunting

19       T. W. Eungay lost off the schooner Champion, near Spencer's Island, New Brunswick.

22       Second Engineer Ashton Jolliffe of Canadian Sapper, drowned in St. John's Harbour.

26       Stanley Gillingham, Gander Bay, drowned in the Gander River.

27       Twelve year old son of Edward Pierce meets with an accident when playing, which results in death in hospital a few hours later.

29       Body of Patrick Clear of Boyd's Cove, Mail courier, found in drift ice, about two miles from Loom Bay. That of his companion Horatio Wells missing.



1       Walter Dwyer, West Wabana, 18 accidently and instantly killed, through 6,000 volts passing through his body.

10       Milton Hollway of Portland B. B. , 16, missing and believed drowned in Red Indian Lake.

15       Robert Lee of Grand Bank reported lost from schooner Isobel Moore.

16       Henry Horan of Belleoram and Patrick O'Brien of Cape Broyle killed at Humber Canal by load of sand falling on them.

18       Stella Earle, 7, burned to death through clothing catching fire.

20       William Willshire, 59, Port Union, fell over public wharf and is drowned.
Robert and Ford Porter of South Side, St. John's drowned at Main River. Okak Bay, Labrador through capsizing of canoe

22       Mrs. Ronald House found drowned in Catalina Harbour

26       Arch White of Big Pond, Bay Bulls Road, drowned in the pond 24.



2       Schooner Bassie McDonald at Burin reports loss of Edward Miles of Little Bay, Fortune Bay, through capsizing of schooner.

6       Robert O'Keefe, 23, of Great Barachoix, Placentia, drowned in Pemihoe River, near Badger.

18       John Blundon, Gander Bay, accidently killed in Horwood's Mill at that place.

22       Miss Gertrude Murphy killed in motor car accident at Boston .

24       Tragic death of William Hapgood, Salvage.



5       Thomas Keefe, Great Barrisway, Placentia, accidently killed at Boston.

6       Three year old son of Mr. Jesse Collins, of Newport, B. B. drowned through falling over wharf.

7       E. J. Myers, well known New York sportsman drown in Grey River near Ramea, Body recovered.

11       A young man named Atkins drowned in Manuels River, when bathing.

19       Collapse of coal Fence at Dominion Pier, Bell Island, results in death of Robert Yetman of Bryant's Cove, aged 49, and the injuring of eight others.

23       Fireman Penny and Mail William Perchard, 31, killed when express derailed near Cape Ray.

26       Ralph Hardy, Burnt Island, 84, drowned through falling from stagehead.

31       Alphaeus Thorne (or Boone). Whale's Brook, T. B. killed instantly at Chelsea. Mass.



9       Thomas Jordan of Pouch Cove instantly killed at Boston through falling from a Pile Driver.
James St. John, Conception Harbour, 18 and Richard Griffiths, formerly of Conception Harbour, but resident of U. A. for quarter century, killed in motor accident in New York.

11       Robert Hodder, Creston, near Marystown, 17 drowned whilst bathing.

18       Michael Murphy, badly injured in machinery of bakery on the 10th 1924, dies at hospital.

19       Joseph Smith, 46, killed at Dominion No. 1 Colliery, Glace Bay

27       Seaman Thomas George of the Lucille B. Creacer washed off the deck in a hurricane and drowned.
Mrs. Anastasia Ryan of the National House, Queen Street, killed through leaving a motor car when in motion during a severe storm.
Schooner Magno, Levi bagg, Master, from Sydney to Port aux Basques, lost with all hands numbering 5
Capt. Thomas Poole of the motor schooner Dorothy Lake of Fortune, washed overboard at Laugley Beach and drowned.

30       Five year old child of Walter Snow, Campbellton, N. D. B. burned to death in fire which destroyed residence.



1       Captain James Snow, 32, killed through falling from his boat when passing through the Buffalo Canal.

3       Frederick Udle crushed by a freight car in the railway yard and dies in hospital fours hours later.
Thomas Bungay, Jersey Harbour drowned, 36.

4       Thomas Pardy, of Grand bank, washed overboard from the schooner Lillian M Richards and drowned.

5       John Clarke, of Baine Harbour washed overboard when crossing the bay.

6       John Forsey of Seal Cove, F. B. reported missing.

16       A few minutes after midnight, Capt. Whitty, M. C. , O. B. E. , and Lieut. W King, formerly of the R. A. F. instantly killed near Donovan's by an automobile driven by Leonard Reid. The car overturned with violence and two Naval Officers of  H. M. S. Constance with George Harrison of the Bank of Montreal Staff and Clinton Duder were killed.

21       Body of Douglas Lane, Millertown, 5, missing since previous evening found in the water near Anglo Development company wharf.

22       Walter McFatridge, of Stephenville, struck by a train at the Water Shute between Deer Lake and Shoal Harbour the day previous, dies in the Deer Lake Hospital

24       Capt. Nathan LeMoine, Burgeo, 50, of the schooner Una drowned when crossing Baccalleu Tickle.

26       Body of a sailor of the French vessel Raymond lost on Sept. 6th, picked up at Allan's Island, Lameline. Others bodies subsequently picked up in the vicinity. All were interred in Newfoundland.

27       Samuel Crann found mangled and dead under the wheels of a box-car on arrival of train at Grand Falls.



7       Patrick Lee of Holyrood, 19, killed in the Humber Canal.

13       Thomas Templeman, Bonavista, injured at the Humber on Friday, died in Deer Lake Hospital.

20       Benjamin Burry killed by motor accident in Detroit.

23       Stephen Cooze of Brooklyn, B. B. accidently killed by work train at Corner Brook

26       Body of ex-Reservist Kenneth Dyke formerly of Greenspond, found at the bottom of the Dock Premises. Had evidently fallen over when joining or leaving the S. S. Home, aboard which he was a sailor.

28       Captain Samuel Bennett of Port aux Basques washed overboard from schooner James W. Thomas, in Freshwater Bay, and drowned, 60. Body recovered.



8       Newfoundland seaman named Scott, lost from Lusenburg Schooner J, M Mackay on Quero Bank.

Note- no dates available for the following:-

?       John Yarn of Coombs Cove, Fortune Bay, mate of schooner Annie L Warren washed overboard when en route Lunenburg from Turks Island.

?       Little daughter of Thomas Woolridge, Norris Arm, 9 , died from burns received in the wood with her father. The little one came in contact with the flames of the cooking fire,

?       Railway accident at Manuels, engineer Frederick James Tripple killed through overturning of engine, 26

?       David King, South Side Battery, drowned from his boast, 44

?       Willie Kent, Bell Island, struck by laden can and instantly killed, 8



?       Alec Williams, Forest Road accidently drowned at Big Pond though horse and laden catamaram going through the ice, 26, his companion escaped. (Cfm spelling Catamaran)





26       Adolphus Tucker, Burnt Point, Bay de Verde and Miss Mary E Gosse, Cambridge, Mass.

29       Fred North, Montreal, and Miss May Lillian Taylor, Green's Harbour, Trinity Bay

31       E. H. Hiscock, St. John's and Miss Emily Bishop, Wesleyville




2       Walter Hiscock and Miss Edith Clarke, Victoria, Carbonear.

6       John Hepditch, Clattice Harbour, and Miss Laura Parsons, St. John's

7       John Gale and Miss Violet Collins, S. E. Arm, Placentia

9       Randolph E Roberts and Miss Alma Perl Baker, Epworth

11       Capt. J Robin Stick, M. C. and Miss Pauline Baird.

12       Nelson Mitchell, Epworth and Miss Deborah Rowe, Whale Cove, Burin.

14       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noseworthy, Clarke's Beach

15       J Carroll and Miss Nellie Joy, Conche

17       Capt. Cyril Squires and Miss Ursula Jane, Grand Bank

23       Frank A Hickey and Miss Gertrude L Chown

24       William Pomeroy and Miss May Smith, Brigus.

29       Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrington, Carbonear.

30       Augustus A Chipman and Miss Jessie Vokey, Spaniard's Bay

31       John J Roche, St. John's, and Miss Carmel Dawley, Heart's Ease.



2       Frank Bond and Miss Edythe E. Banfield , Bay L'Argant, Fortune Bay

4       Lt. Col. W. T. McCowen, I. M. S. and Miss Georgia Reid at Calcutta, India.

5       Frank Pittman, General passenger Agent Nfld. Railway, and Miss Carrie G Joyce.

7       Joseph Davis and Miss Bertha Horwood, Carbonear.

8       Stephen Legge and Miss Annie M Grandy, Garnish

12       J J Mahoney and Miss Agnes H Fitzgerald

13       William Aspell and Miss Gertrude Dooley
Ethelbert Best, St. John's and Miss May White, South Side, Carbonear.

15       Reuben Cole, Crocker's Cove and Mrs. Ambrose Penney, South Side, Carbonear

17       James Smart and Miss Ann Power, Outer Cove.

18       K. B. Hall and Miss E Esme Davis, Newtown, B. B.

20       George Doerbecker, and Miss Ruth Denieff at Brooklyn, New York.

28       Sydney Rupert Thomas and Miss Annie Maude Elizabeth Garland.



2       William Jackson, Jr. , and Miss Helen Adams, Bell Island.

4       Alexander Garland, Jr. , Lower Island Cove, and Miss Florence Cull, Caplin Cove.

15       David Neal and Miss Amy Maunder

20       William Ford, Black Island, Labrador, and Miss Selam Voisey, Voisey Island.

22       John E Peterson and Miss Jennie Sparkes, at Hyde Park, Mass.

24       Allan C Parsons and Miss Vera Gladys Wheeler, Curling

26       A Graham Stewart and Miss Jhryl* Stavert, Montreal (names as printed)



12       Manual N Martin and Miss Madeline M Bartlett at Somerville, Mass 

21       Isaac Buglar, Harbour Breton, and Miss Blanche Banfield, Bay L'Argent

23       Capt. Egbert Randell and Miss Hattie Bridge Wills at Halifax.

28       Leonard Gillispie Reid and Miss Kathleen Maude Parsons at Montreal



3       Leonard Payne and Miss Georgian Long.

7       Jack Moulton Burin and Miss Flora Pike, St. John's at Halifax.
John Lucey, Montreal and Miss Violet Cummings, Bell Island, at Montreal

14       J. J. Collins, Placentia and Miss Jean Scott, Galashiels, Scotland at Windsor, Ont.



2       Hugh J Fardy and Miss Mary M Doody

4       Rev. Dorman Freake and Miss Julia Martin, both of Lewisporte at Toronto
James G Cranford and Miss Bertha M Drew at Brooklyn, N. Y.
William F Doody and Miss Mary Hogan, Carbonear.

10       Wilfred Eric Harvey and Miss Vera St. John Furneaux

12       Victoria Hancock Grand Falls and Miss Mary Noble, Nipper's Harbour
John Chislett, Cavendish, and Miss Lillian G Mercer, Bay Roberts

14       Rev. W. T. Eddy of Sound Island, P.B. and Miss Mary Freeman Hudson, of Lower Island Cove, at Toronto.

16       Thomas Graham Morey of Ferryland and Miss Esther Maude Badcock, of Brigus South at Medford, Mass.
Hubert F Ryan and Miss Edna Nelson in London, England.

18       Max Colton and Miss Hetty Roberts

23       Thomas Shannon Clift and Miss Kathleen Fraser

24       John Connors, Bell Island, and Mrs. Joseph Penny

26       Eric B Rankin and Miss Leila Taylor.



2       A. J. Hanan, Boston and Miss Mary Kennedy at Brookline, Mass.

3       Capt. W Mercer, S. A. Bay Roberts and Capt. Lily Moulton, City
Arthur Hammond and Miss Winnie Thistle

5       Edward I O'Rielly and Miss Isobelle Goose at Brooklyn New York

14       A. H. Moore, St. John's and Miss Elsie M Murphy. Harbour Grace at Topsail

15       W. H. Bartlett and Miss Louise Hearld.

16       Edward Strickland , Spruce Brook, and Miss Jessie Snow.

17       Herbert Ridgeley, Little Bay and Miss Nettie Yarn, Mose Ambrose.

23       Kenneth Leawood, Britannia Cove, and Miss Jean Taylor, St. John's

27       Albert Gregory, Port Royal, and Miss Nellie Patterson, Placentia.

29       Luke McDonald and Miss Mary Allen at Glace Bay



2       Harold Philliskirk Storey and Miss Isabella Quinn, Owen's Sound, at Niagara Falls.

3       Thomas Woodford, Woodford's Station, and Miss Lillan Kennedy, Avondale, at Holyrood

5       Albert Martin and Miss Margaret Edens.

6       Ernest Collins, Placentia, and Miss Lillian Lannen, South East Arm

7       William J Dunn and Miss Violet M Stevens.

9       Francis Eric Burton, London and Miss Annie Bartlett, Brigus.

11       Chesley Bowden and Miss Elsie Saunders

12       John Bishop and Miss Amy Miller.

14       Stephen Brown, Montreal and Miss Gladys D'Etta Thompson, Brigus.

15       Rev. Uriah Laite, Channel and Miss Sarah G Batson, English Harbour

16       James L Cole and Miss Annie Bartlett, Bell Island.
Golden Wedding of Rev. Canon and Mrs. Netten, Topsail

17       James Miskell and Miss Isobel Ryan

18       Hon. Richard Cramm and Miss Ollie Lynette Moore.
Guy B Hutchings and Miss Viola Beatrice Cavanagh at Peterboro, Ont.

20       Egerton* M MacNab and Miss Carrie Crawford. (Names as in paper)
Allan Snow and Miss Emma Dalton, Quidi Vidi.
Prof. Robert G Cramm, Alberta University and Miss Lizzie Simpson Penney, Carbonear

23       Rex. E Nicol and Miss Kathleen Ignatius Power, at Brooklyn N. Y.



2       Thomas R Clouston and Miss Florence Gillingham

3       William J Walsh and Miss Mary Everard

6       Sydney F Fisher, Liberty, N. Y. and Miss Mabel Angel, St. John's

8       James Bindon and Miss Theresa H Whalen

13       Frank March and Miss Lillian Turner, Old Perlican at Cliftondale, Mass.

14       Alfred J Moakler and Miss Margaret Whelan at Brooklyn, N. Y.
John Penny and Mrs. Kennedy, Bell Island

17       Dr. H. C. S. Elliott, Halifax and Miss Lillian Isobel Tulk, St. John's, at Portugal Cove.
James L Baton, London, and Miss Annie M Franhan, Heart's Content.
Raymond Devereaux, Florence, C. B. and Miss Luffman, Harbour Grace.

18       George B Rumsey and Miss Madeline F Walsh
Albert Aubrey Hines and Miss Blanche Collins at Sydney.

20       Hugh Raymond Parsons of Bay Roberts and Miss Mary Victoria Harman at Montreal

23       Richard H Bunt and Miss Olive Claire Parsons.

24       Eugene Harvey and Miss Mary Louise Langmead.

25       Colin Taverner, formerly of Trinity and Miss Irene Crane, St. John's, Montreal



1       H. J. C. Gover, East Wabana, and Miss Phoebe Bishop, Bay Roberts

2       Rev. Wesley John Moore and Miss Dorothy Tenton at Hamilton, Ont.

6       Major P. F. Wolberforce-Bell, M. C. and Miss Muriel Holland at Christ Church, Mayfair, London.

9       George Lewis, Toronto, and Miss Florence Maunder.

11       W. G. Greeley and Miss S. A. Mitchell, Portugal Cove. First wedding in new Methodist Church.

16       Richard Allen and Miss Beatrice Littlejohn.
Andrew Goobie and Miss Estelle Barnes at Sydney

22       Charles McD' William and Miss Jean Alexandra Christian

23       Patrick Hammond and Miss Elizabeth Reesa, Lance Cove, Bell Island
RT. Rev. Bishop Mowell and Miss Dorothy Martin of Fuhkien, China at Mienchuh, West China.

25       Dr. F. J Caldwell, Boston and Miss Florence Winslow Gorham of Beachmont, Mass. at her Uncle's residence St. John's

29       Peter Canning and Miss Mary Ryan, St. Patrick's, P.B
Michael Dobbin and Miss Mary Margaret Dwyer, Bell Island.
George Yetman, Bryant's Cove, and Miss Belinda Hammond, Bell Island.



2       John McFarlane Sheppard and Miss Olive Blanche Hayward, Grand Falls.

4       James J Griffen and Mrs. Tryon, formerly Miss Susie martin of New Perlican at Middletown, Conn. , Mass

5       Peter M Phillips and Miss Mary Maud Mullins at Montreal
William Ernest Simms, St. John's, and Miss Ruby Luella Pentz, Shelbourne, N. S.
James McKinley Hunt and Miss Susan Chipman, Bell Island.

10       J Cabot Fitzgerald, Corner Brook and Miss Caroline Margaret Pittman, Lamaline.

20       James Pitts and Miss Florence Rees, Lance Cove, Bell Island
Capt. John Kelly, Coley's Point and Miss Ethel Emma Rees, Lance Cove, Bell Island

24       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hynes, Young street.

25       James J Finn, formerly of Carbonear and Miss Alice T Morris, St. John's at Curling

26       Patrick N Conners, formerly of Placentia and Miss Teresa E Dunphy, St. John's at Boston

27       Joseph Ryan and Miss Helen Constance Hiscock
Patrick Lahey and Miss Annie Clements, Lance Cove, Bell Island.
S. J Ivany and Miss Annie Garland, at Harbour Grace.
John Prowse, War Veteran and Miss Nellie Reardigan

29       Ambrose Lewis and Miss Agnes Whalen, Bell Island.



2       Lewis Eddy and Miss Maud Peach, Arnold's Cove, P.B.

9       Golden wedding of Captain and Mrs. Williams Bartlett, Brigus.

16       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Weeks. Present address Vancouver.
William Blunden, Bay de Verde and Miss Follett, Western Bay

17       Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Rod MacLean. Present address, New Glasgow.

18       Edward Peckham and Miss Sarah Coveyduck, Wabana.

23       Albert G. Miles, Bonavista and Miss Gladys Saunders, Carbonear.



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